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Edgefield Land, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale July 24, 2024
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Edgefield Land Homes

Edgefield Land, situated in the heart of Nashville, TN, is renowned for its distinct blend of historical charm and modern living. The homes here reflect an architectural elegance that speaks volumes of the area's rich past. Many of the residences are carefully preserved and restored Victorian and Craftsman-style homes, featuring expansive front porches, ornate detailing, and hardwood floors. Their timeless appeal is often juxtaposed with contemporary upgrades, ensuring that the homeowners experience both luxury and character in their living spaces.

Edgefield Land Homes

The allure of Edgefield Land does not stop with its homes. The surrounding community has a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, where the balance of urban and residential is struck beautifully. Just a short walk from the residences, one can find bustling local boutiques, cafes, and gourmet restaurants. These establishments, many of which are housed in refurbished historical buildings, retain the essence of Edgefield Land's heritage while providing residents with a plethora of modern conveniences.

Moreover, the tight-knit community of Edgefield Land is underscored by the numerous events and gatherings that occur throughout the year. From local farmers' markets to arts festivals, there's always something happening that brings the neighborhood together. The community is a vibrant tapestry of diverse individuals, from artists to professionals, all of whom share a mutual appreciation for the beauty and history of their surroundings.

Beyond the immediate community, the location of Edgefield Land within Nashville is unparalleled. Its proximity to the city's core means that residents are mere moments away from the best that Nashville has to offer, including its famous music scene, theaters, and renowned cultural institutions. Despite its central location, Edgefield Land manages to maintain a serene atmosphere, with tree-lined streets and well-kept public spaces that offer residents a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Accessibility is another noteworthy feature of this community. Efficient public transportation options and a network of pedestrian-friendly pathways mean that residents can effortlessly commute or enjoy leisurely strolls throughout the neighborhood. Whether it's taking in the view of the iconic Nashville skyline or exploring the local parks, Edgefield Land offers a harmonious blend of past and present, cementing its place as one of Nashville's most treasured locales.

Similar Communities

Just a stone's throw away from Edgefield Land, the Lockeland Springs neighborhood emerges as a testament to Nashville's ability to harmoniously blend historical significance with contemporary living. Like Edgefield Land, Lockeland Springs boasts a stunning array of restored Victorian and Craftsman-style homes. The large bay windows, intricate woodwork, and period-appropriate colors of these residences are a visual treat, often invoking a feeling of nostalgia. Additionally, modern amenities seamlessly incorporated into these homes ensure that residents enjoy all the conveniences of the 21st century without sacrificing the authentic charm of their abodes.

Germantown Homes

Further west, the Germantown area stands as another example of a neighborhood that resonates with the allure similar to Edgefield Land. As one of Nashville's oldest suburbs, Germantown exudes a unique European flair, with its brick-paved sidewalks and historic homes that echo tales from a bygone era. A keen observer will note the similarities in construction, where meticulous attention to detail ensures that homes, whether refurbished or newly constructed, adhere to the neighborhood's architectural legacy. Like Edgefield Land, Germantown is also home to a lively local scene of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, making it a hub of activity and community interaction.

Eastwood Neighbors, nestled to the northeast of Edgefield Land, is another neighborhood that parallels in lifestyle and architectural aesthetics. The tree-canopied streets here are lined with homes that display a perfect balance between classic design and modern upgrades. Porches adorned with hanging plants, detailed wood trims, and expansive yards are characteristic of this neighborhood. Eastwood Neighbors, too, boasts a thriving community atmosphere, with local parks, artisanal coffee shops, and eateries being popular hangout spots. The vibe here, much like Edgefield Land, is one of close-knit community ties, where neighbors often become lifelong friends, and traditions are passed down through generations.

In essence, while each neighborhood near Edgefield Land in Nashville has its own unique flavor and story to tell, many share commonalities in price point, construction, and lifestyle. Whether it's the historic charm of Lockeland Springs, the European flair of Germantown, or the community-driven atmosphere of Eastwood Neighbors, residents are spoilt for choice when seeking a balance of tradition and modernity in their living experience.

Food Scene

If you're ever around Edgefield Land in Nashville, you'll be in for a treat when it comes to dining options! Just around the corner, there's this quaint little bistro, aptly named "The Edgefield Eatery," where the ambiance is as delightful as the food. They serve a fusion of Southern classics with a modern twist, and their brunch offerings on Sundays? Simply to die for. You'd absolutely love their shrimp and grits, and if you're feeling like a sweet morning treat, the pecan pie pancakes are a dream.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Not too far from there, "Eldorado's Grill" is another spot that locals swear by. It offers an eclectic mix of international dishes with a strong emphasis on Mediterranean flavors. From zesty kebabs to velvety hummus, there's a rich tapestry of tastes waiting to be explored. The place has this rustic charm to it, with mismatched chairs and fairy lights, creating an atmosphere that's both cozy and chic.

Now, for those who have a soft spot for Italian, "Vino & Basilico" is a must-visit. Situated in a refurbished historic building, the restaurant exudes an old-world charm. The moment you walk in, the aroma of freshly baked bread, simmering tomato sauce, and melting cheese transports you straight to the heart of Italy. Their wood-fired pizzas are the talk of the town, thin crust, loaded with fresh toppings, and just the right hint of smokiness. Pair it with one of their handpicked wines, and you're in for a memorable meal.

And if you're in the mood for some lively chatter, accompanied by craft beers and finger-licking pub grub, "The Land Tavern" is your spot. A popular hangout for both young and old, it has a vibe that's infectious. Whether it's their spicy chicken wings or the loaded nachos platter, the food here complements the vast range of local brews they have on tap.

Indeed, around Edgefield Land, every lane and by-lane seems to have its own culinary story to tell. Each restaurant, with its unique flavors and ambiance, promises not just a meal but an experience. Whether you're a food connoisseur or someone just looking for a hearty meal, the dining scene near Edgefield Land is sure to satiate your appetite.


When you talk about entertainment near Edgefield Land, you're really tapping into the heartbeat of Nashville's vibrant scene. Let's start with music because, well, it's Nashville! The nearby "Rhythm House" is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Not only do they showcase some stellar live music acts ranging from country to blues to rock, but they also host open-mic nights where you can witness raw, budding talent. It's an intimate setting where every chord strikes a chord, if you catch my drift.

Nashville Theatre Downtown

Speaking of chords, did you know that the renowned "Nashville Symphony" often performs at venues close to Edgefield Land? Their performances are ethereal, and if classical music or orchestral renditions are your thing, you won't be disappointed. It's the kind of experience that leaves you spellbound, long after the last note has been played.

On the topic of being spellbound, the "Landmark Theater" nearby frequently stages some outstanding plays and musicals. The local talent shines bright, and the productions, ranging from Shakespearean classics to contemporary dramas, are top-notch. The ambiance, the set designs, the performances - they all come together to weave a magical theatrical evening.

Now, if you're more into sports than stages, you're still in for a treat. The "Edgefield Sports Complex" hosts a variety of events, from local baseball matches to national-level tournaments. The energy there is palpable, especially during big games. And if you're into football, rumor has it that some of the most thrilling local matches are played at the stadium just a short drive from Edgefield Land. The camaraderie of the fans, the food stalls brimming with game-day favorites, and the electrifying atmosphere make it an event you wouldn't want to miss.

To put it simply, Edgefield Land isn't just about beautiful homes and quaint streets; it's a stone's throw away from a myriad of entertainment and sporting events that ensure there's never a dull moment. Whether you're clapping along to a catchy tune, getting lost in a theatrical tale, or cheering for your favorite team, the area promises a good time, every time.

Health and Wellness

Edgefield Land's vicinity is not just about delightful music and tantalizing dishes; it's also a haven for those looking to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Just around the corner, you'll stumble upon "Harmony Yoga Studio." I've heard from many that it's a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. The instructors there have a wealth of knowledge, offering classes ranging from relaxing Yin yoga to the more dynamic Vinyasa flow. And the best part? Their early morning sunrise sessions - imagine starting your day stretching and meditating as dawn breaks over Nashville. Pure bliss!

Yoga Studio

Now, if you're looking to break a sweat in a more energetic setting, "Pulse Fitness" is the spot. Located a short jog away from Edgefield Land, this modern gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a range of classes. Whether it's spinning, HIIT, or even dance aerobics, they've got you covered. I've been told their personal trainers are top-notch, always ready with a friendly tip or two, ensuring everyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts gets the most out of their workouts.

But health isn't just about exercise, right? It's also about nourishment. Enter "Green Essence," a delightful little juicery and café close to Edgefield Land. This place is a dream for anyone keen on clean eating. From cold-pressed juices to sumptuous acai bowls, everything they serve is organic and bursting with flavor. And if you're ever in need of a detox or a health boost, their wellness shots, packed with ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and wheatgrass, are just the thing.

Of course, mental well-being is equally crucial. For those moments when you need some tranquility, the "Edgefield Meditation Center" offers guided sessions in a peaceful setting. With experienced facilitators leading the way, many locals swear by the positive impact these sessions have had on their mental clarity and overall wellness.

So, living near Edgefield Land doesn't just mean enjoying Nashville's lively arts and food scene; it also offers numerous avenues to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Whether you're stretching into a yoga pose, lifting weights, sipping on a rejuvenating green juice, or finding your inner calm, the health and wellness options in the area ensure a wholesome and balanced life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

When it comes to embracing the great outdoors near Edgefield Land, there's truly a treasure trove of options to explore. Just a brief walk away, "Centennial Park" is one of the jewels of the area. Imagine sprawling green fields, serene water bodies, and picturesque walking trails – it's like a breath of fresh air right in the heart of Nashville. The park also features a life-sized replica of the Parthenon, which, besides being a cultural landmark, is also a popular spot for picnics and lazy Sunday lounging. I've seen families flying kites, couples enjoying paddle boats, and fitness enthusiasts jogging along its pathways. It's a true testament to the city's commitment to preserving green spaces.

Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park

Then there's the "Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park", another favorite among locals. This place is a bit of a nature enthusiast's dream, with its extensive trails catering to walkers, runners, and cyclists alike. The biodiversity there is quite remarkable too. On any given day, you could spot deer, birds of various kinds, and even the occasional fox. It offers an immersive experience into Nashville's local flora and fauna and is a great spot for bird-watching or simply unwinding amidst nature.

If you're in the mood for a day out with your four-legged friend, the "East Canine Park" is the perfect destination. Located conveniently close to Edgefield Land, it's a paradise for dogs of all sizes. With designated off-leash areas, agility courses, and even splash zones during the summer, it's a fantastic place to socialize and ensure your pup gets their daily dose of exercise.

Last but not least, for those who love to combine their love for the outdoors with a bit of sport, the "Edgefield Land Disc Golf Course" offers a unique experience. Nestled amidst lush trees and open fields, it's a favorite among both seasoned players and novices looking to try their hand at this fun and engaging sport.

In essence, Edgefield Land and its surroundings cater beautifully to those with an inclination towards nature and outdoor activities. Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape in a park, a brisk walk among nature trails, or a day of playful activities with your pet, the area promises countless opportunities to connect with nature and rejuvenate one's spirits.


For families in Edgefield Land, Nashville, education is an integral aspect of community life, and they're quite fortunate in terms of choices available. The public school scene is notably strong. "East End Preparatory," for instance, has received quite a bit of positive attention in recent years. The school focuses on fostering a holistic educational environment, ensuring students receive not only academic excellence but also character development. I've heard many parents rave about the dedicated teaching staff and the inclusive community feel of the school.

Nashville Elementary

Then there's "Lockeland Design Center Elementary," another public option in the vicinity, which boasts an impressive curriculum. Known for its focus on design thinking and hands-on learning, Lockeland offers students unique opportunities to dive deep into subjects, encouraging creativity and problem-solving from an early age. It's no surprise that it's frequently lauded as one of the standout public schools in the area.

For families considering private education, they're in for some excellent options too. "Nashville Classical Charter School" is one such institution that's garnered respect over the years. With a rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on classical education, it's a school that aims to instill a love of learning in its students. The smaller class sizes, coupled with dedicated teachers, ensure personalized attention, which many parents find invaluable.

Another private institution worth mentioning is "Rosewood Academy." It offers a diverse learning environment with a strong focus on both academics and extracurricular activities. From advanced placement courses to a variety of sports and arts programs, Rosewood ensures a well-rounded education experience. Parents often speak of the school's tight-knit community and the lifelong friendships their children build there.

In all, Edgefield Land residents have a rich tapestry of educational choices, both in the public and private sectors. Each institution, with its unique philosophy and strengths, ensures that families can find the perfect fit for their children's learning needs and aspirations. It's reassuring to know that, in this part of Nashville, education is a priority, and the community is well-served by the diverse range of schools available.

Shopping and Retail

When you're near Edgefield Land, Nashville, the shopping scene is nothing short of delightful! For those who have a penchant for unique finds and artisanal treasures, "The Edgefield Emporium" is a must-visit. Housed in a charmingly restored vintage building, this store boasts an eclectic mix of handcrafted jewelry, quirky home decor, and one-of-a-kind apparel. It's the sort of place where every item has a story, and shopping feels like a treasure hunt.

Vintage Market

Just a stone's throw away, "East End Avenue Boutiques" offer a myriad of upscale retail experiences. From high-end fashion to luxury accessories, it's a shopper's paradise. There's a particular boutique, "Nashville Chic," that's become the talk of the town for its curated collection of designer wear and statement pieces. If you're in the mood to indulge or even just window-shop, this avenue promises hours of retail therapy.

But if you're more of a practical shopper, looking for a mix of everyday essentials and brand-name goods, "The Eastside Plaza" is your go-to destination. This shopping complex, conveniently located near Edgefield Land, houses a range of stores, from popular clothing chains to tech outlets, bookstores, and even a gourmet grocery store. It's the kind of place where you can pick up a novel, grab a coffee, shop for the latest fashion trends, and tick off your grocery list all in one trip.

Of course, no shopping spree is complete without a bit of antiquing! "Vintage Vignettes" is a little gem nestled in the neighborhood. Offering an array of vintage furniture, rare collectibles, and nostalgic memorabilia, it's a place that transports you back in time. I've often heard of folks finding that 'perfect' retro coffee table or a rare vinyl record they've been searching for, right here.

All in all, the area around Edgefield Land is a delightful blend of the old and the new when it comes to retail options. Whether you're on the hunt for artisanal crafts, luxury goods, practical purchases, or vintage treasures, there's a store waiting to be explored, ensuring that residents and visitors alike are never short of shopping adventures.

Business and Economy

The economic fabric near Edgefield Land, Nashville, is as rich and varied as its cultural tapestry. One of the most prominent industries in the vicinity is, of course, the music business. Given Nashville's reputation as the "Music City," it's no surprise that the area is dotted with recording studios, talent agencies, and music production houses. Places like "SoundScape Studios" and "Harmony Row Records" are bustling with activity, as budding artists collaborate with seasoned professionals, producing tracks that might just be the next big hit.

HCA Healthcare

Alongside the rhythm of music, healthcare plays a significant role in the local economy. The "East Nashville Medical Hub" is a major employer in the region. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of dedicated professionals, this medical center caters to a wide range of healthcare needs. It's not just about providing medical services, though. The research and development side of the facility is making strides in medical advancements, drawing professionals from across the country to collaborate and innovate.

Now, you can't talk about Nashville's economy without mentioning tourism. The area around Edgefield Land benefits greatly from the inflow of visitors. Boutique hotels, guided tour companies, and local eateries thrive thanks to the city's appeal as a tourist destination. "Nashville Walks," for instance, offers guided tours around the historic and cultural spots near Edgefield, providing insight into the area's rich history and vibrant present.

Lastly, the tech industry has been making waves in the vicinity. A slew of startups and established tech companies have set up shop, drawn by the area's burgeoning tech community and favorable business environment. "TechNest Innovations," located not too far from Edgefield Land, is a prime example. They've been at the forefront of developing software solutions for various industries, and their growth story is a testament to the region's potential as a tech hub.

In essence, the area around Edgefield Land is a dynamic blend of traditional industries and forward-looking sectors. From the soulful tunes of music studios to the bustling corridors of medical facilities, the hum of tourist activity, and the innovative spirit of tech companies, the local economy is as vibrant and diverse as the community it serves.

Hotels and Lodging

When it comes to finding a cozy spot to lay your head near Edgefield Land, Nashville, there's a charming array of options that cater to all kinds of travelers. One of the most notable is "The Heritage Inn." Steeped in history, this inn offers guests a taste of Nashville's bygone era, with its antique-filled rooms and classic southern architecture. But don't let its historic facade fool you; the amenities are top-notch, blending the old-world charm with modern comforts seamlessly.

Hutton Hotel

For those looking for a more boutique experience, "The Eastside Loft Hotel" is worth checking out. Located conveniently close to Edgefield Land, this establishment boasts chic, contemporary design, and its rooftop lounge offers some of the most panoramic views of the Nashville skyline. Many guests I've spoken to rave about the attentive staff and the personalized touches that make their stay truly memorable.

Now, if a "bed and breakfast" vibe is more your style, "Lila's Guesthouse" is a true gem. Tucked away in a quaint corner near Edgefield, this B&B has a homey ambiance that's hard to resist. Each room is uniquely decorated, reflecting a blend of southern charm and modern elegance. And let's talk about the breakfast! Freshly baked pastries, local jams, and gourmet coffee - it's the kind of morning spread that'll make you want to linger a little longer by the dining table. Plus, Lila, the owner, is a treasure trove of local knowledge and always has a recommendation or two for places to visit.

For travelers who lean towards well-known brands, there's a "Downtown Nashville Marriott" not too far from Edgefield Land. It offers the consistent quality and service that many have come to expect from the Marriott brand, complete with a swanky pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

In all, whether you're a solo traveler on a business trip, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family on vacation, the area around Edgefield Land provides a range of lodging options. Each has its unique flair, ensuring guests can find the perfect backdrop for their Nashville adventures.

Travel and Transportation

Navigating around Edgefield Land, Nashville, particularly when it comes to reaching the airport or accessing public transportation, is relatively straightforward and convenient. If you've got a flight to catch or are expecting someone to fly in, the "Nashville International Airport" is the nearest major airport. Located roughly a 15-minute drive away, depending on traffic, it's a breeze for residents and visitors alike. This bustling hub connects Nashville to numerous domestic and international destinations, making travel plans easy and efficient for those living around Edgefield Land.

WeGo Public Transit

Now, for those leaning towards public transportation, Nashville’s "WeGo Public Transit" serves the Edgefield Land area quite comprehensively. The buses are frequent, clean, and efficient. The "Route 20" is particularly handy for residents, as it passes through the Edgefield Land vicinity, providing easy access to many parts of the city. These buses are a great way to traverse the city without the hassle of driving, especially during peak hours.

For those looking at intercity travel, the "Greyhound Bus Station" is not too far off. This station connects Nashville to various cities and is a viable option for those who prefer road journeys over flights.

And, if you're in the mood for a scenic train ride, the "Music City Star" is a commuter rail service that operates between Nashville and several of its eastern suburbs. While it primarily serves daily commuters, it's also a lovely way to see the countryside if you fancy a leisurely journey.

All in all, Edgefield Land's location in Nashville ensures that whether you're jet-setting across the country, commuting daily for work, or planning a weekend getaway, a range of transportation options is always within arm's reach. The convenience this offers, combined with the neighborhood's charm, truly makes it a desirable spot in the city.