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Bordeaux Gardens, Nashville, TN Homes for Sale February 24, 2024
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Bordeaux Gardens Homes

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Bordeaux Gardens offers residents a blend of classic charm and modern amenities. The homes within this enclave boast a harmonious blend of traditional Southern architecture and contemporary features. Many houses exhibit timeless red brick facades, pitched roofs, and spacious front porches which beckon residents to enjoy a quiet evening or a friendly chat with neighbors. The meticulous landscaping and mature trees that dot the properties add to the aesthetic appeal, giving the area a serene, almost storybook feel.

Bordeaux Gardens Homes

Beyond the architectural allure of Bordeaux Gardens, the interiors of these homes do not disappoint. Large windows ensure that ample natural light filters into the living spaces, highlighting the exquisite details of hardwood floors, high ceilings, and intricately designed moldings. Modern kitchens equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry showcase how Bordeaux Gardens has effortlessly married historical allure with the conveniences of the 21st century.

The sense of community in Bordeaux Gardens is palpable. Beyond the individual properties, common areas and community amenities serve as gathering points for residents. Children are often seen playing in safe, dedicated spaces, while adults engage in leisurely walks or impromptu get-togethers. The surrounding community is just as enticing. Local parks, shopping centers, and eateries are within close proximity, allowing residents to enjoy the broader Nashville experience without straying far from home. Furthermore, Bordeaux Gardens benefits from its location in a city known for its rich cultural scene, ensuring that art, music, and entertainment are never out of reach.

Bordeaux Gardens does more than offer a place to live; it promises a lifestyle. The combination of historical charm, modern amenities, and a warm, welcoming community creates an environment where residents can take pride in their homes and feel deeply connected to their surroundings. In the ever-evolving city of Nashville, Bordeaux Gardens stands as a testament to timeless elegance and community spirit.

Similar Communities

Near the picturesque Bordeaux Gardens in Nashville, other neighborhoods echo similar charms, price points, and lifestyle offerings, demonstrating the city's commitment to preserving its historical character while catering to modern needs.

One such neighborhood is Belle Meade Highlands. Like Bordeaux Gardens, homes in Belle Meade Highlands often showcase traditional Southern architecture, with expansive brick facades and generous porches that invite moments of repose or neighborly interactions. The tree-lined streets offer a canopy of greenery that changes with the seasons, enhancing the area's tranquility. Interiors in this area are no less magnificent, with many homes reflecting a perfect balance of timeless elegance and contemporary conveniences. Its location ensures that residents are never far from local attractions, yet can still retreat to a peaceful haven at day's end.

Belle Meade Homes

Another noteworthy area is Green Hills. Situated a bit further from the city's bustling center, Green Hills offers a harmonious blend of classic and modern homes. Houses here often feature sprawling lawns, traditional architectural elements, and modern interiors equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The community benefits from its proximity to the Green Hills Mall and various boutique shops, allowing residents to indulge in retail therapy or gourmet dining experiences without the hassle of a long commute. The presence of several parks and recreational areas further solidifies Green Hills as a perfect balance between urban living and natural respite.

Just a stone's throw away, West Meade is a community that resonates with those who appreciate architectural beauty and a serene environment. Many homes in this enclave mirror the style seen in Bordeaux Gardens, boasting classic Southern designs with modern updates. West Meade is known for its hilly terrain, providing residents with picturesque views from their homes. It's not uncommon for homeowners to enjoy sweeping vistas of the city or lush green landscapes from their backyards. The sense of community is strong, and the local amenities, from schools to shopping centers, are top-notch.

Collectively, these neighborhoods, including Bordeaux Gardens, represent Nashville's dedication to maintaining its Southern roots while ensuring its residents have access to contemporary amenities and luxuries. Their similarities in price points, construction styles, and lifestyle offerings make them coveted choices for those seeking an upscale living experience in the heart of Tennessee.

Food Scene

The culinary delights near Bordeaux Gardens in Nashville truly reflect the city's rich tapestry of flavors and cultures. It's a haven for food enthusiasts who crave a blend of traditional Southern fare and contemporary culinary creations. Just a short drive from Bordeaux Gardens, one can find a myriad of dining options that cater to a variety of palates.

Italian Cuisine

Take, for instance, the soulful Southern eateries that dot the vicinity. These establishments serve up classic dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread, all reminiscent of traditional family gatherings. These meals, often slow-cooked and steeped in history, are more than just food; they're an experience that takes you back to simpler times. It's not uncommon to overhear diners sharing stories of their grandmother's recipes and Sunday family dinners as they savor every bite.

For those with a taste for the global, there's no shortage of international dining establishments either. From authentic Italian pizzerias where the aroma of freshly baked pizzas fills the air, to delicate sushi bars offering the freshest catch of the day, the world's flavors converge near Bordeaux Gardens. These restaurants, helmed by passionate chefs and dedicated staff, are always eager to take patrons on a gastronomic journey, one plate at a time.

And let's not forget about the burgeoning café culture. Boutique coffee shops are nestled in cozy corners, offering a reprieve for those seeking a quiet moment over a cup of artisanal coffee or tea. Alongside their beverages, these cafes often boast an array of pastries, sandwiches, and salads, making them the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon brunch or a quick morning bite.

Of course, the ever-evolving food scene means there's always something new and exciting around the corner. Pop-up eateries, food trucks with innovative menus, and seasonal specials keep the dining landscape fresh and dynamic. It's truly a food lover's dream, and Bordeaux Gardens' proximity to such a diverse range of dining options is just one of the many perks of living in this charming Nashville neighborhood.


When it comes to entertainment and sporting events, residents near Bordeaux Gardens in Nashville are truly spoiled for choice. Nashville, fondly referred to as "Music City," offers an array of musical venues, and living close to the heart of such vibrancy means there's seldom a dull moment.

Grand Ole Opry

Just a short drive away from Bordeaux Gardens, the renowned Grand Ole Opry hosts some of the most iconic country music performances. On any given evening, one might find budding artists making their debut or country music legends returning to their roots. The atmosphere, filled with the resonant twangs of guitars and soulful voices, encapsulates what Nashville's music scene is all about.

But it's not just country music that takes center stage. There are a plethora of live music venues, ranging from intimate bars where indie bands perform to larger arenas showcasing international pop and rock stars. Each venue has its own unique ambiance, ensuring a fresh experience every time.

On the sporting front, the energy is palpable. The Nissan Stadium, home to the Tennessee Titans, draws football enthusiasts from all over. Game days see a sea of navy blue and titan blue jerseys, with fans rallying behind their team with fervent enthusiasm. Tailgating, a cherished tradition, transforms the parking lots into a festive carnival, with fans bonding over barbecues, drinks, and pre-game predictions.

For hockey aficionados, the Bridgestone Arena, where the Nashville Predators play, is the place to be. The electrifying atmosphere inside, with fans cheering, clapping, and echoing their support, creates memories that last a lifetime.

Aside from these, there are always seasonal festivals, theater performances, and local community events that add to the rich tapestry of entertainment options. Whether one is a die-hard sports fan, a music enthusiast, or someone who just enjoys a night out at a local theater, the area surrounding Bordeaux Gardens caters to all, making it a bustling hub of activity and excitement.

Health and Wellness

Bordeaux Gardens in Nashville isn't just a haven for cultural and entertainment enthusiasts; it's also a nexus for those dedicated to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The health and wellness options in and around the vicinity offer a holistic approach to well-being that resonates with both locals and visitors.

Yoga Studio

Take the numerous parks and green spaces, for example. They serve as the city's lungs and provide residents with a refreshing escape from the urban bustle. Morning joggers often find solace in the tree-lined pathways, while yoga enthusiasts might be seen greeting the dawn with sun salutations amidst nature. These spaces are more than just recreational areas; they're community hubs where fitness classes, meditation sessions, and wellness workshops often take place.

Fitness centers and gyms are aplenty, catering to a broad spectrum of health enthusiasts. From high-intensity interval training sessions to calming Pilates classes, there's something for everyone. Many of these centers pride themselves on being more than just gyms. They're wellness communities, offering nutrition workshops, personal training consultations, and holistic health programs designed to nurture both the body and mind.

For those seeking a more specialized approach to health, the area boasts a range of alternative therapy centers and wellness clinics. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage are just a few of the offerings. These establishments often emphasize a patient-first approach, ensuring personalized care tailored to individual needs.

Moreover, the local farmers' markets play a pivotal role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Bursting with fresh produce, artisanal products, and organic options, these markets make it easy for residents to choose nutritious, farm-fresh ingredients. It's a delightful experience to stroll through these markets, chat with local farmers, and learn about the journey of food from farm to table.

In essence, Bordeaux Gardens and its surrounding areas offer a holistic approach to health and well-being. The community's emphasis on wellness, combined with the plethora of options available, ensures that residents have all they need to lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

In the midst of urban Nashville, Bordeaux Gardens offers a delightful respite for nature enthusiasts and those keen on embracing the outdoor lifestyle. The area around Bordeaux Gardens and the larger Nashville region beautifully marries urban conveniences with nature's bounty, making it a cherished location for those who enjoy the best of both worlds.

Cumberland River

Nearby, the sprawling green spaces provide ample room for recreation and relaxation. Whether it's a spontaneous picnic, an intense Frisbee match, or simply lounging with a good book under the shade of a tree, these parks cater to a wide array of outdoor passions. Families often flock to the playgrounds, where children's laughter rings out, while serene ponds and water features attract those looking for a moment of quiet reflection amidst nature.

For the more active individuals, winding trails beckon hikers, joggers, and cyclists. These paths meander through wooded areas, along streams, and up gentle hills, providing varying levels of challenge for outdoor enthusiasts. As seasons change, these trails offer a picturesque journey through nature’s vibrant tapestry — from the budding blossoms of spring to the fiery foliage of autumn.

Birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, too, find a haven here. The local parks and green belts are home to diverse bird species, and it's not uncommon to spot deer, rabbits, and other wildlife during early mornings or at dusk. For those inclined towards water activities, there are nearby lakes and rivers offering opportunities for kayaking, fishing, or simply enjoying a leisurely boat ride.

Community gardens are another lovely feature in the vicinity. Residents often come together to plant, tend, and harvest, promoting not just a love for nature but also fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility.

In essence, the surroundings of Bordeaux Gardens amplify the joys of an outdoor lifestyle. The harmonious blend of parks, nature trails, and community initiatives ensures that residents have ample avenues to connect with nature, stay active, and relish the beauty of the outdoors, right at their doorstep.


For families residing in Bordeaux Gardens, the educational landscape in Nashville offers an impressive array of both private and public schooling options, ensuring that every child has access to a quality education that caters to their unique needs and aspirations.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

The public schools in the vicinity are part of the Metro Nashville Public Schools district, a comprehensive network dedicated to nurturing young minds and equipping them with the skills needed for the future. These institutions have a reputation for their rigorous academic programs, extracurricular offerings, and dedicated staff who are deeply committed to student success. Regular community engagement events and parent-teacher collaborations ensure that education becomes a shared journey, with students, educators, and parents working in tandem towards holistic development.

On the private education front, Nashville boasts some renowned institutions that have long histories of academic excellence. These schools often provide specialized curriculums, smaller class sizes, and individualized attention, ensuring that students receive tailored learning experiences. Whether parents are seeking a faith-based education, Montessori methods, or schools with a specific academic or artistic focus, the private sector in Nashville offers a broad spectrum of choices.

Additionally, for families considering alternative modes of education, there are also charter schools and magnet programs in the area. These establishments often focus on specific themes or pedagogies, be it STEM, arts, or language immersion, providing unique environments where students can delve deep into their passions and interests.

In essence, the proximity of Bordeaux Gardens to a diverse range of educational establishments is a boon for its residents. The abundance of both public and private options ensures that families can find the perfect fit for their children, setting them on a path of lifelong learning and success.

Shopping and Retail

Nestled close to Bordeaux Gardens, the shopping and retail landscape of Nashville offers residents a delightful blend of the traditional and the contemporary. From charming local boutiques to expansive shopping centers, there's something for every kind of shopper in this vibrant city.

The Mall at Green Hills

One can't talk about Nashville's retail scene without mentioning the delightful boutique stores that pepper the area. These small, often family-owned businesses, present a curated selection of items, be it artisanal crafts, unique fashion pieces, or handcrafted jewelry. Shopping at these boutiques is more than just a retail experience; it's an opportunity to uncover hidden gems and connect with local artisans and entrepreneurs. Their personalized touch, where shopkeepers often know regulars by name and preferences, adds a warmth to the shopping experience that's hard to find elsewhere.

For those who enjoy a more comprehensive shopping spree, Nashville's larger shopping malls and retail centers are just a short drive from Bordeaux Gardens. These hubs house a plethora of brands, both national and international, catering to a diverse range of tastes and budgets. Whether one's in the mood for high-end fashion, tech gadgets, or home decor, these centers offer it all under one roof. The convenience of having a multitude of stores, dining options, and sometimes entertainment venues in one place makes for a perfect day out.

And let's not forget about the vibrant street markets and pop-up stalls that occasionally grace the streets of Nashville. These markets often showcase local crafts, antiques, and gourmet treats. Strolling through the aisles, chatting with vendors, and tasting or trying on their wares is a sensory delight. It's not just shopping; it's an immersion into the city's culture and creativity.

In essence, the proximity of Bordeaux Gardens to such diverse shopping and retail options ensures that residents never have a dull moment when it comes to retail therapy. Whether they're searching for that perfect outfit, a unique gift, or simply wish to window shop and soak in the ambiance, Nashville's retail scene has it covered.

Business and Economy

The area around Bordeaux Gardens, like much of Nashville, is a vibrant tapestry of businesses and industries that drive the local economy. This economic dynamism showcases the city's evolution from its historic roots to its present-day cosmopolitan flair.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Undoubtedly, the music industry is one of the primary economic drivers in Nashville. Fondly known as the "Music City," Nashville is home to numerous recording studios, music labels, and entertainment agencies. Just a short distance from Bordeaux Gardens, one can find many establishments that are connected to the music scene, be it through production, talent scouting, or event management. The ripple effect of this industry also extends to ancillary businesses such as instrument stores, sound engineering firms, and even local cafes hosting budding musicians.

Beyond music, Nashville has been making waves in the healthcare sector. Renowned hospitals, research institutions, and health-tech startups have established their presence in the city. These establishments not only provide quality healthcare services to the residents but also contribute significantly to research and innovation in the medical field. Many professionals in and around Bordeaux Gardens are affiliated with this sector, whether as healthcare providers, researchers, or administrators.

Tourism, too, plays a pivotal role in Nashville's economy. Given the city's rich history, cultural significance, and plethora of events, it's a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Consequently, a network of businesses, ranging from hotels and eateries to tour operators and souvenir shops, thrives around this influx of visitors.

Additionally, the city's strategic location has made it a hub for logistics and transportation. Warehousing, distribution centers, and transport companies are integral to Nashville's industrial fabric, ensuring goods and services move efficiently in and out of the region.

In a nutshell, the area surrounding Bordeaux Gardens is at the confluence of Nashville's diverse economic landscape. The synergy of traditional industries with emerging sectors creates a dynamic environment, offering residents a plethora of employment opportunities and supporting the vibrant local economy.

Hotels and Lodging

Nashville's reputation as a hub of culture and music has led to a flourishing hospitality sector, and the vicinity of Bordeaux Gardens is no exception to this trend. Visitors, whether they're here for business, leisure, or a blend of both, can find an assortment of lodging options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Hutton Hotel

Hotels near Bordeaux Gardens range from luxurious establishments that pamper guests with world-class amenities to more budget-friendly options that provide comfort without breaking the bank. These hotels often resonate with Nashville's charm, incorporating elements of the city's rich history and musical heritage into their decor and ambiance. Guests can expect Southern hospitality at its finest, with staff eager to share local tips and recommendations to ensure a memorable stay.

For those seeking a more intimate and personalized experience, the "bed and breakfast" establishments in the area are a delightful choice. Often set in beautifully restored historic homes, these B&Bs provide a unique glimpse into Nashville's past. Staying in one feels less like being in a commercial establishment and more like being a guest in a local's home. The hosts, often residents with deep ties to the community, offer warm welcomes and often regale guests with tales of the city's past and insights into its present. Breakfasts, as the name suggests, are hearty affairs, with homemade dishes that give guests a taste of authentic Southern cuisine.

Additionally, for the modern traveler, there are numerous vacation rentals and homestays available in and around Bordeaux Gardens. These options often give visitors the chance to live like a local, with all the amenities and comforts of home.

In essence, whether it's the polished elegance of a high-end hotel, the cozy charm of a bed and breakfast, or the homey feel of a vacation rental, the lodging options near Bordeaux Gardens ensure that every visitor finds their perfect home-away-from-home while exploring the vibrant city of Nashville.

Travel and Transportation

The convenience of travel and transportation is a significant aspect of living or visiting a particular area, and residents of Bordeaux Gardens, Nashville, are in quite a strategic spot in this regard.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

First and foremost, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the primary gateway for those flying in and out of the city. It's a bustling hub, serving numerous domestic and international flights daily. For residents of Bordeaux Gardens, the proximity to BNA is a boon. The airport is just a short drive away, making it remarkably convenient for both frequent fliers and those awaiting out-of-town guests. Its position ensures that impromptu weekend getaways or business trips aren't a hassle, as one can reach the airport in no time.

In terms of public transportation, Nashville's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) provides a range of options that cater to the commuting needs of its residents. Several bus routes crisscross the area near Bordeaux Gardens, ensuring easy access to different parts of the city. The buses are not only efficient but also provide an eco-friendly alternative to driving. They're an excellent choice for those looking to navigate the city without the challenges of parking or the stresses of peak hour traffic.

Additionally, for those who prefer a more personalized mode of public transport, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are quite popular and readily available. With just a few taps on a smartphone, residents can have a ride waiting at their doorstep, ready to whisk them away to their desired destination.

Overall, the accessibility to both the airport and various public transportation options makes Bordeaux Gardens an ideally positioned neighborhood. Whether one's journey is across the city or across the country, the seamless connectivity ensures that getting from point A to point B is always a breeze.