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East Lake, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale July 15, 2024
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East Lake Homes

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Nashville, Tennessee, East Lake homes epitomize a unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Many of these residences reflect architectural styles from the early 20th century, showcasing detailed craftsmanship that highlights the neighborhood's rich history. From classic bungalows with spacious front porches to larger brick houses adorned with ornamental trim, the homes in East Lake often boast features such as hardwood floors, crown moldings, and vintage stained glass windows. Such architectural details, prevalent throughout the community, serve as a daily reminder of the area’s deep-rooted cultural heritage.

East Lake Homes

Beyond the allure of individual homes, East Lake's streetscapes paint a picturesque canvas of mature trees and well-maintained lawns. The canopy of green provides not only shade and beauty but also evokes a sense of tranquility in the midst of urban living. This natural landscape is punctuated by bursts of seasonal colors from flowering shrubs and plants, making daily strolls and bike rides a visual treat for residents and visitors alike.

The East Lake community itself is a vibrant testament to Nashville's spirit of unity and progress. The neighborhood, though steeped in history, is not trapped in the past. Rather, it's a place where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. In recent years, the area has witnessed the sprouting of new cafes, boutiques, and art galleries, adding a contemporary layer to its established character. Such establishments, often locally-owned, foster a strong sense of community pride and offer spaces where residents gather, exchange stories, and celebrate milestones.

Accessibility is another hallmark of East Lake. Its strategic location ensures that residents are never too far from the broader amenities that Nashville offers. From renowned music venues to gourmet dining establishments and shopping districts, the pulse of the city is just a short drive or bike ride away. This convenience is further augmented by well-connected transportation routes and a community that values sustainability, evidenced by the increasing number of pedestrian pathways and cycling lanes.

In East Lake, the emphasis on community extends beyond its borders. The neighborhood is known for its active neighborhood associations and frequent community events, fostering a culture of inclusivity and togetherness. From weekend farmers' markets to annual street festivals, the sense of camaraderie is palpable. Newcomers are often struck by the warmth and friendliness of East Lake's residents, making it not just a place to live, but a community to belong to.

Similar Communities

Inglewood, situated just a few miles north of East Lake, offers a similar enchanting blend of historical and contemporary homes. Like East Lake, Inglewood's streets boast early 20th-century bungalows that bear testament to Nashville's architectural past. The stately homes, complete with expansive front yards and mature trees, evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of a bygone era. Yet, the neighborhood is far from dated. Modern homes, with their sleek designs and innovative amenities, nestle comfortably among the vintage structures, creating a seamless blend of the old and the new. Inglewood’s residents cherish the tranquility that the neighborhood offers, all while being a stone’s throw away from the city's pulsating heart.

Lockeland Springs Homes

Lockeland Springs, another gem in Nashville's crown, parallels East Lake in terms of price points and the general aesthetic of its residences. The neighborhood is renowned for its beautiful Victorian and Craftsman-style homes, adorned with intricate detailing and surrounded by lush greenery. This preservation of architectural beauty reflects the community's commitment to honoring its historical roots. However, this doesn't imply a compromise on modernity. Many of the older homes have been thoughtfully renovated to incorporate modern conveniences while maintaining their vintage charm. Additionally, Lockeland Springs' vibrant commercial district, brimming with cafes, boutique shops, and art spaces, adds a layer of urban sophistication to the residential serenity.

Rosebank, another neighboring community, also stands shoulder to shoulder with East Lake when it comes to lifestyle offerings and the quality of homes. Here, one can find a myriad of housing styles, from quaint cottages to modern townhouses, all situated within tree-lined streets and well-manicured lawns. The neighborhood emanates a suburban feel while being conveniently close to Nashville's major attractions and amenities. Moreover, Rosebank's parks and recreational spaces serve as communal hubs, fostering a tight-knit community spirit. Families, young professionals, and retirees find common ground in Rosebank, brought together by shared values and a love for their charming locale.

Cleveland Park, not far from East Lake, rounds out this exploration of Nashville's comparable neighborhoods. Known for its character-filled homes that oscillate between the grandeur of the past and the sleekness of contemporary designs, Cleveland Park is a hotspot for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. The area's broad sidewalks, bustling local businesses, and the occasional pop-up market underline its community-centric ethos. Whether one is taking a leisurely evening stroll or attending a neighborhood gathering at the local park, Cleveland Park exudes an unmistakable warmth, making it a sought-after destination for those who value both style and substance in their surroundings.

Food Scene

When you venture near East Lake, Nashville, you'll quickly discover that the area is a culinary treasure trove. The rich tapestry of dining establishments weaves a story of both Nashville's traditions and its ever-evolving palate.

Sushi Spot

Starting with the classics, there are spots like Granny's Diner, a longstanding favorite among locals. With its checkered floors and vinyl booths, stepping into Granny's is like taking a nostalgic trip back in time. And while the décor evokes yesteryears, the flavors remain timeless. Their southern comfort fare, from flaky biscuits and gravy to the signature fried chicken, is a testament to Nashville's culinary roots.

Contrasting the old-school charm of such diners, the East Lake vicinity has also embraced the global culinary movement. For instance, Sakura Sushi Bar stands out with its contemporary façade and minimalist interiors. Beyond the aesthetics, it’s the tantalizing array of sushi and sashimi that draws patrons in. The chefs masterfully blend traditional Japanese techniques with local ingredients, resulting in creations like the Nashville Hot Roll, a delightful fusion of spicy tuna and crispy tempura bits.

For those craving something hearty and aromatic, the fragrant wafts emanating from La Fiesta Mexican Grill are hard to resist. This family-run establishment has earned rave reviews for its authentic Mexican dishes. From rich moles to zesty tacos, each dish paints a vivid picture of the diverse regions of Mexico. On weekends, it's common to find families sharing laughter over bowls of guacamole and pitchers of margaritas, underlining the restaurant's convivial atmosphere.

And let's not forget the burgeoning café culture around East Lake. At The Bean Street Café, mornings come alive with the robust aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The café, with its exposed brick walls and eclectic furniture, exudes a bohemian vibe. Regulars often swear by their avocado toast and almond lattes, making it an ideal spot for brunches or relaxed afternoons.

It's evident that the dining scene near East Lake offers a delightful mix of the old and the new. Each restaurant, with its unique flavors and ambiance, adds a distinctive note to the area's gastronomic symphony, ensuring that there's something to satiate every kind of palate.


Nashville, lovingly dubbed the "Music City," ensures that the areas surrounding its heart, including East Lake, are never short of rhythm or entertainment. As one ventures out from the serene lanes of East Lake, they'll find themselves enveloped in a world of musical notes, dazzling performances, and spirited sports encounters.

Ryman Auditorium

Just a stone's throw away, the iconic Ryman Auditorium resonates with rich musical history. While it's globally renowned as the birthplace of bluegrass, today, it hosts a variety of genres, from country legends strumming their classic tunes to rock bands bringing down the house. And if you're lucky, you might even stumble upon an intimate acoustic session by an upcoming artist, making the experience even more memorable.

The arts aren't just limited to music. The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, accessible from East Lake, stages riveting theatrical performances, dance recitals, and even opera. On any given night, you could be mesmerized by a Broadway show's glitz or be moved to tears by a poignant drama. The state-of-the-art facility ensures that every performance is an immersive experience, connecting the audience with the art on stage.

On the sporting front, the energy is palpable. Nissan Stadium, home to the NFL's Tennessee Titans, becomes a hive of activity on game days. The roar of the fans, the sea of blue jerseys, and the thrill of the game create an electrifying atmosphere. It's not just about the touchdowns or the nail-biting finishes; it's about the camaraderie, the shared cheers, and the collective sighs that make attending a game here an unforgettable experience.

For soccer aficionados, the Nashville SC games are equally captivating. The enthusiasm of soccer fans is infectious, with chants, drumbeats, and waves rippling through the crowd, turning the stadium into a rhythmic mosaic of excitement.

In essence, the areas neighboring East Lake serve as a microcosm of Nashville's vibrant entertainment and sporting culture. Whether it's the melodic strains of a guitar, the dramatic flair of a theatrical performance, or the adrenaline rush of a game-winning goal, there's always a spectacle waiting to captivate your senses.

Health and Wellness

In the heart of Nashville, the neighborhoods surrounding East Lake are more than just musical melodies and tantalizing cuisines. They're also havens for those pursuing a holistic, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

Organic Foods

One of the first things you'll notice is the myriad of green spaces that dot the landscape. Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park is a favorite among locals. Just a short distance from East Lake, this expansive green space provides a refreshing escape from urban life. With its winding trails suitable for jogging, biking, or just leisurely walks, it's a breath of fresh air for those seeking outdoor workouts. Plus, its natural habitats and eco-stations make wellness walks both calming and educational.

For those who prefer structured workout sessions, several fitness centers cater to diverse needs. East End Fitness, for instance, offers a range of classes from high-intensity boot camps to more meditative yoga sessions. With their trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, getting into shape becomes an enjoyable journey rather than a tedious task.

Yoga enthusiasts are in for a treat as well. Studios like Radiant Yoga East, with its calming ambiance and experienced instructors, offer a sanctuary for both mind and body. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting, there's a class tailored for every level, ensuring that mindfulness and flexibility are within everyone's grasp.

Diet and nutrition play a vital role in health, and the area doesn't disappoint on this front either. Several local cafes and eateries have wellness at their core. Take Greenhouse Bar, for example. This trendy spot, known for its refreshing smoothie bowls and organic salads, ensures that eating right doesn't mean compromising on taste. Their menu, brimming with locally sourced ingredients, is a testament to Nashville's commitment to sustainable, healthy living.

Additionally, holistic wellness centers and spas in the vicinity focus on rejuvenation and relaxation. These establishments, with their array of massages, therapies, and treatments, help in detoxification and stress relief, ensuring that residents can find a balance between the hustle and bustle of daily life and moments of serene tranquility.

In essence, the neighborhoods around East Lake present a harmonious blend of nature, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation options. For those who believe in a balanced lifestyle, this corner of Nashville is both a playground and a sanctuary, fostering health in every sense of the word.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Nashville, while renowned for its bustling music scene and rich history, has its serene side, and the areas around East Lake are perfect exemplars of this tranquility. They offer nature enthusiasts a plethora of options to connect with the great outdoors.

Shelby Bottoms Greenway

One can't talk about nature near East Lake without mentioning the sprawling Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park. This gem, just a hop away from East Lake, is a testament to Nashville's commitment to preserving green spaces. The park boasts miles of paved and unpaved trails meandering through forests, wetlands, and open fields. It's not uncommon to see joggers with their headphones on, absorbing the rhythm of both their music and the rustling leaves, or families on bicycles exploring the scenic routes. Birdwatchers too find solace here, with the park being home to diverse bird species.

Adjacent to the greenway, the Cumberland River flows gracefully, providing a serene backdrop for those who prefer waterfront views. Kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts often take to these waters, enjoying a unique perspective of Nashville's natural beauty. The river's banks also serve as ideal picnic spots, with the gentle gurgling of the waters and the occasional songbird providing a perfect nature-filled symphony.

Beyond the confines of the greenway, community parks like the East Park provide a more structured outdoor experience. With its playgrounds, tennis courts, and open green spaces, it's a hub of activity, especially during weekends. Whether it's kids flying kites, couples practicing their dance steps, or yoga enthusiasts finding their zen, the park seamlessly blends structured amenities with natural beauty.

For those with a green thumb, community gardens scattered around the East Lake vicinity offer a chance to get hands-on with nature. Residents come together to cultivate vegetables, herbs, and flowers, fostering both a love for gardening and community bonding.

And of course, the seasonal farmers' markets in the area act as a bridge between nature and daily living. These markets, with their stalls bursting with fresh produce, homemade jams, and artisanal crafts, bring the countryside's bounty to the city's doorstep.

In the neighborhoods around East Lake, nature isn't just an escape; it's an integral part of daily life. Whether one is exploring a forested trail, paddling down the river, or simply enjoying a sunny day in the park, the options to embrace the outdoors are abundant and inviting.


For families residing in the East Lake vicinity of Nashville, educational choices play a pivotal role in shaping their community experience. Thankfully, East Lake and its neighboring areas are rich in both public and private educational institutions, ensuring that families can find the right fit for their children's learning needs.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

The Metro Nashville Public Schools system is the primary provider of public education in the area. Among its offerings, the nearby East Nashville Magnet School is often highlighted. Known for its strong academic curriculum, diverse extracurricular activities, and dedicated teaching staff, it stands as a beacon of quality education. The school has carved a niche for itself with its rigorous programs, aimed not just at academic excellence, but also at fostering holistic development. Moreover, the sense of community at these public schools, with parents, teachers, and students collaborating, ensures that learning is a shared journey.

For those seeking alternatives to public schooling, the vicinity of East Lake doesn't disappoint. Several esteemed private institutions cater to various educational philosophies and approaches. For instance, the Montessori East School, following the Montessori method, offers a unique learning environment where children learn at their own pace, driven by their innate curiosity. With an emphasis on individualized attention, hands-on learning, and fostering independence, it's an ideal choice for parents aligning with such an educational vision.

Additionally, faith-based schools like the St. Ann's Episcopal School offer a blend of rigorous academic coursework intertwined with spiritual teachings. Families who prioritize a combination of faith and education find such institutions to be perfectly in sync with their values.

For older students eyeing higher education, the proximity to institutions like Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and Tennessee State University ensures that world-class tertiary education is just a short commute away. These universities not only offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs but also add vibrancy to the community through cultural events, seminars, and sporting activities.

All in all, East Lake residents find themselves in a favorable position when it comes to education. With a mix of public and private institutions, each bringing its unique strengths to the table, families can chart an educational path that aligns with their aspirations and values.

Shopping and Retail

While East Lake, Nashville is a neighborhood replete with its unique charms, it's the nearby shopping and retail experiences that truly enrich the lifestyle of its residents. A wander through the local streets and beyond will introduce you to a delightful mix of boutique stores, sprawling malls, and charming local markets.

Boutique Stores

Nestled in nearby neighborhoods, you'll find boutique shops like "The Trendy Trunk," offering curated collections of chic clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and unique home décor. It's places like these that reflect the heart and soul of Nashville's fashion scene, bridging the gap between southern charm and modern style. Shopping here becomes less about making a purchase and more about discovering a story behind every product.

For a more comprehensive retail experience, the Eastgate Shopping Center beckons. This bustling hub, a short drive from East Lake, is home to a diverse range of stores. From high-end brands presenting the latest in fashion to tech stores displaying the newest gadgets, there's something to cater to every shopper's fancy. Amidst the larger retailers, one can also find quaint bookstores, artisanal bakeries, and specialty shops, adding a personal touch to the expansive mall environment.

Farmers' markets are another integral part of the retail landscape near East Lake. The East Nashville Farmers Market, held weekly, is a vibrant space where local farmers and artisans come together. The stalls, brimming with fresh produce, organic goods, and handmade crafts, showcase the best of Tennessee's bounty. The friendly chatter between residents and stall owners, the aroma of freshly baked goods, and the sight of children playing around make the shopping experience here a heartwarming community affair.

Lastly, for those with an eclectic taste, antique stores and vintage shops dot the areas around East Lake. Places like "Vintage Finds" invite shoppers to dive into a treasure trove of yesteryears. From rustic furniture and age-old records to vintage clothing, there's a piece of history waiting to be rediscovered.

The proximity of East Lake to such a varied and vibrant retail landscape ensures that residents are never far from a fulfilling shopping spree. Whether it's a day spent rummaging through antique collections, a relaxed evening at the farmers' market, or a spree at a chic boutique, retail therapy is always just around the corner.

Business and Economy

The area around East Lake, Nashville, while steeped in rich cultural undertones, is also a thriving economic enclave, thanks to the varied businesses and industries that have chosen to set up shop here. These enterprises, both big and small, play a pivotal role in fueling the local economy, providing job opportunities, and adding vibrancy to the community.

Saint Thomas Hospital

Without a doubt, music remains the heartbeat of Nashville. Around East Lake, this manifests in the presence of numerous recording studios, music labels, and talent management agencies. The labyrinth of streets is often reverberating with melodies, as budding artists and established musicians alike collaborate and create their next big hit. Businesses like "Harmony Studios" and "Nashville Records Inc." become crucial nodes in this intricate web, driving the music industry and reinforcing the city's status as the world's "Music City."

Hospitality and tourism, given Nashville's appeal, have burgeoned into major industries around East Lake. Boutique hotels, B&Bs, and a myriad of eateries cater to the influx of tourists, ensuring that they savor every bit of the southern charm. Coupled with this are the event management companies and tour operators, weaving experiences that showcase the city's rich tapestry of history, music, and culture.

Healthcare, too, has a significant imprint on the economic landscape here. With world-renowned institutions like the Vanderbilt University Medical Center not too far off, the ripple effects are palpable in East Lake. Numerous clinics, specialty health centers, and medical supply businesses have sprung up, catering to both the local community and patients from afar.

Furthermore, East Lake's proximity to the downtown district means that many residents find employment in the corporate sectors. Banking, IT, and real estate firms are interspersed with startups and creative agencies, providing a diverse range of job opportunities and adding layers to the area's economic fabric.

Small businesses, however, are the unsung heroes of the local economy. Whether it's the quaint bookstore at the corner, the artisanal coffee shop brewing ethically sourced beans, or the local craftsman selling handmade wares, they infuse life into the community and keep the local economic wheel turning.

In essence, the area around East Lake is a melting pot of varied industries. From the iconic music establishments to the buzzing tech startups, each business plays its part in crafting the unique economic narrative of this Nashville neighborhood.

Hotels and Lodging

Nashville, with its magnetic allure, draws in countless visitors year-round. And for those choosing to explore the neighborhoods around East Lake, they’re greeted with an array of lodging options, each exuding its own charm and warmth.

Hermitage Hotel

Among the first that come to mind are the boutique hotels. Places like the "Eastland Inn" encapsulate the essence of Southern hospitality in a chic setting. The rooms, while adorned with modern amenities, often have an artistic flair that subtly pays homage to Nashville's rich musical heritage. Lounges often hum with live music sessions, letting guests savor the rhythms of the city as they unwind.

For those who seek a more intimate experience, "bed and breakfasts" offer a delightful alternative. "Rosewood Manor," nestled a short distance from East Lake, is one such haven. Housed in a restored Victorian-era home, it offers guests a blend of history and comfort. Each room tells its own tale, with vintage furnishings, hand-picked decor, and a promise of a hearty Southern breakfast come morning. It's not just about the stay; it's about experiencing life as a local, with hosts often sharing tales of the neighborhood's past and their personal recommendations for hidden city gems.

Apart from these, several chain hotels, recognized for their consistency and service, are conveniently located near East Lake. Whether it’s the "Marriott Eastside" or "Holiday Inn Express East Lake," guests are guaranteed a comfortable stay, equipped with all the modern conveniences they might seek. These establishments, given their scale, often come with added amenities like pools, fitness centers, and in-house restaurants, making them ideal for both business travelers and families.

Of course, for those who prefer more flexible and unique accommodations, platforms like Airbnb open up a world of choices. From trendy loft apartments overlooking the city skyline to rustic cabins that promise a tranquil retreat, there's a perfect space waiting for every kind of traveler.

The areas surrounding East Lake, Nashville, with their varied lodging options, ensure that every visitor finds their cozy nook. Be it the luxury of a boutique hotel, the homely ambiance of a B&B, or the familiarity of a chain establishment, there's a promise of a memorable stay awaiting all.

Travel and Transportation

One of the most reassuring aspects of staying or living near East Lake, Nashville, is the area's connectivity. Whether you're a frequent flyer or someone who leans on public transportation for daily commutes, East Lake's strategic location ensures you're always on the move with ease.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

When it comes to air travel, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the primary gateway serving the region. Conveniently located, it's just a short drive from East Lake, making it a breeze for residents and visitors to catch their flights or welcome incoming guests. Serving numerous domestic and international destinations, BNA is more than just a hub for travelers; it's a testament to Nashville's stature as a growing global city. The drive to the airport, often punctuated by the city's iconic skyline and lush green vistas, sets the mood, whether you're embarking on a journey or returning home.

As for public transportation, East Lake residents have several options at their disposal. The WeGo Public Transit system, formerly known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), serves the broader Nashville area. Buses are a common sight, with routes crisscrossing the city and ensuring that residents can reach their desired destinations without much fuss. The routes are designed to be comprehensive, with frequent services to popular locales, including downtown Nashville, shopping districts, and other residential neighborhoods. Moreover, the buses are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring passengers travel in comfort.

There's also chatter and anticipation about the future expansion of Nashville's public transportation system. Plans for light rails and dedicated bus lanes are often topics of conversation at local cafes and community meetings. Such prospects promise even better connectivity for East Lake and its neighboring areas in the years to come.

In essence, for the globetrotters, daily commuters, or occasional travelers, East Lake's proximity to major transportation hubs and services ensures that the journey, be it long or short, is always a pleasant one. Whether you're catching a flight at dawn or hopping on a bus for an evening out, East Lake keeps you well-connected.