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Crievewood, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale September 27, 2023
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Crievewood Homes

Crievewood homes in Nashville, TN, are a fine representation of Southern charm and architectural refinement. Many of the residences boast traditional designs, with sprawling lawns, elegant brick exteriors, and tasteful landscaping that often includes mature trees and blooming gardens. One can often find ranch-style houses side by side with two-story traditional homes, each carrying its own distinctive style but blending harmoniously with its neighbors. The spaciousness of the homes in this area reflects the value residents place on comfort and luxury.

The interiors of Crievewood homes typically exude warmth and a sense of welcoming. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, and cozy fireplaces are frequent features, along with open floor plans that provide ample space for family gatherings and entertaining. These homes, many of which have been standing for decades, have either been lovingly maintained or updated with modern amenities, ensuring that while they retain their historic charm, they also cater to contemporary lifestyles.

The community surrounding the Crievewood homes is equally impressive. The tree-lined streets give off a peaceful suburban vibe, ensuring that residents can enjoy tranquility while being just a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of Nashville. The neighborhood takes pride in its well-maintained parks and recreational areas, offering residents an opportunity to partake in outdoor activities, from jogging and biking to picnicking and playing.

In terms of amenities and facilities, the Crievewood community is well-served. Local shops, cafes, and restaurants offer a range of culinary delights and essential services, making day-to-day living convenient for residents. The sense of community is strong, with local events, fairs, and neighborhood gatherings fostering a close-knit environment where neighbors not only know each other but often form lasting friendships.

Schools and educational institutions around Crievewood are highly regarded, providing families with quality educational options for their children. The area also benefits from good transport links, making commuting or venturing into downtown Nashville both quick and efficient. This seamless blend of suburban serenity and urban convenience is part of what makes Crievewood such a sought-after place to call home.

Similar Communities

One such neighborhood is Crieve Hall. Like Crievewood, Crieve Hall boasts homes that are a testament to Southern elegance, with brick exteriors and spacious lawns being a common sight. The houses, predominantly constructed in the mid-20th century, carry with them a timeless charm, often punctuated by modern renovations that seamlessly blend the old with the new. The interiors of these homes mirror the luxury and comfort that is characteristic of Crievewood, with hardwood floors, state-of-the-art kitchens, and open living spaces. Crieve Hall's proximity to Nashville ensures that while residents can enjoy the suburban calm, they never feel disconnected from the vibrant pulse of the city.

Brentwood is another neighborhood that closely aligns with the attributes of Crievewood. Situated just south of Nashville, Brentwood boasts a mix of classic and contemporary homes. The architecture, though varied, consistently exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. Wide driveways, meticulous landscaping, and spacious backyards are typical features of Brentwood residences. The community is also known for its emphasis on family and recreation, with numerous parks, green spaces, and trails for residents to enjoy.

Green Hills is also noteworthy when discussing neighborhoods similar to Crievewood. While it might lean slightly higher in price point in some areas, it shares the emphasis on quality construction and a blend of traditional and modern design aesthetics. Homes in Green Hills often come with expansive layouts, high-end finishes, and unique architectural details that set them apart. The community is lively, with a mix of shopping centers, local boutiques, and eateries that cater to a variety of tastes. The lifestyle here is a harmonious blend of relaxation and activity, making it appealing to both families and professionals.

Lastly, Oak Hill mirrors Crievewood in its residential allure. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the homes in Oak Hill stand as a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ranging from charming cottages to grand estates, the diversity in construction styles is united by a common thread of luxury and elegance. Oak Hill residents cherish their environment, leading to a community that values green initiatives, outdoor activities, and neighborhood events that bring people closer together.

Food Scene

Ah, the dining scene near Crievewood in Nashville, TN, is truly a treat for the senses. Just a short drive from the heart of Crievewood, one can delve into a culinary journey that captures both the Southern traditions and the innovative spirit of modern cuisine.

One of the undeniable joys of dining around the Crievewood area is the abundance of authentic Southern eateries. Imagine walking into a quaint, family-owned diner where the smell of fried chicken wafts through the air, promising a meal that's both comforting and utterly delicious. The sides are just as delectable, with classics like mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread often making a regular appearance. These establishments are more than just places to eat; they're spaces where stories are shared over hearty meals and laughter resonates through the walls.

For those in the mood for something more cosmopolitan, there's a plethora of options as well. There are contemporary bistros that offer a fusion of flavors, combining Southern ingredients with international techniques. Picture a dish where Tennessee's farm-fresh tomatoes meet Italian pasta in an exquisite marriage of flavors. Or perhaps a place where you can savor sushi, with a hint of Southern flair in the form of a spicy Nashville hot roll.

Barbecue joints are another highlight, and let's be honest, no discussion about Tennessee dining can ever be complete without mentioning BBQ. Slow-cooked meats, infused with smoky flavors and slathered in rich, tangy sauces, make these spots an irresistible attraction for both locals and visitors alike.

And of course, there are the dessert spots. Bakeries that produce the most delectable pies, filled with seasonal fruits and encased in buttery crusts, or ice cream parlors that give a nod to local ingredients, creating flavors like honey lavender or bourbon pecan.

In essence, the dining landscape near Crievewood offers a delightful mix, ensuring that whether one is in the mood for traditional comfort food or an avant-garde culinary creation, there's always something to satiate the palate.


Nashville, fondly dubbed the "Music City," is not just about country tunes, although they do play a significant role. Near Crievewood, the entertainment scene is buzzing with an array of activities that cater to diverse tastes.

For music enthusiasts, venturing a bit from Crievewood will lead you to some of the most iconic venues in the city. The Grand Ole Opry, for instance, is a mecca for country music fans. With its rich history and a lineup that features both legends and up-and-comers, it's an experience like no other. The Ryman Auditorium, often referred to as the "Mother Church of Country Music," is another must-visit, not just for its acoustics but for its historic significance. However, it's not all about country. The city's vibrant music scene covers a spectrum from blues and jazz to rock and indie, ensuring there's something for every musical palate.

On the sporting front, Nashville doesn't disappoint. The Nashville Predators have carved a niche for themselves in the NHL, and catching a game at the Bridgestone Arena is an electrifying experience. If football is more your speed, the Tennessee Titans bring NFL action right to Nashville's doorstep, with their games always promising a mix of adrenaline and fervor.

For those who fancy a more theatrical kind of entertainment, Nashville's vibrant arts scene is worth delving into. The Tennessee Performing Arts Center hosts a myriad of performances, from Broadway shows to ballet and contemporary dance. Small, independent theaters scattered around the city offer intimate performances that range from contemporary plays to classic revivals.

And, of course, no mention of Nashville's entertainment scene would be complete without its festivals. Whether it's the food-focused celebrations, the craft beer fests, or the renowned CMA Music Festival, there's almost always some event on the horizon, beckoning locals and visitors alike to join in the festivities.

In essence, for residents of Crievewood or those visiting the vicinity, the blend of rich musical heritage, sporting excitement, and vibrant arts ensures there's never a dull moment.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to supporting a balanced lifestyle, the area around Crievewood in Nashville, TN, truly has a plethora of health and wellness options. The city's commitment to holistic well-being is evident in the variety of facilities and activities available to residents and visitors alike.

For starters, those who thrive on physical activity will find numerous gyms and fitness centers dotted around the area. Many of these establishments offer state-of-the-art equipment and a range of classes, from invigorating spin sessions to calming yoga practices. For those who prefer personalized guidance, there are several boutique studios that specialize in targeted workouts, with experienced trainers on hand to guide members towards their fitness goals.

The outdoor enthusiasts aren't left behind either. The lush parks and green spaces around Crievewood are perfect for morning jogs, evening strolls, or even weekend picnics. These green havens not only provide a respite from urban hustle but also serve as communal spaces where fitness enthusiasts often gather for group workouts, tai chi sessions, or meditation circles. The Centennial Park, with its expansive grounds, is a favorite among many, offering walking trails, serene ponds, and ample space for outdoor exercises.

Beyond physical health, the emphasis on mental well-being is equally evident. Numerous wellness centers and spas provide therapeutic treatments, massages, and relaxation techniques to help combat stress and promote overall well-being. For those seeking more profound spiritual connections, meditation centers and holistic retreats offer workshops and sessions aimed at inner harmony and self-discovery.

Nutrition, of course, plays a pivotal role in any health and wellness journey. Around Crievewood, health-conscious individuals will appreciate the array of organic markets, juice bars, and eateries that prioritize nutritious, wholesome ingredients. Whether you're craving a green smoothie, a hearty salad, or just looking to pick up some organic produce for home-cooked meals, the area offers ample options that cater to clean and sustainable eating habits.

In essence, whether it's through physical activity, mental rejuvenation, or nutritional choices, Crievewood's vicinity to Nashville's vast health and wellness resources ensures that individuals have all they need to lead a balanced, harmonious life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, the Crievewood area of Nashville truly offers a rich tapestry of parks, nature, and outdoor activities, beckoning residents and visitors to step out and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

Radnor Lake State Park is one such gem that nature lovers frequent. Just a short drive from Crievewood, this sanctuary is a haven for both wildlife and those seeking solace in the embrace of nature. With its serene lake surrounded by lush woodlands and well-maintained trails, Radnor Lake provides the perfect backdrop for leisurely walks, bird-watching, or simply sitting by the water's edge lost in contemplation. The gentle rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the occasional sighting of deer make every visit a refreshing experience.

Centennial Park, another cherished green space, offers a different kind of outdoor experience. Beyond its iconic Parthenon replica, the park boasts expansive grounds ideal for picnics, frisbee sessions, or just lounging on the grass with a good book. The walking trails and the serene pond, often populated with ducks, make it a favorite spot for both families and individuals looking for a peaceful retreat in the midst of the city.

For those who prefer a more active outdoor lifestyle, the area around Crievewood does not disappoint. The Harpeth River, with its winding pathways, offers opportunities for kayaking and canoeing. On sunny days, it's not uncommon to see locals drifting along the river, paddles in hand, soaking up the tranquility of the surroundings.

Furthermore, the numerous community gardens and green initiatives in and around Crievewood foster a deeper connection with nature. Residents often come together for tree-planting events, gardening workshops, and other community-driven activities that emphasize sustainability and environmental conservation.

In essence, the Crievewood vicinity in Nashville is a testament to the harmonious blend of urban living and nature's bounty. Whether you're a fervent nature enthusiast, a casual park-goer, or someone seeking the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors, the area provides a plethora of options to immerse oneself in the rejuvenating embrace of nature.


The Crievewood area in Nashville, TN, is indeed fortunate when it comes to educational options, presenting a blend of both public and private institutions that cater to a range of academic needs and preferences.

On the public education front, the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) serves the Crievewood vicinity. Many of the public schools within this district are recognized for their dedication to fostering academic excellence and ensuring comprehensive growth for students. These institutions emphasize not only core subjects but also extracurricular activities, arts, and sports, ensuring students receive a holistic education. There are also several magnet schools within the MNPS system that cater to specialized interests and talents, from the arts to sciences, allowing students to delve deeper into their passions.

On the other hand, Crievewood's proximity to some of Nashville's most reputable private schools offers families an alternative educational pathway. These private institutions, both secular and faith-based, are lauded for their smaller class sizes, individualized attention, and diverse curricular offerings. They often emphasize rigorous academic programs, combined with values-based education, ensuring students are not only academically proficient but also rooted in strong ethical foundations.

Additionally, many of these private schools offer International Baccalaureate (IB) programs or Advanced Placement (AP) courses, providing students with challenging curricula that prepare them for higher education pursuits. Beyond the regular classroom, these schools often have robust arts, music, and sports programs, fostering creativity and physical well-being alongside intellectual growth.

For families with younger children, Crievewood boasts several preschool and daycare facilities, both public and private, ensuring even the littlest residents receive a solid foundation in their early years.

In essence, the education landscape around Crievewood presents a myriad of choices, allowing families to choose an environment that best aligns with their academic expectations, values, and long-term aspirations for their children.

Shopping and Retail

Ah, shopping near Crievewood in Nashville, TN, is a delightful blend of the eclectic, the elegant, and the essential. The area provides a mix of both local boutiques and well-established retail centers, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can find precisely what they're looking for, be it a trendy outfit, a unique gift, or daily necessities.

One of the notable charms around Crievewood is the presence of boutique shops. These local gems, often tucked away in charming nooks, offer curated selections of fashion, home goods, and artisanal products. The joy of wandering into one of these boutiques is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt; you never quite know what unique item you might stumble upon. Whether it's handcrafted jewelry, vintage clothing, or custom art pieces, the distinct character of these shops lends a vibrant flavor to the shopping scene.

For those who prefer the convenience and variety of larger retail centers, Nashville does not disappoint. A short drive from Crievewood brings one to several shopping malls and plazas, hosting a myriad of national and international brands. From high-end fashion labels to popular department stores, these centers cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and budgets. The convenience of having multiple stores under one roof, coupled with ample parking and dining options, makes these retail centers a popular choice for many.

Additionally, for the everyday essentials, Crievewood's vicinity boasts several grocery stores, pharmacies, and general retailers. Whether you're looking to stock up on pantry staples, pick up a prescription, or grab some home improvement tools, these establishments ensure that the day-to-day needs of the community are well met.

And of course, interspersed among these retailers are delightful cafes and eateries. After a day of shopping, there's nothing quite like settling down at a local coffee shop with a latte or indulging in a treat from a nearby bakery.

All in all, the shopping and retail landscape near Crievewood offers a harmonious blend of the big and the boutique, ensuring that whether one's shopping for style, substance, or sustenance, they're never short of options.

Business and Economy

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Nashville, the area around Crievewood benefits from a dynamic business and industry environment. The local economy thrives on a mix of traditional industries, innovative startups, and cultural enterprises, all adding layers of depth and vitality to the community.

Undoubtedly, when one thinks of Nashville, the music industry instantly strikes a chord. The city's moniker, "Music City," is well-deserved, with countless recording studios, talent agencies, and entertainment firms dotting the landscape. Near Crievewood, this influence is palpable, as many residents either work directly within the music sector or in ancillary industries like event management, production, or marketing that support this cultural juggernaut. This melodic heart of the city not only entertains but also employs a significant portion of the local workforce.

Yet, music is just one refrain in Nashville's economic song. The healthcare sector, for example, stands as a towering pillar in the city's economic structure. With renowned institutions, research centers, and medical enterprises headquartered here, Nashville has earned its reputation as a healthcare hub. The ripple effects of this industry touch Crievewood too, with many locals engaged in various capacities, be it clinical roles, administrative positions, or cutting-edge research.

The tech scene in Nashville, and by extension the areas around Crievewood, is also burgeoning. Startups, tech incubators, and innovative firms have been sprouting, bolstered by a supportive community and favorable business conditions. These tech enterprises range from health-tech solutions dovetailing with the city's medical prominence to ed-tech, fintech, and beyond.

Furthermore, the hospitality and tourism sectors are robust contributors to the local economy. With Nashville's magnetic pull as a travel destination, hotels, restaurants, tour companies, and other service-oriented businesses flourish, providing numerous employment and business opportunities for the community.

In essence, the vicinity of Crievewood, anchored by the economic dynamism of Nashville, enjoys a multifaceted business landscape. From the soulful notes of its music industry to the life-saving endeavors in healthcare, and the digital innovations in tech, the local economy is a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and cultural richness.

Hotels and Lodging

Ah, when it comes to finding a place to rest your head near Crievewood in Nashville, TN, there's a delightful range of options to suit travelers of every stripe. From the refined elegance of upscale hotels to the warm, homey touch of bed and breakfasts, the area offers a patchwork of lodging experiences that cater to diverse tastes and budgets.

Nashville, known for its rich musical heritage and vibrant culture, attracts travelers from all over the world. In response, several well-established hotel chains have set up shop close to Crievewood, providing all the modern amenities one might expect—swanky lobbies, plush rooms, spa services, and often, a hint of Nashville's iconic music scene infused into their ambiance. Whether it's live music in the hotel bar or themed suites, these establishments ensure visitors experience a slice of the city's charm without stepping outside.

But for those who prefer a more intimate setting, the bed and breakfast options around Crievewood truly shine. Many of these B&Bs are housed in historic homes, offering a blend of vintage charm and modern comfort. Waking up to a home-cooked Southern breakfast, engaging in morning chatter with the hosts, and receiving tailored recommendations for the day's adventures—these are the nuances that make bed and breakfast stays so memorable. They capture the essence of Southern hospitality in its most authentic form.

In addition to the conventional hotels and B&Bs, the area also has a smattering of boutique inns and guesthouses. These lodgings, often uniquely themed and personalized, offer an experience somewhere between the grandeur of large hotels and the cozy vibe of B&Bs. Many have on-site restaurants or cafes, where the fare is often locally sourced, and the flavors are unmistakably Tennessean.

Lastly, for the modern traveler seeking flexibility and autonomy, there are several serviced apartments and vacation rental options in and around Crievewood. These setups are perfect for those who desire a home-away-from-home feel, complete with kitchen facilities and more private living spaces.

All in all, whether you're a solo traveler seeking a quiet retreat, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family exploring the sights and sounds of Nashville, the lodging options near Crievewood ensure that there's a cozy corner waiting for you to unwind and relish the city's offerings.

Travel and Transportation

When it comes to connectivity and ease of movement, the area around Crievewood in Nashville, TN, is quite strategically placed. Navigating in and out of the city, be it by air or public transport, is smooth, ensuring that both residents and visitors can make the most of their time in this vibrant locale.

Now, let's talk flights. The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the primary gateway for most travelers heading to and from the city. Conveniently located, the airport is just a relatively short drive from Crievewood. Depending on traffic, residents and visitors can find themselves at the airport terminals in good time, making it stress-free to catch those early morning flights or quickly return home after a long trip. BNA offers a multitude of domestic and some international flights, linking Nashville to major cities across the country and a few global destinations.

On the public transportation front, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates a comprehensive bus service that covers Nashville and its surrounding areas, including Crievewood. These buses are a boon for daily commuters or anyone looking to navigate the city without the hassle of driving and parking. The routes are fairly extensive, ensuring that most parts of the city are accessible by bus. Moreover, with the city's initiative to enhance public transportation, there are plans and discussions about expanding services and possibly introducing newer modes of transit in the future.

For those who prefer a more personalized mode of transport but aren't keen on driving, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Nashville, including the Crievewood vicinity. These platforms offer a quick, efficient, and often cost-effective way to move around the city, especially for shorter distances or when planning a night out.

In essence, the proximity to the Nashville International Airport and the variety of public transportation options make Crievewood an attractive location for those who value connectivity and convenience. Whether jet-setting across the country or just hopping on a bus to downtown, residents and visitors in the area are well-poised to get around with ease.