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Southeast Nashville Homes

Southeast Nashville, a dynamic neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, is home to a range of architectural styles and housing options. Homes here range from single-family dwellings to apartments and townhouses, encompassing a spectrum of designs that include traditional ranch-style homes, Craftsman bungalows, and contemporary new-builds. While many of the area's residences were built in the latter part of the 20th century, new developments have emerged in recent years to cater to the growing population, offering modern amenities and state-of-the-art features. Yet, even with this new development, the area maintains a charming blend of old and new, creating an appealing visual diversity.

Southeast Nashville

The Southeast Nashville neighborhood is known for its spacious properties. Unlike the compact, closely-knit housing of the city center, homes here often boast generous yards, which are well-maintained and adorned with a variety of regional flora. These expansive outdoor spaces contribute to the neighborhood's quiet, relaxed atmosphere and offer residents a welcoming space for outdoor activities or personal gardening projects.

The community surrounding these homes is equally as impressive. The area is rich in amenities, with various shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities within easy reach. One of the key attractions is the vibrant Percy Priest Lake, where residents can indulge in boating, fishing, and picnicking. For those who prefer dry land, there's the Stones River Greenway, a popular trail for biking, walking, and jogging, which runs along the Stones River and offers a peaceful retreat from urban life.

In terms of community services, Southeast Nashville excels. Schools in the area, such as the esteemed Glengarry Elementary and the innovative STEM Preparatory Academy, provide quality education. In addition to this, the area is well-served by healthcare facilities and has a strong network of community organizations and clubs that contribute to a strong sense of belonging among residents. With its well-maintained parks, community centers, and public libraries, Southeast Nashville offers an engaging and supportive environment for all who live here.

The safety and well-being of residents are a top priority in Southeast Nashville. The local community places a high value on safety, with neighborhood watch groups active throughout the area. Police and fire departments are also highly responsive, ensuring peace of mind for the neighborhood's residents. Furthermore, Southeast Nashville's efficient public transport system and well-maintained road networks ensure residents can easily navigate the area, enhancing both the accessibility and attractiveness of this suburban gem.

Culturally, Southeast Nashville is a melting pot, reflecting the city's diverse population. The neighborhood has an active arts scene, with several art galleries and theaters within close proximity. Music, a cornerstone of Nashville's identity, is also prominent in the area. Residents have a wide array of options, from live music venues to music education institutions, making this area a hot spot for both performers and enthusiasts. Culinary delights are also at the heart of Southeast Nashville's community, with a host of local and international cuisines available at the neighborhood's many restaurants and food festivals.

Overall, the homes and community of Southeast Nashville create an alluring combination of comfort, culture, and convenience, offering an ideal blend for a modern suburban lifestyle. From the varied architectural styles of the homes to the rich community life, Southeast Nashville truly has a unique charm that sets it apart.

Similar Communities

East Nashville, just across the Cumberland River from downtown, is a neighborhood that shares similarities with Southeast Nashville in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle. The area's real estate consists of a diverse mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The architectural style, like Southeast Nashville, is varied, offering a charming blend of historic Craftsman-style bungalows, Victorian homes, and modern developments. East Nashville is known for its vibrant arts scene, and its residential streets are interspersed with eclectic shops, galleries, music venues, and trendy eateries, echoing the diverse and engaging community life of Southeast Nashville.


Another similar neighborhood is Donelson, located to the east of downtown Nashville. It offers a range of housing options from charming mid-century ranch-style homes to contemporary condominiums and townhomes, mirroring the diversity found in Southeast Nashville. The price point here is comparable, making it an attractive choice for homebuyers seeking value. Like Southeast Nashville, Donelson also has its own natural attractions, such as the Stones River and Percy Priest Lake, offering ample recreational opportunities. It also boasts a collection of locally-owned restaurants, shops, and other amenities, contributing to a lively community lifestyle.

Bellevue, located in southwest Nashville, is a suburb that shares commonalities with Southeast Nashville. Predominantly residential, Bellevue offers a range of homes from single-family residences to condos and apartments, with an assortment of architectural styles that span from classic ranches to modern designs. The price point is similar to Southeast Nashville, making it another excellent choice for homebuyers looking for affordable yet quality housing. Bellevue also offers an abundance of green spaces, including the sprawling Percy Warner Park, and a variety of shopping and dining options, promoting a balanced and leisurely lifestyle reminiscent of Southeast Nashville.

Madison, located to the north of East Nashville, also bears resemblance to Southeast Nashville. Madison's real estate landscape is varied, with single-family homes, duplexes, and apartment complexes, all available at a price point that aligns with Southeast Nashville's. The architectural styles vary from mid-century modern homes to new-build townhouses and apartments. Madison also boasts excellent shopping and dining options, mirroring the convenience and amenity-rich community life of Southeast Nashville. Green spaces like Madison Park and access to the Cumberland River provide recreational opportunities, contributing to a comparable lifestyle to that of Southeast Nashville.

Lastly, Antioch, a neighborhood in Southeast Nashville itself, offers similar housing options in terms of style and price point. With a mixture of single-family homes, condos, and apartments, the neighborhood offers something for everyone. Newer subdivisions coexist with established residences, and the cost of homes ranges from affordable to more upscale options. Antioch boasts a wide array of shopping centers, eateries, and parks, alongside notable attractions like the Ford Ice Center and the Nashville Zoo, offering a vibrant, family-friendly lifestyle.

Food Scene

When it comes to restaurants and dining options, Southeast Nashville truly stands out with its exciting culinary scene. One such popular dining spot is the "Fat Boys BBQ", renowned for their succulent smoked meats and classic Southern sides. It's a must-visit for barbecue lovers, and their brisket sandwich is legendary. The family-friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices only enhance the dining experience.

Of course, it wouldn't be Nashville without a taste of the city's renowned hot chicken, and "400 Degrees" doesn't disappoint. This place offers a twist on the classic Nashville hot chicken with a variety of heat levels to cater to every palate. Whether you prefer it blazing hot or on the milder side, the flavor profile is always on point. Their sides, like the pimento mac and cheese, are equally satisfying.

Slim Huskys Pizza Beeria, TN

In the mood for pizza? Head over to "Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria", a hip pizzeria known for its artisan pies and craft beers. The eatery’s innovative pizza names, like "Rony, Roni, Rone!" and "Cee No Green," are as memorable as the taste. You can also build your own pizza with an extensive selection of fresh ingredients.

And let's not forget about "Thai Phooket", serving some of the best Thai food in the area. Their menu boasts a variety of traditional Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Tom Yum Soup, each prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. It's a great spot for those looking to explore the flavors of Southeast Asia.

Finally, for a delightful end to your day, "Elliston Place Soda Shop" is a charming ice cream parlor and diner known for its nostalgic decor and delicious desserts. Their milkshakes and sundaes are a sweet-tooth’s dream, and their full diner menu offers classic American comfort food.

These are just a few of the many dining options available in Southeast Nashville. From local Southern flavors to international cuisines, there's a rich variety of food to explore in this vibrant neighborhood.


Southeast Nashville and its surroundings offer a plethora of entertainment and sporting events that cater to a wide range of interests. If you're a music lover, then you're in the right city, famously known as Music City, U.S.A. You'll find a vibrant music scene not just in the city center but also in local venues such as "The Basement East" in East Nashville. They host a variety of acts, from indie artists to popular bands, providing an intimate setting to enjoy live performances.

Speaking of music, the annual "CMA Music Festival" held in downtown Nashville is a huge draw. It's a four-day event featuring concerts by country music's biggest stars, fan meet and greets, and plenty of food and drink. It's a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's rich music culture.

CMA Music Festival

For sports enthusiasts, the "Nissan Stadium", home to the Tennessee Titans, is just a short drive away. Attending a football game here is a thrilling experience, with passionate fans and a palpable excitement that permeates the entire stadium. The venue also hosts major concerts and other events, so there's always something happening.

The "Bridgestone Arena", another major sports venue, is nearby in downtown Nashville. It's home to the Nashville Predators hockey team, and also hosts a wide variety of other sporting events, concerts, and shows throughout the year. It's definitely a hub for entertainment in the city.

Southeast Nashville also has a number of local theaters and cinemas for those who enjoy movie nights or live performances. The "Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 & RPX" is a popular spot, featuring the latest blockbuster releases in a state-of-the-art setting. If you prefer live theater, "The Larry Keeton Theatre" in Donelson offers a great selection of community theater productions.

For racing fans, the "Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway" hosts exciting auto racing events. The Speedway is one of the oldest operating tracks in the country and offers both the thrill of high-speed competition and a slice of Nashville history.

With such a diverse array of entertainment and sporting events, Southeast Nashville truly caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there's never a dull moment in this lively neighborhood.

Health and Wellness

For those seeking to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Southeast Nashville provides a variety of health and wellness options. If fitness is a priority for you, the area is home to several gyms and fitness centers, such as the "Planet Fitness" and "Orangetheory Fitness," which cater to different fitness levels and workout styles. They offer a range of classes from high-intensity interval training to yoga and pilates. Personal training is also available for those seeking a more tailored workout experience.

Stones River Greenway

The community also supports outdoor recreational activities, which are a great way to stay fit and enjoy the area's natural beauty. The "Stones River Greenway" is a local favorite for walking, jogging, or cycling. This scenic trail offers a peaceful, green escape from the city and promotes an active lifestyle. Additionally, the "Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort" on Percy Priest Lake offers a range of water-based activities, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and swimming, which are not only fun but also great for overall fitness.

Southeast Nashville also supports healthy eating with several health food stores and farmers' markets. The "Fresh Market" is one such place that stocks a variety of organic and natural food products. Also, the "Nashville Farmers' Market" is a vibrant marketplace that sells fresh, locally grown produce, dairy products, and meats, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet.

For those seeking mental wellness, there are various meditation and yoga centers in and around the area. "Hot Yoga Of East Nashville" is popular for its range of yoga classes suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and improve flexibility and strength. Also, the "Nashville Mindfulness Center" offers mindfulness meditation classes and workshops, promoting mental clarity and inner peace.

In terms of healthcare facilities, Southeast Nashville is well-served. The "TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center" provides comprehensive medical services, and the "Vanderbilt University Medical Center" is just a short drive away. Numerous well-established pharmacies, dentists, and specialty clinics are scattered throughout the area, ensuring residents have easy access to medical care when needed.

In essence, Southeast Nashville offers a wide range of options that promote and support health and wellness, contributing to a vibrant and balanced lifestyle for its residents. Whether it's through physical activities, mindful practices, healthy eating, or easy access to healthcare services, living well in Southeast Nashville is a breeze.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor enthusiasts in Southeast Nashville have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to parks, nature, and outdoor lifestyle activities. One of the standout natural attractions in the area is Percy Priest Lake. Spanning over 14,000 acres, this expansive lake is a favorite spot for boating, fishing, and picnicking. The lake's shoreline is dotted with a variety of parks and recreational areas, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

Long Hunter State Park

Adjacent to the lake, you'll find "Long Hunter State Park", a magnificent natural reserve offering miles of hiking trails, picnic spots, and camping areas. The park also features a beautiful arboretum and a scenic shoreline trail, perfect for tranquil walks or bird watching. It's a true oasis for nature lovers.

"Cane Ridge Park" is another popular spot in Southeast Nashville. Known for its large sports complex, it also offers beautiful green spaces, walking trails, and picnic areas for families to enjoy. The park's pond makes for a picturesque spot and attracts a variety of local wildlife.

For cycling enthusiasts, the "Stones River Greenway" is a fantastic resource. This multi-use trail runs along the Stones River and J. Percy Priest Dam, offering stunning views. It's a perfect spot for a bike ride, jog, or leisurely walk. The trail also connects several parks, making it a key link in Nashville's growing network of greenways.

"Smith Springs Recreation Area" is another gem in the Southeast Nashville area. It features a lovely sandy beach by the lake and is a great place for swimming, picnicking, and relaxing during the summer months.

The "Nashville Zoo", though not a park in the traditional sense, deserves mention. It offers a unique outdoor experience with its animal exhibits, interactive zones, and beautiful gardens. It's a great place for a family outing, where learning and recreation go hand in hand.

For those who love gardening, the "Nashville Community Garden" offers plots where residents can grow their own vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It's a wonderful initiative that promotes sustainability and community bonding.

In essence, Southeast Nashville is a place where residents can enjoy the outdoors in all sorts of ways, whether it's playing sports in a park, boating on the lake, hiking in the woods, cycling on a greenway, or even tending to a garden. The area truly embraces an active, nature-loving lifestyle.


Southeast Nashville offers a diverse array of educational options for residents, catering to the varied needs of families living in the area. Public schools in Southeast Nashville are part of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, which is committed to providing quality education for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Among these, the "Cane Ridge High School" is known for its commitment to academic excellence and offers a range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The "Una Elementary School" and "Margaret Allen Middle Prep" are also well-regarded public schools in the area, recognized for their dedicated staff and supportive learning environments.

Cane Ridge High School

Southeast Nashville is also home to a number of charter schools, which are publicly funded but operate with more independence than traditional public schools. "Knowledge Academies" and "Rocketship Nashville Northeast Elementary" are two such schools that offer a unique educational approach, focusing on individualized learning and student empowerment.

For parents seeking private education, Southeast Nashville offers several options as well. "Lighthouse Christian School" is a well-respected private institution offering classes from Pre-K to 12th grade. It offers a robust curriculum with a Christian emphasis. "Donelson Christian Academy", though not in Southeast Nashville but closeby, is another excellent private school option for families, offering a comprehensive program for students from Pre-K to high school.

For younger children, there are numerous private and public preschools and daycare centers that provide early childhood education. The "Kiddie Academy of Nashville" and "The Academy of Smith Springs" are just a couple of examples, known for their nurturing environments and strong early learning programs.

Moreover, Southeast Nashville provides access to several higher education institutions as well. "Nashville State Community College" has a campus in nearby Antioch, offering a range of associate degree programs and professional certificates. Also, the "Lipscomb University" and "Vanderbilt University", two prestigious institutions, are just a short drive away, providing a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Whether it's public, private, or higher education, families in Southeast Nashville can find an option that suits their children's needs and aspirations.

Shopping and Retail

Residents of Southeast Nashville, TN, enjoy access to an array of shopping and retail options, ensuring they can find anything they need without having to travel far from home. One of the primary shopping destinations in the area is the "Global Mall at the Crossings", located in Antioch. This spacious shopping center offers a variety of retail stores, from clothing to electronics, as well as several dining options. It's a great place for a day of shopping or just to grab a quick bite.

For a more open-air shopping experience, "One Bellevue Place" is just a short drive away. This modern, mixed-use development features an array of retail stores, including popular chains like Target and HomeGoods, as well as smaller specialty stores. It also boasts several restaurants and a movie theater, making it a one-stop-shop for entertainment and retail therapy.

One Bellevue Place

For everyday essentials, Southeast Nashville has several supermarkets and grocery stores, such as Publix, Kroger, and Aldi. You can also find a Walmart Supercenter, ensuring that household essentials and groceries are never too far away.

The "Nashville Farmers' Market" is another highlight for shopping in the area. Located near the downtown area, it's a vibrant marketplace selling fresh produce, dairy products, and baked goods, among other items. It's also home to a variety of food vendors, offering cuisines from around the world, and craft stalls selling unique handmade goods. This farmers' market is a great place to support local businesses while shopping for high-quality, fresh items.

For those in search of a unique shopping experience, the "Shops at Opry Mills" provides an unforgettable retail outing. This mall, one of the largest in Tennessee, offers over 200 retail stores, a variety of dining options, and entertainment venues like the Grand Ole Opry. It's a bit further away, but the drive is well worth it for the fantastic selection.

In essence, whether you're looking for clothing, home goods, fresh groceries, or unique local products, Southeast Nashville's retail landscape offers a wide variety of options to meet every shopping need.

Business and Economy

Southeast Nashville and its surrounding areas serve as home to a variety of businesses and industries, contributing significantly to the local economy. One of the main sectors driving the region's economy is healthcare. Nashville is often referred to as the "Healthcare Capital of the U.S.," and this holds true for Southeast Nashville as well. Major healthcare companies, like HCA Healthcare and Community Health Systems, have significant operations in the area. Their presence, along with numerous hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities, provide a plethora of jobs and support the local economy.

HCA Healthcare

The education sector also plays a vital role in Southeast Nashville's economy. With numerous public and private schools, as well as higher education institutions like Nashville State Community College nearby, education is a major employer in the region. These institutions not only educate the future workforce but also provide a significant number of jobs for locals.

Moreover, Southeast Nashville is seeing a growth in the tech industry. Tech companies are increasingly attracted to Nashville due to its vibrant economy and talented workforce. Companies like Lyft and Postmates have established operational centers in and around the city, contributing to job growth and economic diversification.

Retail and service industries, too, form an essential part of the local economy. The presence of shopping centers like the Global Mall at the Crossings and One Bellevue Place, alongside numerous restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses, provide a wealth of employment opportunities and stimulate economic activity.

Furthermore, the hospitality and tourism industry, driven by Nashville's rich music history and vibrant arts scene, also plays a critical role in supporting the local economy. The proximity to downtown Nashville means that many people working in this sector likely live in or near Southeast Nashville.

It's also worth noting that Southeast Nashville is home to the Nissan North America corporate office, a major employer in the region. The presence of such a large international corporation adds to the diversity of the local economy.

In sum, Southeast Nashville benefits from a dynamic and diverse economy, anchored by sectors like healthcare, education, tech, retail, services, and hospitality. The area's growth and development are further fueled by the presence of major corporations, contributing to a robust and vibrant local economy.

Hotels and Lodging

When it comes to hospitality and accommodations, Southeast Nashville offers a range of options to suit different tastes and budgets. From reputable chain hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, the area has a lot to offer visitors and locals looking for a getaway.

Several well-known hotel chains have locations in and around Southeast Nashville. The "Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville @ Opryland" and the "Hyatt Place Nashville/Opryland" are popular choices, offering comfortable rooms and excellent service. These hotels are located conveniently close to some of Nashville's top attractions, such as the Grand Ole Opry and Opry Mills, making them an excellent base for exploring the city.

Hyatt Place Nashville/Opryland

For visitors seeking a more personalized and cozy accommodation experience, bed and breakfasts are a wonderful option. While there are fewer of these in Southeast Nashville specifically, there's an abundance of them in the broader Nashville area. The "Big Bungalow Bed & Breakfast" and "1501 Linden Manor Bed and Breakfast" both offer unique and charming accommodations with a homey feel and personalized service. Staying at one of these places offers the chance to experience Southern hospitality at its finest.

Also, there are several options for extended stays, such as the "TownePlace Suites by Marriott Nashville Airport" and "Residence Inn by Marriott Nashville Airport". These properties offer suites with full kitchens and separate living areas, making them perfect for families or business travelers planning to stay for a week or longer.

For a more luxurious stay, the "Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center", located near Southeast Nashville, offers an unforgettable experience. This expansive resort has beautiful, well-appointed rooms, several world-class restaurants, indoor gardens, and even a river inside the hotel. It's an attraction in its own right and offers a unique lodging experience.

In summary, whether you're a tourist exploring Nashville's rich music scene, a business traveler in town for a meeting, or a local looking for a staycation, Southeast Nashville and its surrounding areas offer a variety of hotels, lodges, and bed and breakfasts to meet your accommodation needs.

Travel and Transportation

Southeast Nashville, TN, is strategically located for easy access to both the airport and several public transportation options, making it convenient for both residents and visitors alike.

The Nashville International Airport (BNA), the nearest major airport, is conveniently located just a short drive away from Southeast Nashville, typically around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. This airport offers numerous domestic flights and several international connections, making it a major gateway for travelers. It's also home to several car rental services for those who prefer to drive themselves around the city.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

As for public transportation, Southeast Nashville is well-served by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), also known as WeGo Public Transit. WeGo provides bus services throughout the Nashville and Davidson County area, with several routes passing through Southeast Nashville. These services connect residents with downtown Nashville, neighboring communities, and key attractions around the city. WeGo buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, and real-time bus information is readily available online, making commuting easy and convenient.

For a more direct connection to downtown Nashville, the WeGo Star commuter rail service can be a good option. Although the nearest station, "Donelson Station", is a short drive away from Southeast Nashville, it provides a convenient and traffic-free way to reach downtown Nashville. It's particularly handy for those commuting for work or for anyone planning a day out in the heart of the city.

Moreover, Southeast Nashville has a few rideshare services operating in the area, including Uber and Lyft, providing an alternative to traditional taxi services. These can be particularly useful for direct trips and offer the convenience of booking and payment through smartphone apps.

Overall, the close proximity to the Nashville International Airport and the availability of several public transportation options make Southeast Nashville a convenient location for both residents and visitors who prefer not to drive or are seeking environmentally friendly commuting options.