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Cobblestone Village Homes

Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is a neighborhood that showcases a range of midsize homes known for their reasonable pricing. Established starting from the year 2010, the community has seen continued development over the years, indicating a blend of relatively new constructions with modern amenities. The homes in this area vary in size but are generally designed to cater to a range of family sizes and preferences.

The homes in Cobblestone Village feature a variety of designs and layouts, with square footage ranging from approximately 1,288 to 2,398 sq. ft., catering to different needs and lifestyles. These homes typically have 3 bedrooms and vary from 2 to 3 bathrooms, providing comfortable living spaces for residents. The variety in home sizes and room counts reflects the community's aim to accommodate diverse family needs, from smaller families to those requiring more space.

Cobblestone Village Homes

One of the appealing aspects of Cobblestone Village is its pricing. The closed prices for homes in this neighborhood have ranged from $320,000 to $409,900, with a median sale price around $366,000. This pricing indicates a community that offers value, especially considering the modern features and amenities that come with these homes. Moreover, the association fee ranges are listed at $0, which could be an attractive feature for potential homebuyers looking for affordable homeownership options without the added cost of high monthly association fees.

The types of homes available in Cobblestone Village are primarily single-family homes. This emphasizes a community-oriented environment, with residences designed to foster a sense of belonging and neighborliness among occupants. The single-family home design is conducive to privacy and personal outdoor space, which are desirable features for many homeowners.

Given the neighborhood's development history since 2010, Cobblestone Village represents a relatively new community within Spring Hill, with homes that span construction years from 2012 to 2020. This range suggests that residents can enjoy contemporary home designs and up-to-date features, which may include modern appliances, energy-efficient systems, and contemporary interior layouts that cater to today's lifestyle demands.

Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill, TN, offers a compelling mix of midsize, reasonably priced homes that cater to a variety of family sizes and preferences. With its modern homes, diverse layouts, and a community-oriented atmosphere, Cobblestone Village represents an attractive option for those seeking a balance of comfort, value, and modern living in Spring Hill​​​​.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill, TN, several neighborhoods offer similar price points, construction periods, and lifestyles, catering to a variety of preferences and needs. These communities provide an appealing blend of amenities, modern home features, and convenient locations that match the living standards of Cobblestone Village.

Saddlewalk at June Lake and Sawgrass Subdivision represent two of the neighborhoods with homes that reflect a mix of contemporary living spaces, featuring various sizes and layouts. Properties in these areas come with square footage that caters to both modest and more spacious living requirements, aligning with the diversity seen in Cobblestone Village. The homes range from three to five bedrooms, accommodating different family sizes and lifestyles​​.

Burtonwood Homes

Wade’s Grove is another notable neighborhood, offering amenities such as a community clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, and convenient access to local schools. The homes in Wade’s Grove, ranging from around half a million dollars to more than $800,000, were primarily constructed in the mid-2000s to the 2020s, indicating a blend of established homes and newer constructions​​.

Spring Hill Place and Dakota Pointe also mirror the appealing aspects of Cobblestone Village, with Spring Hill Place being praised for its compact community feel, ample natural outdoor space, and premium features in homes. Dakota Pointe is recognized for its quiet streets, high-end interior finishes, and easy access to major roads, making it a convenient choice for commuters​​.

Burtonwood and Whispering Woods offer more budget-friendly options with amenities such as community pools and easy access to local attractions. Burtonwood is appreciated for its privacy and low-traffic areas, while Whispering Woods is known for its less developed environment, offering a peaceful setting adjacent to farmland and woods​​.

These neighborhoods provide a range of options for those looking at homes near Cobblestone Village, from luxurious to more modestly priced homes, all within a community-oriented setting. The availability of modern amenities, coupled with the charm of Spring Hill, makes these neighborhoods attractive for potential homeowners looking for a place similar to Cobblestone Village​​​​​​.

Food Scene

Spring Hill, TN, near Cobblestone Village, boasts a diverse array of dining options catering to different palates and preferences. Whether you're in the mood for cozy coffee shops, vibrant Mexican flavors, authentic Italian cuisine, or innovative Asian fusion, Spring Hill has something for everyone.

For coffee enthusiasts, The Fainting Goat Coffee Co. is a local favorite, offering a variety of unique drinks and baked goods. It's a perfect spot for those looking for a warm, inviting atmosphere to enjoy a good cup of coffee​​.

If you're craving Asian cuisine, W'lins Asian cuisine & spirits provides a delightful mix of vegan-friendly options, great kimchi, and a cozy dining experience. They are known for their excellent food and service, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate Asian fusion dishes​​.

For those who can't resist the allure of Italian flavors, Nelly's Italian Cafe and Antonucci's Authentic Italian offer a taste of Italy in Spring Hill. Nelly's is celebrated for its calzones and Stromboli, while Antonucci's boasts freshly made meals that evoke the essence of Italian home cooking. Both establishments provide a simple and cozy ambiance, ideal for casual dining​​​​.

Sushi Thai is another gem for Asian food lovers, offering the best of sushi and Thai cuisine in a clean atmosphere with friendly staff. It's touted as Spring Hill's best-kept secret for those Sunday night dinners​​.

For a quick and delicious diner experience, Chicago Express features diner staples along with some unique offerings like their greasy Ruben, all served in a colorful and kitsch environment​​.

Chicken Salad Chick offers a clean facility with professional, friendly staff and delicious food in a softly quiet environment, making it a great fast food alternative​​.

Moreover, T-op Cold Grill Ice Cream introduces an interesting twist with its boba tea and pokè, providing options for those with dietary restrictions while crafting delicious and unique treats​​.

These dining options near Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill reflect the city's culinary diversity, offering everything from casual cafes to fine dining experiences. Each restaurant brings its unique flavor to the table, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can find something to satisfy their cravings.


For music and cultural enthusiasts, Spring Hill hosts several can't-miss festivals throughout the year. The Pickin’ in the Park series, running from May to September, is a highlight, featuring live music and local food vendors in Harvey Park, providing a perfect setting for evenings filled with entertainment. Another notable event is the Whole Hog Festival in October at Oaklawn Mansion, a celebration of all things pork, with food vendors, live music, arts, crafts, and activities for kids. These festivals embody the spirit of the community, bringing people together over shared experiences of music, food, and fun​​.

For those interested in film and indie culture, the Tennessee International Indie Film Festival takes place in August, showcasing up to 80 films over five days, along with panels and speeches from industry executives. This event rotates among venues in Williamson and Maury counties, sometimes taking place in nearby Franklin, and offers a unique cinematic experience​​.

Sports enthusiasts have a variety of activities to choose from, including everything from basketball and tennis to soccer and volleyball. The area is also great for outdoor enthusiasts, with options for camping, hiking, and more, ensuring that those looking to get active or enjoy the outdoors have plenty of choices​​.

Additionally, Spring Hill's event calendar is packed with unique local events like the Parti-Gras with Mixtape 80's Tribute Band, Valentines & Galentines Fluid Painting Event, and Silent Book Club at The Fainting Goat, among others. These events offer unique experiences ranging from musical celebrations and creative workshops to relaxed, quiet reading sessions at local favorites like The Fainting Goat Coffee​​.

With such a diverse array of entertainment and sporting events, residents and visitors near Cobblestone Village can immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoy outdoor activities, and participate in community-building events that highlight what makes Spring Hill, TN, a special place to live and visit.

Health and Wellness

For those living in or near Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill, TN, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is supported by a wide array of health and wellness options. Whether you're looking for chiropractic care, primary medical care, massage therapy, fitness coaching, or specialized women's health services, Spring Hill has you covered.

Well Health Centers offer comprehensive chiropractic care, including corrective care for the whole family and a focus on natural healing abilities. Their services are designed to empower patients through education on holistic well-being, including tailored workout tips and personalized nutrition plans​​. Another option is The Joint Spring Hill, where chiropractors like Dr. Joe and Dr. Matthew Oakley utilize unique techniques to help patients uncover their full potential and achieve a balanced state, emphasizing the importance of the spine in overall health​​.

Spring Hill Primary Care by AFD Clinics provides a broad range of services including wellness exams, women's health, and more, with a commitment to convenient and comprehensive care​​. Similarly, Spring Hill Family Care focuses on delivering high-quality primary care to improve community health, offering same and next-day appointments for a variety of primary care needs​​.

For those seeking relief and relaxation, Therapeutic Hands Massage specializes in a range of therapeutic massage and bodywork services. They tailor each session to the client's specific needs, using various techniques without extra charges for deep tissue or sports massage​​.

Fitness and Personal Training: Anytime Fitness in Spring Hill provides a personalized fitness experience with a variety of coaching options to fit your needs. They offer nutrition guidance, encouragement, and accountability to help members reach their health goals​​.

The Vanderbilt Center for Women's Health in Spring Hill offers a wide range of services catering to women at all stages of life. This includes care for pregnancy, delivery, post-menopause, and treatment of advanced health conditions​​.

For urgent healthcare needs, the Vanderbilt Health and Williamson Medical Center Walk-In Clinic in Spring Hill offers convenient care with extended hours. They provide a variety of healthcare services without the need for an appointment​​.

These health and wellness facilities in Spring Hill, TN, are dedicated to providing residents with the services they need to lead healthy, balanced lives. Whether it's routine medical care, specialized services, or wellness and fitness coaching, the community has access to a comprehensive range of options to support their well-being.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Harvey Park stands out as a central outdoor destination near the heart of Spring Hill, offering ample green space, a large playground, and a picnic pavilion. An exciting feature of Harvey Park is its outdoor music series, "Pickin’ in the Park," which brings the community together with live music in a picturesque setting​​.

Fischer Park at Port Royal, recognized as Spring Hill's largest park, spans over 30 acres and includes a playground, covered pavilions, a half-mile walking trail, and sports facilities. It's especially known for its expansive splash pad, making it a hit with families during warm weather. The park also hosts various community events, including movie nights in its amphitheater​​.

For skateboarding enthusiasts, Walnut Street Skate Park is a must-visit. This concrete park welcomes skateboards, inline skates, BMX freestyle bikes, and non-motorized scooters, featuring ramps and rails suitable for both beginners and pros. Safety gear, like helmets and pads, is a must to ensure everyone has a good time while staying protected​​.

Baseball and basketball fans will enjoy Evans Park and McLemore Ave Park, both of which offer multi-use athletic fields and other recreational amenities. These parks are perfect for cheering on local sports teams or organizing a game among friends or family​​.

For those interested in a bit of history with their outdoor activities, the Spring Hill Battlefield Civil War Site at Jerry Erwin Park provides a unique experience. Visitors can enjoy a scenic walk while learning about the 1864 Battle of Spring Hill through historical markers along the trail​​.

Dog owners will appreciate the Bark Park inside Evans Park, an off-leash area where pets can play and socialize. The recently renovated dog park includes obstacles and seating areas for dog parents to relax while their furry friends have fun​​.

TripAdvisor also lists popular parks like Erwin Park, Port Royal Park, Walnut Street Skate Park, Harvey Park, and Evans Park as top nature attractions in Spring Hill, further emphasizing the city's commitment to providing quality outdoor spaces for its residents and visitors​​.

These parks and outdoor spaces in Spring Hill are not just recreational venues; they are integral to the community's health and wellness, offering everyone from young families to active seniors and everyone in between a chance to engage with nature, stay active, and connect with their neighbors.


In terms of private education, Spring Hill is home to several private schools that serve a range of grade levels. For example, Columbia Academy at Spring Hill offers a Christian-based education from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, emphasizing strong academic, extracurricular, and spiritual education. The school boasts smaller class sizes for more productive teacher-student interactions and supports academic and social development with a focus on incorporating technology into learning from a young age. They also offer elementary extracurricular programs, including sports and a bully prevention program, Bulldogs United​​​​.

Other private schools in the area include the Spring Hill Christian Academy, catering to students from kindergarten through ninth grade, and the Primrose School of Spring Hill, which focuses on early childhood education. These schools are known for their commitment to providing high-quality education and fostering an environment conducive to learning and personal growth​​.

Public education in Spring Hill is supported by both the Williamson County and Maury County school districts, renowned for their commitment to academic excellence. The public schools in Spring Hill offer comprehensive education programs, with state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities that cater to the diverse interests and talents of students. The public schools are dedicated to preparing students for success in higher education and beyond, with a strong focus on developing critical thinking skills and fostering a lifelong love of learning​​.

Whether families are looking for a private Christian education, specialized early childhood programs, or robust public schooling options, Spring Hill offers a supportive and enriching environment for student development and academic achievement. The presence of both private and public schools in the area ensures that families can find educational settings that best meet their children's needs and align with their educational goals.

Shopping and Retail

For those who appreciate unique and boutique shopping experiences, Spring Hill offers several charming options. A Woman's Touch Boutique on Main Street and Class N'Sass, also located on Wall Street, provide a selection of fashion and accessories for discerning shoppers looking for something special. Fireflies, another boutique on Main Street, is known for its eclectic collection​​.

Antique lovers and those looking for vintage treasures will enjoy Carters Creek Station Antiques, which boasts a wide range of antique goods and collectibles. This destination is perfect for finding one-of-a-kind items that add character and charm to any space​​.

For a more conventional shopping experience, The Crossings of Spring Hill is the largest shopping center in the area, featuring a mix of retail shops, eateries, and services. This shopping center includes popular stores such as Old Navy, Target, and a variety of dining options ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants like Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and LongHorn Steakhouse. It provides a comprehensive shopping experience with something to satisfy every shopper's needs​​.

Furthermore, Spring Hill is home to Vintage 615, a well-loved antique and vintage market on Main Street, offering an assortment of vintage goods, handmade items, and specialty products. This store is a must-visit for those looking to add unique pieces to their collection or find a special gift​​.

For those interested in health and wellness, Serenity Salt Cave offers a unique shopping and relaxation experience, with products and services designed to promote well-being and relaxation​​.

These shopping destinations in Spring Hill not only provide residents with a variety of retail options but also contribute to the community's charm and appeal. Whether you're looking for the latest fashion trends, unique antiques, or everyday necessities, Spring Hill's retail landscape has plenty to offer.

Business and Economy

Cobblestone Village, boasts a dynamic local economy supported by a mix of industries and businesses that provide a foundation for its growth and development. Manufacturing is a leading industry in the area, with General Motors' Spring Hill Manufacturing plant being one of the top employers. The facility is known for producing the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ, marking a significant contribution to the automotive industry and showcasing Spring Hill's role in innovative manufacturing and technology​​​​.

In addition to manufacturing, Spring Hill's economy benefits from a variety of other sectors. The city hosts companies like Comprehensive Logistics, Magna, and Ryder Logistics, indicating a strong presence in logistics and supply chain management. Retail also plays a crucial role in the local economy, with Kroger and Penske Automotive among the top employers, catering to the community's needs and preferences​​.

The healthcare sector contributes significantly to Spring Hill's economic landscape, with facilities like TriStar Spring Hill E.R. and Maury Regional-Spring Hill Medical Center providing essential healthcare services to residents. These institutions not only offer employment opportunities but also ensure that the community has access to quality medical care​​.

Spring Hill's local economy is further enriched by notable small businesses that add to the city's character and provide diverse services to its residents. Among them, John Maher Builders, By Design Cabinetry, and Old South Properties are prominent names, highlighting the importance of construction and home services in the area​​.

Spring Hill's blend of major industries, alongside a thriving small business community, creates a robust economic environment that supports the local population and attracts new residents and businesses to the area. With a focus on innovation, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, Spring Hill is well-positioned for continued growth and prosperity​​​​​​.

Hotels and Lodging

For those seeking modern amenities and the convenience of hotel living, the Hampton Inn Spring Hill is a standout choice. Located in The Crossings of Spring Hill retail center, it offers guests a variety of shops and restaurants right at their doorstep. The hotel boasts an indoor saltwater pool and is situated close to major attractions, including the GM Spring Hill Manufacturing plant and various recreational facilities​​.

Another excellent option for visitors is the Holiday Inn Express - Nashville South - Spring Hill, an IHG Hotel. This hotel is known for providing comfortable accommodations with a range of modern amenities designed to make your stay as relaxing as possible​​.

For those looking for a more intimate and personalized lodging experience, Spring Hill and its surrounding areas offer quaint bed and breakfast options, although specific names and details might require a bit more direct research due to the error encountered in retrieving the direct listings. These establishments typically provide a cozy, home-like atmosphere, making them ideal for romantic getaways or quiet, relaxing retreats.

Whether you're in town for business, visiting family, or exploring the beautiful state of Tennessee, Spring Hill's range of lodging options caters to diverse tastes and needs, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay for all who visit.

Travel and Transportation

Residents and visitors of Cobblestone Village in Spring Hill, TN, benefit from the convenience of being relatively close to Nashville International Airport (BNA), which is approximately 35 to 40 miles north of Spring Hill. This major airport connects the region to numerous destinations across the country and the world, making it an essential hub for both domestic and international travel. The drive from Spring Hill to Nashville International Airport typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions, which means that residents can easily access air travel for business trips, vacations, and visits to family and friends.

For those looking for public transportation options near Cobblestone Village, the scenario is a bit more suburban. While Spring Hill itself may not have an extensive public transportation system like larger urban areas, there are services available that facilitate mobility for its residents. For example, the regional public transit authority may offer bus services that connect Spring Hill to neighboring areas, including routes to downtown Nashville. These services are beneficial for commuters who work in Nashville but prefer the quieter lifestyle of Spring Hill.

Additionally, Spring Hill residents can make use of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, which provide convenient options for getting around the area or for trips to the airport without the need to drive and park. These services are particularly useful for those who do not own a car or prefer not to drive in heavier traffic conditions.

For longer-distance travel, residents can also consider utilizing the Greyhound bus services or Amtrak train services from Nashville, offering connections to various destinations across the United States. These options require a bit of planning, as travelers would need to get to Nashville to catch their bus or train, but they offer an alternative to flying out of Nashville International Airport.

While Spring Hill may offer a more relaxed pace of life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, residents and visitors of Cobblestone Village have several transportation options to consider when planning their travel, whether it's a flight out of Nashville International Airport or utilizing public transit and ride-sharing services for local and regional travel.