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Edge-O-Lake Estates, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale

Edge-O-Lake Estates, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale June 24, 2024
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Edge-O-Lake Estates Homes

The homes in Edge-O-Lake Estates showcase a diverse blend of architectural designs, reflecting a combination of traditional Southern charm and contemporary elegance. Many of these residences have been tastefully renovated to incorporate modern amenities while preserving their unique character. Spacious layouts, hardwood floors, and well-appointed kitchens can be found in many homes, signaling the community’s emphasis on comfort and functionality.

Edge-O-Lake Estates Homes

One of the standout features of the Edge-O-Lake Estates homes is the lush landscaping that often accompanies them. Many properties boast expansive lawns adorned with mature trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. This greenery not only provides homeowners with a serene outdoor oasis but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. The presence of private docks on some homes is indicative of the luxury lakeside living, offering direct access to the tranquil waters of Percy Priest Lake, which becomes a hub of recreational activities during the warmer months.

The larger community around Edge-O-Lake Estates is both vibrant and welcoming. With its close proximity to Nashville, residents enjoy the best of both worlds – the serenity of lakeside living and the convenience of city amenities. The community prides itself on its active neighborhood association, which hosts various events and activities throughout the year to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the residents. From festive holiday gatherings to weekend barbecues, there's always something happening in the community to bring neighbors together.

Moreover, the neighborhood's strategic location ensures that essential amenities such as shopping centers, schools, and medical facilities are easily accessible. Parks and recreational areas dot the vicinity, offering families and individuals ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The nearby Smith Springs Community Center, for example, is a popular spot, offering facilities for sports, fitness, and community meetings.

Additionally, the cultural and musical vibrancy of Nashville is just a short drive away. This means residents can effortlessly indulge in the city’s renowned music scene, dine at gourmet restaurants, or explore its rich history, all while returning home to the tranquility of Edge-O-Lake Estates at the end of the day. The balance between urban convenience and lakeside serenity truly sets this community apart, making it a sought-after location for many.

Similar Communities

Nashville, TN, boasts several neighborhoods that parallel Edge-O-Lake Estates in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle. These communities, while distinct in their own right, offer similar amenities and features, ensuring residents experience the best of Nashville living.

Priest Lake Park, located not too far from Edge-O-Lake Estates, offers a similar lakeside living experience. Homes here are a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary designs, much like those in Edge-O-Lake. The spacious properties often come with well-maintained lawns, mature trees, and some even offer private access to the beautiful Percy Priest Lake. This lake, being a prominent feature of the area, acts as a natural magnet for recreational activities, allowing families in Priest Lake Park to engage in boating, fishing, and lakeside picnics just as those in Edge-O-Lake do.

Lakeview Hills Homes

Another comparable neighborhood is Anderson Road Estates. This community too, showcases a harmonious blend of older, charming homes and newer constructions. Residents here pride themselves on the serene ambiance, with many homes backed by wooded areas or having expansive yards. Similar to Edge-O-Lake Estates, Anderson Road Estates offers homes that prioritize both comfort and style, with renovated interiors that meld modern features with classic design elements. The community spirit in Anderson Road Estates is palpable, with neighbors often coming together for events or simple get-togethers.

Mention must also be made of the Lakeview Hills neighborhood. Nestled in a scenic part of Nashville, homes here exude a charm that is reminiscent of the architecture found in Edge-O-Lake Estates. Hardwood floors, spacious living areas, and updated kitchens are common features in many homes. Beyond the residences, the community itself is a haven for those seeking a mix of city life and natural beauty. With several parks and recreational spaces nearby, families and outdoor enthusiasts find Lakeview Hills as accommodating as Edge-O-Lake Estates in terms of lifestyle.

Lastly, Nashboro Village, although a bit more expansive, bears several similarities with Edge-O-Lake Estates. Beyond its range of well-constructed homes, Nashboro Village is known for its sprawling golf course, which is a prime attraction for many residents. The neighborhood, much like Edge-O-Lake, benefits from a balanced lifestyle that combines leisure, community activities, and natural beauty. The presence of lakes, walking trails, and green spaces further enhances its appeal for those seeking a lifestyle akin to that of Edge-O-Lake Estates.

Food Scene

Edge-O-Lake Estates, with its prime location near Nashville, is surrounded by a delightful array of dining options that cater to diverse palates. If you're in the mood for some Southern comfort food, you won't have to venture far. Many nearby eateries pride themselves on their hearty servings of classics like fried chicken, creamy grits, and biscuits that melt in your mouth. It's not uncommon for locals to indulge in weekend brunches, savoring pancakes drenched in maple syrup and delicious omelettes stuffed with fresh local produce.

Seafood Dishes

But the dining scene near Edge-O-Lake Estates isn't limited to Southern delicacies. For those who appreciate international flavors, there are numerous options to explore. From zesty Mexican tacos to delectable sushi rolls, the range is commendable. There's a particularly charming Italian bistro not too far from the estates, known for its homemade pastas and rustic pizzas. On cooler evenings, diners can often be seen enjoying their meal on the outdoor patio, under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights.

The proximity to Percy Priest Lake also means that there are several seafood establishments in the vicinity. Fresh catches are brought in regularly, ensuring that seafood lovers can relish dishes like grilled salmon, crispy fish tacos, and creamy clam chowder. And for those looking to enjoy a good old American burger, there are classic diners and contemporary burger joints that offer juicy patties topped with a range of creative toppings, making each bite a delightful experience.

Of course, no dining experience is complete without a sweet treat. Thankfully, the area around Edge-O-Lake Estates doesn't disappoint. There are quaint bakeries that churn out fresh pastries, pies, and cakes daily. For the more health-conscious, there are cafes that offer smoothie bowls, fresh juices, and vegan desserts. Whether you're looking to satisfy a sweet craving or hunting for a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of artisanal coffee, the dining scene near Edge-O-Lake Estates has got you covered.


Living near Edge-O-Lake Estates means you're never far from the bustling entertainment and sporting scene that Nashville is renowned for. The city, often dubbed the "Music City," offers a rich tapestry of live music venues, theaters, and performance halls. Just a short drive from the Estates, the legendary Grand Ole Opry showcases some of the biggest names in country music. It's not uncommon for residents to make spontaneous plans to catch a live performance, immersing themselves in the soulful sounds that have made Nashville famous worldwide.

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Beyond the music, there's a lively theatrical scene as well. Nashville's vibrant arts community ensures that there's almost always a play, musical, or live art event happening somewhere nearby. The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, for instance, offers a roster of Broadway shows, ballets, and other cultural performances that appeal to a wide audience. Those living in and around Edge-O-Lake Estates often find themselves spoilt for choice when deciding on a weekend outing.

Sporting enthusiasts, too, have plenty to cheer about. Football aficionados can rally behind the Tennessee Titans during the NFL season, experiencing the electrifying atmosphere of a live game. The Bridgestone Arena, while hosting concerts and other entertainment events, is also home to the Nashville Predators, the city's beloved NHL team. The energy of a live hockey match is something many residents eagerly anticipate, donning their team jerseys and joining fellow fans in a collective cheer.

For those who prefer a more leisurely day out, golf tournaments and local baseball games often dot the calendar, allowing locals to enjoy the outdoors while taking in a competitive match. In essence, the proximity of Edge-O-Lake Estates to Nashville ensures that residents have a front-row seat to a vibrant array of entertainment and sporting events, enriching their living experience in this beautiful region.

Health and Wellness

Residents near Edge-O-Lake Estates in Nashville don't have to look far when it comes to prioritizing health and wellness. The area is replete with options that facilitate a balanced and wholesome lifestyle, ensuring that everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to those seeking relaxation, finds something to suit their needs.

Fitness centers and gyms abound in the vicinity. Many of these establishments not only offer the usual gym equipment but also host a variety of group classes, from high-energy Zumba sessions to calming yoga practices. These group classes have the added benefit of fostering community connections, as neighbors often find themselves bonding over shared fitness goals and routines.

Belle Fit Gym

For those who prefer to stay active in the great outdoors, the proximity to Percy Priest Lake is a boon. The lake area provides a scenic backdrop for morning jogs, brisk evening walks, or even a serene meditation spot. Kayaking and paddle-boarding are also popular activities on the lake, providing both a workout and a chance to connect with nature. Additionally, the numerous parks and green spaces nearby offer hiking and biking trails, allowing residents to immerse themselves in nature while staying fit.

But health and wellness aren't just about physical fitness. There are several spas and wellness centers close to Edge-O-Lake Estates that offer a range of therapeutic services. Whether it's a deep tissue massage, an invigorating facial, or a holistic wellness workshop, these spaces provide residents with opportunities to rejuvenate and recalibrate.

Nutrition, of course, plays a pivotal role in overall well-being. Thankfully, the area boasts several health food stores and organic markets. These establishments stock a range of nutritious products and fresh produce, making it easier for residents to make health-conscious dietary choices. Furthermore, many local cafes and restaurants have begun incorporating healthier, organic, and even vegan options into their menus, recognizing the growing demand for nourishing and tasty meals.

All in all, the Edge-O-Lake Estates vicinity in Nashville is well-equipped to support a holistic approach to health and wellness. With such a plethora of options available, residents find it seamless to weave healthy habits into their daily lives.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Living near Edge-O-Lake Estates offers residents an enviable blend of urban conveniences and natural beauty. One of the standout features of this locale is its abundant parks, nature spots, and the plethora of outdoor activities they invite.

Edwin and Percy Warner Parks

Starting with the most prominent natural feature, Percy Priest Lake is the jewel in the crown of the area. This expansive body of water is more than just a visual treat; it's a hub for recreational activities. Residents often find themselves spending sunny afternoons boating, fishing, or simply picnicking by its shores. The gentle lapping of the waves and the occasional bird call make it a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

But the lake isn't the only outdoor haven near Edge-O-Lake Estates. There are several parks that beckon residents with their well-maintained trails and verdant landscapes. For instance, the nearby Smith Springs Recreation Area is a favorite among families and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its walking trails are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a morning jog, while the playgrounds keep the younger residents engaged and active.

The Nashville Greenway system also winds its way near the Estates, providing miles of scenic paths for cycling, running, and walking. These interconnected trails are a testament to the city's commitment to promoting an outdoor lifestyle, allowing residents to explore diverse terrains, from wooded areas to open meadows, all while staying within the city limits.

For those who have a penchant for bird watching or simply enjoy the serenity of nature, the local wetlands and wooded areas offer a rich biodiversity. It's not uncommon to spot herons, songbirds, and even the occasional deer while wandering through these natural sanctuaries.

Gardening enthusiasts, too, have their slice of paradise. Community gardens and green spaces offer plots where locals can cultivate their plants, flowers, and even vegetables. It's a delightful sight during the spring and summer months when these gardens burst into a riot of colors and fragrances.

In essence, the area around Edge-O-Lake Estates celebrates the outdoors at every turn. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or someone who just likes to relax under the open sky, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy and embrace the beauty of the great outdoors.


Residents of Edge-O-Lake Estates in Nashville are indeed fortunate when it comes to educational opportunities. The area is served by a range of both public and private institutions that cater to the diverse needs of its community.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

For families leaning towards public education, the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) system offers a number of reputable schools close to the Estates. These schools are recognized for their commitment to academic excellence, extracurricular offerings, and dedicated faculty. They often engage students in innovative learning approaches, integrating technology and hands-on experiences into the curriculum. Furthermore, many of these public schools emphasize community engagement, allowing students to connect with the world beyond their classrooms, preparing them for a future in an interconnected global society.

On the other hand, for parents seeking a private education experience for their children, the vicinity boasts several esteemed institutions. These private schools often offer specialized curricula, smaller class sizes, and individualized attention to students. They cater to a range of educational philosophies, from Montessori and Waldorf approaches to religious-based teachings. Many families appreciate the holistic education approach that these schools provide, nurturing not just the academic, but also the moral and social development of the child.

In addition to the standard curriculum, many of these private institutions provide ample opportunities for students to delve deep into arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Such exposure ensures a well-rounded education, equipping students with a range of skills and experiences that serve them well in their future endeavors.

Moreover, both public and private schools in the area often collaborate with local businesses, museums, and cultural centers. Such partnerships enhance the learning experience, offering students real-world insights and opportunities for internships, workshops, and field trips.

In essence, the proximity of Edge-O-Lake Estates to a diverse array of educational institutions ensures that residents have ample choices when it comes to schooling. Whether they prioritize a larger community setting of a public school or the intimate environment of a private institution, families in the Estates are well-positioned to make the best educational decisions for their children.

Shopping and Retail

For residents of Edge-O-Lake Estates, the promise of a delightful shopping spree is never far away. Nashville, with its eclectic mix of old-world charm and modern vibes, ensures a shopping experience that caters to a myriad of tastes and preferences. The city's bustling retail scene is just a stone's throw from the Estates, and it truly offers something for everyone.

Shopping Mall

Close to the neighborhood, you'll find a blend of local boutiques and mainstream retailers. These boutiques, often tucked away in quaint corners, are a treasure trove of unique finds. From handcrafted jewelry, artisanal products, to one-of-a-kind clothing pieces, these establishments reflect Nashville's rich cultural tapestry and artistic spirit. It's not uncommon for residents to spend hours browsing these stores, only to emerge with a precious find that's distinctively Nashville.

For those who appreciate the convenience of having multiple brands under one roof, the nearby shopping malls and centers won't disappoint. These sprawling spaces are home to a range of stores, from high-end luxury brands to popular high-street names. Whether you're updating your wardrobe, looking for the latest tech gadget, or simply indulging in some window shopping, these malls provide a comprehensive and enjoyable retail experience.

But shopping near Edge-O-Lake Estates isn't just about fashion and gadgets. There are several specialty stores that cater to specific needs. Gourmet food markets offer a selection of imported cheeses, wines, and other delicacies, while home decor shops beckon with their stylish furniture and quirky home accessories. And let's not forget the record stores, a nod to Nashville's musical legacy, where vinyl enthusiasts can spend hours flipping through classic albums and new releases alike.

Farmers' markets are also a regular feature in the area. These vibrant markets are not only a great place to pick up fresh produce but also offer an opportunity to engage with local farmers and artisans. The sense of community is palpable, with neighbors often bumping into each other and catching up over freshly brewed coffee or artisanal baked goods.

All in all, the area around Edge-O-Lake Estates presents a shopping landscape that's as diverse as it is exciting. Whether you're a discerning shopper with a keen eye for unique finds or someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy mall, the retail offerings near the Estates ensure that your shopping bags and hearts are always full.

Business and Economy

Nashville, often affectionately called the "Music City", has a rich tapestry of businesses and industries that form the backbone of its thriving economy. Residents of Edge-O-Lake Estates are strategically positioned to witness and benefit from this diverse economic landscape, which goes beyond the city's famed musical heritage.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Undeniably, music is a massive economic driver in the vicinity. The myriad of recording studios, record labels, and entertainment agencies offer a plethora of opportunities for those in the music industry, from budding artists to seasoned professionals. The city's reputation as a music hub attracts talents and enthusiasts from across the globe, fueling businesses related to event management, production, and music technology.

Beyond the melodious tunes of the city, healthcare stands as another cornerstone of Nashville's economy. The region is home to some renowned hospitals and healthcare institutions, alongside a cluster of companies specializing in healthcare management, research, and innovation. The city's reputation as a healthcare hub not only provides quality medical services to the residents but also generates a significant number of employment opportunities in various medical and administrative roles.

Tourism, given Nashville's rich cultural and historical heritage, is another industry that pumps vitality into the local economy. Hotels, restaurants, and attractions ranging from historical sites to vibrant nightlife venues cater to the steady influx of tourists. The ripple effect of this tourism boom can be felt in industries like hospitality, transportation, and retail.

Education and academia also play a pivotal role. With numerous universities and educational institutions in and around the city, there's a constant interplay of innovation, research, and entrepreneurial spirit. These institutions not only mold the future workforce but also foster collaborations with businesses, leading to startups, research projects, and community engagement initiatives.

Real estate and construction have seen a surge too, as more people are drawn to Nashville's charm, resulting in development projects ranging from residential estates, like Edge-O-Lake Estates, to commercial high-rises. This growth supports a wide array of professionals, from architects and engineers to real estate agents.

In essence, while music might be Nashville's heart, a symphony of diverse industries makes up its soul. The proximity of Edge-O-Lake Estates to such a vibrant economic hub ensures that its residents are always attuned to opportunities and the ever-evolving pulse of the city's business landscape.

Hotels and Lodging

Nestled close to the vibrant heart of Music City, the area around Edge-O-Lake Estates in Nashville boasts a delightful array of accommodation options for travelers, ranging from luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfast establishments.

Grand Nashville Hotel

Those searching for a touch of luxury will find several upscale hotels in the vicinity. With their sophisticated interiors, top-notch amenities, and impeccable service, these establishments promise a stay that exudes elegance and comfort. Many of them often come with added perks like rooftop pools, in-house spas, and gourmet dining options, catering to guests who desire a lavish retreat after a day of Nashville exploration.

However, for visitors keen on a more intimate and local experience, the bed and breakfast establishments in the area are a perfect fit. These B&Bs, often set in charming historic homes, offer a blend of homey comfort and Southern hospitality. Guests can expect personalized attention, warm conversations with the hosts, and often, a hearty homemade breakfast that's reminiscent of traditional Southern fare. It's this unique combination of comfort and personal touch that often turns first-time guests into repeat visitors.

For those who prioritize functionality and convenience, there are numerous mid-range hotels and motels sprinkled around the Edge-O-Lake Estates area. Ideal for business travelers or families on a budget, these lodgings provide all the essential amenities – clean rooms, Wi-Fi, and often, complimentary breakfast – ensuring a comfortable stay without burning a hole in the pocket.

Moreover, with Nashville's reputation as a cultural and music hotspot, many accommodations, regardless of their price point, often infuse a touch of local flavor. It's not uncommon to find live music nights, art installations, or even workshops that introduce guests to the city's rich cultural tapestry.

In a nutshell, whether you're a solo traveler seeking a quiet bed and breakfast, a family looking for a convenient hotel, or someone desiring a touch of luxury, the area around Edge-O-Lake Estates offers a myriad of choices. Each establishment brings its own flavor, ensuring that every guest finds a place that feels just like home, albeit with a distinct Nashville twist.

Travel and Transportation

One of the many conveniences residents of Edge-O-Lake Estates in Nashville appreciate is its strategic location in terms of connectivity. When it comes to air travel, they are notably well-placed. Nashville International Airport, a key gateway for both domestic and international flights, is in close proximity to the Estates. This makes catching a flight or receiving out-of-town guests a breeze. A short drive is all it takes to access the airport's terminals, with their array of airlines, eateries, and shopping outlets.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

But it's not just air travel that's convenient for Edge-O-Lake Estates' residents. The area also enjoys decent accessibility to Nashville's public transportation options. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates several bus routes that meander through the city, and there are stops not too far from the Estates. These buses make regular rounds, connecting various neighborhoods, commercial hubs, and places of interest. It's a boon for those who prefer an eco-friendly mode of transport or want to avoid the hassle of city parking.

For a more unique transit experience, there's the Music City Star commuter train. While it primarily serves commuters traveling between the outlying areas and downtown Nashville, it's also a fun way for locals to hop into the heart of the city, especially during events or festivals.

Of course, for those days when convenience is paramount, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have a strong presence in Nashville. Whether it's a quick trip downtown, a visit to a nearby park, or a ride to the airport, a comfortable car ride is just a few taps away on a smartphone.

In summary, living in Edge-O-Lake Estates means being well-connected. With the airport just a short jaunt away and a range of public transportation options at one's disposal, residents can easily navigate both the local and wider landscapes of Nashville and beyond.