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Highland Creek, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale September 27, 2023
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Highland Creek Homes

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Highland Creek in Nashville offers homes that effortlessly blend traditional Southern charm with contemporary elegance. These residences often boast spacious interiors with multiple bedrooms, making them perfect for both growing families and individuals seeking a touch of luxury in their everyday lives. The architectural designs predominantly showcase brick and stone exteriors, harking back to a timeless aesthetic, while interiors often feature modern amenities such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. Attention to detail is evident in every corner, from custom-built cabinetry to beautifully landscaped front yards.

Beyond the confines of individual homes, the Highland Creek community is one that fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Mature trees line the streets, providing both shade and a serene ambiance that's often accompanied by the melodic chirping of birds. Green spaces are abundant, with many homes backing onto parks or natural preserves, giving residents an opportunity to engage with nature without venturing far from their doorsteps.

Furthermore, the Highland Creek neighborhood promotes an active lifestyle. The community amenities include playgrounds for the young and the young at heart, walking trails that meander through the scenic environment, and even pools that offer respite during the warm Nashville summers. The residents take pride in their community, which is evident in the well-maintained public areas and the regular neighborhood events organized to foster connection and celebrate collective milestones.

In terms of its broader surroundings, Highland Creek enjoys a strategic location that's just a stone's throw away from some of Nashville's key attractions and amenities. From shopping centers offering a blend of local boutiques and national chains to gourmet restaurants serving delectable Southern cuisine, everything one might need or desire is within easy reach. Furthermore, the proximity to Nashville's vibrant music scene and cultural landmarks ensures that residents never run out of entertainment options. Despite this closeness to urban amenities, Highland Creek manages to retain its tranquil character, making it a sanctuary for those wishing to experience the best of both worlds.

Safety and a strong sense of community are paramount in Highland Creek. The community's active homeowners' association plays an instrumental role in ensuring that the neighborhood remains not only beautiful but also safe for all its residents. Through organizing community watch programs and liaising with local law enforcement, the association ensures that Highland Creek remains a haven in the heart of Nashville.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Highland Creek, several other neighborhoods stand out due to their similar price points, construction aesthetics, and overall lifestyle. One such neighborhood is Cedar Hills. Much like Highland Creek, Cedar Hills homes boast that quintessential blend of Southern charm with modern amenities. The residences often feature brick facades, spacious yards, and interiors that celebrate both functionality and style. The community spaces in Cedar Hills are meticulously maintained, and the neighborhood prides itself on its family-friendly parks, which serve as communal gathering spots during weekends and holidays.

Another gem in the Nashville vicinity is the charming enclave of Oakwood Estates. This neighborhood, known for its lush greenery and tree-lined streets, is reminiscent of Highland Creek in its emphasis on community and quality of life. Homes in Oakwood Estates are built with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy the best of contemporary living while still being enveloped in a setting that evokes traditional Southern elegance. The neighborhood boasts a series of walking trails and communal gardens, which are not only a testament to the community's emphasis on an active lifestyle but also a reflection of its commitment to environmental stewardship.

River's Edge is yet another neighborhood that mirrors the appeal of Highland Creek. Located slightly closer to the urban core of Nashville, River's Edge offers the best of suburban living with the convenience of city amenities. The homes, much like those in Highland Creek, blend traditional architectural elements with modern designs, resulting in residences that are both timeless and trendy. One of the standout features of River's Edge is its commitment to community building. Regular events, from summer barbecues to winter caroling sessions, ensure that neighbors know one another and foster a tight-knit, supportive environment.

Lastly, there's Maplewood Heights, a neighborhood that boasts homes of impeccable craftsmanship similar to those in Highland Creek. Maplewood Heights is a testament to the perfect marriage of luxury and comfort. With homes often featuring vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchens, and expansive master suites, it's no wonder that the neighborhood is sought after by those desiring upscale living without compromising on warmth and community spirit. The neighborhood is dotted with playgrounds, making it perfect for families, while the nearby shopping districts and entertainment hubs ensure that residents have plenty of options for recreation.

Food Scene

When it comes to dining near Highland Creek, Nashville, residents and visitors alike are spoiled for choice. The culinary scene in this part of Nashville offers a delightful blend of traditional Southern flavors and innovative modern cuisine. Right around the corner, you're likely to find mom-and-pop diners serving mouth-watering biscuits and gravy for breakfast and hearty meat-and-three meals for lunch. Their warm, inviting ambiance often feels like a cozy extension of one's dining room, where familiar faces gather to enjoy comfort food at its finest.

Venturing a bit further out, there are several upscale restaurants that cater to those looking for a more refined dining experience. These establishments often source their ingredients locally, ensuring the freshest flavors grace their tables. Whether you're in the mood for a perfectly seared steak or a plate of fresh oysters, the chefs in this region are known for taking immense pride in their craft, turning each dish into a gastronomic masterpiece.

Nashville, being the diverse city that it is, also offers a plethora of international dining options near Highland Creek. From authentic Italian pizzerias with wood-fired ovens to vibrant Thai restaurants bursting with flavors of lemongrass and basil, there's a world of culinary exploration awaiting the adventurous palate. And for those days when you're looking for something quick and easy without compromising on taste, there are several boutique cafes and eateries offering gourmet sandwiches, artisanal coffee, and delectable pastries.

Of course, being in the heart of Tennessee, BBQ joints are a staple in the vicinity of Highland Creek. Smoked to perfection and slathered in tangy, house-made sauces, the barbecue offerings in this area are truly second to none. Whether you're a fan of pulled pork, brisket, or smoked chicken wings, there's a BBQ spot near Highland Creek that's sure to satiate your cravings.

To top it all off, the local craft brewery scene has been flourishing in recent years. Several gastropubs and taprooms have sprung up, offering an extensive range of locally brewed ales, lagers, and stouts. These establishments often pair their beverages with inventive pub grub, making them perfect for a relaxed evening out with friends or family.


When you're in the mood for entertainment near Highland Creek, Nashville sure knows how to put on a show. Being the epicenter of country music, the area is dotted with live music venues ranging from intimate acoustic settings to grand stages where top artists perform. On any given night, you can meander through local bars and lounges and be serenaded by budding musicians strumming on their guitars and singing tales of love, loss, and life in the South. It's truly an immersive experience that resonates with the soulful essence of Nashville.

For those who lean towards the theatrical side of entertainment, there are several theaters and performance spaces close to Highland Creek. They host an array of events, from dramatic plays and Broadway-style musicals to contemporary dance performances. The local talent is genuinely impressive, and attending a live show is a testament to the creative spirit that thrives in this part of Tennessee.

Sporting events near Highland Creek also draw a significant crowd, with Nashville being home to passionate sports fans. Whether you're a die-hard hockey fan cheering for the Nashville Predators or more inclined towards football, eagerly awaiting the next Tennessee Titans match, there's always a game to catch. The thrill of being in a stadium, surrounded by roaring fans and engrossed in the unfolding action on the field or rink, is an experience in itself.

Additionally, with the Cumberland River flowing close by, several water-based recreational activities are available. From kayaking excursions to lazy afternoon fishing sessions, the river provides ample opportunities for those looking to combine sports with nature. There's also a myriad of local parks and green spaces, where community sports leagues often organize friendly soccer, baseball, or basketball matches, fostering camaraderie and community spirit among Highland Creek residents and neighbors.

Health and Wellness

The area surrounding Highland Creek in Nashville is a haven for those committed to health and wellness. The holistic approach to well-being taken by the community ensures that locals have an array of options to maintain a balanced lifestyle. For starters, the numerous parks and green spaces in and around Highland Creek offer the perfect backdrop for morning jogs, yoga sessions, or leisurely evening walks. The natural beauty of these areas not only provides a scenic workout environment but also does wonders for mental rejuvenation.

For those who prefer a structured workout regime, there are several state-of-the-art fitness centers and gyms in close proximity. These facilities cater to a broad spectrum of fitness enthusiasts, from those seeking high-intensity interval training sessions to individuals looking for calming pilates classes. Many of these centers also offer personal training sessions, ensuring that your fitness goals are met in a tailored and effective manner.

Yoga and meditation studios are another prominent feature in the Highland Creek vicinity. These tranquil spaces offer classes that range from invigorating vinyasa flows to restorative meditation sessions. For those on a spiritual and physical journey, such establishments are invaluable, providing guidance and community support for deeper introspection and physical well-being.

Moreover, the local farmer's markets play a significant role in promoting health and wellness in the community. Fresh, locally sourced produce, organic dairy, and artisanal products can be found in these bustling markets. Not only do they offer nutritious ingredients for a wholesome diet, but they also emphasize the importance of supporting local farmers and understanding the provenance of our food.

In addition to physical wellness, mental well-being is also catered to near Highland Creek. Therapists, counselors, and wellness retreats are sprinkled throughout the area, recognizing the importance of mental health in the overall wellness equation. Whether seeking a one-off session or ongoing support, residents have access to top-notch professionals who can guide them through life's challenges.

Lastly, for those interested in alternative healing and wellness practices, the area doesn't disappoint. From acupuncturists to chiropractors and holistic wellness centers, there's a wide array of options for those exploring different avenues to health. All in all, Highland Creek's surroundings champion a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing both the physical and mental aspects of health and well-being.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The green spaces and natural surroundings near Highland Creek in Nashville are genuinely something to behold. Residents and visitors alike often find themselves enamored with the abundance of parks, nature trails, and the myriad of opportunities to immerse themselves in the outdoors.

One of the first things that catch the eye when exploring the area is the plethora of beautifully manicured parks, each with its own unique charm. Whether it's a sprawling space equipped with playgrounds, picnic areas, and meandering walking paths or a smaller, more intimate parkette perfect for an afternoon read under a shade tree, there's a little something for everyone. Families often frequent these parks for weekend outings, allowing children to frolic in play areas while adults catch up on some much-needed relaxation.

For those keen on staying active, the extensive network of nature trails and hiking paths around Highland Creek is a true delight. These trails often wind through verdant forests, alongside babbling brooks, and over gentle hills, offering a serene environment for both casual strolls and more strenuous hikes. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts can spend hours observing the local wildlife, which ranges from songbirds to deer. Each season paints the trails in different hues, with fall being a particular favorite for many, as the canopy turns into a mesmerizing palette of oranges, yellows, and reds.

The Cumberland River, flowing gracefully near Highland Creek, opens up a world of water-based recreational activities. Whether you're keen on casting a line and waiting for a catch, paddling downstream in a kayak, or merely sitting by the banks watching the world go by, the river provides endless moments of tranquility and adventure.

Cycling enthusiasts aren't left out either. Several dedicated bike paths crisscross the area, catering to both leisure cyclists and those looking for more challenging terrains. These paths often link parks and other recreational areas, ensuring a seamless connection with nature throughout one's ride.

Garden spaces and community green initiatives further emphasize Highland Creek's commitment to the environment and outdoor lifestyle. Community garden plots provide residents with the opportunity to get their hands dirty, grow their own produce, and connect with neighbors over a shared love for gardening. All in all, the myriad of outdoor offerings near Highland Creek ensures that residents have every opportunity to embrace nature and cultivate a healthy, outdoor-centric lifestyle.


For residents of Highland Creek, Nashville, educational options are both diverse and commendable, ensuring families have a variety of choices to best suit the needs of their young learners. On the public education front, Nashville's public school system has been making consistent strides in terms of both academic offerings and extracurricular opportunities. The local public schools near Highland Creek are known for their dedicated teaching staff, rigorous curriculum, and a strong sense of community involvement. These schools often emphasize holistic development, ensuring that students aren't just academically prepared but are also equipped with life skills and civic values.

Additionally, the magnet schools within the public school system offer specialized programs for students with specific interests or talents. Whether it's in the arts, sciences, or humanities, these magnet programs provide enriched curricula and additional resources for students keen on diving deeper into their chosen fields.

For those considering private education, Highland Creek's vicinity does not disappoint. Several prestigious private institutions cater to families seeking a more tailored educational experience. These schools often boast smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualized attention and instruction. Furthermore, the curricula in these institutions often have the flexibility to incorporate advanced programs, international perspectives, and a more extensive array of extracurricular activities.

Many of these private schools also emphasize values-based education, integrating ethical and moral teachings into their daily routines. For parents prioritizing religious education, there are also faith-based schools in the area, ensuring students receive spiritual guidance alongside their regular academic pursuits.

Moreover, both public and private schools in the area often collaborate with local cultural institutions, museums, and community centers. This ensures students have a well-rounded education, exposing them to real-world experiences and broadening their horizons beyond the classroom walls. All in all, Highland Creek's position within Nashville offers families a diverse spectrum of educational opportunities, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Shopping and Retail

The vicinity of Highland Creek in Nashville offers a delightful shopping experience, blending both local charm and more widely recognized retail hubs. Residents and visitors find that whether they're on the hunt for unique boutique finds or everyday essentials, the area caters splendidly to all shopping whims.

Starting with the quaint boutiques, Highland Creek is surrounded by several specialty shops that reflect the artistic and creative spirit of Nashville. These stores often house handcrafted goods, vintage finds, and unique apparel that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Browsing through these boutiques, one can't help but appreciate the craftsmanship and the stories behind each product, whether it's a hand-stitched leather bag or a piece of artisanal jewelry.

For a more comprehensive shopping experience, larger shopping plazas and malls are just a short drive away. These retail centers feature a mix of popular national brands and local stores, ensuring shoppers have a wide variety of options. Whether you're updating your wardrobe with the latest trends, seeking tech gadgets, or in need of home decor, these malls provide a one-stop shopping solution.

Highland Creek's proximity to Nashville's downtown also means residents are near some of the city's most iconic shopping districts. Here, one can find a medley of high-end boutiques, antique stores, and music shops – a nod to Nashville's rich musical heritage. For those who enjoy a good bargain hunt, several thrift shops and vintage stores are scattered around, offering treasures from yesteryears at pocket-friendly prices.

Of course, everyday conveniences aren't overlooked. Numerous grocery stores, pharmacies, and general retail outlets ensure that the daily needs of Highland Creek residents are met without hassle. Organic food markets, artisanal bakeries, and specialty food stores also dot the area, catering to specific culinary preferences and dietary needs. In essence, the shopping landscape around Highland Creek encapsulates the best of both worlds, offering both the charm of local shops and the convenience of larger retail chains.

Business and Economy

Nashville, with its rich tapestry of culture, history, and innovation, has always been a hub for diverse businesses and industries, and the areas around Highland Creek are no exception. The local economy is buoyed by a vibrant mix of traditional sectors and newer, emergent industries.

Foremost among these is the music industry. Nashville isn't dubbed "Music City" without reason. The presence of notable record labels, music publishing houses, recording studios, and a plethora of other music-related businesses is unmistakable. For many professionals in the music world, from artists to producers to technicians, Nashville serves as the epicenter of their careers. This industry not only brings fame to the city but also generates significant economic output, providing jobs and spurring related sectors like tourism.

Speaking of tourism, it's another major player in the local economy. With Nashville's storied past and its modern attractions, the city draws visitors year-round. This influx supports a range of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to tour operators and souvenir shops. The areas around Highland Creek, with their charm and accessibility, benefit directly and indirectly from the tourism boom.

Healthcare is another pillar of Nashville's economy. The city is home to some renowned medical institutions and healthcare companies. Their influence spreads to the vicinity of Highland Creek, where numerous clinics, research facilities, and healthcare startups can be found. These institutions not only offer top-notch medical services but also contribute significantly to research and innovation in the field.

In recent years, Nashville has also seen a surge in tech startups and entrepreneurship. The city's favorable business climate, coupled with its creative spirit, has made it a hotspot for innovators and entrepreneurs. From tech hubs to coworking spaces, the signs of this burgeoning industry are evident even in areas close to Highland Creek.

Lastly, the traditional sectors like manufacturing, real estate, and education continue to play an integral role in Nashville's economy. From schools and universities to factories and realty firms, these industries have deep roots in the community, offering stability and steady growth. All in all, the economic landscape near Highland Creek is both diverse and robust, reflecting the multifaceted character of Nashville itself.

Hotels and Lodging

The areas surrounding Highland Creek in Nashville offer an eclectic range of accommodation options, ensuring that visitors have a plethora of choices to fit their preferences and budget. Given Nashville's reputation as a sought-after destination, it's no surprise that lodging options have flourished in and around the city, catering to its diverse visitor base.

Those looking for a touch of luxury will find upscale hotels not too far from Highland Creek. These establishments often offer a perfect blend of modern amenities with Southern hospitality. Spacious rooms, spa services, gourmet dining, and sometimes even rooftop lounges with sweeping views of the city skyline are typical features. Many of these hotels also take pride in their concierge services, ensuring visitors have a tailored experience of Nashville, from curated city tours to reservations at exclusive dining spots.

For travelers seeking a more intimate experience, the bed and breakfast options near Highland Creek are truly delightful. These establishments, often set in charming, historic homes, offer a cozy and personal touch. Guests can look forward to home-cooked breakfasts, rooms adorned with antique furnishings, and the invaluable insights of local hosts who often have a wealth of stories and recommendations to share. The B&Bs, with their serene ambiance, often become the highlight of many a traveler's visit, encapsulating the warmth and authenticity of Southern hospitality.

Mid-range hotels and motels are also readily available, providing comfortable lodgings without the hefty price tag. They're a favorite among families and business travelers, offering essential amenities and, often, convenient locations to major attractions and business hubs.

Additionally, with the rise of vacation rentals, many visitors opt for renting homes or apartments in the vicinity of Highland Creek. These rentals, ranging from modern condos to rustic homes, provide a feeling of living like a local, complete with the comforts and conveniences of a home setting.

Regardless of the choice, one thing remains consistent: the unmistakable friendliness and welcoming spirit of Nashville's accommodation sector. Whether it's the staff at a five-star hotel or the host at a quaint bed and breakfast, visitors are sure to feel the warmth and charm that Nashville and areas like Highland Creek are renowned for.

Travel and Transportation

One of the conveniences of being near Highland Creek in Nashville is the proximity to key transportation hubs, ensuring both residents and visitors have easy access to various modes of travel. When it comes to air travel, the Nashville International Airport stands as the primary gateway to and from the city. Situated a comfortable drive away from Highland Creek, it serves as a bustling hub, connecting Nashville to numerous domestic and international destinations. Whether you're a resident setting off on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, or a visitor landing in Music City for the first time, the airport's accessibility is indeed a boon. And let's not forget about those delightful live music performances in the airport terminals, offering travelers a taste of Nashville's musical essence right upon arrival or before departure.

Now, when it comes to moving around the city, Nashville's public transportation system offers a range of options. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) provides a network of bus routes crisscrossing the city, and several of these routes serve areas close to Highland Creek. These buses are a viable option for daily commuters, tourists, or anyone without a vehicle, providing an economical and relatively stress-free way to navigate the city.

Additionally, for those who prefer rail travel, the Music City Star commuter train is worth noting. While it primarily serves the east-west corridor connecting downtown Nashville to the eastern suburbs, its central terminus is within reach of Highland Creek residents, especially if they're headed to destinations along its route.

Last but not least, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have a significant presence in Nashville. They offer a convenient alternative to traditional taxis, and their widespread use ensures that a ride is typically just a few minutes away, no matter where you are in the Highland Creek vicinity.

All in all, Highland Creek's strategic location ensures that transportation, be it by air, bus, train, or car, is always within reach, adding to the neighborhood's appeal for those prioritizing connectivity and ease of movement.