Benevento East, Spring Hill, TN Homes for Sale

Benevento East, Spring Hill, TN Homes for Sale May 23, 2024
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Benevento East Homes

The homes in Benevento East embody a fusion of modern elegance and traditional southern charm. Architecturally, these residences are a harmonious blend of classic designs with contemporary features. From spacious open floor plans to meticulously designed landscapes, the attention to detail in these homes is evident. Hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens, and expansive master suites are just some of the features that homeowners in this region can expect. Moreover, the homes often have sizeable lots, providing ample space for outdoor activities, gardening, or simply enjoying the serene environment.

Beyond the physical attributes of the homes themselves, the sense of community within Benevento East is palpable. The neighborhood is peppered with green spaces, pathways, and parks, fostering a close-knit environment where neighbors often become friends. Children are often seen playing in these communal spaces, and families regularly gather for neighborhood events and celebrations. Such an atmosphere is indicative of the deep-rooted community values that the residents of Benevento East hold dear.

Benevento East Homes

Additionally, the location of Benevento East in Spring Hill, TN, provides homeowners with both the tranquility of suburban life and the convenience of urban amenities. The community is strategically positioned near key highways and roads, ensuring easy access to a plethora of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. Historic downtown Spring Hill, with its charming boutiques and cafes, is just a short drive away, allowing residents to immerse themselves in local culture and history.

Environmental sustainability is also a notable characteristic of the Benevento East community. The developers and homeowners alike have shown a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area. Mature trees, undulating landscapes, and water features are integral to the community's design. Efforts to minimize environmental impact, from energy-efficient home designs to community-wide recycling programs, demonstrate a collective responsibility towards the environment.

The homes in Benevento East and their surrounding community offer a blend of modern living, community spirit, and a deep respect for the environment. It's a locale that truly encapsulates the essence of southern living in Tennessee.

Similar Communities

Nestled just a stone's throw from Benevento East is the enchanting neighborhood of Autumn Ridge. Like its counterpart, Autumn Ridge boasts homes that are a perfect blend of traditional design and modern amenities. The homes here are built with exquisite craftsmanship, evident in their intricate brickwork, expansive porches, and interior finishes. Much like Benevento East, the homes in Autumn Ridge often come with sizable yards, offering families ample space to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, the communal amenities such as pools and parks make it a hub for families seeking a vibrant community spirit.

Another noteworthy neighborhood is Cherry Grove. This community, characterized by its tree-lined streets and cohesive architectural designs, offers a lifestyle that mirrors the upscale living of Benevento East. The homes are finely constructed, emphasizing both comfort and style. Large windows, chef-inspired kitchens, and cozy fireplaces are some of the standard features that residents can expect. Cherry Grove is more than just a collection of beautiful homes; it’s a place where families form lasting memories, be it through neighborhood potlucks, holiday parades, or evening strolls.

Copper Ridge Homes

A short drive from Benevento East brings one to the gates of Wakefield Estates, a neighborhood that matches the former in its promise of luxury and community-centric living. Wakefield Estates is known for its sprawling homes that sit on generous lots, allowing homeowners the luxury of space both inside and outside. The design of the homes is an homage to southern elegance, with gabled roofs, expansive patios, and carefully curated landscapes. The community's strategic placement ensures that while residents enjoy the peace of suburban living, they are never too far from the bustling activities of Spring Hill.

Copper Ridge stands out as a community that parallels Benevento East in many aspects. The homes, often two-storied and clad in a mix of brick and stone, offer a visual treat while promising durability. Inside, the residences are a blend of functionality and luxury, with open layouts, modern appliances, and intricate detailing. The community areas in Copper Ridge, from its parks to its swimming pools, are designed to foster social interactions and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all its residents.

Food Scene

One of the most talked-about places in town has to be Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. It's hard to resist the aroma of smoked meats that wafts from their doors. Their slow-cooked ribs and pulled pork sandwiches are legendary, with many locals swearing it's the best barbecue they've ever tasted. Pair that with their creamy coleslaw and tangy barbecue sauce, and you've got a meal that defines Southern cooking.

For those in the mood for something a bit more international, Fainting Goat Coffee offers not just aromatic brews but also a selection of globally-inspired dishes. Their menu varies seasonally, ensuring fresh ingredients and flavors that never get old. Whether you're popping in for a morning latte or settling down with a book and a hearty lunch, this café provides a cozy atmosphere that's hard to beat.

And then there's Delta Bound, a charming spot that brings the flavors of the Mississippi Delta right to Spring Hill. Their catfish po'boys, gumbo, and fried green tomatoes are just a few dishes that transport diners straight to the heart of the South. It's a fantastic option for those who crave authentic regional dishes without the long drive.

Of course, for those evenings when only pizza will do, Nelly's Italian Cafe is a must-visit. Their hand-tossed pizzas, generously topped with fresh ingredients, have a loyal following. And it's not just the pizza; their pasta dishes, from creamy Alfredo to spicy arrabbiata, are equally commendable.

With such a diverse and delicious array of dining options, residents of Benevento East and surrounding areas are always just a short drive or pleasant walk away from their next culinary adventure.


For movie enthusiasts, the Regal Cinemas in Spring Hill is a popular hotspot. It's always abuzz with the latest blockbusters and occasional indie films. The theater itself boasts state-of-the-art sound systems and comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot for movie nights with friends or family.

Those looking to enjoy a day outdoors often gravitate towards King's Creek Golf Club. While golfing is at the heart of this facility, it's more than just teeing off; the picturesque landscapes and water features make it a joy to explore, even for non-golfers. The club also hosts various tournaments throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for residents to either participate or spectate.

In terms of local sports, the Spring Hill Little League games garner quite the attention. On weekends, it's common to see families cheering on young baseball and softball players, fostering a spirit of community and camaraderie. These events are not just about the sport; they're about the town coming together, enjoying picnics on the grassy knolls, and forging lasting memories.

For those inclined towards theatrical performances, the Spring Hill Arts Center is the place to be. Hosting everything from local plays to musical performances, it serves as a cultural hub for the community. It's always a treat to see local talent take the stage and enthrall audiences with captivating performances.

With such a vibrant mix of entertainment and sporting events, there's hardly a dull moment for residents of Benevento East and the larger Spring Hill community. Whether it's a relaxed evening at the movies or cheering at a local game, there's always something happening around the corner.

Health and Wellness

Firstly, let's talk about the gyms and fitness centers. Places like Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness have become staples for the local fitness enthusiasts. These centers not only offer state-of-the-art equipment but also host a variety of classes ranging from yoga to high-intensity interval training. The diversity in workouts ensures that there's something for everyone, whether you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an athlete aiming to up your game.

For those who prefer a more serene environment for their workouts, Spring Hill Yoga Center is a haven. With classes led by experienced instructors, participants get to explore various styles of yoga, allowing for both physical invigoration and mental relaxation. The emphasis on mindfulness and breathing techniques further ensures holistic well-being.

Nutrition is, of course, a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, and the community is well served in this aspect too. The Farmer's Market in Spring Hill is a gem, offering an array of fresh, locally-sourced produce. From organic vegetables to artisanal cheeses, shopping here makes for a delightful experience, and the knowledge that you're consuming chemical-free, fresh produce only adds to the joy.

For those in need of therapeutic interventions or simply a day of relaxation, the numerous spas and massage therapy centers in the vicinity come as a blessing. Establishments like Serenity Salt Cave offer unique experiences such as halotherapy, known to benefit respiratory and skin conditions.

Lastly, mental health and well-being are not overlooked. Counseling centers and wellness clinics are sprinkled throughout the area, providing crucial support for those seeking guidance or therapeutic interventions.

Benevento East's vicinity in Spring Hill offers a comprehensive suite of health and wellness options. Whether it's physical fitness, nutritional health, or mental well-being, residents have a wealth of resources at their disposal to lead a fulfilling, balanced life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the standout gems in the vicinity is the Harvey Park. A sprawling space dotted with playgrounds, picnic areas, and winding trails, it's a favorite among families. Children can be seen gleefully playing on the swings while adults often utilize the walking paths for morning jogs or evening strolls. The park also hosts occasional community events, turning it into a lively hub where locals come together to celebrate and socialize.

Port Royal Park, on the other hand, is the go-to spot for those keen on sports. With its well-maintained baseball fields, basketball courts, and expansive open areas for soccer, it's always abuzz with activity. The park also features a dedicated skate park section, attracting skaters and enthusiasts from all over the area.

For those who prefer a quieter communion with nature, the Rippavilla Plantation offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty. The manicured gardens, historic buildings, and serene pathways make for a tranquil setting, ideal for reflective walks or simply to soak in the natural beauty.

McCutcheon Creek is another site that deserves a mention. This serene creek, flanked by lush greenery, offers picturesque views, especially during sunrise and sunset. It's not uncommon to see nature photographers and bird watchers frequenting this spot, capturing the myriad hues and sounds of the landscape.

Bike enthusiasts aren't left out either. The extensive biking trails in and around the area provide ample opportunity for both leisurely rides and more challenging terrains for the seasoned cyclist.

With so many parks and natural sites around, it's evident that the area around Benevento East promotes an outdoor-centric lifestyle. Be it a lazy afternoon picnic, a vigorous game of basketball, or a peaceful day of bird-watching, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike have a plethora of options to choose from.


On the public schooling front, Spring Hill boasts a collection of esteemed institutions. Spring Hill Elementary, for instance, is a favorite among locals for its commitment to academic excellence and fostering a nurturing environment for its students. Not too far away is Spring Hill Middle School, known for its robust curriculum and extracurricular activities. The school emphasizes both academic and personal growth, ensuring students are well-prepared as they transition into their high school years. Then there's Spring Hill High School, which not only excels academically but is also renowned for its athletic programs and arts initiatives. The school has garnered recognition for its dedication to creating well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the future.

For families leaning towards private education, there are noteworthy choices as well. The Heritage School, a private Christian institution, stands out for its faith-based curriculum and tight-knit community feel. The emphasis here is on molding students with strong moral values while ensuring they excel academically. Another option is the Spring Hill Academy, which prides itself on its smaller class sizes, allowing for personalized attention to each student. The academy's curriculum is rigorous, with an added emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Beyond the traditional schooling framework, the area also offers specialized programs and institutions for those seeking alternative educational pathways. Whether it's vocational training, arts-focused education, or special needs programs, Spring Hill ensures that every child's unique learning requirements are catered to.

The Benevento East community and its surrounding areas in Spring Hill are well-positioned to provide families with a diverse range of educational choices. Whether it's the public school down the street or a private institution with a specialized curriculum, parents can rest assured knowing their children have access to quality education.

Shopping and Retail

The Crossings of Spring Hill is undeniably one of the primary shopping destinations in the vicinity. This expansive shopping center is home to a range of retail outlets, from popular national chains to unique local boutiques. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest fashion trends, home decor, or just browsing through bookstores, The Crossings promises a comprehensive shopping experience.

If it's more of a local flavor you're after, the boutiques and specialty shops that line Main Street are worth exploring. These stores, often run by local artisans and entrepreneurs, offer a curated selection of goods that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. From handcrafted jewelry to artisanal soaps and bespoke clothing, the treasures one can stumble upon in these stores are truly unique.

For the everyday essentials, residents of Benevento East are well-served by the various supermarkets and grocery stores peppered throughout Spring Hill. Places like Kroger and Publix ensure that pantry staples, fresh produce, and household items are always within easy reach. And for those specialty ingredients or gourmet delights, there are a handful of specialty food stores that cater to more niche tastes and preferences.

Of course, no shopping experience is complete without a pitstop at a cozy cafe or bakery. Luckily, Spring Hill has its fair share of these too. After a day of retail exploration, there's nothing quite like unwinding with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or treating oneself to a delectable pastry.

The area surrounding Benevento East offers a vibrant retail scene, ensuring that whether it's weekend shopping sprees or weekday errand runs, residents have everything they need right at their doorstep.

Business and Economy

One of the pillars of the local economy has been the automotive industry. The General Motors Spring Hill Manufacturing plant stands as a testament to this, with its sprawling facility located just a short drive from Benevento East. Over the years, this plant has been instrumental in producing various car models and has provided employment to thousands. Its presence has indirectly boosted several ancillary businesses, from parts suppliers to logistics companies.

Healthcare is another significant sector supporting the Spring Hill community. With an increasing population and the need for comprehensive medical services, numerous clinics, specialty centers, and hospitals have sprung up. These establishments not only offer critical medical services to the residents but also contribute substantially to local employment and economic growth.

The retail and service sectors have seen considerable growth in response to the expanding residential communities. The influx of shopping centers, restaurants, and local boutiques, as previously discussed, play a pivotal role in the local economy. These establishments provide numerous job opportunities and also ensure that residents' needs are catered to without traveling far.

Additionally, the agri-business can't be overlooked. The lush landscapes around Spring Hill are home to several farms producing a variety of crops and livestock. These farms, apart from feeding the local community, often branch out into agritourism, offering farm tours, pick-your-own fruit sessions, and farm-to-table events, further contributing to the area's economic tapestry.

Real estate and construction have also been on the rise, given the suburb's growing appeal. New housing developments, commercial spaces, and infrastructural projects have led to an influx of construction and realty firms, adding another layer to the region's economic mosaic.

While Benevento East might be predominantly residential, it's nestled within a bustling economic hub. The interplay of manufacturing, healthcare, retail, agriculture, and real estate ensures a robust and diverse economic foundation for Spring Hill.

Hotels and Lodging

For those in search of a modern and comfortable stay, the Hampton Inn Spring Hill is often a top choice. Located conveniently near the main roads and shopping areas, it offers guests all the conveniences of a contemporary hotel, from a refreshing pool to a hearty breakfast spread. Its location ensures that visitors are never too far from the local attractions, restaurants, and shopping hubs.

In contrast, for travelers looking for a more intimate and unique experience, the region around Spring Hill boasts some delightful bed and breakfast establishments. One such place is the Inn at Bigby Creek. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, this bed and breakfast provides a quaint and serene retreat. With its charming rooms, lush gardens, and a delectable breakfast made from local produce, guests are treated to a homely and authentic Southern hospitality experience.

For those who prioritize amenities and services, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Spring Hill is another reliable option. With its spacious rooms, fitness center, and business facilities, it appeals to both leisure travelers and business visitors alike. Its proximity to key business centers and attractions in Spring Hill makes it a favored choice for many.

Of course, let's not forget the boutique inns and guesthouses sprinkled around the outskirts of Spring Hill. These establishments, often run by local families, offer a unique blend of personalized service, local history, and a touch of homey comfort. They are perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in local culture and traditions.

Whether a visitor is on a business trip, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, the area surrounding Benevento East in Spring Hill has a range of lodging options to cater to different preferences and needs. The mix of modern hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, and boutique inns ensures that every traveler finds their ideal home away from home.

Travel and Transportation

Nashville International Airport is the closest major airport to Spring Hill, and it's a straightforward drive from Benevento East. Typically, you'd expect the journey to take a little over an hour, depending on traffic conditions. The airport services a plethora of domestic and international flights, making it convenient for residents who frequently travel for work or leisure. Its vast array of services, shops, and dining options make traveling through it a relatively pleasant experience.

Regarding public transportation, while Spring Hill does have some basic options, it's essential to note that it's primarily a car-dependent city. Local bus services, like the Maury County Public Transit, offer routes connecting key points within the city and its neighboring areas. These buses can be particularly handy for daily commutes or short trips within the region. For those without personal vehicles, this service ensures accessibility to essential services and destinations.

In addition to buses, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are quite prevalent in the area. This offers another layer of convenience, especially for those looking to head out for an evening in town or need a quick ride to a nearby location.

It's worth mentioning that while Spring Hill's public transportation options might not be as extensive as bigger cities, the community's layout and amenities ensure that most essential services and entertainment hubs are within easy reach. For longer commutes or travel, the proximity to Nashville and its robust transportation network becomes an added advantage for the residents of Benevento East.