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April 16, 2024
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Oxford Station Homes

Homes in the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood of Nashville, TN exhibit an appealing blend of historical charm and modern comfort, indicative of the city's rich Southern heritage mixed with a contemporary lifestyle. Characterized predominantly by single-family homes, the architectural style varies from traditional ranch-style houses to new constructions with modern, innovative designs. Many of these homes feature spacious living areas, state-of-the-art kitchens, charming front porches, and ample backyards, perfect for outdoor living. The architecture and layout of these homes tend to create an inviting and warm atmosphere, reflecting the welcoming and neighborly spirit of Nashville's residents.

Oxford Station

Oxford Station/Sf is a neighborhood that promotes a sense of community through its layout and amenities. The streets are tree-lined and well-maintained, with plenty of sidewalks and public spaces encouraging pedestrian activity. Many homes are within walking distance to local parks, grocery stores, cafes, and boutique shops, creating an accessible and convenient environment for residents. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts a number of well-regarded schools, making it a great place for families.

Culturally, the Oxford Station/Sf community is reflective of the broader Nashville spirit. It's a place where music, arts, and Southern hospitality are deeply ingrained into the community's way of life. Live music events, block parties, farmers markets, and art festivals are regular occurrences, providing plenty of opportunities for community engagement. Moreover, it's not uncommon to find neighbors sharing meals or children playing in each other's yards, indicative of the strong sense of togetherness this community fosters.

With respect to transportation and accessibility, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood is strategically located, offering easy access to downtown Nashville and other parts of the city. Many residents find the commute manageable, whether by car, public transit, biking, or even walking. The proximity to major highways, bus lines, and bike paths adds to the convenience of living in this community, making it an attractive location for those who work in the city but prefer a residential neighborhood setting.

In terms of the local economy, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood benefits from a diverse range of businesses and services. From family-run bakeries and restaurants to small retail stores, residents have access to a broad array of goods and services without having to travel far from home. Plus, the neighborhood's proximity to Nashville's central business district provides numerous job opportunities in various sectors, from healthcare and education to music and hospitality. This balance of residential charm and city conveniences makes Oxford Station/Sf an attractive destination for many prospective homeowners.

Similar Communities

Just a few miles from Oxford Station/Sf, you will find the similarly welcoming neighborhood of Crieve Hall. This mature suburb shares Oxford Station's Southern charm, with many of its mid-century ranch-style homes offering modernized interiors that maintain their historic exteriors. Crieve Hall's homes are also surrounded by generous yards and mature trees, a feature that adds to the neighborhood's appeal for families and outdoor enthusiasts. The area is home to several excellent schools and a vibrant community, both of which promote the kind of neighborliness reminiscent of Oxford Station.

Crieve Hall

Inglewood, another neighborhood of similar character to Oxford Station/Sf, showcases an eclectic mix of home styles. From the 1920s bungalows to more modern craftsman-style homes, the residences here reflect the area's evolution over time. Inglewood's location near the Cumberland River lends an additional element of natural beauty to the neighborhood, much like the lush, tree-lined streets of Oxford Station. The neighborhood hosts a robust community spirit, with frequent local events and a thriving arts scene.

Lockeland Springs, located in East Nashville, also offers a comparable lifestyle and home style to Oxford Station/Sf. With its diverse mix of Victorian, Craftsman, and cottage-style homes, this historic neighborhood is a testament to Nashville's architectural richness. Lockeland Springs shares Oxford Station's pedestrian-friendly ethos, with easy access to parks, local eateries, and shops. Moreover, it's known for its tight-knit community, similar to the sense of camaraderie found in Oxford Station/Sf.

Lastly, the Hillsboro Village neighborhood offers a vibrant blend of residential and commercial life, much like Oxford Station. The homes here vary in style from historic Craftsman and Tudor homes to modern condos, providing a wide array of options for potential residents. Its close proximity to several universities and medical centers, alongside numerous local businesses and eateries, ensures that residents have access to all the conveniences of city life within walking distance.

In terms of price point, these neighborhoods are similar to Oxford Station/Sf. The diversity of home styles and sizes allows for a range of pricing, accommodating different needs and budgets. The strong sense of community, the balance of historic charm with modern amenities, and the convenience of their locations within Nashville make these neighborhoods attractive alternatives to Oxford Station/Sf.

Food Scene

For anyone seeking a culinary journey in and around the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood, there's a delightful variety of dining options to explore. Whether you're on the lookout for a cozy brunch spot, a family-friendly restaurant, or a place to unwind after work, the local dining scene has got you covered.

Let's start with some southern comfort food. At "Monell's Dining and Catering," you'll be treated to a family-style dining experience that's as close to grandma's Sunday supper as you can get. With a menu that changes daily but often includes staples like fried chicken, cornbread, and banana pudding, it's a must-visit for those who appreciate a good, hearty meal.

Monells Dining and Catering

Craving some international flavors? You might want to head over to "Sindoore - Indian By Nature". Their menu boasts a range of dishes that highlight the breadth and depth of Indian cuisine, from richly flavored curries to fresh, zesty salads. The tandoori chicken and the lamb biryani are among the crowd favorites.

Pizza lovers in the neighborhood are particularly fond of "DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana," an authentic Italian pizzeria that's all about the wood-fired oven. With dough made from Italian flour and ingredients imported from the Campania region of Italy, it's the next best thing to hopping on a plane to Naples.

For a night of fine dining, the "Etch Restaurant" downtown is an excellent option. Here, Chef Deb Paquette, renowned in the Nashville food scene, serves up inventive dishes that often leave diners raving about the unique flavor combinations. The roasted cauliflower and venison are particularly noteworthy.

Breakfast and brunch enthusiasts will love "Biscuit Love," a homegrown brand that started as a food truck and has now become a local institution. The 'East Nasty' biscuit sandwich and the bonuts (biscuit doughnuts) are legendary.

For something more casual, "The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden" is a fantastic choice. Known for its gourmet burgers and wide variety of local and imported beers, it's a popular spot for locals looking for a laid-back atmosphere.

These are just a handful of the options around Oxford Station/Sf. The Nashville food scene is dynamic and ever-evolving, with new establishments constantly adding to the richness of the dining landscape. It's a foodie's paradise, right in the heart of Music City.


The area surrounding Oxford Station/Sf in Nashville is teeming with exciting entertainment and sporting events, making it a truly vibrant place to live. Nashville, fondly known as Music City, is a hub for live music, sporting events, and cultural festivals, providing endless opportunities for fun and entertainment.

Being in Nashville, it's impossible not to immerse oneself in the city's vibrant music scene. The historic Ryman Auditorium, often referred to as the "Mother Church of Country Music," is just a short drive from Oxford Station. Hosting everything from country and blues to rock and pop, it's a fantastic venue for live music. The Grand Ole Opry, another iconic music venue, offers weekly country music stage concerts and is a must-visit for music enthusiasts.

Ryman Auditorium

For sports fans, the area boasts some fantastic venues. The Nissan Stadium, home to the NFL's Tennessee Titans, is nearby and regularly plays host to thrilling football games. If hockey is more your speed, head over to the Bridgestone Arena, where you can catch the Nashville Predators in action. In addition to sports, this venue often hosts large concerts, providing another avenue for musical entertainment.

If it's cultural events you're after, Nashville doesn't disappoint. The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is renowned for its Broadway shows, ballet performances, and other theatrical productions. Meanwhile, the Nashville Film Festival held annually showcases both local and international films and is a major event for film buffs.

For outdoor entertainment and festivals, Centennial Park, with its full-scale replica of the Parthenon, hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including music festivals, art shows, and food and wine tastings. Similarly, the Nashville Farmers' Market is not just a place to buy fresh local produce but also a venue for various community events, such as cooking demonstrations and food festivals.

Between the music, sports, theater, and community events, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of entertainment options. There's always something happening, making it a dynamic and exciting place to live.

Health and Wellness

Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle in the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood of Nashville, TN, is made easy with the wealth of health and wellness options available in and around the area. Whether you prefer structured gym workouts, serene yoga sessions, outdoor activities, or local, fresh produce, this community has got you covered.

For fitness enthusiasts who appreciate a structured workout, the local YMCA offers a variety of classes, from strength training and yoga to aqua fitness, accommodating a wide range of fitness preferences and levels. If you're more into specialized fitness programs, check out places like Barry's Bootcamp, known for its high-intensity interval training, or Pure Barre, which combines elements of ballet, Pilates, and weights for a low-impact, full-body workout.

Downtown YMCA

Yoga enthusiasts will find plenty of options in the area. Studios like Shakti Power Yoga and Hot Yoga Plus offer various styles of yoga in warm and inviting environments. They welcome all levels and even offer community classes, reinforcing the sense of inclusiveness and wellness throughout the neighborhood.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to several green spaces where they can jog, bike, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk. Shelby Park and the adjacent Shelby Bottoms Greenway provide over 300 acres of lakes, trails, and recreation areas. Meanwhile, the nearby Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge is a favorite spot for locals to walk or jog while enjoying beautiful views of the city skyline and the river.

Health-conscious foodies will enjoy exploring the Nashville Farmers' Market, where they can find an array of local, fresh produce, artisan foods, and healthy prepared meals. Many local restaurants and cafes, such as The Wild Cow and Avo, offer delicious plant-based and health-conscious menus, making it easier to eat out without compromising on a balanced diet.

In terms of healthcare facilities, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a highly regarded healthcare institution, is easily accessible from the neighborhood. The area is also home to various wellness clinics offering services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy.

With all these options, it's evident that Oxford Station/Sf and its surroundings cater well to those seeking a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether it's working out, eating well, or taking care of one's mental and physical health, this community is well-equipped to support a holistic approach to wellness.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood in Nashville, TN, and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of options for residents seeking outdoor adventures and recreational activities. The local parks, greenways, and waterways provide beautiful spaces for relaxation, exercise, and socialization, allowing residents to make the most of Nashville's temperate climate and natural beauty.

Starting with the heart of the neighborhood, Sevier Park is a popular spot among locals. With its wide-open spaces, playgrounds, walking paths, and community center that offers fitness classes, it's a hub of activity for all ages. The park also hosts various community events throughout the year, including a local farmers market and music festivals, providing a wonderful venue for residents to connect and engage with the local community.

Sevier Park

Nearby, you'll find the sprawling Centennial Park, one of Nashville's premier parks. Its 132 acres are home to a full-scale replica of the Parthenon, a beautiful lake, walking and biking trails, and an arts activity center. Whether you're up for a picnic, a walk with your dog, or some casual bird watching, Centennial Park offers a refreshing urban retreat.

The Cumberland River also provides an array of outdoor recreation opportunities. The river and its surrounding green spaces, such as the Cumberland Park with its play area and splash pad, offer great locations for fishing, boating, picnicking, and hiking. The scenic Riverfront Park downtown is another fantastic place to enjoy the river views, with its amphitheater often hosting outdoor concerts during the summer.

For the fitness-minded, the Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Natural Area offers miles of paved and primitive trails for jogging, biking, or leisurely walks, with plenty of opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

If you're an avid golfer, the McCabe Golf Course in the nearby Sylvan Park neighborhood offers a challenging 27-hole course, a driving range, and a clubhouse. It's a popular spot for locals who enjoy the sport or simply want to try their hand at it.

With so many options for outdoor activities, it's clear that residents in the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood and its surrounding areas have plenty of opportunities to embrace an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. The combination of parks, greenways, and waterways ensures there's something for everyone, whether you're a nature enthusiast, a fitness buff, a family with kids, or someone simply seeking a relaxing spot to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.


The Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood of Nashville, TN offers residents access to a wide variety of both private and public educational options, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of local families. This access to a broad range of quality educational institutions is another appealing feature of this Nashville neighborhood.

On the public school side, residents fall under the purview of Metro Nashville Public Schools, a district recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The district includes highly rated schools like Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School, both of which offer rigorous academics and boast impressive college readiness scores.

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Within the neighborhood itself, Julia Green Elementary School is a beloved community institution. Known for its strong academic performance and supportive environment, it's a great option for families with younger children. For middle school, John T. Moore Middle School, located nearby, is known for its strong STEM programs and commitment to diversity.

Nashville is also home to several private schools that are well regarded for their academic rigor and extracurricular offerings. St. Bernard Academy, a private Catholic school serving PreK-8, offers a robust curriculum emphasizing both academic and personal growth. University School of Nashville, another top-rated private institution, serves K-12 students and offers a rich array of academic, artistic, and athletic programs.

For those seeking a private high school education, Montgomery Bell Academy and Harpeth Hall School offer rigorous college-preparatory programs. Montgomery Bell is an all-boys school known for its strong athletic and academic programs. Harpeth Hall, on the other hand, is an all-girls institution with a strong focus on leadership and global education.

In addition to the K-12 options, the area is within proximity to several higher education institutions, including Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. These colleges offer a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, contributing to the strong academic atmosphere that permeates Nashville.

All in all, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood offers families a wide array of choices when it comes to education. Whether it's public or private, primary or secondary, the schools in and around this community provide diverse opportunities to ensure that students of all ages can thrive academically.

Shopping and Retail

Whether you're a devoted shopaholic or someone who simply enjoys an occasional leisurely browse, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood in Nashville, TN offers a fantastic array of shopping and retail options. The area is a blend of trendy boutiques, large department stores, and charming local shops, providing a shopping experience that caters to a variety of tastes and budgets.

If you love boutiques, the nearby 12 South neighborhood is a must-visit. This vibrant area is known for its eclectic mix of clothing boutiques, home goods stores, and specialty shops. Stores like Imogene + Willie, known for their custom jeans, and White's Mercantile, a modern-day general store, add a unique flavor to the local shopping scene.

Green Hills Mall

For a larger shopping expedition, the Mall at Green Hills is just a short drive away. This upscale shopping mall features a range of high-end stores such as Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co., alongside popular mainstream retailers like Apple and Zara. With its mix of luxury and everyday brands, it's a one-stop shopping destination.

For home goods and décor, the Design District in Edgehill Village is worth a visit. This area features an array of home furnishing and interior design stores, providing endless inspiration for those looking to spruce up their living spaces. Shops like Old Made Good (OMG) offer a variety of vintage furniture and unique home accessories.

In terms of everyday shopping, the neighborhood is conveniently located near several grocery stores and supermarkets, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market. You can also visit the Nashville Farmers' Market for fresh produce, locally made goods, and unique culinary finds.

Bookworms will appreciate the presence of Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore co-owned by acclaimed novelist Ann Patchett. This local gem offers a wide range of titles and regularly hosts author events.

As you can see, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood and its surrounding areas cater to a wide array of shopping preferences. Whether you're hunting for the perfect outfit, searching for unique home décor, or simply running everyday errands, the shopping scene around here is bound to have something to meet your needs.

Business and Economy

Oxford Station/Sf in Nashville, TN, is surrounded by a robust and diverse economy, thanks to the variety of industries and businesses that contribute to the local economic landscape. As Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, it's no surprise that its neighborhoods, including Oxford Station, benefit from a thriving business environment.

First and foremost, Nashville is known as Music City, and the music and entertainment industry is a significant contributor to the local economy. Not only do major record labels and music publishing houses have a presence here, but there's also a wealth of recording studios, music venues, and businesses tied to the industry, providing employment for a wide range of professionals, from musicians and producers to marketers and legal experts.

Saint Thomas

The healthcare industry is another major economic pillar in Nashville. The city is often referred to as the healthcare capital of the U.S., with over 500 health care companies having operations in the city. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, HCA Healthcare, and Saint Thomas Health are just a few of the significant healthcare organizations in the area, contributing not just to the local economy but also to advancements in patient care and medical research.

Higher education is also a key economic driver, with institutions like Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and Tennessee State University adding to the local economy. These institutions not only provide jobs but also contribute to the vibrant, intellectual atmosphere of the city and foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tourism is another cornerstone of Nashville's economy, attracting visitors with its rich musical history, vibrant nightlife, and southern charm. Hotels, restaurants, tour companies, and retail businesses all benefit from the steady influx of tourists, which helps stimulate local business growth and employment.

The tech industry, though smaller than the others, is growing rapidly. With its burgeoning startup scene and an increasing number of tech companies establishing operations here, Nashville is becoming a significant tech hub in the Southeast.

It's clear that the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood is situated in a dynamic economic environment, with a diverse range of industries and businesses supporting the local economy. From music and healthcare to education and tech, the variety of sectors contributing to Nashville's growth provides stability and exciting opportunities for residents.

Hotels and Lodging

Whether you're planning a visit or hosting out-of-town guests, there's a broad range of hotels, lodgings, and bed-and-breakfast options near the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood in Nashville, TN. From boutique hotels filled with local charm to luxurious accommodations offering the finest amenities, the area caters to a variety of preferences and budgets.

For a true Nashville experience, the 12 South neighborhood nearby offers several charming bed-and-breakfast options. Take The 404 Hotel, for instance, a boutique "invisible service" hotel that offers spacious suites and a renowned onsite restaurant. It's located right in the heart of the bustling neighborhood, perfect for those who want to be within walking distance of local shops, restaurants, and music venues.

404 Hotel

If you're looking for luxury, the JW Marriott Nashville or The Westin Nashville, both located downtown, offer high-end accommodations. These establishments boast lavish rooms, excellent customer service, fine dining options, and stunning views of the Nashville skyline. They're just a short drive from Oxford Station/Sf and provide easy access to downtown attractions.

For a more historic feel, the Hermitage Hotel, also downtown, offers a mix of Southern heritage and luxury. This hotel, built in 1910, is Tennessee's only Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond hotel and is known for its rich history, elegant decor, and first-class service.

The Germantown Inn in the historic Germantown neighborhood offers a more intimate lodging experience. Set in a renovated two-century-old building, this boutique inn combines history with modern comfort, featuring individually decorated rooms named after U.S. presidents.

Those looking for a more homely feel might opt for a vacation rental or Airbnb. There's a wide range available in and around the Oxford Station/Sf area, from cozy apartments perfect for couples to spacious homes that can accommodate larger families or groups.

In short, whether you prefer the personal touch of a bed-and-breakfast, the convenience and luxury of a high-end hotel, or the home-away-from-home feel of a vacation rental, you'll find a variety of options in and around the Oxford Station/Sf area, providing a comfortable stay for you or your guests while exploring all that Nashville has to offer.

Travel and Transportation

Transportation is a vital consideration for anyone living or working in a bustling city, and the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood in Nashville, TN doesn't disappoint. From its proximity to a major airport to a variety of public transportation options, residents and visitors enjoy convenient access to a range of transport services.

For air travel, the neighborhood is just around a 20-minute drive from Nashville International Airport (BNA), the closest major airport. BNA is a busy hub that provides non-stop flights to more than 60 markets in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Its close proximity to the Oxford Station/Sf area ensures convenient and easy travel for residents who frequently fly for work or leisure.

Wego Public Transit

Public transportation in the area is primarily provided by WeGo Public Transit, which operates a number of bus routes throughout Nashville. Route 21, for instance, passes close to Oxford Station/Sf and provides a direct route to downtown Nashville. These bus services make it easy to commute for work or explore the city without the need for a car.

WeGo also offers Access On Demand, a service for people with disabilities who can't use regular fixed-route buses. For those who prefer biking, the city has numerous bike lanes and trails, and there's a citywide bike-sharing program, Nashville B-cycle, with dozens of stations throughout the city.

For those commuting to downtown Nashville, the Music City Star commuter rail service can be an excellent option. Though its Riverfront Station terminal is a short drive away, it provides a convenient and stress-free way to reach the heart of downtown, especially during rush hours.

Another interesting feature of Nashville's transportation scene is the Circuit, a free downtown shuttle service. With routes that cover key downtown locations and operate on a regular schedule, it's a handy tool for navigating the city center without the stress of driving and parking.

Whether you're traveling locally or need to catch a flight, the Oxford Station/Sf neighborhood in Nashville provides convenient access to a variety of transportation options. This ease of access contributes to the area's appeal for residents who value both local connectivity and travel convenience.