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Donelson Heights, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale September 27, 2023
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Donelson Heights Homes

Donelson Heights boasts a unique collection of homes that showcase the historical depth and architectural diversity of Nashville. Most residences in the area seamlessly blend traditional design elements with contemporary functionality. One of the distinguishing features of homes in Donelson Heights is their predominantly mid-century design, a reflection of the period during which much of the community was developed. These homes, often ranch-style or cottage structures, present broad facades, sizeable windows, and spacious interiors.

Moreover, these homes often rest on generous lots, offering homeowners sizable yards and gardens. The mature trees that dot the community provide a canopy of shade, adding an intimate and cozy feel to the neighborhood streets. Over the years, some of these houses have been renovated and updated to cater to modern-day needs, yet they retain their original charm and character. These renovations often include open floor concepts, upgraded kitchens, and extended outdoor living spaces, making the homes suitable for both young families and older residents.

The surrounding community of Donelson Heights is equally as inviting as its homes. The area exudes a strong sense of community spirit, where neighbors know each other, and streets are often alive with children playing or families taking evening strolls. The proximity to the Cumberland River enhances the locale's appeal, offering residents opportunities for riverside walks and picnics. Furthermore, the neighborhood is just a stone's throw away from Nashville's vibrant downtown, allowing residents to experience the best of both suburban serenity and urban dynamism.

Local amenities in and around Donelson Heights contribute to the enriched lifestyle of its residents. The area is home to a range of eateries, from cozy coffee shops to family-run diners that have served the community for generations. Schools in the vicinity have a reputation for quality education and fostering community involvement. Additionally, green spaces and parks interspersed throughout the neighborhood offer residents recreational opportunities and a chance to immerse themselves in nature.

In essence, Donelson Heights presents a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. The homes here mirror the eclectic spirit of Nashville, echoing its rich history while adapting to contemporary demands. The tight-knit community, coupled with the neighborhood's strategic location and plentiful amenities, makes it a desirable place for a diverse group of residents.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Donelson Heights, there are several neighborhoods that mirror its price point, construction style, and overall lifestyle. One such community is Hermitage. Named after President Andrew Jackson's home, Hermitage retains a rich historical charm, reminiscent of Donelson Heights. Homes here often feature mid-century architecture, and like Donelson Heights, many properties have undergone thoughtful renovations. The area provides a peaceful suburban atmosphere, but with easy access to the vibrant life of downtown Nashville, creating a balanced living experience.

Another comparable neighborhood is Old Hickory. Located to the north of Donelson Heights, Old Hickory is steeped in history with a village-like atmosphere. The homes here showcase a mix of traditional architectural styles, ranging from cozy bungalows to larger family homes. Many properties in Old Hickory echo the same mid-century designs seen in Donelson Heights. Its proximity to the Old Hickory Lake provides residents with an opportunity to indulge in water-based activities, fostering a sense of community and outdoor living akin to the Cumberland River's influence on Donelson Heights.

Inglewood is yet another area that parallels the allure of Donelson Heights. Situated to the west, it has become increasingly popular due to its combination of affordability and charm. The homes in Inglewood, much like those in Donelson Heights, resonate with historical designs, predominantly from the mid-20th century. The neighborhood is interwoven with tree-lined streets, creating a picturesque setting for its residents. Furthermore, its evolving local business scene, from artisanal coffee shops to quaint boutiques, promotes a lifestyle that resonates with both young professionals and families, mirroring the community spirit of Donelson Heights.

East Nashville is also worth mentioning, even though its popularity and subsequent growth have caused some variability in price points. However, pockets within East Nashville still match the affordability and design characteristics of Donelson Heights. The region is known for its rich music history, artsy vibe, and an array of bungalow-style and Victorian homes. The sense of community is strong here, with numerous local events, eateries, and parks that cater to a diverse demographic, creating an ambiance that many find analogous to the lifestyle in Donelson Heights.

Collectively, these neighborhoods highlight the allure of Nashville's suburban yet connected communities. While each has its distinct characteristics, they all share common threads with Donelson Heights in terms of construction, price point, and lifestyle, making them favorable alternatives for potential homeowners seeking the essence of Nashville living.

Food Scene

The dining scene near Donelson Heights in Nashville is truly a delightful blend of flavors and experiences. For those who call this area home or are just passing through, there's always a table waiting, ready to introduce you to the culinary diversity of Nashville.

You know, there's something quite charming about "Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace." This local favorite caters to both casual drinkers and food enthusiasts. With an extensive selection of craft beers and a menu that sources local ingredients, it offers a taste that's unmistakably Donelson. And if you're looking for a more global twist, "Phat Bites" is the go-to. This spot offers an eclectic mix of dishes inspired by global flavors, from Middle Eastern wraps to Mediterranean salads. Their quirky, artsy setting is a conversation starter on its own.

Speaking of international flavors, Donelson is also home to several authentic eateries. For instance, those in the mood for savory, spicy curries often find themselves at "Sindoore - Indian by Nature." The warmth of Indian spices combined with the heartiness of traditional dishes makes it a comforting choice for many. On the other hand, if pizza is what your heart desires, "Donatos Pizza" offers a slice that many swear by. From classic margheritas to meaty specials, there's a pie for everyone.

And let's not forget mornings in Donelson. "Caliber Coffee Co." has become somewhat of a staple for morning routines. Their artisanal brews paired with freshly baked pastries set the right tone for a day in Nashville. For those wanting a heartier breakfast, "Ellendale's Restaurant" offers southern hospitality on a plate. Think traditional biscuits and gravy, pancakes stacked high, and omelets bursting with fillings.

With such a diverse range of options, dining near Donelson Heights is always an adventure, an exploration of tastes, and a celebration of community. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely meal, there's always something delicious cooking in and around this Nashville neighborhood.


Donelson Heights, nestled in the heart of Nashville, sits in close proximity to a plethora of entertainment and sporting events that truly capture the city's spirit. Nashville, often dubbed "Music City," ensures that residents and visitors of Donelson Heights are never too far from a melodious evening. The iconic Grand Ole Opry, a short drive away, is a testament to this. With its historic stage hosting both budding artists and country music legends, it's an experience that resonates deeply with the soul of Tennessee.

For those who appreciate a more intimate musical experience, the local bars and smaller venues in and around Donelson Heights often host live bands and solo artists. These settings allow for a closer interaction with the performers, often giving attendees a taste of Nashville's vibrant grassroots music scene.

On the topic of grassroots, let's pivot to sports. The region is buzzing, especially when it's game day for the Tennessee Titans. Nissan Stadium, located downtown, becomes a hive of activity. The roar of the crowd, the sea of blue jerseys, and the electrifying atmosphere make attending a game here an unforgettable experience. And if football isn't your cup of tea, perhaps a Nashville Predators' hockey match at Bridgestone Arena might strike a chord. The camaraderie of Predators' fans, coupled with the fast-paced action on the ice, offers a different kind of thrill.

Beyond the major league events, there's also a myriad of local sporting events and recreational activities in the vicinity. Whether it's a weekend softball game at a nearby park or a golfing afternoon at Two Rivers Golf Course, the community spirit shines through, and there's no shortage of opportunities to either partake in or cheer on some friendly competition.

In essence, the area around Donelson Heights offers a beautiful medley of tunes and touchdowns. Between the musical allure of Nashville and the sporting fervor, there's always something in the air that invites residents and visitors to be part of the lively rhythm of the city.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness near Donelson Heights, Nashville certainly doesn't disappoint. For those residing in or visiting this neck of the woods, embracing a wholesome and active lifestyle feels almost second nature, thanks to the array of options available.

First and foremost, the green spaces in and around Donelson Heights serve as a sanctuary for those keen on staying active. Two Rivers Park, for instance, is a local gem. With its expansive walking trails, biking paths, and serene surroundings, it's a favorite for early morning joggers, yoga enthusiasts, or anyone just looking to breathe in some fresh air. Not to mention, its proximity to the Cumberland River means one can occasionally indulge in some calming riverside meditation or perhaps some paddleboarding, adding a splash of fun to their fitness routine.

For those who prefer a more structured workout environment, the area is home to several fitness centers and gyms. Places like the YMCA in Donelson offer a comprehensive approach to fitness. Whether it's a heart-pumping aerobics class, a strength-building weight session, or even a rejuvenating swim, there's something for everyone. And if you're someone who leans towards specialized fitness routines, there are various studios that offer yoga, pilates, and even dance classes.

Health, as we know, isn't just about physical activity. It's also about nourishment and relaxation. The vicinity boasts a number of health food stores and farmers' markets, where residents can pick up organic produce, locally-sourced meats, and other wholesome goods. For the body's relaxation and rejuvenation, there are several spas and wellness centers. Whether it's a deep tissue massage, a therapeutic acupuncture session, or a holistic wellness consultation, the options are abundant.

In the bigger picture, the community vibe in Donelson Heights and the nearby neighborhoods further amplifies the focus on health and wellness. With regular community events promoting fitness, local health workshops, and wellness fairs, there's a collective effort to ensure everyone has the opportunity to lead a balanced life. In essence, living near Donelson Heights means being in an environment that continually supports and champions a vibrant, healthy, and well-rounded lifestyle.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Nestled near the heart of Music City, the Donelson Heights area of Nashville, TN offers residents and visitors a refreshing blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. With a strategic location along the Cumberland River, this neighborhood presents a wide array of opportunities for those who cherish the outdoors.

One of the standout attractions in the area is the Stones River Greenway, a linear park that threads through multiple neighborhoods, including Donelson Heights. This greenway offers miles of paved trails ideal for jogging, cycling, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. As you meander along the path, you're treated to the tranquil sights and sounds of the Cumberland River, giving you that perfect slice of nature right in the middle of urban Nashville.

For those who prefer a more structured outdoor experience, the nearby Two Rivers Park is a haven of recreational activities. From its expansive golf courses to its skate park and disc golf areas, there's something here for everyone. Families can enjoy a picnic by the river or let the little ones loose on the playground. If you’re more inclined towards water activities, the Cumberland River provides ample opportunities. Kayaking, fishing, or simply watching the boats go by are favorite pastimes for many locals.

Beyond these well-known spots, Donelson Heights is characterized by tree-lined streets, community gardens, and small pocket parks. This gives the neighborhood a distinctive suburban feel despite its proximity to downtown Nashville. The community's commitment to preserving green spaces and promoting an outdoor lifestyle is evident everywhere you look. This has fostered a close-knit community vibe where neighbors often gather outdoors, whether it's for a weekend BBQ or a casual evening chat on a porch.

Given the blend of natural attractions and community-driven green spaces, Donelson Heights stands out as a unique Nashville enclave. It's a place where the allure of nature intersects seamlessly with the rhythm of city life, offering the best of both worlds to those fortunate enough to call it home or those just passing through.


Donelson Heights, a vibrant neighborhood in Nashville, boasts a range of educational options that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. From public to private institutions, families in this area are presented with a myriad of choices when it comes to schooling their children.

The Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) system serves the majority of the students in Donelson Heights. Several of the district's schools are situated within or near the neighborhood, providing residents with accessible and comprehensive education. These schools emphasize a balanced curriculum, extracurricular activities, and community engagement, ensuring that students receive a holistic education. Moreover, the proximity of these institutions to residential areas makes them a convenient choice for many families.

For families considering private education, Donelson Heights is not short of options. Numerous private schools in and around the neighborhood cater to different educational philosophies and religious affiliations. These institutions often offer smaller class sizes, which can lead to more personalized attention for students. They also often emphasize specialty programs, arts, or religious studies, depending on their specific focus. The presence of these schools provides parents with the flexibility to choose an educational environment that aligns most closely with their family values and aspirations for their children's learning.

In addition to the traditional educational institutions, Donelson Heights is also within reach of various specialty and magnet schools. These schools offer specialized programs that cater to students with distinct talents or interests, ranging from the arts and sciences to technology and vocational training. Such diverse educational offerings ensure that every child in the neighborhood, regardless of their inclinations or talents, has an opportunity to thrive academically.

Shopping and Retail

Donelson Heights in Nashville is a delightful blend of suburban comfort and urban proximity, making its shopping and retail landscape both convenient and diverse. Residents don’t have to venture far to find a mix of local boutiques, chain stores, and unique shopping outlets that cater to various tastes and needs.

One of the charming features of the area is its support for local businesses. Donelson Heights is dotted with quaint boutiques and specialty shops that offer everything from handcrafted gifts to vintage finds. These locally-owned establishments give shoppers a personalized experience, often characterized by the warm interactions with store owners who are passionate about their wares.

For those who crave the experience of larger shopping centers, the proximity of Donelson Heights to the heart of Nashville ensures that major retail hubs are just a short drive away. Here, one can find a multitude of national and international retailers, catering to every imaginable need, from fashion and electronics to home goods and more. The convenience of having such a diverse array of shopping destinations nearby means that residents can easily switch between the cozy, intimate atmosphere of their local stores and the bustling vibe of larger retail complexes.

Foodies are also in for a treat. In addition to the traditional grocery chains, the area is home to farmers’ markets and specialty food stores. These places offer a range of fresh, locally-sourced produce and artisanal products, allowing residents to both support local farmers and enjoy high-quality ingredients in their home-cooked meals. Furthermore, as Nashville's culinary scene continues to grow and evolve, many restaurateurs and food vendors have set up shop near Donelson Heights, providing a delightful array of flavors for residents to explore.

In essence, shopping near Donelson Heights reflects the broader character of the neighborhood: a harmonious blend of local charm and urban accessibility. Whether one is on the hunt for a unique gift, the latest fashion, or simply the ingredients for tonight’s dinner, the area offers a myriad of options, ensuring that every shopping excursion is both enjoyable and fruitful.

Business and Economy

Donelson Heights, nestled conveniently in Nashville, finds itself influenced by and contributing to the broader economic tapestry of the city. The neighborhood's economy is underpinned by a range of businesses and industries, reflecting both its historical roots and its adaptability to modern economic trends.

Nashville, often dubbed "Music City," undoubtedly has a profound impact on the economic atmosphere surrounding Donelson Heights. The music industry, with its array of recording studios, management offices, and performance venues, brings in a steady stream of artists, technicians, and professionals. Many residents in the Donelson area either work directly within this industry or in peripheral roles, supporting the vast network that keeps Nashville's music scene vibrant.

Furthermore, the proximity of the Nashville International Airport plays a significant role in shaping the local economy. The airport not only employs a considerable number of residents but also boosts related sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and logistics. Hotels, car rental agencies, and eateries, especially those catering to travelers, find a steady business in this area, thanks to the constant inflow and outflow of passengers.

Healthcare is another pillar of Nashville's economy that has its influence felt in Donelson Heights. The city's reputation as a healthcare hub, with renowned hospitals and health-related institutions, means that many residents might be involved in this sector, whether as healthcare professionals or in administrative and support roles.

Lastly, the steady growth of Nashville as a business and tech hub introduces a newer facet to the economic landscape. While the tech industry might be more concentrated in other parts of the city, its growth has ripple effects, creating opportunities in sectors like real estate, retail, and services throughout surrounding neighborhoods, including Donelson Heights.

In a nutshell, the economy near Donelson Heights is a dynamic blend of Nashville's rich musical heritage, its robust healthcare sector, the bustling activities related to transportation and travel, and the burgeoning growth in newer industries like technology. This diversified economic environment ensures that the neighborhood remains both lively and resilient, adapting to the changing tides of the broader economy.

Hotels and Lodging

The area around Donelson Heights, thanks to its strategic location near the heart of Nashville and the Nashville International Airport, boasts a diverse array of accommodations suited for various tastes and budgets. Visitors coming to this part of Nashville will find themselves spoiled for choice, given the spectrum of lodgings available.

For those seeking the comforts and amenities of well-known brands, there are several reputable chain hotels in close proximity. Many of these establishments cater to business travelers, given the area's nearness to the airport, and often provide amenities such as shuttle services, business centers, and conference rooms. But leisure travelers, too, find these accommodations comfortable and convenient, with many hotels offering pools, fitness centers, and in-house restaurants.

However, if one's preference leans more towards the charm of smaller, intimate accommodations, the "bed and breakfast" options near Donelson Heights do not disappoint. These B&Bs, often set in beautifully preserved historical homes, offer a distinct blend of Southern hospitality and unique character. Guests can expect personalized service, tastefully decorated rooms, and often, a hearty homemade breakfast to start their day. Staying at one of these places provides a delightful, homey feel, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and history.

Moreover, given Nashville's reputation as "Music City," some lodgings even offer a touch of musical flair, be it through themed rooms, live performances in common areas, or curated playlists for guests. It's this touch of local flavor that often makes a stay near Donelson Heights memorable.

And, for those who prefer a more modern, self-sufficient style of accommodation, the rise of vacation rental platforms has made available a range of apartments, homes, or even unique stays like treehouses or lofts. These options provide a sense of living like a local, often complete with kitchens, living areas, and sometimes, even a backyard or patio.

In essence, whether you're a business traveler looking for convenience, a couple seeking a romantic B&B getaway, or a family wanting a space of their own, the area around Donelson Heights offers a multitude of options to make any stay comfortable and memorable.

Travel and Transportation

One of the many conveniences of residing in or visiting Donelson Heights, Nashville, is its impressive proximity to key transportation hubs. Chief among these is the Nashville International Airport. Just a stone's throw away from Donelson Heights, this airport offers both domestic and international flights, making it an invaluable asset for frequent fliers. Whether you're jet-setting for business, embarking on a vacation, or awaiting the arrival of out-of-town guests, having such a major airport practically on your doorstep is undeniably beneficial.

But it's not just air travel that's easily accessible from Donelson Heights. The neighborhood is also well-served by Nashville's public transportation system. The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) operates several bus routes that pass through or near Donelson Heights, ensuring that residents and visitors have a reliable mode of transit to various parts of the city. For those who prefer rail travel, the Music City Star commuter rail has a stop in Donelson. This line connects the eastern part of the region to downtown Nashville, offering a scenic and efficient commute, especially during peak hours when the roads might be congested.

Moreover, given the neighborhood's strategic location, even those who opt for personal vehicles find it relatively hassle-free to navigate. Major roadways and interstates are easily accessible, ensuring swift movement to other parts of Nashville or even out of the city.

All in all, Donelson Heights is something of a transportation sweet spot in Nashville. Whether by air, bus, rail, or car, getting in and out of the neighborhood is a breeze. Such connectivity not only adds to the appeal of the area but also ensures that both residents and visitors can make the most of their time, be it exploring the many delights of Nashville or venturing beyond the city's borders.