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Somerset Springs Townhomes Homes

The homes in Somerset Springs Townhomes, located in Spring Hill, TN, showcase a beautiful blend of modern design and timeless aesthetics. These residences feature spacious layouts that cater to families of various sizes, ensuring that everyone has ample room to move, grow, and flourish. One can easily notice the attention to detail in each unit, from high-quality finishes to the ergonomic design ensuring maximum utilization of space. The interiors boast of sleek and contemporary touches, with large windows that let in an abundance of natural light, lending each space a warm and inviting feel.

Beyond the four walls, the outdoor spaces of these townhomes are just as captivating. They are meticulously landscaped, offering residents an oasis of greenery right outside their doorstep. The communal areas within Somerset Springs offer the perfect balance of nature and function. Sidewalks weave through the neighborhood, encouraging evening strolls, morning jogs, or even a leisurely weekend amble. The integration of these pathways and green spaces encourages a sense of community, allowing neighbors to interact and connect in a relaxed and serene environment.

Somerset Springs Townhomes Homes

Location is another forte of Somerset Springs Townhomes. Situated in Spring Hill, the neighborhood benefits from a blend of suburban tranquility and city conveniences. Just a stone's throw away are various retail outlets, dining establishments, and recreational venues. Residents do not have to travel far to get their daily essentials or enjoy a meal out. Furthermore, Spring Hill itself is a hub of history, culture, and natural beauty. The town is peppered with parks, historic sites, and cultural venues, providing plenty of options for those seeking leisure or learning.

In addition, Somerset Springs Townhomes are part of a thriving and friendly community. Spring Hill, over the years, has garnered a reputation for its welcoming residents and a communal spirit. Local events, neighborhood gatherings, and community-driven initiatives are commonplace, offering ample opportunities for residents to mingle, collaborate, and celebrate together. Whether it's a local festival, a community garage sale, or a neighborhood watch meeting, the essence of community living is deeply ingrained in the lifestyle here.

Lastly, safety and security are paramount in Somerset Springs. The design of the townhomes and the surrounding community areas ensures well-lit spaces, clear visibility, and easy access for emergency services if needed. Moreover, the strong sense of community acts as an added layer of security, where neighbors look out for one another, creating an environment of trust and shared responsibility.

Together, the homes in Somerset Springs Townhomes, coupled with the vibrant Spring Hill community, offer residents a harmonious blend of modern living, natural beauty, and a deeply rooted sense of community.

Similar Communities

In proximity to Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN, several neighborhoods echo similar price points, construction quality, and lifestyle. These neighborhoods not only provide a testament to Spring Hill's growth but also offer residents diverse choices that don't compromise on quality or ambiance.

The Chapmans Crossing community is a notable mention when drawing parallels with Somerset Springs. Homes here resonate with architectural grace and modern sophistication, reminiscent of the inviting design one might find in Somerset Springs. This neighborhood has been meticulously planned to accommodate young families and retirees alike, catering to varied needs while providing spaces that breathe and inspire. Open floor layouts, large windows, and quality finishes are the norm, ensuring that residents feel a sense of luxury and comfort simultaneously.

Chapmans Crossing Homes

Another noteworthy neighborhood is the Wyngate Estates. Located amidst the rolling hills of Spring Hill, Wyngate Estates provides a panorama that's both refreshing and calming. Similar to Somerset Springs, the homes here offer spacious interiors, modern amenities, and premium construction materials. A standout feature of this community is its emphasis on integrating natural elements within its layout. Residents here often find themselves surrounded by lush landscapes, mature trees, and even occasional water features, creating a perfect blend of urban construction and nature.

The Woodlands at Willowbrook is yet another community that mirrors the essence of life at Somerset Springs. Designed with the contemporary homeowner in mind, this neighborhood ensures that modern aesthetics don't overshadow functionality. The homes boast of intuitive designs that accommodate both social engagements and quiet family moments. Additionally, just like Somerset Springs, the Woodlands places immense emphasis on fostering a tight-knit community. Regular community events, beautifully maintained common areas, and a neighborhood that thrives on mutual respect and camaraderie make this place truly special.

Close by, the Wades Grove community deserves a mention. Homes here, much like those in Somerset Springs, are built keeping the modern family's requirements in mind. Space optimization, quality of build, and aesthetic appeal converge to create residences that are both beautiful and practical. The community also prioritizes outdoor spaces, with parks and recreational areas scattered throughout, encouraging residents to step out, be active, and engage with their neighbors.

While Somerset Springs Townhomes offer an exquisite living experience, the nearby communities of Chapmans Crossing, Wyngate Estates, Woodlands at Willowbrook, and Wades Grove ensure that Spring Hill residents are spoilt for choice, without compromising on quality, lifestyle, or budget.

Food Scene

The dining scene near Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN! It's a delightful mix that captures the essence of both the local flavors and global cuisines. Anyone living in or visiting the area would be hard-pressed not to find something that tantalizes their taste buds.

One of the first places that comes to mind is the beloved Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. Known for its authentic Southern barbeque, Martin's has become a favorite haunt for many locals. Their slow-cooked meats, paired with homemade sides, make for a meal that feels both hearty and reminiscent of a family gathering. It's not just about the food; the atmosphere, with its rustic charm and friendly staff, adds to the overall dining experience.

If you're in the mood for something a little more global, there's the delightful Fainting Goat Coffee. This spot may primarily be a coffee house, but their assortment of sandwiches, pastries, and light bites reflects a fusion of flavors from around the world. The ambiance, with its cozy corners and art-adorned walls, makes it a favorite spot for both a quick bite and a leisurely brunch.

For those evenings when Italian cuisine beckons, Amico's New York Pizza and Italian Restaurant is the place to go. While their pizza, with its perfect crust and generous toppings, is often the talk of the town, it's their array of pasta dishes, from classics like spaghetti and meatballs to rich and creamy fettuccine alfredo, that truly showcases their culinary prowess. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, making it feel like you've stepped into a little Italian haven right in the heart of Spring Hill.

Of course, for the sushi enthusiasts, there's Kohana Japanese Restaurant. Their sushi rolls are both innovative and fresh, and the chefs masterfully balance traditional sushi elements with a modern twist. Aside from sushi, they offer a range of dishes from tempura to teriyaki, ensuring there's something for everyone, even if raw fish isn't quite your cup of tea.

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes offers a delightful culinary journey. Whether it's indulging in local flavors or exploring international dishes, residents and visitors alike are in for a treat.


When it comes to entertainment and sporting events near Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN, there's never a dull moment. The area is teeming with opportunities to dive into various cultural, recreational, and athletic activities.

For the movie enthusiasts, the Regal Cinemas in Spring Hill is a popular spot. With a selection of the latest blockbusters and comfortable seating, it's an ideal place for a spontaneous movie night or a planned outing with friends and family. The theatre's commitment to providing top-notch visual and auditory experiences ensures moviegoers get the most out of every film they watch.

In terms of live performances, Spring Hill has its share of local theatre and music events. The Spring Hill Arts Center often hosts a range of cultural events, from local theatre productions to music nights. These events serve as a fantastic platform for local artists to showcase their talents and for residents to engage with the town's rich cultural fabric.

On the sporting front, the area is buzzing with opportunities for both spectators and participants. The local parks often play host to community leagues and tournaments, ranging from soccer to baseball. It's not uncommon to stumble upon spirited soccer matches at Harvey Park on weekends, where local teams give it their all, cheered on by enthusiastic spectators. These matches often become community events in themselves, with families and friends gathering for a day of fun, sport, and camaraderie.

Golfers, too, have a spot to indulge their passion. The Kings Creek Golf Club, a stone's throw away, offers a lush, challenging course for both novices and seasoned players. Beyond just golf, the club often organizes tournaments and social events, making it a hub for both sporting and social interactions.

The vicinity of Somerset Springs Townhomes offers a plethora of entertainment and sporting events. Whether you're a film buff, a theatre lover, an athlete, or a passionate spectator, there's always something happening to keep you entertained and engaged.

Health and Wellness

One of the first places that might catch your attention is the Spring Hill Fitness Center. This gym isn't just about lifting weights or running on treadmills. It offers a holistic approach to fitness, with a range of classes from yoga to high-intensity interval training, catering to diverse fitness levels and interests. The trainers here are knowledgeable and approachable, ensuring that whether you're a newbie or a seasoned athlete, you get the right guidance to meet your fitness goals.

For those who prefer to take their workouts outdoors, the many parks in the vicinity of Somerset Springs offer ample opportunity. Places like Port Royal Park, with its expansive green spaces, paved trails, and serene environment, beckon residents for morning jogs, evening walks, or even meditative moments amidst nature. It's not just about physical exercise; the park's ambiance ensures mental relaxation and rejuvenation as well.

For residents keen on diving deeper into holistic wellness, there are several specialized studios around. One such place is the Serenity Salt Cave, which offers unique salt therapy sessions. Known to be beneficial for respiratory issues and skin conditions, a session in the salt cave can also be a deeply relaxing experience, helping alleviate stress and promoting overall well-being.

Nutrition, of course, plays a pivotal role in health and wellness. Thankfully, Spring Hill has its share of health food stores and organic markets. Stores like The Fresh Market offer an array of organic produce, health supplements, and other wellness products. For those seeking guidance on nutrition, there are nutritionists and dietitians in town who offer consultation sessions, helping residents make informed choices about their diet.

Lastly, for holistic healing and relaxation, there are several massage and therapy centers around Spring Hill. Places like Massage Envy offer a range of therapeutic massages, from deep tissue to aromatherapy, ensuring that residents have a go-to place to relax, rejuvenate, and heal.

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes offers a comprehensive suite of health and wellness options. Whether it's physical fitness, mental well-being, nutrition, or holistic healing, residents have everything they need to lead a balanced and healthful life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Living in Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN, one thing becomes instantly clear: nature is an integral part of the lifestyle here. The region seamlessly merges urban conveniences with the tranquil beauty of the great outdoors, ensuring that residents have ample opportunities to engage with Mother Nature.

One of the standout green spaces has to be Harvey Park. Sprawling over several acres, this park is a favorite among locals, whether it's families with children, fitness enthusiasts, or those merely looking for a peaceful spot to relax. It's well-equipped with walking and biking trails, playgrounds, and picnic spots. On any given day, you might find kids playing frisbee, joggers pacing themselves on the trails, or families enjoying picnics under the shade of mature trees.

Port Royal Park, another gem in the vicinity, takes outdoor recreation to the next level. Designed with an emphasis on community engagement, the park houses soccer fields, basketball courts, and even a splash pad for the young ones to enjoy during those warm Tennessee days. But beyond these amenities, the park, with its scenic views and well-maintained green spaces, offers a sanctuary for those seeking solace amidst nature.

For those who have a keen interest in local flora and fauna, the McLemore House Historic Site isn't just a historical landmark. The grounds surrounding the house have been maintained to highlight the region's natural beauty. A visit here is educational, yes, but also deeply rejuvenating as one walks amidst native plants, listening to the chirps of local bird species.

Of course, outdoor living isn't just about parks. The area around Somerset Springs is dotted with local farms that often open their doors to the public for berry picking, pumpkin patches in the fall, or even simple farm tours. It's a wonderful way to connect with the land and understand the region's agricultural heritage.

For the more adventurous souls, the broader Spring Hill area offers hiking trails and nature reserves that can be explored over weekends. Whether it's a challenging trek or a simple nature walk, the options are diverse and cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.

Somerset Springs Townhomes sits in a locale that truly celebrates the outdoors. With parks, trails, farms, and nature reserves all within easy reach, residents are constantly reminded of the beauty of the natural world and the myriad ways they can engage with it.


When it comes to education, residents of Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN are truly spoilt for choice. The community is served by a range of both public and private institutions, each committed to providing top-notch educational experiences and fostering a love for learning among students.

On the public education front, the Maury County Public Schools district caters to Spring Hill's younger residents. Spring Hill Elementary and Spring Hill Middle School are just two of the notable schools within this district. Both have earned commendations for their dedicated staff, comprehensive curriculum, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, Spring Hill High School is recognized for its academic excellence, robust sports programs, and its commitment to nurturing well-rounded students ready for the challenges of college and beyond.

Beyond these institutions, the region also boasts some specialized public schools. These schools often have curriculums that cater to specific talents or interests, ensuring that students receive education tailored to their individual needs and aspirations.

For parents leaning more towards private education, Spring Hill doesn't disappoint. There are several private institutions catering to a range of educational philosophies and religious affiliations. Heritage Academy, for instance, is known for its smaller class sizes, which allows for a more personalized educational experience. Their curriculum not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes character development, ensuring students grow both intellectually and morally.

Another gem in the private education realm is Columbia Academy's Spring Hill Campus. Their comprehensive approach to education combines rigorous academic programs with a strong emphasis on spiritual growth. The campus, with its state-of-the-art facilities, ensures students have all the resources they need to thrive both in their studies and extracurricular activities.

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes provides diverse educational options to suit every family's needs. Whether it's public or private, general or specialized, the schools in Spring Hill ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Shopping and Retail

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN, is a delightful blend of retail charm and shopping convenience. Whether residents are keen on indulging in a shopping spree, picking up daily essentials, or simply window shopping, there's a little something for everyone here.

The Crossings of Spring Hill is undoubtedly one of the main shopping hubs in the area. This expansive shopping center, dotted with a mix of big-name retailers and local boutiques, offers a comprehensive shopping experience. Whether it's fashion, home decor, electronics, or just about anything else, The Crossings has got it covered. And after a day of retail therapy, there are a variety of eateries in the complex, perfect for a quick snack or a leisurely meal.

For those who prefer a more quaint shopping experience, Spring Hill's downtown area offers a delightful alternative. Charming boutiques, artisanal stores, and local craftsmen have set up shop here, offering unique products that can't be found in larger retail chains. It's not uncommon to find handcrafted jewelry, bespoke clothing, or even locally-made gourmet treats. The ambiance of the downtown area, with its historic buildings and friendly store owners, adds to the overall shopping experience.

In addition to these, Spring Hill boasts several specialty stores that cater to specific needs. From gardening centers to craft shops, these stores ensure that residents don't have to venture far for their niche interests. And for the everyday essentials, the town has several well-stocked supermarkets and convenience stores, ensuring that grocery shopping is a breeze.

The vicinity of Somerset Springs Townhomes offers a dynamic shopping landscape. With a blend of large retail complexes, charming downtown boutiques, and specialty stores, residents have a diverse and vibrant retail world right at their doorstep.

Business and Economy

A significant player in the area's economy has been the automotive industry. The General Motors plant in Spring Hill has long been a cornerstone of the local economic scene. Not only does it provide direct employment to a substantial number of residents, but it also indirectly supports various ancillary businesses – from parts suppliers to logistics companies. This plant, with its rich history and continued commitment to innovation, is a testament to Spring Hill's manufacturing prowess.

Healthcare is another prominent industry in the area. With a growing population, the demand for medical services has surged. This has led to the establishment of several healthcare facilities, clinics, and specialized medical centers. These institutions not only provide critical healthcare services but also contribute significantly to local employment and economic growth.

Retail and service sectors, boosted by the area's residential growth, have also blossomed. The influx of new residents, coupled with an increase in visitors, has spurred the growth of shopping centers, eateries, and local service businesses. These establishments not only cater to the community's needs but also offer employment opportunities for many.

Real estate and construction have seen a surge, especially with communities like Somerset Springs Townhomes coming up. As more people are drawn to Spring Hill's charm, the demand for housing and related services has grown. This, in turn, has given a boost to local contractors, realtors, and other related professions.

Lastly, the agricultural roots of Spring Hill continue to play a role in its economy. Local farms, producing everything from dairy to crops, contribute to the community both economically and culturally. Farm-to-table initiatives, farmers' markets, and agritourism events ensure that the town's agricultural heritage remains vibrant and relevant.

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes boasts a multi-faceted economic tapestry. From manufacturing giants to local farmers, every segment plays a pivotal role in ensuring Spring Hill's economic vitality and community well-being.

Hotels and Lodging

For those who prefer the familiarity and amenities of well-known hotels, establishments like the Hampton Inn Spring Hill are a popular choice. Conveniently located, it offers guests all the modern comforts they might expect - a well-equipped fitness center, complimentary breakfast, and cozy, well-appointed rooms. Its proximity to local attractions and shopping centers also makes it a convenient base for those exploring the area.

Another notable mention in the hotel category is the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Known for its reliable service and comfortable lodgings, this hotel is ideal for both business travelers and families. With facilities like a pool, business center, and a hearty breakfast spread, guests often find it a home away from home.

However, for visitors keen on a more intimate and unique lodging experience, Spring Hill's bed and breakfast offerings are sure to charm. These establishments, often set in historic homes or picturesque settings, offer a blend of personal touch, local flavor, and hospitality that's hard to match. One can expect rooms furnished with antiques, delightful homemade breakfasts, and hosts who are eager to share tales of local history and recommend hidden gems in the area.

Apart from these, the vicinity also has several rental properties, from quaint cottages to spacious homes, which are perfect for longer stays or for larger groups looking for a more home-like setting during their visit.

The area around Somerset Springs Townhomes ensures that visitors, whether they're in town for business, leisure, or family gatherings, have a comfortable and memorable stay. With a blend of traditional hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, and home rentals, every traveler is bound to find a lodging option that feels just right.

Travel and Transportation

When it comes to connectivity near Somerset Springs Townhomes in Spring Hill, TN, residents and visitors are conveniently positioned to access various transportation options. Travel, whether for work, leisure, or daily commutes, is made easier by the strategic location of the community.

For those with wings on their mind, the Nashville International Airport is the nearest major airport hub. Located approximately 45 miles north of Spring Hill, it's about an hour's drive away, making it relatively hassle-free for residents of Somerset Springs to catch their flights or greet incoming guests. The airport hosts several domestic and international airlines, ensuring that travelers have a multitude of options whether they're headed across the country or across the world.

On the topic of public transportation, while Spring Hill has its local bus services to help residents move around the city, many also turn to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) services. The RTA operates bus routes connecting various neighborhoods and cities in the region. For those who work in Nashville or have business there, these services can be a boon, allowing them to commute without the stress of driving and parking.

Another popular mode of transport for many residents is carpooling. Given Spring Hill's growing community of professionals and families, it's not uncommon to find organized carpool groups, especially for daily work commutes or school runs. This not only aids in reducing individual transportation costs but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to travel.

Somerset Springs Townhomes, while nestled in the serene environs of Spring Hill, is not isolated from the broader region. With an international airport a short drive away and various public transportation options at their disposal, residents find themselves well-connected and comfortably positioned for all their travel needs.