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Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale October 3, 2023
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Enchanted Hills Homes

The homes in Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, offer an exquisite blend of traditional Southern charm and contemporary design. Nestled amid the lush green landscapes of Tennessee, these residences boast an array of architectural styles that cater to diverse tastes. From stately brick facades reminiscent of classic antebellum homes to more modern structures with sleek lines and expansive windows, Enchanted Hills presents a harmonious fusion of the old and the new. Many of the homes are set on spacious lots, affording homeowners not only privacy but also ample space for gardens, patios, and outdoor entertainment areas.

Furthermore, interiors of homes in Enchanted Hills often reflect a keen attention to detail. Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and custom cabinetry can be found in many residences. Gourmet kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances and luxurious master suites add to the appeal, making these homes not just places to live, but havens of comfort and style. Moreover, large windows are a common feature, inviting an abundance of natural light and offering panoramic views of the rolling Tennessee hills.

Beyond the individual homes, the community of Enchanted Hills itself exudes a warm and inviting ambiance. Tree-lined streets, well-maintained sidewalks, and communal green spaces encourage residents to take leisurely strolls, fostering a sense of community and neighborliness. Children can be seen playing in parks, while adults often engage in friendly conversations on their front porches or during neighborhood gatherings.

The surrounding area of Enchanted Hills enhances the allure of the community. Nashville, known as the Music City, provides residents with a plethora of cultural and entertainment options. The proximity to the city ensures that the vibrant arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and historic landmarks are just a short drive away. Yet, despite its closeness to urban amenities, Enchanted Hills retains its serene and tranquil atmosphere, giving residents the best of both worlds.

In terms of amenities, the Enchanted Hills community benefits from its proximity to well-rated schools, local shopping centers, and recreational facilities. The neighborhood boasts its own assortment of boutiques, eateries, and services, making day-to-day living convenient for its residents. For those who crave outdoor activities, the region offers numerous parks, hiking trails, and lakes, ensuring that weekends can be as laid-back or as adventurous as one desires.

Similar Communities

Similar to Enchanted Hills, the neighborhood of Whispering Pines, just a short drive away in Nashville, showcases homes that mirror the blend of traditional Southern architecture and modern sensibilities. The houses in this area, often set against the backdrop of Tennessee’s picturesque terrain, frequently feature brick and stone exteriors, complemented by interiors enriched with high ceilings, marble countertops, and ornate moldings. Residents of Whispering Pines enjoy a quiet, suburban lifestyle with homes that offer spacious yards and beautiful gardens, akin to those found in Enchanted Hills.

Another notable community, Cedar Grove, offers residences that echo the elegance and craftsmanship seen in Enchanted Hills. Large, expansive windows, detailed woodwork, and meticulously designed landscapes make Cedar Grove a sought-after locale for those desiring a blend of luxury and tranquility. Much like Enchanted Hills, the streets of Cedar Grove are lined with mature trees and meticulous landscaping, instilling a feeling of peace and solitude. The neighborhood is also known for its community activities and gatherings, ensuring that neighbors connect and create lasting bonds.

Closer to the heart of Nashville, Maplewood Heights stands as a testament to high-quality construction and refined living. While it offers a slightly more urban feel than Enchanted Hills, the homes in this neighborhood share the same commitment to design excellence and luxury. From contemporary builds with open floor plans to more classic homes that speak to the region's rich history, Maplewood Heights caters to discerning homeowners who prioritize both lifestyle and location. The convenience of city amenities, combined with a neighborhood spirit reminiscent of Enchanted Hills, makes Maplewood Heights a popular choice for many.

Lastly, the district of Laurel Creek offers a living experience that harmonizes with the standards set by Enchanted Hills. Majestic homes, built with an emphasis on both comfort and aesthetic appeal, dot the winding roads of this picturesque community. Homeowners here value the blend of modern amenities with touches of Southern charm, much like in Enchanted Hills. Moreover, Laurel Creek's communal parks and recreational areas further enhance the neighborhood's appeal, making it a haven for families and individuals who cherish a balanced lifestyle.

Food Scene

When it comes to dining near Enchanted Hills, Nashville truly shines with an array of choices that cater to various palates. Just a stone's throw away from Enchanted Hills, you'll stumble upon The Southern Bistro, a delightful spot known for its traditional Southern dishes with a modern twist. Patrons often rave about their shrimp and grits, a dish that perfectly embodies the marriage of classic Southern flavors with contemporary culinary techniques. And if you're in the mood for some hearty brunch, their buttermilk pancakes, topped with fresh berries and a hint of mint, are an absolute must-try.

Not too far from there, Eastside Grill offers a slightly different vibe, showcasing an eclectic mix of American and Asian fusion dishes. Their Nashville hot chicken bao buns are a crowd favorite, combining the city's iconic spicy chicken with the soft, pillowy texture of Asian buns. It's a testament to Nashville's evolving food scene, where diverse cultures seamlessly meld together on a plate.

For those who have a penchant for Italian, Bella Trattoria is the place to be. Situated conveniently close to Enchanted Hills, this cozy restaurant is often buzzing with locals indulging in their homemade pasta dishes, like the ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach or the linguine tossed in a rich, seafood marinara sauce. The ambiance, complete with dimmed lights and rustic wooden tables, creates an intimate setting, making it an ideal spot for date nights or special family dinners.

And of course, no discussion about Nashville's dining scene would be complete without mentioning its barbecue joints. Smokey's Pit Stop, located just a few minutes from Enchanted Hills, is a testament to Tennessee's rich barbecue tradition. Their slow-smoked ribs, slathered in a tangy and slightly sweet sauce, have a way of drawing both locals and visitors. Pair those with a side of their signature coleslaw or mac 'n' cheese, and you're in for a treat that encapsulates the soul of Southern cooking.


Nashville, being the vibrant hub that it is, offers a plethora of entertainment and sporting events, and the proximity of Enchanted Hills makes it all the more accessible for its residents. To start with, there's the iconic Grand Ole Opry, an institution in the world of country music. Just a short drive from Enchanted Hills, it's a venue where you can catch live performances from both legendary and up-and-coming country artists. The ambiance, steeped in rich musical history, creates an unforgettable experience for attendees, whether you're a country music aficionado or just looking for a taste of Nashville's cultural essence.

If live theater is more your style, the Nashville Repertory Theatre consistently puts on productions that resonate with a diverse audience. Their lineup ranges from classic plays to contemporary dramas, ensuring there's something for everyone. The performances are often lauded for their top-notch production values and captivating storytelling, making for an enriching evening out.

On the sporting front, Nissan Stadium is where the action's at. Home to the Tennessee Titans, the NFL season brings with it a wave of excitement. There's nothing quite like joining a sea of fans donning navy blue and Titans blue, cheering on the home team as they battle it out on the gridiron. The stadium itself, with its impressive architecture and facilities, enhances the overall spectator experience, whether you're a die-hard football fan or just there for the electric atmosphere.

And for those who lean more towards soccer, the Nashville SC at the Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium offers thrilling matches that have rapidly grown in popularity. Soccer matches here are not just about the sport but also about the community experience. With passionate supporters and vibrant fan sections, attending a match is an event in itself, filled with chants, colors, and the shared camaraderie of cheering for Nashville's very own soccer team.

Health and Wellness

Near Enchanted Hills, Nashville's commitment to health and wellness becomes evident with its myriad of options designed to support a wholesome and balanced lifestyle. For starters, Green Valley Yoga Studio is a favorite amongst many residents. With its calming ambiance and expert instructors, it's the ideal place for both beginners and seasoned yogis. They offer a variety of classes, from invigorating vinyasa flows to restorative yin sessions. The studio believes in holistic wellness, often hosting meditation workshops and community wellness events, allowing locals to find their center amidst the hustle and bustle.

Just around the corner, you'll find the Nature's Harvest Organic Market. Beyond its fresh, locally-sourced produce, it's also a treasure trove of artisanal health foods, organic teas, and natural supplements. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to offer advice, whether you're looking for gluten-free baking ingredients or seeking a herbal remedy. Their juice bar, serving freshly pressed concoctions, has become a post-workout ritual for many in the area.

Speaking of workouts, Enchanted Fitness Center is the go-to spot for many health enthusiasts residing near Enchanted Hills. This modern gym facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, personal training services, and a variety of group classes ranging from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to calming pilates sessions. What sets it apart, however, is its sense of community. Regular members often speak of the motivational environment, where everyone supports one another in achieving their fitness goals.

Lastly, for those days when you just need to relax and rejuvenate, The Serenity Spa is a haven of tranquility. Situated conveniently close to Enchanted Hills, this spa specializes in therapeutic massages, holistic facials, and detoxifying sauna sessions. Many locals swear by their deep tissue massages, which are said to be both healing and deeply relaxing. It's not just about physical wellness here; the emphasis on creating a serene environment ensures visitors leave with a refreshed mind and spirit as well.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Ah, the beauty of nature near Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, is genuinely something to behold. For residents and visitors alike, the lush landscapes and open spaces beckon, offering a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors. A popular spot among many is the expansive Harmony Park. Nestled just a short distance from Enchanted Hills, this park boasts well-maintained walking trails that meander through dense groves of trees, opening up occasionally to scenic meadows. On any given day, you'll find joggers taking in the fresh air, families picnicking under the shade, and children laughing on the playground.

For those keen on a more immersive nature experience, the Cedar Hollow Nature Reserve is a must-visit. As a protected area, it's home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Birdwatchers frequent the reserve, binoculars in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the many native bird species that make their home there. The trails here are slightly more rugged, making it a favorite for adventurous hikers seeking a bit of a challenge.

Water enthusiasts aren't left out either. The nearby Crystal Lake offers a range of activities, from serene kayak rides during early mornings to exhilarating jet-skiing sessions in the afternoons. The lake's shoreline is dotted with quaint picnic spots, perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons with a book in hand. It's also a favored location for weekend fishing trips, with many a tale told of the "big catch" of the day.

Additionally, for those who prefer their outdoor activities with a touch of organization, the Greenway Sports Club is the place to be. Offering everything from tennis and badminton courts to an open field for soccer and baseball, it's a hub of activity on weekends. Many community leagues and events are hosted here, bringing together residents of Enchanted Hills and nearby neighborhoods in friendly competition and camaraderie. Whether you're an avid sports enthusiast or just someone looking to soak up some sunshine, the outdoor options near Enchanted Hills never disappoint.


For families residing in Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, the education landscape is rich and varied, offering an array of choices to fit diverse needs and preferences. On the public school front, Enchanted Hills Elementary is often commended for its dedicated teaching staff and vibrant community involvement. This school places a strong emphasis on holistic education, ensuring that children are not only academically challenged but also nurtured in their artistic, athletic, and social endeavors. Following on from this, Enchanted Hills Middle School continues to uphold this tradition of excellence, preparing students for their high school years with a robust curriculum and a myriad of extracurricular activities.

For high schoolers, Nashville High is the primary public option for residents of Enchanted Hills. Known for its strong academic programs and a wide range of clubs and sports, it's a place where students can truly find their niche. Whether they're part of the award-winning debate team, the championship-holding basketball squad, or the renowned school choir, opportunities for growth and self-discovery abound.

On the private education front, Prestige Academy stands out as a top-tier choice near Enchanted Hills. Catering to grades K-12, this institution is renowned for its rigorous academic standards, complemented by a strong emphasis on character education. Small class sizes and individualized attention ensure that each student receives tailored guidance, both in their academic pursuits and personal development.

Another noteworthy private institution is the Montessori School of Nashville. Adopting the Montessori method, this school offers a unique, hands-on learning environment where children are encouraged to explore and discover at their own pace. Catering to preschool and elementary-aged students, it's an ideal choice for parents seeking an alternative, student-centric approach to education.

In essence, the vicinity of Enchanted Hills presents a vibrant educational tapestry, where families can find the right fit for their children, be it in a public or private setting.

Shopping and Retail

For the residents of Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, indulging in a spot of retail therapy is never too far away. One of the standout shopping havens in close proximity is the Meadowbrook Mall. This expansive shopping center seamlessly marries big-name retailers with boutique stores, ensuring a diverse shopping experience. Whether you're in search of the latest fashion trends, electronics, or simply want to revel in window shopping, Meadowbrook Mall has something for every shopper.

Just a stone's throw away from Enchanted Hills, the charming Oak Street Market adds a touch of local flair to the retail scene. This quaint, pedestrian-friendly area is dotted with boutique stores offering everything from artisanal crafts to unique fashion pieces. Strolling along Oak Street, one can't help but be drawn to the aromatic scent wafting from the local bakery, the enticing window displays of the handmade jewelry store, or the warm, inviting ambiance of the family-owned bookstore.

For those who crave a more upscale shopping experience, the Promenade at Nashville East is the place to be. Boasting a curated selection of luxury brands and designer outlets, this shopping precinct offers a touch of sophistication. With its elegantly designed architecture, well-manicured green spaces, and al fresco dining options, it's not just about shopping; it's about enjoying a day out in style.

And let's not forget about the numerous local farmers' markets that pop up in and around Enchanted Hills, particularly during the warmer months. These markets offer a delightful mix of fresh produce, homemade goodies, and artisanal crafts, making them a favorite weekend destination for many residents. Not only do they provide an avenue for healthy and organic shopping, but they also present a chance to support and connect with local vendors and craftsmen.

All in all, the vicinity of Enchanted Hills ensures that shopping aficionados, whether they're bargain hunters or luxury seekers, are never left wanting for choice.

Business and Economy

Enchanted Hills, nestled in the vibrant landscape of Nashville, TN, is surrounded by a bustling economic scene that plays a pivotal role in supporting and shaping the local community. One of the most recognizable industries that thrum at the heart of the broader Nashville area is, of course, the music industry. Beyond the iconic Grand Ole Opry and the famous honky-tonk bars, there's a whole network of recording studios, music labels, and talent agencies that provide employment to thousands. This industry doesn't just bring in tourism dollars, but also offers a plethora of opportunities for musicians, sound engineers, producers, and countless other professions linked to the world of music.

Beyond tunes and melodies, healthcare is another significant pillar of the local economy near Enchanted Hills. Nashville is home to a few renowned medical institutions and health corporations. These establishments not only provide top-notch medical services to residents but also engage in cutting-edge research and development, adding layers of depth to the local job market with roles ranging from medical practitioners to administrative professionals.

Real estate and construction have also seen a surge in recent times. With Nashville's growing appeal, both as a residential hub and a tourist destination, there's been a noticeable uptick in infrastructure and housing projects. This boom has led to a myriad of opportunities in property management, construction, architecture, and related sectors.

Additionally, with the Cumberland River snaking its way through the city, trade and transportation have historically held importance. Several businesses in the area revolve around logistics, transportation, and trade, ensuring goods and commodities move seamlessly through the region.

To top it all off, the vibrant hospitality scene, fueled by Nashville's status as a tourist hotspot, sees a plethora of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues flourishing in and around the Enchanted Hills vicinity. These establishments not only enhance the area's charm but also contribute significantly to the local job market and economy. The diverse tapestry of businesses and industries ensures that the area around Enchanted Hills remains economically robust and dynamic.

Hotels and Lodging

When visiting the area around Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations that suit a range of tastes and budgets. A prominent name that stands out is the Majestic Nashville Hotel. Located conveniently close to Enchanted Hills, this establishment boasts a luxurious ambiance with rooms offering panoramic views of the Nashville skyline. With its modern amenities, an on-site spa, and a rooftop bar that's the talk of the town, the Majestic is ideal for travelers seeking a touch of luxury.

If you're in the mood for something more intimate and homely, The Whispering Pine Bed and Breakfast is a delightful option. Housed in a charming historic building with beautifully preserved interiors, it offers a genuine taste of Southern hospitality. Each room is uniquely decorated, reflecting a blend of antique elegance and modern comfort. Mornings here are a special treat, with breakfast spreads showcasing local flavors and fresh produce. It's the kind of place where guests feel more like cherished friends than mere visitors.

For those who prefer chain hotels with a reliable set of services, the Fairfield Inn & Suites is a stone's throw away from Enchanted Hills. Known for its consistent quality, friendly staff, and comfortable rooms, it's an excellent choice for business travelers or families on the go. Their complimentary breakfast and proximity to local attractions make it a convenient base for exploring the region.

Nestled a bit further but worth the mention is the Countryside Inn, a quaint lodging option that evokes the rustic charm of Tennessee's landscapes. Set against the backdrop of rolling hills and verdant meadows, it's perfect for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. Many visitors here often rave about the hiking trails nearby, making it a favorite for nature enthusiasts.

All in all, whether you're looking for upscale luxury, a cozy bed and breakfast experience, or the familiar comfort of well-known hotel chains, the vicinity of Enchanted Hills in Nashville offers a diverse array of lodging choices to cater to every traveler's whim and fancy.

Travel and Transportation

Traveling to and from Enchanted Hills, Nashville, TN, is refreshingly convenient, especially when considering its proximity to major transportation hubs. The Nashville International Airport, which serves as a primary gateway for travelers flying in and out of the region, is just a moderate drive away from Enchanted Hills. Its strategic location makes spontaneous weekend getaways or business trips an absolute breeze for residents. Plus, with the airport continually expanding its list of direct routes and airlines, the world truly feels at one's fingertips.

Beyond air travel, Enchanted Hills also benefits from an efficient public transportation network. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates a comprehensive bus service that covers most of Nashville, including stops near Enchanted Hills. For daily commuters or those who prefer not to drive, the MTA buses are a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. The buses are well-maintained, punctual, and quite user-friendly, especially for newcomers to the city. Many residents appreciate the dedicated bus lanes in certain parts of the city, ensuring a smoother transit during peak hours.

For those looking towards future-forward transit solutions, there's also been buzz around potential expansions of the city's light rail system. While still in the planning stages, such an addition would further enhance connectivity for Enchanted Hills' residents, making journeys to downtown Nashville or other suburbs even more seamless.

And, of course, for the tech-savvy or those who prefer on-demand services, ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft are widely available in the area. A quick tap on the phone, and within minutes, you're on your way to your desired destination. With such varied options at one's disposal, navigating the spaces in and around Enchanted Hills has never been easier.