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Bordeaux Hills, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale February 24, 2024
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Bordeaux Hills Homes

Bordeaux Hills, located in the heart of Nashville, TN, boasts homes that epitomize a fusion of classic southern charm and modern aesthetics. The residences often reflect traditional American designs with expansive front porches, gabled roofs, and brick or wood facades. Many of the homes have been carefully preserved to retain their historical integrity, while others have been updated to incorporate contemporary amenities and features. The interiors commonly showcase spacious floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows that let in an abundance of natural light, making the homes feel both cozy and open.

Bordeaux Hills Homes

The surrounding community of Bordeaux Hills further complements the allure of its homes. The lush, green streets are lined with mature trees that change colors with the seasons, offering residents a scenic view throughout the year. Families are often seen taking leisurely strolls, kids riding their bikes, or neighbors chatting across picket fences, a testament to the tight-knit nature of this community. Moreover, local parks and recreational areas provide ample opportunities for residents to engage in outdoor activities, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle.

In terms of amenities, Bordeaux Hills does not disappoint. The community is well-served by a variety of local shops, restaurants, and cafes, which cater to the diverse culinary and shopping needs of its inhabitants. These establishments, often family-owned, add a personal touch to the shopping experience and frequently become gathering spots for the locals. Additionally, the neighborhood's proximity to downtown Nashville ensures that residents have easy access to the city's vast array of entertainment, cultural events, and job opportunities.

Safety and education are paramount in Bordeaux Hills. The local police department is proactive, and community watch programs ensure that the neighborhood remains secure and well-looked after. Families in Bordeaux Hills are also fortunate to have access to some of the area's top-rated schools. These institutions not only offer a robust academic curriculum but also emphasize extracurricular activities, nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

One of the most endearing aspects of Bordeaux Hills is its vibrant sense of community. Throughout the year, various community events, block parties, and festivals are organized, encouraging residents to come together, celebrate, and forge stronger bonds. Whether it's a summer barbecue, a fall harvest festival, or a winter caroling session, there's always something happening in Bordeaux Hills to bring its residents closer together. This sense of unity and belonging is what many residents cherish the most, making Bordeaux Hills more than just a place to live – it's home.

Similar Communities

Just a stone's throw from Bordeaux Hills is the picturesque neighborhood of White's Creek. Much like Bordeaux Hills, homes in White's Creek offer a blend of southern architecture with modern embellishments. Residents here are treated to homes that radiate warmth, with wooden facades, sprawling yards, and detailed stonework that speaks of craftsmanship and heritage. The houses, while reflecting their timeless charm, are also equipped with modern-day amenities, providing residents with the best of both worlds.

Inglewood Homes

Another neighborhood that mirrors the charm and price point of Bordeaux Hills is Madison. Nestled amidst serene landscapes, Madison offers homes that are a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary. Wide porches, intricate woodwork, and open layouts are the hallmarks of many residences here. The streets are adorned with mature trees that not only provide a cooling canopy but also add an enchanting ambiance, especially during fall when leaves turn a rich shade of gold and auburn.

Inglewood, with its tree-lined streets and community-driven spirit, also shares a similar vibe with Bordeaux Hills. Homes in Inglewood often exude a craftsman-style architecture, complete with detailed trims, multi-pane windows, and prominent chimneys. Moreover, the neighborhood is replete with green spaces, allowing residents to indulge in outdoor recreational activities or simply enjoy the tranquility that nature offers. Additionally, the local cafes, boutiques, and diners in Inglewood ensure that residents never have to venture far for a memorable culinary or shopping experience.

East Nashville, while slightly more eclectic in its overall vibe, presents homes that are reminiscent of the charm and construction seen in Bordeaux Hills. The neighborhood is a delightful mosaic of bungalows, cottages, and renovated historic homes, each with its distinct character. These homes, much like those in Bordeaux Hills, seamlessly blend traditional elements like hardwood floors and fireplaces with modern conveniences. The lifestyle in East Nashville is vibrant and artsy, with numerous music venues, art galleries, and eateries that cater to a wide array of tastes.

Lastly, the neighborhood of Donelson, situated close to the Cumberland River, offers a tranquil setting with homes that mirror the construction and price point of those in Bordeaux Hills. The residences, often mid-century in design, are surrounded by lush landscapes and offer expansive yards. Donelson, much like Bordeaux Hills, emphasizes community living, with various events, local farmers' markets, and festivals dotting its annual calendar. The neighborhood's proximity to the river also means that residents have ample opportunities for water-based recreational activities, be it boating, fishing, or simply enjoying picnics by the riverside.

Food Scene

The area around Bordeaux Hills in Nashville offers a delightful smorgasbord of dining options that truly caters to a diverse palate. If you find yourself in the vicinity, you're in for a culinary treat, as the neighborhood echoes Nashville's reputation for rich flavors and culinary innovation.

Sushi Spot

Take, for instance, the local bistros that are peppered around the area. These cozy establishments, often run by local families, serve up an array of comfort foods that are reminiscent of Southern home-cooking. Imagine digging into a plate of crispy fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, and collard greens, all while soaking in the warm ambiance and friendly chatter of fellow diners.

If you're in the mood for something more international, you won't be disappointed. There are a handful of authentic Italian trattorias nearby that have gained a loyal following. Freshly baked pizzas with a plethora of toppings, homemade pasta drizzled with robust sauces, and tiramisu that melts in your mouth are just some of the highlights. The chefs at these establishments take pride in their craft, often using family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

For those with an adventurous palate, the array of Asian eateries near Bordeaux Hills is a revelation. From savory ramen bowls, spicy curries, to expertly rolled sushi, these restaurants offer a gastronomic journey through the East. The chefs, with their intricate knowledge of flavors and spices, create dishes that are both authentic and contemporary.

Of course, no discussion about dining in Nashville would be complete without mentioning the iconic barbecue joints. Close to Bordeaux Hills, you'll find a couple of these smokehouses that have been serving mouth-watering barbecued meats for decades. Slow-cooked to perfection and doused in signature sauces, the ribs, briskets, and pulled pork dishes from these establishments are nothing short of legendary. Paired with classic sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread, it's a meal that epitomizes the soul of Southern cuisine.

And for those looking for a lighter option or a quick bite, there are several cafes and delis in the area. Whether it's a fresh salad, a gourmet sandwich, or a cup of artisanal coffee, these spots are perfect for a relaxed meal or a catch-up with friends. The baristas and chefs in these cafes often experiment with flavors, so don't be surprised to find a lavender-infused latte or a sandwich with a unique fusion of ingredients on the menu.


Bordeaux Hills in Nashville is nestled in a city known for its vibrant music scene and sporting fervor, and the entertainment and sporting events near the neighborhood are a testament to this vivacity.

Nissan Stadium

If you're a music enthusiast, you'd know that Nashville is often referred to as the "Music City". And living close to Bordeaux Hills means you're never too far from some iconic music venues. There are plenty of live music joints where one can catch budding local artists, jazz musicians, and of course, country music legends strumming their tunes on any given night. It's not uncommon for residents and visitors alike to find themselves spontaneously tapping their feet or swaying to the rhythm in these establishments. The acoustics, ambiance, and sheer talent make it an experience worth cherishing.

For those more inclined towards the theater and performing arts, the area boasts several theaters that host a variety of shows, from classic plays and Broadway-style productions to modern dance performances. These theaters often have a rich history, and just stepping inside feels like a journey through time. The artistry and passion displayed on these stages often leave audiences spellbound, making for memorable evenings.

When it comes to sporting events, the proximity to downtown Nashville ensures that Bordeaux Hills residents have easy access to some exhilarating action. Football fanatics can catch the Tennessee Titans in all their glory at the Nissan Stadium. The energy during game days is palpable, with fans donning their team colors and cheering with gusto. If hockey is more your pace, the Nashville Predators at the Bridgestone Arena offer an experience that's equally enthralling. The fast-paced matches, coupled with the roaring crowd, make it an event that's hard to forget.

For those who prefer a more laid-back sporting event, the local golf courses and parks often host tournaments and matches that are both entertaining and relaxing. It's not rare to find families and friends gathered around, enjoying a day under the sun, while cheering for their favorite local teams or players.

In essence, whether it's music, theater, or sports, the area around Bordeaux Hills offers an entertainment palette that's as diverse as it is vibrant.

Health and Wellness

Bordeaux Hills and its neighboring regions in Nashville are a haven for those invested in leading a health-conscious life. The community has witnessed a steady rise in venues and options tailored to promote and nurture holistic well-being.

Yoga Studio

For starters, there's no shortage of fitness centers and gyms that cater to a wide spectrum of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're a dedicated weightlifter, a yoga enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a high-intensity spin class, you'll find a place that feels just right. Many of these facilities also offer personalized training sessions and classes, ensuring that members get the guidance they need to achieve their health goals.

Yoga and pilates studios dot the landscape around Bordeaux Hills, further contributing to the area's wellness culture. These spaces, often serene and inviting, are where residents stretch, meditate, and find their inner balance. The qualified instructors, with their deep understanding of body mechanics and mindfulness, ensure that each session leaves participants feeling rejuvenated.

For those who believe in the therapeutic effects of massages and spa treatments, there are several top-notch spas and wellness centers in the vicinity. These establishments focus on holistic treatments, incorporating everything from traditional massages and facials to alternative therapies like acupuncture and aromatherapy. Many locals swear by these sessions, crediting them for improved mental clarity and reduced stress.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in health and well-being, and the area around Bordeaux Hills doesn't disappoint in this domain either. Several health food stores and organic markets offer a range of fresh produce, supplements, and organic products. These places often become more than just shopping venues; they transform into hubs where like-minded individuals exchange recipes, wellness tips, and share their journey towards a healthier life.

Outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat too. The abundance of parks, trails, and green spaces near Bordeaux Hills make it easy for residents to engage in outdoor activities. Whether it's a morning jog, a weekend hike, or a simple picnic with family, nature always plays a supporting role in the community's wellness endeavors.

In essence, the region around Bordeaux Hills in Nashville encapsulates a wholesome approach to health and well-being. The myriad of options available ensures that every individual, regardless of their fitness level or wellness preference, finds something that resonates with their health journey.

Outdoor Lifestyle

For those who relish the tranquility and rejuvenation that nature provides, the area around Bordeaux Hills in Nashville offers a wealth of green spaces, parks, and outdoor lifestyle activities to dive into.

Cumberland River

Nestled close to Bordeaux Hills, you'll find an array of beautiful parks that beckon residents to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Families often gather here on weekends for picnics, children laughing and playing on well-maintained playgrounds, while others lay on blankets with a book in hand or enjoy casual ball games on wide-open fields. The walking and jogging trails that wind through these parks are a favorite for both morning and evening strollers. These paths, lined with mature trees, make for a peaceful setting, providing a refreshing escape from urban hustle and bustle.

For the more adventurous souls, the nearby greenways and nature trails offer more than just a walk in the park. These trails often lead hikers through diverse terrains, from dense woodlands to open meadows, each offering a unique perspective of Tennessee's rich biodiversity. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, in particular, find these trails to be a treasure trove, often catching glimpses of local wildlife and seasonal flora that add a splash of color to the landscape.

Water enthusiasts aren't left behind either. The proximity to the Cumberland River provides a fantastic opportunity for various water-based activities. Kayaking and canoeing are popular, especially during the warmer months. The gentle flow of the river, combined with the picturesque surroundings, makes for a serene experience, allowing paddlers to connect with nature at its finest.

Furthermore, outdoor community events are frequently hosted in these green spaces. From open-air concerts to farmer's markets and outdoor yoga sessions, there's always something happening that encourages residents to step outside and soak in the sun. These events, besides offering entertainment, foster a sense of community among residents, further enhancing the appeal of the outdoor lifestyle near Bordeaux Hills.

In a nutshell, Bordeaux Hills is surrounded by a realm of natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. Whether one prefers a relaxed day at the park, an adventurous hike, or a day by the river, nature is always just around the corner, waiting to be explored and appreciated.


For families residing in Bordeaux Hills, Nashville, the importance of a quality education for their young ones is paramount. Thankfully, the area offers a mix of both public and private educational institutions that cater to a range of academic preferences and aspirations.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

The public schools under the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district serve the Bordeaux Hills community. These institutions are known for their dedicated teaching staff and diverse curricula that emphasize both academics and extracurricular activities. Parents often commend the focus on inclusive education and the commitment to ensuring each student receives the necessary attention and resources to thrive. Additionally, the public schools in the area often engage in community activities, further strengthening the bond between residents and the institutions.

For families seeking an alternative to public education, there are several reputable private schools near Bordeaux Hills. These institutions often offer a more tailored curriculum, smaller class sizes, and unique educational philosophies that cater to individual student needs. Whether it's a school with a religious affiliation, a Montessori approach, or one that focuses heavily on arts and music, parents have a range of choices to ensure their child's holistic development. The private schools in the vicinity are known for their strong emphasis on community values, leadership, and personal growth, equipping students with skills that go beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, the close-knit community of Bordeaux Hills plays a role in enhancing the educational experience. Local events, workshops, and seminars often focus on educational topics, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Parents often collaborate, share resources, and discuss best practices, ensuring that the entire community is invested in the educational journey of its young residents.

In essence, Bordeaux Hills provides its residents with a blend of educational opportunities. Whether families opt for public institutions or explore private education avenues, the commitment to learning and growth remains a consistent thread, making the neighborhood a nurturing space for budding minds.

Shopping and Retail

Bordeaux Hills in Nashville is perfectly poised to offer residents a blend of shopping experiences, marrying both the charm of local boutiques with the convenience of larger retail centers. The diverse shopping scene near the neighborhood is a testament to Nashville's evolving retail landscape.

Shopping Mall

For those who adore discovering unique finds, the local boutiques scattered around the vicinity of Bordeaux Hills are a dream come true. These shops, often owned by local artisans and entrepreneurs, provide a curated selection of items ranging from handcrafted jewelry, bespoke clothing, to one-of-a-kind home decor pieces. Each visit to these boutiques feels like a mini-adventure, as you're never quite sure what treasures you'll stumble upon. The store owners, with their personal touch and knowledge about their wares, often share fascinating stories behind each product, making the shopping experience even more special.

However, if you're in the mood for a more extensive shopping spree or need to tick off multiple items from your list, the larger retail centers and shopping malls near Bordeaux Hills have you covered. These centers boast a mix of well-known national brands and department stores, ensuring that shoppers have a plethora of options, whether it's fashion, electronics, or household essentials. The spacious layouts, food courts, and occasional live entertainment events make for a delightful day out, especially during weekends.

And let's not forget about those everyday essentials. Several grocery stores, farmer markets, and convenience stores are strategically located around Bordeaux Hills. These venues make daily or weekly shopping runs efficient and straightforward. Many residents love to visit local farmer markets, which pop up regularly, offering fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and handmade goods. These markets are more than just shopping venues; they're places where the community comes together, bonding over shared tastes and the love for fresh, local produce.

In a nutshell, the area surrounding Bordeaux Hills caters to a myriad of shopping preferences. Whether you're hunting for a unique gift, updating your wardrobe, or just going about your routine shopping, the blend of local boutiques, retail giants, and essential stores ensures that every shopping need is met with ease and style.

Business and Economy

Bordeaux Hills, positioned within the dynamic city of Nashville, finds itself amidst a tapestry of businesses and industries that are pivotal in driving the local economy. The economic landscape near this neighborhood is as vibrant as it is diverse, echoing Nashville's larger growth story.

Nashville Economy

It's impossible to discuss Nashville without mentioning its rich musical heritage, and the music industry remains a dominant force in the local economy. Close to Bordeaux Hills, one can find an array of recording studios, talent agencies, and music label offices. These establishments not only create jobs but also draw artists and musicians from all over the world, further solidifying Nashville's title as the "Music City."

Healthcare is another major player in the region's economy. The area boasts several hospitals, clinics, and research institutions, employing a significant portion of the local population. These establishments are renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities and medical innovations. Given their reputation, many people from surrounding states often choose Nashville for medical care, bringing in a steady stream of patients and medical professionals to the region.

Then there's the booming tourism and hospitality sector. Thanks to Nashville's allure, ranging from its music festivals to its historic sites, the city witnesses a constant influx of tourists. Close to Bordeaux Hills, there's a plethora of hotels, eateries, and entertainment venues catering to these visitors. This influx not only boosts the hospitality sector but also benefits local shops, artisans, and other businesses.

In recent years, the tech sector has been making its mark near Bordeaux Hills and in greater Nashville. Several tech startups and established IT companies have set up bases here, drawn by the city's skilled workforce and entrepreneurial spirit. Co-working spaces, tech hubs, and innovation centers are becoming common sights, indicating the region's shift towards a more tech-driven economy.

Rounding off the economic landscape are the numerous local businesses that add character to the vicinity of Bordeaux Hills. From quaint coffee shops to artisanal boutiques and family-run enterprises, these businesses infuse the community with a unique charm while contributing significantly to the local economy.

In essence, the area around Bordeaux Hills, Nashville, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional industries with emerging sectors. This diverse economic portfolio ensures stability, growth, and a promising future for residents and businesses alike.

Hotels and Lodging

The vicinity of Bordeaux Hills in Nashville offers visitors a delightful blend of accommodation options, echoing the city's historic charm and its modern amenities. Whether you're a traveler on a leisurely vacation, on a business trip, or just passing through, the range of lodgings ensures there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Grand Nashville Hotel

One of the standout features near Bordeaux Hills is the range of charming bed and breakfast establishments. These lodgings, often set in historic homes, provide guests with an intimate and homely experience. Waking up to the aroma of freshly baked goods, enjoying a hearty breakfast spread, and chatting with local hosts offers travelers insights into Nashville's culture and warmth. Many guests appreciate the personalized touch these accommodations offer, from tailored local tips to the unique decor in each room.

For those seeking more traditional accommodations, a range of hotels can be found a short drive from Bordeaux Hills. From luxury hotels boasting rooftop bars and spa facilities to budget-friendly establishments that prioritize comfort and convenience, there's something for every type of traveler. These hotels often become hubs of activity, especially during Nashville's peak tourist seasons, music festivals, or major events. Their amenities, combined with their proximity to major attractions, make them favored choices for many visitors.

Recently, there's been a rise in boutique hotels around the area. These establishments combine the best of both worlds: the personal touch of a bed and breakfast with the facilities and flair of a modern hotel. Artfully designed interiors, thematic rooms, and curated experiences, like local music nights or culinary workshops, set these boutique hotels apart. They're ideal for travelers seeking a unique and immersive experience.

Moreover, for travelers who value their privacy and prefer a home-away-from-home feel, there are several vacation rental options, from cozy apartments to sprawling homes. These accommodations, often equipped with kitchens and private spaces, are perfect for extended stays or for those who like to set their own pace.

In short, the area around Bordeaux Hills, Nashville, celebrates its southern hospitality through its diverse accommodations. Each lodging option, whether it's the quaint charm of a bed and breakfast or the modern amenities of a boutique hotel, ensures guests experience the authentic spirit of Nashville during their stay.

Travel and Transportation

When it comes to connectivity and transportation, residents of Bordeaux Hills in Nashville are strategically positioned to enjoy both local and international accessibility. Given the area's proximity to major transit points, it makes commuting and travel a hassle-free experience for both locals and visitors.

Nashville International Airport

Arguably, one of the most significant advantages for Bordeaux Hills residents is their closeness to Nashville International Airport. Just a short drive away, this airport connects the region to countless domestic and international destinations. Whether it's a business trip, a vacation, or welcoming guests, having such a major transportation hub nearby is undeniably convenient. The airport itself is modern and well-equipped, ensuring that travelers have a smooth experience from check-in to takeoff. Numerous taxi services, ride-sharing options, and car rental services operate in and out of the airport, making the transfer to Bordeaux Hills seamless.

As for daily commuting and local travel, Nashville's public transportation system serves Bordeaux Hills effectively. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) offers several bus routes that pass through or near the area. These buses are a lifeline for many residents, especially those who prefer an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. The regularity of these services, coupled with their expansive network, ensures that most parts of Nashville are easily accessible.

Moreover, for those who prefer a more active mode of transit, Nashville has been continually expanding its biking infrastructure. Dedicated bike lanes, shared bike programs, and bike-friendly policies make cycling a viable and enjoyable option. For Bordeaux Hills residents, this means an alternative and healthy way to commute, explore the city, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride.

In essence, Bordeaux Hills boasts a prime location when it comes to transportation. With the international airport just a stone's throw away and a robust local transit system at their doorstep, residents and visitors alike can navigate the city and beyond with utmost ease.