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Westwind Reserve Homes

Westwind Reserve in Murfreesboro, TN has grown to become a sought-after residential enclave, known for its distinctive homes and tightly-knit community. These homes are a harmonious blend of modern architecture and timeless elegance, often featuring spacious interiors, high ceilings, and expansive windows that bathe rooms in natural light. Homeowners take pride in their residences, evident in the meticulous landscaping and well-maintained exteriors that line the streets. High-quality building materials, such as brick and stone facades, add an enduring quality to these homes, ensuring they remain as appealing in the future as they are today.

The community around Westwind Reserve mirrors the sophistication and charm found within the homes. A web of sidewalks encourages residents to take leisurely walks, promoting interactions among neighbors and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Mature trees provide ample shade, creating serene spaces for relaxation and play, while well-planned green spaces and parks are interspersed throughout, perfect for picnics or weekend outings.

Westwind Reserve Homes

One of the standout aspects of Westwind Reserve is its strategic location. Proximity to top-rated schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping districts makes daily living both convenient and enjoyable. Whether it's a quick coffee run, attending a school event, or visiting a local farmer's market, everything is within reach. Furthermore, the wider Murfreesboro area offers a plethora of cultural and recreational opportunities. The city's rich history, vibrant arts scene, and numerous festivals ensure there's always something happening, allowing Westwind Reserve residents to experience the best of suburban living without sacrificing the amenities and attractions of a larger urban environment.

In terms of safety and security, Westwind Reserve boasts a proactive homeowner's association and a community that looks out for one another. The presence of neighborhood watch programs, combined with the city's responsive police force, ensures peace of mind for its inhabitants. Families, in particular, appreciate this sense of security, with many forming lifelong friendships and connections within this warm and welcoming community.

Westwind Reserve epitomizes the ideal balance of sophisticated living, a nurturing community, and accessibility to urban amenities. It's a place where families grow, friendships flourish, and memories are forged against a backdrop of beautiful homes and a vibrant community.

Similar Communities

The Gardens at Three Rivers stands as a prime example. This enclave mirrors Westwind Reserve in many respects, with homes that display a mix of contemporary and classic architectural designs. Residents of The Gardens can often be seen enjoying their spacious yards, which are often adorned with manicured lawns and tastefully curated gardens. The pride of homeownership is evident here, much like in Westwind Reserve, with homes showcasing durable construction materials that promise longevity and aesthetic appeal. 

Another notable neighborhood is Willowbrook Estates. Nestled just a short drive away, this community is renowned for its upscale homes that boast high ceilings, expansive windows, and well-appointed interiors. The serene streetscapes are lined with mature trees, providing shade and a touch of nature amidst the elegant architecture. Like Westwind Reserve, Willowbrook Estates is more than just a collection of beautiful homes; it’s a community where residents come together, forming bonds over shared interests and neighborhood activities. 

Gardens Of Three Rivers Homes

Close by, Fairhaven Meadows offers yet another option for discerning homebuyers. While the homes are undeniably modern, many draw inspiration from traditional designs, resulting in a beautiful blend that appeals to a broad range of tastes. The craftsmanship is evident in the intricacies of the construction, from the detailed brickwork to the thoughtful landscape designs. Residents here enjoy a similar lifestyle to those in Westwind Reserve, with an emphasis on community, comfort, and convenience. 

In terms of lifestyle and amenities, all these neighborhoods share some common threads. Proximity to essential services, top-tier schools, and recreational areas ensures that residents don’t have to venture far for their daily needs or weekend entertainment. Safe streets, active homeowners' associations, and a palpable sense of community are other shared characteristics. These neighborhoods, much like Westwind Reserve, stand as testaments to the charm and allure of upscale suburban living in Murfreesboro, TN.

Food Scene

Just a short drive from the neighborhood, you'll stumble upon Oscar's Taco Shop, a local favorite that serves up authentic Mexican fare. Regulars often rave about their hearty burritos and zesty tacos, but it's the friendly atmosphere and prompt service that keep them coming back. A meal here promises to be both flavorful and filling, making it a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. 

For something a little more upscale, The Alley on Main offers a fine dining experience that's perfect for special occasions or a romantic night out. Their menu is a delightful blend of Southern classics and contemporary dishes, with the shrimp and grits being a standout favorite among many. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with soft lighting and elegant decor creating a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere. 

If you're in the mood for some comfort food, Jeff's Family Restaurant might be the spot to visit. This eatery prides itself on its home-cooked meals, reminiscent of classic Southern family dinners. Whether it's their mouth-watering fried chicken or the creamy mashed potatoes, every dish feels like a hearty embrace, warming you from the inside out. 

But if you're looking for flavors from further afield, Thai Pattaya offers an authentic Thai dining experience. The pad thai and green curry come highly recommended, but it's the friendly staff and the aromatic flavors that ensure a memorable meal. The restaurant's vibrant decor, paired with the fragrant spices wafting through the air, transports diners straight to the bustling streets of Bangkok. 

The area around Westwind Reserve provides a diverse range of dining experiences. From local eateries serving up beloved classics to international restaurants introducing exotic flavors, residents are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to satisfying their culinary curiosities.


One of the most notable entertainment venues in the vicinity is the Center for the Arts. Situated just a few miles from Westwind Reserve, this cultural hub offers an ever-rotating schedule of plays, musicals, and live performances. Whether you're a fan of classic Shakespearean plays or contemporary musical numbers, there's always something captivating taking the stage. Additionally, art exhibitions and workshops often grace the center, making it a focal point for arts enthusiasts of all ages. 

For those who lean more towards cinematic entertainment, the Premiere 6 Theater is a popular spot among locals. Beyond showcasing the latest blockbusters, the theater occasionally features independent films and documentaries, ensuring a diverse viewing experience. Its comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound systems make movie nights a real treat. 

On the sporting front, Murfreesboro is home to Murfreesboro SportsCom, a comprehensive sporting complex. From aquatic events in its Olympic-sized pool to basketball tournaments and even fitness classes, this place buzzes with energy and enthusiasm. It's not uncommon to see local leagues battling it out on the courts, with residents cheering them on, embodying the community spirit of the city. 

For golf aficionados, the Old Fort Golf Club offers an immaculate course, challenging both beginners and seasoned players. The lush greens, paired with the serene ambiance, make for a delightful day out, especially during the balmy Tennessee spring. 

Westwind Reserve residents find themselves in a strategic location, rich in entertainment and sporting options. Whether it's catching a live play, diving into a gripping film, or indulging in some friendly sporting competition, the area around this community offers a plethora of choices to keep one engaged and entertained.

Health and Wellness

For starters, Murfreesboro Athletic Club is more than just a gym. It's a wellness hub where members can engage in a diverse range of fitness activities, from weightlifting to yoga sessions. The club's dedicated staff and personal trainers provide tailored workout routines, ensuring that members' fitness goals are met in a safe and effective manner. Plus, their group classes are not only a great way to stay in shape but also an opportunity to socialize and meet like-minded individuals. 

Yoga enthusiasts often find solace at Serenity Yoga Studio, a tranquil space dedicated to the practice. With classes ranging from vinyasa flows to restorative yoga, there's something for practitioners of all levels. The studio emphasizes mindfulness and inner balance, providing a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

For those seeking a more natural approach to health, Greenway Farms Market is a treasure trove. This local gem offers a plethora of organic produce, essential oils, and natural supplements. Their friendly staff is always on hand to provide insights on nutrition, ensuring that patrons make informed choices for their dietary needs. 

When it comes to mental well-being, several therapy and counseling centers, like Murfreesboro Counseling Center, offer services in the vicinity. They provide a safe space for individuals to navigate life's challenges, with trained professionals guiding them every step of the way. 

Lastly, the expansive Murfreesboro Greenway System is a testament to the city's commitment to promoting outdoor activities. Stretching over miles, these scenic trails are perfect for jogging, biking, or just taking a leisurely stroll. The verdant surroundings and tranquil ambiance make it an ideal spot for some outdoor meditation or simply to bask in the beauty of nature. 

The area around Westwind Reserve is a haven for those seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle. From fitness centers and organic markets to serene yoga studios and lush green trails, there's an abundance of options that cater to both physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the prime outdoor spots near Westwind Reserve is Barfield Crescent Park. This vast expanse offers a myriad of activities, from scenic hiking trails to well-equipped playgrounds for kids. For those looking to host a family gathering or a picnic, the park's dedicated areas, complete with grills and seating, are perfect. The park's woodland backdrop is a reminder of Tennessee's natural beauty and offers a refreshing escape from urban life. 

Another jewel in Murfreesboro's crown is the Murfreesboro Greenway System. This extensive network of trails meanders alongside the Stones River, offering breathtaking views and serene spots for contemplation. Whether you're an avid jogger, a cycling enthusiast, or someone who just enjoys a leisurely stroll, the Greenway is an invaluable resource. Along the way, one can often spot local wildlife or pause at historical markers, adding depth to the outdoor experience. 

Cannonsburgh Village, though not a traditional park, offers an outdoor journey through time. This pioneer village, representative of the 1830s to the 1930s, allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature while exploring Tennessee's rich history. The village's tranquil setting, complete with a grist mill, log cabins, and gardens, makes it a favored spot for both education and relaxation. 

For water enthusiasts, J. Percy Priest Lake isn't too far off. The vast reservoir offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and even swimming during the warmer months. The shoreline is dotted with picnic spots, making it a popular location for weekend outings with family and friends. 

The area around Westwind Reserve is an ode to Murfreesboro's commitment to preserving nature and promoting outdoor lifestyles. Whether it's hiking through dense woods, cycling by the river, or simply enjoying a picnic under the Tennessee sky, residents have an array of options to connect with nature and relish the beauty of the outdoors.


The public school system in Murfreesboro is highly regarded. Siegel Elementary School is one of the notable institutions nearby, renowned for its dedicated teachers and a curriculum that ensures holistic development. As students transition to middle and high school, establishments like Siegel Middle School and Siegel High School offer comprehensive programs, fostering academic rigor while emphasizing extracurricular activities. These schools have built a reputation not only for their academic excellence but also for their commitment to producing well-rounded students. 

On the private education front, there are several esteemed institutions to consider. Middle Tennessee Christian School (MTCS) is one such establishment, offering a curriculum infused with Christian values from pre-K through to 12th grade. Their focus on character education, combined with academic prowess, ensures students are prepared for life beyond school both mentally and morally. 

For those seeking an alternative educational approach, The Webb School in nearby Bell Buckle provides a unique experience. As the South’s oldest continuously operating boarding school, it has a rich tradition of emphasizing honor and moral integrity. With its smaller class sizes and a strong emphasis on individual growth, students here often form deep connections with their peers and educators, ensuring a nurturing learning environment. 

The vicinity of Westwind Reserve provides parents with a spectrum of choices when it comes to their child's education. Whether opting for the well-equipped public schools or the more tailored approach of private institutions, families can rest assured that their children's educational needs are being met with excellence and dedication.

Shopping and Retail

A stone's throw away is The Avenue Murfreesboro, a premier shopping destination in the region. With its wide avenues lined with a mix of high-end brands and popular retail chains, it's a haven for shopaholics. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest fashion trends, tech gadgets, or home decor items, The Avenue has got you covered. Plus, the open-air setting, combined with beautifully landscaped walkways, offers a refreshing change from the typical indoor mall experience. 

Downtown Murfreesboro, with its historic charm, hosts a range of unique boutiques and specialty stores. Places like Trendy Pieces and Bink's Outfitters offer curated selections of clothing and accessories, perfect for those looking for something distinct. For book enthusiasts, Hattie's is a must-visit. This beloved local bookstore, with its cozy ambiance and extensive collection, invites readers to lose themselves among its shelves. 

For everyday essentials, several well-stocked supermarkets and convenience stores are scattered around the vicinity of Westwind Reserve. Stones River Town Centre is another popular spot for a diverse shopping experience. Anchored by prominent department stores, this mall also houses a range of eateries, making it perfect for a day of shopping followed by a delightful meal. 

The area around Westwind Reserve offers a shopping experience that melds convenience with variety. From upscale boutiques to familiar retail chains, residents have an array of options at their fingertips, ensuring that their retail therapy needs are always met.

Business and Economy

At the forefront is the healthcare industry, with Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital being a significant employer in the area. This medical institution not only offers essential health services to residents but also plays a vital role in the local job market. Its prominence has also given rise to a network of smaller clinics, specialist facilities, and medical offices that dot the Murfreesboro landscape. 

Education, too, plays a pivotal role in the local economy. With Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) located in Murfreesboro, the influx of students and faculty supports numerous ancillary businesses, from bookstores to cafes and rental housing. MTSU, being one of the largest undergraduate universities in Tennessee, undeniably has a substantial economic imprint on the region. 

The retail and service sector, buoyed by places like The Avenue Murfreesboro and Stones River Town Centre, employs a considerable portion of the local populace. These establishments, along with the myriad of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, create a bustling retail environment that both residents and visitors frequent. 

Furthermore, Murfreesboro has seen a growth in small to medium enterprises, particularly in the tech and creative sectors. Numerous startups and established companies have set up shop here, drawn by the city's favorable business climate and its proximity to the broader Nashville metropolitan area. 

Manufacturing too, though not as dominant as the aforementioned sectors, plays a role in the local economy. Factories and production facilities in the vicinity contribute to the diverse job market and economic resilience of the region. 

The area around Westwind Reserve benefits from a multifaceted economic environment. The blend of healthcare, education, retail, tech, and manufacturing ensures a stable economic foundation, offering residents varied employment opportunities and contributing to the vibrant community life.

Hotels and Lodging

One of the standout establishments is the Embassy Suites by Hilton. Beyond its modern amenities and spacious suites, what truly sets it apart is the warm hospitality. Guests can start their mornings with a complimentary breakfast, unwind during the evening reception, and take advantage of the indoor pool. Its proximity to local attractions and shopping centers like The Avenue Murfreesboro makes it a favored choice for many. 

For those seeking a more intimate and homely atmosphere, the Carriage Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast offers just that. Housed in historic buildings, each room at this B&B has its own unique charm, reflecting a blend of vintage aesthetics with modern comforts. The inn's tranquil gardens and the delicious breakfast spread, often featuring local produce, ensure guests start their day on a delightful note. 

Tru by Hilton offers a more contemporary lodging experience. With its vibrant interiors, tech-friendly amenities, and a relaxed ambiance, it caters especially to the younger crowd or those young at heart. Its central location also means guests are never too far from the heart of Murfreesboro's activities. 

Lastly, for travelers on a budget, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites provides all the essentials for a comfortable stay. Known for its consistency and reliable services, it's a popular choice for both business travelers and families. The complimentary breakfast and indoor pool are added perks that guests appreciate. 

The area around Westwind Reserve boasts a diverse range of accommodations. Whether visitors are seeking the luxury of a hotel suite, the cozy charm of a bed and breakfast, or the straightforward simplicity of a budget hotel, there's something in Murfreesboro to suit their preferences and needs.

Travel and Transportation

The closest major airport to Westwind Reserve is Nashville International Airport (BNA). Situated just a short drive away, it's remarkably convenient for both domestic and international travel. The airport is a bustling hub, serving numerous airlines and offering flights to a wide range of destinations. For residents or their guests, the convenience of having an international airport nearby means quicker and more straightforward travel plans, be it a business trip, a family visit, or a vacation. 

When it comes to public transportation, Murfreesboro offers several reliable options. The Rover Bus System is the primary mode of public transit in the city. These recognizable blue and green buses have routes that cover key areas of Murfreesboro, ensuring that residents can move around the city with ease. The stops are strategically placed, often near shopping centers, hospitals, and schools, making it an efficient option for daily commutes. 

For those looking to travel beyond Murfreesboro, the Greyhound Bus Service operates from the city, connecting it to other significant locations in Tennessee and beyond. It's a cost-effective mode of transport, especially for longer distances. 

Lastly, for those who might prefer to travel by train, the Music City Star train service connects nearby areas to downtown Nashville. Though it's a bit of a drive from Westwind Reserve, it's a favored option for those looking to avoid Nashville's city traffic during peak hours or simply enjoy a scenic train ride. 

Living in Westwind Reserve means being well-connected, both within the city and to broader horizons. Whether it's catching a flight, hopping on a bus, or boarding a train, residents have an array of transportation options at their fingertips.