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Edgehill / Wedgewood, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale

Edgehill / Wedgewood, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale September 27, 2023
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Edgehill / Wedgewood Homes

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, the Edgehill / Wedgewood neighborhoods are rich tapestries of history, culture, and architectural charm. Homes in this area exhibit a unique blend of old-world charisma and modern aesthetics. Many houses carry with them the stories of the city’s growth, with structures that date back to the early 20th century. These vintage homes are often characterized by their brick facades, spacious front porches, and tall windows which offer a nostalgic touch reminiscent of a bygone era. On the other hand, new constructions and renovated residences bring a fresh, contemporary feel, ensuring that the community stays in touch with the changing times while preserving its historical essence.

The surrounding community is as diverse and vibrant as the homes themselves. The local parks, such as the Reservoir Park, offer residents a space to relax, exercise, and engage in recreational activities. The verdant greenery and scenic views provide a calming respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The area's proximity to Music Row ensures that the rhythms of Nashville’s iconic music scene are never too far away, with some homes even boasting a history of housing famous musicians or producers.

The Edgehill / Wedgewood neighborhoods are also home to a variety of local businesses and boutiques. These establishments, ranging from coffee shops to vintage stores, reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of Nashville's residents. Many of these businesses have been rooted in the community for decades, testifying to the neighborhood's supportive and loyal clientele. Moreover, the local schools and institutions, such as Belmont University, infuse the area with youthful energy, fostering a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Connecting the residents of Edgehill / Wedgewood is not just the shared streets and homes but also a deep sense of community spirit. Throughout the year, neighborhood events, block parties, and local festivals provide opportunities for residents to come together, celebrate, and reinforce their bonds. These gatherings, whether large or small, serve as a testament to the enduring and evolving character of the Edgehill / Wedgewood neighborhoods, making them some of Nashville's most cherished locales.

Similar Communities

Adjacent to Edgehill / Wedgewood, several other neighborhoods in Nashville exhibit similar price points, construction, and lifestyle. One such area is 12 South. This neighborhood is a blend of historic charm and trendy modernity. The homes in 12 South often mirror those in Edgehill / Wedgewood with their early 20th-century designs. Whether it's the charming bungalows or the stylishly renovated homes, the architecture is a seamless blend of the past and present. The 12 South shopping district, lined with boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops, is a vibrant testament to the neighborhood’s energetic atmosphere, reflecting the same entrepreneurial spirit that is evident in Edgehill / Wedgewood.

Sylvan Park, situated to the west of downtown Nashville, is another neighborhood that parallels the characteristics of Edgehill / Wedgewood. The homes in Sylvan Park, often craftsman-style or early-century cottages, are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, hinting at a history that intertwines with the city's growth narrative. The community boasts a similar lifestyle as well, with local parks, schools, and shopping areas fostering a tight-knit neighborhood feel. The beloved local eateries and shops contribute to an ambiance that is both cozy and cosmopolitan.

Another worthy mention is the East Nashville area. While it covers a broader geographic expanse and is made up of several smaller communities, many of its pockets share similarities with Edgehill / Wedgewood. Homes here, especially in areas like Lockeland Springs and Eastwood Neighbors, have a mix of historic and renovated homes, echoing the vintage-modern blend of Edgehill / Wedgewood. The area's vibrant arts scene, eclectic dining, and shopping options mirror the active and community-focused lifestyle that residents cherish in Edgehill / Wedgewood.

Lastly, Germantown, Nashville's oldest suburb, offers a historic charm reminiscent of Edgehill / Wedgewood. With its beautifully preserved Victorian buildings and brick sidewalks, the architecture alone tells tales of epochs gone by. This neighborhood, much like Edgehill / Wedgewood, has experienced a renaissance of sorts, with modern condos and renovated homes popping up amidst the historic structures. Its quaint yet urban vibe, paired with an array of gourmet restaurants, boutiques, and green spaces, makes Germantown another perfect reflection of the lifestyle that Edgehill / Wedgewood proudly showcases.

Food Scene

Edgehill / Wedgewood in Nashville is truly a food lover's delight. This neighborhood boasts an eclectic array of dining options that cater to a myriad of tastes and preferences. If you find yourself walking through the area, the delightful aroma of southern comfort food often fills the air. Local joints serve up classic dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and creamy grits, ensuring that the culinary traditions of Nashville are well-represented.

For those looking for more international flavors, Edgehill / Wedgewood doesn't disappoint. A variety of eateries offer dishes from around the globe. You can indulge in authentic Italian pastas in one place, and just a few steps away, enjoy vibrant and spicy Mexican tacos. Sushi bars, Thai curry houses, and Middle Eastern kebab places also dot the area, ensuring a diverse gastronomic experience for locals and visitors alike.

Of course, no dining experience in Nashville is complete without some live music, and Edgehill / Wedgewood provides plenty of that. Many restaurants double up as music venues in the evenings, offering patrons not just a feast for their palates, but for their ears as well. The atmosphere in these establishments is electrifying, with local bands and artists frequently performing, adding a touch of Nashville's musical soul to the dining experience.

Casual cafes and bistros are also a common sight in this neighborhood. These cozy spots are perfect for those looking for a light snack, a cup of artisanal coffee, or just a space to chat with friends. The baristas often know their regulars by name, showcasing the close-knit community feel that Edgehill / Wedgewood is known for. Whether it's a sun-drenched brunch spot or an intimate wine bar, the range and quality of dining options near Edgehill / Wedgewood are truly a testament to Nashville's thriving culinary scene.


When it comes to entertainment near Edgehill / Wedgewood in Nashville, the offerings are as diverse as the city's rich tapestry of culture and history. A stone's throw away is the renowned Music Row, the heart and soul of Nashville's music industry. This iconic stretch is home to countless recording studios, record label offices, and historic sites. It's not uncommon for visitors and locals to catch impromptu performances by budding artists or even run into some of the city's legendary musicians. The vibe here is electric, a pulsating testament to Nashville's title as the "Music City."

Beyond music, the area boasts an array of theaters and performance venues. Live plays, contemporary dance shows, and stand-up comedy acts are regularly showcased, ensuring that there's something for every artistic palate. The local art scene is also vibrant, with several galleries and exhibitions providing a platform for both emerging and established artists to display their work. These spaces often host events, from art walks to interactive workshops, making art accessible and enjoyable for the community.

For sports enthusiasts, Edgehill / Wedgewood's proximity to the city center means that major sporting events are never too far away. Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans (NFL) and the Nashville Predators (NHL), with their respective stadiums being hubs of excitement, especially during game days. Additionally, soccer has been gaining traction in the city, with Nashville SC drawing large crowds to their matches. The energy during these events is palpable, with fans donning their team colors and turning the stadiums into seas of shared passion and camaraderie.

Of course, for those who prefer a more relaxed form of entertainment, the neighborhood offers quaint bookstores, cozy coffee shops, and charming parks – perfect spots to unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings. All in all, the Edgehill / Wedgewood area and its environs are bursting with activities and events that cater to a wide spectrum of interests, making it a lively and dynamic part of Nashville.

Health and Wellness

The Edgehill / Wedgewood area of Nashville is not just a hub for music and culture; it's also a thriving center for health and wellness. For those inclined towards physical fitness, the neighborhood presents a myriad of options. You'll find modern gyms equipped with state-of-the-art machines and studios offering everything from yoga and pilates to high-intensity interval training sessions. The presence of these facilities speaks to the community's dedication to fostering physical health, ensuring residents have access to the resources they need to stay active.

Beyond the conventional gym experience, the local parks around Edgehill / Wedgewood offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor workouts. Residents can frequently be seen jogging, cycling, or practicing tai chi amidst the lush greenery. These green spaces aren't just beneficial for physical well-being; they're sanctuaries of tranquility, ideal for meditation or simply taking a moment to breathe amidst a busy schedule.

Nutrition, an integral component of health, is well-addressed in the Edgehill / Wedgewood community. A number of health-focused cafes and juice bars dot the area, serving delicious, nutrient-packed dishes and beverages. From organic smoothie bowls to vegan-friendly salads, these establishments cater to a range of dietary preferences, ensuring everyone has access to wholesome and nourishing food options.

Holistic wellness, which encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, is gaining traction in Nashville, and the Edgehill / Wedgewood neighborhood is no exception. Several wellness centers offer therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and reflexology. There are also meditation centers and spaces dedicated to practices like Reiki, tapping into the growing trend of mindfulness and spiritual well-being.

Additionally, for those seeking expert guidance on their health journey, the neighborhood boasts a good number of clinics, chiropractic centers, and naturopathy practices. These places not only provide medical support but often also engage in educational workshops, guiding individuals on paths to sustained well-being.

All in all, the Edgehill / Wedgewood area truly supports a balanced lifestyle, with its myriad health and wellness options. Whether one's journey is about physical fitness, nutritious eating, mental tranquility, or holistic healing, the neighborhood provides avenues for all.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Edgehill / Wedgewood in Nashville is a delightful blend of urban living and nature, offering residents and visitors an array of options to indulge in the outdoors. One of the standout features of the neighborhood is the presence of several parks, each bringing its own charm and tranquility to the bustling cityscape. Reservoir Park, for instance, is a green haven with its manicured lawns and tree-canopied paths. It's a favorite spot for morning joggers, families on weekend picnics, or those just seeking a quiet corner with a book.

Adjacent to this, the Fort Negley Park offers not just verdant spaces, but a slice of history as well. The remnants of the Civil War-era fort give the park a distinctive character, allowing visitors to take a walk back in time as they navigate the trails. The panoramic views of downtown Nashville from this vantage point are an added bonus, making it a popular spot for both history buffs and nature lovers.

Beyond these established parks, the neighborhood streets of Edgehill / Wedgewood are often lined with mature trees, creating a green canopy that provides shade on sunny days and bursts into a riot of colors come fall. It's not uncommon to find residents embarking on leisurely strolls, soaking in the beauty of their surroundings.

For those who enjoy a more active outdoor lifestyle, the proximity to the Cumberland River means access to water-based activities. Kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply watching the boats drift by can be immensely therapeutic. There are also several cycling paths and trails that weave through the neighborhood and beyond, catering to both casual cyclists and more avid enthusiasts.

Community gardens are another distinctive feature of the Edgehill / Wedgewood locale. These spaces, nurtured by local residents, are a testament to the neighborhood's commitment to sustainability and green living. They not only provide fresh produce but also foster a sense of community as neighbors come together to plant, nurture, and harvest.

In essence, Edgehill / Wedgewood offers a well-rounded outdoor experience. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an active sportsperson, or someone who simply enjoys the occasional breath of fresh air, the neighborhood promises ample opportunities to engage with the natural world.


For families residing in Edgehill / Wedgewood, Nashville, the educational landscape offers a mix of both private and public options, catering to various academic needs and preferences. The Metro Nashville Public Schools system serves the public education sector in this neighborhood. Among these, Eakin Elementary School stands out as a notable institution. With its dedicated staff and a focus on holistic development, the school has garnered respect and recognition over the years. As students progress, they often move on to local middle and high schools that uphold a tradition of academic excellence, ensuring that the foundational years of their education are well-rounded.

High school students in the vicinity have options such as Hillsboro High School, known for its rigorous academic programs and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Such public institutions emphasize community engagement, diversity, and fostering an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

On the private education front, Edgehill / Wedgewood is in proximity to several esteemed institutions. The University School of Nashville, for instance, has a long-standing reputation for its advanced curriculum and commitment to cultivating critical thinkers and leaders. Families seeking faith-based education also have choices in the vicinity, with schools that intertwine academic rigor with spiritual growth.

Additionally, the presence of several specialized learning centers and institutions in and around the area ensures that students with diverse learning needs are catered for. These centers often focus on tailored teaching methods, ensuring every child's unique learning style is acknowledged and nurtured.

Beyond the standard curriculum, many of these educational establishments, be it public or private, place a strong emphasis on arts, music, and sports. This holistic approach ensures that students in the Edgehill / Wedgewood community are not only academically proficient but also well-rounded individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the world.

Shopping and Retail

Shopping near Edgehill / Wedgewood in Nashville is as varied and vibrant as the neighborhood itself. The area artfully melds the charm of locally-owned boutiques with the convenience of well-known retailers, creating a shopping experience that caters to a plethora of tastes and preferences. As you wander the streets, it's easy to stumble upon quaint storefronts showcasing handmade crafts, unique artwork, or vintage finds. These smaller boutiques often pride themselves on curating items that tell a story, making each purchase special and meaningful.

For those who appreciate artisanal craftsmanship, the neighborhood offers several specialty stores. Whether you're on the hunt for handcrafted jewelry, bespoke clothing, or custom-made furniture, there's a good chance you'll find a local artisan pouring love and expertise into their creations. These spots are not just retail outlets; they're a testament to the community's support for independent businesses and craftsmen.

Fashion enthusiasts will be pleased to discover a mix of contemporary clothing stores interspersed with vintage shops. The latter are treasure troves, often stocked with retro gems from bygone eras, making them perfect for fashionistas looking to add unique pieces to their collection.

Of course, for those day-to-day necessities, Edgehill / Wedgewood is conveniently located near several larger retail establishments and shopping centers. These hubs offer everything from electronics and home goods to fashion and beauty products, ensuring residents have easy access to essential items.

Adding to the shopping allure are the occasional pop-up markets and seasonal fairs that the community hosts. These events, often vibrant and bustling, provide a platform for local artisans and businesses to showcase their products, from gourmet foods to handcrafted soaps. Not only do they offer an alternative shopping experience, but they also lend a festive air to the neighborhood, making shopping near Edgehill / Wedgewood truly a delightful endeavor.

Business and Economy

Nestled near the heart of Nashville, the Edgehill / Wedgewood vicinity thrives on a diverse economic landscape that reflects the dynamism of the city itself. A significant player in this economic tapestry is the music industry. Given Nashville's moniker as the "Music City," it's no surprise that the nearby areas, including Edgehill / Wedgewood, are home to numerous recording studios, music labels, and talent agencies. These establishments not only churn out chart-topping hits but also provide employment to a vast array of professionals, from sound engineers to marketing experts.

Adjacent to the melodious pulse of the music industry is the healthcare sector, another substantial pillar supporting the local economy. Nashville is renowned for its healthcare services and institutions, and the proximity of Edgehill / Wedgewood to major hospitals and health-focused research centers makes the area a hotspot for medical professionals. The ripple effect of this sector extends to related industries, such as medical technology and pharmaceuticals, further bolstering the region's economic health.

The hospitality and tourism sectors also hold a special place in the local economy. With the influx of tourists drawn to Nashville's cultural and musical allure, the areas surrounding Edgehill / Wedgewood have seen growth in hotels, eateries, and entertainment venues. These establishments not only cater to visitors but also create a myriad of job opportunities for locals, from chefs and event planners to tour guides.

Lastly, the surge in tech startups and innovation hubs in recent years has added a modern twist to the city's traditional industries. Co-working spaces, tech incubators, and digital agencies have found their place in and around the Edgehill / Wedgewood area. This influx of tech-oriented businesses is a testament to Nashville's evolving entrepreneurial spirit, merging the city's rich history with a forward-looking vision.

In essence, the economic fabric of the areas surrounding Edgehill / Wedgewood is a vibrant blend of tradition and innovation, each industry playing its part in weaving a robust and thriving local economy.

Hotels and Lodging

Staying near the Edgehill / Wedgewood area of Nashville presents visitors with an array of lodging choices that resonate with the region's southern charm and modernity. One of the notable aspects of this locality is its offering of boutique hotels. These establishments often marry contemporary design with touches of Nashville's rich history. Warm, personalized services and artfully designed interiors make them an appealing choice for travelers looking for a unique stay experience.

For those who seek a more intimate and home-like ambiance, the bed and breakfast options near Edgehill / Wedgewood truly shine. Often set in beautifully preserved historic homes, these B&Bs provide a cozy retreat from the bustling city life. Guests can expect to wake up to hearty southern breakfasts, often prepared by the hosts themselves, and enjoy the serene environment of landscaped gardens or quaint reading nooks. It's not just about the stay; it's about experiencing the authentic hospitality that Nashville is renowned for.

Of course, for travelers who prefer well-established names in hospitality, the vicinity has its share of chain hotels, ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly. These hotels often come equipped with a suite of amenities, be it rooftop pools with city views or state-of-the-art fitness centers, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

An emerging trend in the area is the rise of vacation rentals and serviced apartments. Especially popular among families or groups, these accommodations offer the comfort of home with the luxury of hotel-like services. Given their often-central locations, they serve as ideal bases for exploring the city, allowing guests to live, even if briefly, like a local.

In all, the Edgehill / Wedgewood neighborhood and its surroundings are well-equipped to host visitors with diverse preferences. Whether one is seeking the plush comfort of a luxury suite, the rustic charm of a B&B, or the convenience of a serviced apartment, there's something in the area to fit the bill.

Travel and Transportation

When it comes to finding a place to rest one's head near the Edgehill / Wedgewood area in Nashville, there's a delightful assortment of options that cater to all sorts of travelers. This slice of Nashville, with its blend of historic charm and urban flair, provides accommodations that mirror its eclectic vibe.

For the traveler seeking a touch of luxury combined with Nashville’s signature hospitality, boutique hotels in the vicinity offer just the right mix. These establishments pride themselves on their keen attention to detail, whether it's in their curated interiors, their delectable in-house dining options, or the personalized concierge services. Every stay becomes a memorable experience, reflecting the essence of the city.

Now, if it's a homely, warm, and personal touch you're after, the bed and breakfasts near Edgehill / Wedgewood might just be the perfect pick. Often nestled in historic homes that echo tales of yesteryears, these B&Bs exude an old-world charm. Picture this: waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread and sipping your morning coffee on a porch that offers glimpses of a bygone era. The hosts, with their troves of local knowledge, often become the unsung guides, offering invaluable insights into the city's hidden gems.

For those who lean towards familiar names and amenities they can trust, several renowned hotel chains have also marked their presence in the area. These hotels, with their standardized services and amenities, provide a comforting familiarity amidst the newness of travel.

Recently, the advent of vacation rentals has added a new dimension to the accommodation scene. Ideal for families or those preferring a more home-like setting, these rentals offer the perfect blend of comfort and independence. They allow travelers to settle in, spread out, and even whip up their favorite meals, making them feel right at home in the heart of Nashville.

In essence, whether you're a solo traveler on a whirlwind trip, a family on a leisurely vacation, or a couple on a romantic getaway, the Edgehill / Wedgewood area promises an array of lodging choices, ensuring your Nashville experience starts on just the right note.