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Cumberland Trace, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale September 27, 2023
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Cumberland Trace Homes

Cumberland Trace in Nashville, Tennessee, embodies the essence of Southern charm combined with the conveniences of modern living. One of the defining characteristics of the homes in this enclave is their architectural variety. Ranging from classic Colonial styles to modern Craftsman designs, the homes seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary appeal. A consistent feature is the meticulous attention to detail, with homes boasting well-thought-out floor plans, spacious interiors, and top-tier fixtures and finishes. The use of natural materials like hardwood, brick, and stone is common, lending the homes a sturdy, timeless appearance.

The homes in Cumberland Trace are not just about aesthetics; they also prioritize functionality. Many homes feature energy-efficient appliances, smart home integrations, and landscaped yards that cater to both leisure and utility. It's not unusual to find homes with wrap-around porches, providing residents with a cozy outdoor space to relax or entertain, or well-maintained backyards that serve as a personal retreat.

Nestled within the city of Nashville, Cumberland Trace enjoys the benefits of an urban locale while maintaining a serene, residential atmosphere. Its strategic location ensures that residents have easy access to major highways, making commutes to downtown Nashville or other parts of the city a breeze. This convenience, however, doesn’t detract from the tranquility of the neighborhood. With tree-lined streets, well-manicured lawns, and the absence of high-rises, there's a sense of space and calm that is often hard to find in city settings.

Furthermore, the community spirit in Cumberland Trace is palpable. The neighborhood boasts a mix of long-time residents and newer families, creating a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences and histories. The community is actively engaged in organizing local events, supporting local businesses, and participating in initiatives that contribute to the betterment of the area. Schools in and around Cumberland Trace have a reputation for academic excellence, and the local parks provide an array of recreational options, from walking trails to playgrounds. Nearby, shopping centers, fine dining establishments, and cultural venues further enrich the lifestyle of those lucky enough to call Cumberland Trace home.

Similar Communities

Within the vibrant landscape of Nashville, several neighborhoods echo the characteristics of Cumberland Trace in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle, creating pockets of affluence and charm throughout the city.

One such neighborhood is Belle Meade. Like Cumberland Trace, Belle Meade is marked by its stately homes, many of which offer a delightful fusion of historical architecture with modern amenities. The tree-canopied streets provide residents with a sense of peace and seclusion, even while being a short drive away from the bustling heart of Nashville. The community's attention to preserving its historical integrity, while also ensuring the homes meet modern standards, is evident. Belle Meade’s proximity to upscale shopping centers and eateries further enhances its appeal to those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.

Green Hills is another area that shares similarities with Cumberland Trace. Known for its upscale homes, Green Hills presents a mix of traditional and contemporary construction. Homes here are often sprawling, with ample yards and elegant interiors. Additionally, the neighborhood's shopping district boasts some of Nashville's most sought-after boutiques and restaurants. The existence of top-rated schools and recreational spaces makes Green Hills an attractive choice for families desiring a blend of luxury, convenience, and community engagement.

West Meade, a stone's throw from Belle Meade, is a testament to refined suburban living. It parallels Cumberland Trace in offering spacious, expertly crafted homes that exude Southern charm. Set against the backdrop of rolling hills, the neighborhood's setting is both picturesque and serene. Residents benefit from a more laid-back pace of life while being closely connected to the amenities of Nashville. The emphasis on family-friendly activities, community events, and shared spaces ensures that West Meade is more than just a collection of homes; it's a close-knit community.

Lastly, Forest Hills, nestled between Green Hills and Belle Meade, offers an ambiance of upscale tranquility. The homes, like those in Cumberland Trace, are built with a discerning eye for detail, with many properties overlooking lush green spaces or situated near the area's natural preserves. The commitment to maintaining green spaces provides residents with a verdant escape from urban life. Yet, the convenience of nearby commercial hubs ensures that the delights of city life are never too far away.

Food Scene

Nashville's culinary scene is both rich and diverse, and the dining options near Cumberland Trace certainly showcase this gastronomic variety. One of the joys of living in or visiting this part of Nashville is the delightful array of eateries just a short drive away.

For those in the mood for some authentic Southern comfort food, there are several local diners and restaurants that have become institutions in their own right. Their menus boast classics like buttermilk fried chicken, creamy grits, and flaky biscuits that evoke memories of home-cooked meals. And let's not forget about the barbeque joints. Slow-cooked ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and savory sauces – each establishment has its own signature dish and method, making it a treat to explore them all.

On the other hand, for the more globally-inspired palate, there are numerous options ranging from Asian fusion restaurants to cozy Italian trattorias. Sushi lovers will be delighted with the fresh seafood offerings and inventive rolls. Meanwhile, those with a penchant for pasta or a crisp wood-fired pizza will find that the Italian eateries here rival those in larger metropolises.

Fine dining is by no means in short supply near Cumberland Trace. There are several establishments where you can enjoy a sophisticated night out, complete with wine pairings, decadent desserts, and attentive service. These restaurants often source locally, ensuring that dishes highlight the freshest ingredients of the season.

But it's not just about the upscale experiences. The area boasts a plethora of cafes and coffee shops, perfect for weekend brunches or afternoon catch-ups. From freshly brewed coffee to an assortment of pastries, sandwiches, and salads, these spots offer a relaxed ambiance to unwind and savor the moment. And for those late-night cravings? There are several diners and eateries that stay open, ensuring residents and visitors can always find something delicious, no matter the hour.


When it comes to entertainment and sporting events, the vicinity of Cumberland Trace in Nashville has a lot to offer, highlighting the city's vibrant cultural scene and its passionate love for sports. Nashville, fondly referred to as "Music City," is synonymous with live music, and this legacy reverberates even in the neighborhoods around Cumberland Trace. From cozy bars featuring live country music to larger venues hosting world-renowned artists, there's always a tune in the air. It's not uncommon for locals to stumble upon impromptu performances or discover new, upcoming talent during a casual night out.

For those who have a penchant for theatrical arts, there's no shortage of options. The local theaters often showcase an array of performances, from heartwarming plays and Broadway-style musicals to contemporary dance and ballet. These cultural hubs serve as a testament to Nashville's dedication to nurturing and celebrating the arts in all its forms. Furthermore, the city's collection of art galleries and museums provides residents and visitors alike with a glimpse into its rich history and the creative souls that have called Nashville home.

On the sporting front, Nashville's enthusiasm is palpable. The city comes alive on game days, with residents donning the jerseys of their favorite teams and gathering at local bars, homes, or directly at the arenas to cheer them on. The proximity to the Nissan Stadium means that thrilling NFL games, courtesy of the Tennessee Titans, are never too far away. Similarly, the Bridgestone Arena, home to the NHL's Nashville Predators, regularly reverberates with the cheers of passionate hockey fans. But it's not just about the big leagues; local college games draw considerable crowds, showcasing the area's commitment to athletics at all levels. Whether it's football, basketball, or any other sport, the sense of community and camaraderie during these events is a sight to behold.

Health and Wellness

The area around Cumberland Trace in Nashville isn't just notable for its homes, entertainment, and dining. The focus on health and wellness is unmistakable, catering to residents who prioritize a balanced lifestyle. With the ever-evolving wellness trends, the offerings in and around this neighborhood have also seen a remarkable expansion, providing a comprehensive suite of options to keep both body and mind in optimum shape.

Fitness enthusiasts, for starters, have a variety of options to choose from. Traditional gyms equipped with state-of-the-art machines cater to those who prefer structured workouts. Many of these fitness centers offer classes ranging from spinning and aerobics to yoga and pilates, ensuring that members can diversify their routines. Speaking of yoga, the rise in its popularity has led to several dedicated yoga studios springing up. These tranquil spaces offer different styles, from the calming yin yoga to the more intense vinyasa flow, catering to both novices and seasoned practitioners.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors as their exercise backdrop, there are numerous parks and green spaces perfect for morning jogs, brisk walks, or a leisurely bike ride. These natural havens provide not just a chance to break a sweat but also an opportunity to connect with nature, which, as many would attest, is therapeutic in its own right.

Holistic health is also gaining traction, with wellness centers focusing on therapies like acupuncture, meditation, and even herbal treatments. These centers are often staffed by experts who provide guidance on leading a balanced lifestyle, often integrating mental well-being with physical health.

Lastly, nutrition plays a pivotal role in health and wellness. Thankfully, the vicinity boasts several health-food stores, organic markets, and even cafes that prioritize clean eating. Whether you're looking for fresh produce, vegan options, or gluten-free goodies, these establishments have got you covered. It's heartening to see such a vibrant ecosystem around health and wellness, ensuring that residents of Cumberland Trace and its surrounding areas have all they need to lead a wholesome, balanced life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Nashville's reputation as a bustling urban hub often overshadows its more serene side, but the areas around Cumberland Trace truly bring to the fore the city's commitment to green spaces and outdoor recreation. Residents and visitors alike find a refreshing retreat in the various parks and nature spots sprinkled around the neighborhood.

Centennial Park, one of the city's premier outdoor spaces, is a haven for both nature lovers and history buffs. With its expansive lawns and picturesque lake, it's an ideal spot for picnics, leisurely strolls, or even a quick jog. The park's replica of the Parthenon serves as a nod to Nashville's moniker, "the Athens of the South," and provides a unique backdrop for various outdoor activities.

For those keen on a more extensive hiking experience, the nearby Warner Parks, comprising Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, offer miles of trails that cater to both casual walkers and seasoned hikers. The diverse terrains, from gentle slopes to challenging inclines, ensure that every visit offers a different experience. And it's not just about the trails; these parks also feature equestrian paths, scenic viewpoints, and even golf courses.

Radnor Lake State Park is another gem that nature enthusiasts treasure. As a protected natural area, it's a sanctuary for wildlife, making it perfect for bird watching or simply observing the diverse fauna. The calm waters of Radnor Lake, surrounded by wooded hills, provide a sense of tranquility that's hard to find in urban settings. Whether you're trekking its trails or simply sitting by the lakeside with a book, it's a spot that resonates with those seeking peace and connection with nature.

Beyond these parks, the Cumberland Trace area promotes an outdoor lifestyle through various community events and activities. From farmers' markets that celebrate local produce to outdoor yoga sessions and community clean-up drives, there's a palpable emphasis on embracing the outdoors and the benefits it brings. It's this blend of urban convenience and natural beauty that makes the area around Cumberland Trace a delightful space for those who cherish the outdoors.


When it comes to education, residents of Cumberland Trace in Nashville find themselves amidst a wealth of options, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The blend of both private and public institutions in the vicinity ensures that families can make choices that best align with their educational priorities and values.

Nashville's public school system is vast and varied, with many of its institutions garnering recognition for academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. Schools in the vicinity of Cumberland Trace pride themselves on their comprehensive curricula, dedicated staff, and a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities. They often have well-established sports programs, arts initiatives, and clubs that foster a holistic growth environment for students. Additionally, the public schools' emphasis on community engagement means students often participate in local events, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to their surroundings.

On the other hand, for families considering private education, the choices are equally commendable. The private schools near Cumberland Trace are known for their smaller class sizes, which often translates to more personalized attention and tailor-made learning experiences. These institutions often boast rich histories and traditions, with some being in operation for several decades. The academic rigor, combined with a broader focus on character development and leadership skills, positions students well for their future endeavors. Moreover, many of these private schools offer advanced placement courses, international programs, and a plethora of extracurricular activities, from debate clubs to music and theater.

Furthermore, the presence of a few renowned magnet and charter schools in the area adds another layer to the educational landscape. These institutions, with their specialized programs and unique teaching methodologies, attract families seeking a more niche educational experience for their children.

In essence, the Cumberland Trace vicinity's educational tapestry is rich and diverse, reflecting the broader commitment of Nashville to nurturing its younger generations. Whether opting for public, private, or alternative forms of education, families in the area can be assured of quality and dedication from the institutions at their disposal.

Shopping and Retail

Shopping around Cumberland Trace! For many residents and visitors, the retail options near this Nashville enclave offer a delightful blend of convenience, variety, and style. It's one of those areas where you can find both mainstream brands and unique local boutiques, catering to an eclectic mix of shoppers.

One of the first things that stand out about the shopping scene here is the prominence of local boutiques. These independently-owned stores often feature curated selections of clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and unique home decor. For those on the lookout for a distinct piece or a gift that speaks volumes, these boutiques are treasure troves waiting to be explored. The store owners, often being local artisans themselves or passionate curators, provide a personal touch, sharing stories behind the products, which adds a layer of depth to the shopping experience.

But it's not all about the boutiques. For those who prefer a more traditional retail experience, several shopping centers and malls dot the vicinity. These hubs are home to a range of familiar brands, from high-end fashion labels to everyday essentials. Whether it's a quick run to grab a staple or a day-long shopping spree, these centers offer a comprehensive array of options, ensuring shoppers are rarely left wanting.

Beyond clothing and fashion, Cumberland Trace's proximity to various specialty stores is noteworthy. From bookstores that smell of fresh pages and nostalgia to gourmet food markets offering international delicacies, there's an avenue for every kind of shopper. And let's not forget the vibrant weekend farmers' markets! These spaces not only offer fresh produce but also become community gathering points, fostering connections and supporting local artisans and farmers.

In essence, the shopping scene near Cumberland Trace, Nashville, mirrors the broader spirit of the city. It's a space where tradition meets modernity, where global brands share space with local artisans, and where every shopping trip can be an adventure, depending on where the feet (or the heart!) wish to wander.

Business and Economy

The economic fabric around Cumberland Trace in Nashville is as dynamic as it is diverse, playing a pivotal role in shaping the region's character and vibrancy. When discussing businesses and industries that influence the local economy, it's impossible not to start with Nashville's illustrious reputation as the "Music City." The music industry, with its record labels, production studios, and an influx of artists seeking their big break, is a vital economic pillar. It's not just about country music; the city has been a melting pot for various genres, attracting talent from across the globe.

But Nashville, and by extension the areas around Cumberland Trace, isn't solely reliant on its musical heritage. The healthcare industry has a significant presence, with numerous hospitals, research institutions, and biotech firms headquartered here. Renowned medical centers, both educational and commercial, have made significant strides in healthcare innovation and research, thereby providing ample employment opportunities and drawing professionals from all over the world.

Another industry worth noting is tourism and hospitality. Given Nashville's cultural and historical significance, the influx of tourists is consistent. This has given rise to a myriad of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to tour companies, all catering to visitors keen on soaking up the local flavor. This industry's ripple effect is felt across various sectors, including retail and transportation.

Furthermore, the tech sector has been experiencing a steady growth, with startups and established firms alike recognizing Nashville as a promising hub. The areas around Cumberland Trace benefit from this growth as it leads to diversification of job opportunities and invigorates the local economy with fresh, innovative ideas.

Lastly, the real estate and construction sectors have been buzzing, given Nashville's growth trajectory. New commercial hubs, residential areas, and infrastructure projects are continually sprouting, signaling both economic vigor and a forward-looking vision.

In a nutshell, while music might be the soul of Nashville, the city's heartbeat is its diverse industries and businesses. The areas around Cumberland Trace stand as testament to this economic dynamism, offering a blend of tradition and innovation, much like the city itself.

Hotels and Lodging

When considering a visit to Nashville, specifically the areas around Cumberland Trace, you'll quickly discover that the accommodation options are as diverse as the city's rich tapestry of music, culture, and history. Those yearning for the quintessential Nashville experience might find themselves enchanted by the array of charming bed and breakfasts that dot the area. Often housed in historical buildings or quaint, picturesque homes, these B&Bs offer an intimate peek into the city's southern hospitality. With personalized services, delightful home-cooked meals, and the kind of warmth that feels like a hug, these establishments ensure guests feel more like treasured friends than passing visitors.

But the lodging scene isn't solely dominated by bed and breakfasts. For those who prefer a bit more contemporary comfort, several boutique hotels have sprung up, blending modern amenities with a touch of Nashville's signature style. These places often house or are closely associated with lively bars, restaurants, or even small music venues, ensuring that guests are always just a stone's throw away from the city's vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

Then, of course, there are the larger, more renowned hotel chains that guarantee consistent service and luxury. Ideal for business travelers or those who prefer the familiarity of established brands, these hotels are equipped with all the conveniences one could ask for. From state-of-the-art gyms and spas to gourmet restaurants and conference facilities, they cater to a wide range of needs.

Another aspect that makes the hotel scene around Cumberland Trace so enticing is their strategic locations. Many are situated within close proximity to popular attractions, shopping districts, or the buzzing lanes where the city's music and art come alive. Whether it's a rooftop view of the city's skyline, a room that overlooks a serene garden, or just the hum of a vibrant neighborhood, each lodging option provides its own slice of the Nashville experience.

In essence, from the rustic charm of bed and breakfasts to the polished allure of luxury hotels, the areas around Cumberland Trace in Nashville cater to every traveler's whim and fancy, ensuring their stay is memorable and, more importantly, uniquely Nashville.

Travel and Transportation

The convenience of traveling to and from Cumberland Trace in Nashville is one of the area's notable features. For frequent fliers or those just passing through, it's a boon that the Nashville International Airport (BNA) is relatively close by. As one of the major air transport hubs in the region, BNA offers a multitude of domestic and several international flights, making the broader world just a flight away for Cumberland Trace residents and visitors. Depending on traffic, the drive to the airport usually doesn't take too long, which means less time on the road and more time preparing for your journey or unwinding after a long flight.

Now, when it comes to public transportation, Nashville's commitment to offering a range of options is evident. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates a comprehensive bus service throughout the city. For those residing or visiting the Cumberland Trace vicinity, catching a bus is relatively straightforward with several routes servicing the area. Buses are a popular choice, especially during peak hours when one wants to bypass the hustle and bustle of city traffic.

For those who prefer rails over roads, the Music City Star commuter train is worth mentioning. While it has a more limited route compared to the bus system, it provides a swift and scenic journey to certain parts of the city and surrounding areas.

It's also heartening to see the rise of ride-sharing services in Nashville. Companies like Uber and Lyft have become integral parts of the city's transportation tapestry. Whether it's a quick ride to a nearby restaurant or a more extended trip to a distant neighborhood, these services fill in the gaps, ensuring that mobility is never a concern.

In essence, Cumberland Trace's positioning in Nashville ensures that, be it by air or land, getting around is never a cumbersome affair. With a blend of traditional public transport and modern ride-sharing conveniences, residents and visitors alike have the luxury of choice when it comes to their commuting needs.