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Introduction to Spring Hill, TN Real Estate

37174 Spring Hill TN Homes

Welcome to Spring Hill, Tennessee, a thriving community in the heart of Williamson and Maury Counties. Known for its blend of historical charm and modern suburban living, Spring Hill offers a unique real estate market for both prospective homebuyers and investors. From its origins as a key site during the Civil War to its recent rapid growth, Spring Hill has transformed into a sought-after destination for families and professionals alike.

Location and Growth

Strategically located just south of Nashville, Spring Hill is part of the Greater Nashville metropolitan area. This proximity to the state's capital city, combined with its own local amenities, makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility. Over the years, Spring Hill has seen significant growth, with its population expanding considerably since the early 2000s. This growth has been accompanied by the development of new residential communities, shopping centers, and schools, making it an increasingly popular choice for new residents.

Current Market Trends in Spring Hill (37174)

The real estate market in Spring Hill is as dynamic as the city itself. With a variety of homes ranging from historic properties to modern constructions, the market caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Market Overview

As of the latest data, the median listing home price in Spring Hill stands at around $578,000, with a slight year-over-year decrease of 1.2%. However, the market remains robust, with the median home selling price around $470,000. This indicates a healthy demand for homes in the area.

Trends and Comparisons

Comparing the current market trends to previous years, it's evident that Spring Hill's real estate market has been experiencing steady growth. The average price per square foot is approximately $246, reflecting the area's desirability and the high quality of homes available. Furthermore, the sale-to-list price ratio, which currently hovers around 98.37%, shows that homes are selling close to their asking prices, a sign of a balanced market.

Days on Market and Market Balance

Homes in Spring Hill are selling relatively quickly, averaging around 39 days on the market. This is a decrease from the previous year, indicating increasing buyer interest and a competitive market. The balance between supply and demand suggests that both buyers and sellers have equal footing, making it an opportune time for transactions on both sides of the equation.

Recent Home Sales and Prices in Spring Hill

Spring Hill TN Homes

The Spring Hill housing market has witnessed several noteworthy sales, showcasing the diversity and appeal of its real estate offerings. From spacious family homes to cozy, modern townhouses, the market has something for everyone.

Detailed Sales Examples

Recent sales in Spring Hill include a variety of homes, each with its own charm. For example, a property at 1037 Daniel Ln sold for $422,500, featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and encompassing 2,293 sq ft. Another home at 394 Beechcroft Rd sold for $345,000, offering 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, in a more compact space of 1,077 sq ft. These sales illustrate the range of options available, from larger family homes to smaller, more affordable properties.

Sale-to-List Price Ratios

Properties in Spring Hill are generally selling close to their asking prices. For instance, the home at 1037 Daniel Ln sold for 6% under its list price, while the property at 394 Beechcroft Rd sold for just 1% under list. This trend indicates a healthy negotiation space for both buyers and sellers in the current market.

Spring Hill's Housing Inventory

The variety of available homes in Spring Hill caters to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles, reflecting the diversity and growth of the community.

Overview of Available Homes

As of now, there are 324 homes for sale in Spring Hill, with options ranging from newly built residences to historic properties. The homes vary in size, style, and price, with the median listing home price being around $578,000 and average prices per square foot at about $246.

New Listings and Market Trends

The housing inventory in Spring Hill is dynamic, with new listings coming up regularly. Recently, 58 new properties were listed, providing fresh opportunities for potential homebuyers. This constant influx of new listings keeps the market vibrant and offers a glimpse into the evolving nature of Spring Hill's neighborhoods and communities.

Architectural Styles and Home Features in Spring Hill

Spring Hill TN Homes 37174

In Spring Hill, the architectural landscape is as varied as its history. The homes here range from traditional styles reflecting the city's historical roots to more contemporary designs catering to modern tastes and lifestyles.

Common Architectural Styles

Spring Hill's real estate market is dotted with a variety of architectural styles. You'll find classic American styles like Colonial and Craftsman, alongside more modern designs that offer sleek, contemporary aesthetics. These styles are complemented by the lush Tennessee landscape, providing a picturesque setting for homeowners.

Home Features and Upgrades

Homes in Spring Hill often come with a range of features and upgrades. It's common to find properties with spacious yards, modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and energy-efficient systems. Many homes also boast additional amenities like swimming pools, outdoor living spaces, and smart home technology, catering to the needs of a 21st-century lifestyle.

Analysis of Home Sizes and Prices Per Square Foot

The homes in Spring Hill offer a wide range of sizes and pricing options, making the city an attractive place for diverse buyer preferences and budgets.

Home Sizes and Pricing Relationship

The relationship between home size and price in Spring Hill is indicative of the city's diverse real estate offerings. For example, smaller homes, such as those around 1,000 sq ft, can be found in the more affordable range, while larger homes, often exceeding 3,000 sq ft, are available at higher price points. This variety ensures that whether you're looking for a cozy starter home or a spacious family residence, there's something for every need and budget.

Average Prices Per Square Foot

In Spring Hill, the average price per square foot stands at approximately $246, a figure that offers insight into the overall market value of homes in the area. This pricing varies depending on the home's location, age, and features, providing a flexible range for buyers with different priorities and investment strategies.

School Districts and Education in Spring Hill

Education is a cornerstone of the Spring Hill community, with a strong emphasis on providing high-quality learning opportunities for its younger residents.

Public and Private Schools

Spring Hill is served by both the Williamson County and Maury County school districts, known for their high educational standards. The area boasts several top-rated schools, including Allendale Elementary School, Bethesda Elementary School, and Spring Hill High School, each providing excellent academic and extracurricular programs. Additionally, the city is home to a number of private and charter schools, offering more choices for families seeking different educational environments.

School Ratings and Reviews

Many of Spring Hill’s schools have received high ratings from GreatSchools, reflecting their commitment to student achievement and well-being. For instance, Bethesda Elementary and Longview Elementary are known for their dedicated staff and well-rounded curriculums, often receiving positive reviews from parents and the community.

Local Amenities and Lifestyle in Spring Hill

Life in Spring Hill is enriched by a variety of local amenities that cater to the needs and interests of its residents, making it an inviting place to call home.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

The city offers a range of shopping options, from local boutiques to larger retail centers. Dining in Spring Hill is a treat, with an array of restaurants serving everything from classic Southern cuisine to international dishes. For entertainment, residents enjoy local parks, community events, and easy access to the cultural and recreational activities of nearby Nashville.

Community and Recreation

Spring Hill is more than just a place to live; it's a community. The city hosts various events throughout the year, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents. Recreational facilities, including public parks, walking trails, and sports complexes, provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and family fun.

Spring Hill Real Estate: A Historical Perspective

Spring Hill's real estate market is deeply rooted in the city's rich history, dating back to the early 19th century. This historical influence is evident in the architectural styles and community layout seen across the city.

Historical Impact on Real Estate

Spring Hill has a storied past, marked by significant events like the Battle of Spring Hill during the Civil War. This history is reflected in some of the city's older neighborhoods and properties, offering a glimpse into the past for residents and visitors alike. The preservation of these historic sites and homes adds a unique character to the city's real estate market.

Growth and Development Over the Years

Since its establishment in 1809, Spring Hill has grown from a small town into a bustling suburban city. The real estate market has evolved alongside this growth, with the development of new residential areas, commercial centers, and amenities that cater to the modern lifestyle while respecting the city's historical heritage.

Future Outlook for Spring Hill Real Estate

Looking ahead, the real estate market in Spring Hill shows promising signs of continued growth and development. The city's strategic location, quality of life, and ongoing community investments suggest a bright future for homeowners and investors alike.

Market Predictions and Trends

As Spring Hill continues to attract new residents and businesses, the demand for housing is expected to remain strong. This could lead to new developments and possibly higher property values over time. The city's commitment to maintaining a balance between growth and quality of life ensures that Spring Hill will remain an attractive destination for years to come.

Influencing Factors

Several factors are likely to influence the future of Spring Hill's real estate market, including regional economic trends, infrastructure developments, and population growth. The city's proximity to Nashville and its reputation for excellent schools and community amenities will continue to make it a desirable place to live.

In summary, Spring Hill, TN offers a unique blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and a vibrant real estate market. From its historical roots to its contemporary developments, the city caters to a diverse range of preferences and needs. With its strong educational system, variety of housing options, and community-focused lifestyle, Spring Hill stands out as a prime location for anyone looking to buy or invest in real estate.