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April 22, 2024
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Jackson Trail Homes

The homes in Jackson Trail, Murfreesboro, TN, are a beautiful representation of Southern elegance combined with modern design. The architectural styles are diverse, ranging from classic American to more contemporary designs, ensuring that there's a fit for every taste. Many of these residences boast spacious interiors, with ample room for growing families. The attention to detail is evident, from the carefully chosen exterior color palettes to the intricate interior finishes. The properties often feature well-maintained landscapes that accentuate the neighborhood's overall aesthetic appeal.

Beyond the individual characteristics of the homes, Jackson Trail is known for its strong sense of community. Residents are active and often come together for neighborhood gatherings, social events, and communal activities. This spirit of camaraderie is fostered by the neighborhood's shared amenities, which are thoughtfully designed to cater to residents of all ages. Whether it's children playing in the parks or adults enjoying a leisurely evening walk, the common areas in Jackson Trail are always buzzing with life.

Jackson Trail Homes

Furthermore, the location of Jackson Trail in Murfreesboro is strategic. Nestled amidst serene natural landscapes, the community offers a tranquil living environment, away from the hustle and bustle. Yet, it remains well-connected to essential services, shopping centers, and reputable schools, ensuring that the residents don't have to travel far for their daily needs. Not to mention, the broader Murfreesboro area is rich in history and cultural significance, offering numerous recreational and educational opportunities for the curious mind.

The safety and security of Jackson Trail are also noteworthy. The neighborhood benefits from a robust community watch program, with residents playing an active role in ensuring the well-being of their neighbors. With well-lit streets, a vigilant neighborhood association, and regular communication between residents, Jackson Trail has succeeded in creating an environment where families feel secure and at ease.

Sustainability is a core value in this community. Many homes are equipped with energy-efficient appliances, and there's a strong emphasis on green living practices. From community-led recycling initiatives to eco-friendly landscaping choices, Jackson Trail exemplifies the perfect blend of modern living with a deep respect for the environment.

Similar Communities

In proximity to Jackson Trail, several neighborhoods echo the charm, construction standards, and lifestyle that this pristine location has to offer. One such neighborhood is Whispering Pines. Just like Jackson Trail, Whispering Pines presents a collection of homes that are a testament to Southern charm merged with up-to-date architectural nuances. Expansive interiors, designed with both style and function in mind, are a hallmark of this community. The streets are lined with mature trees, providing a cooling canopy during the warmer months and adding to the aesthetic beauty of the neighborhood.

Another comparable neighborhood is Brookside Haven. Here, the residences encapsulate the essence of fine American craftsmanship. Much like Jackson Trail, Brookside Haven offers homes that boast of meticulous detailing, both in their exterior designs and interior finishes. Community spirit is high in Brookside Haven, with neighbors often organizing and participating in local events, fostering a strong sense of belonging. Additionally, this community places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Many homes are designed to be energy efficient, and the neighborhood itself promotes green practices aimed at preserving the environment.

Cedar Creek Estates Homes

Cedar Creek Estates, situated not too far from Jackson Trail, is yet another neighborhood that mirrors the lifestyle and construction standards of Jackson Trail. Homes here are spacious and exude a modern elegance, perfect for both young professionals and growing families. The community areas in Cedar Creek Estates are always alive with activities, from children playing in designated zones to adults enjoying their early morning jogs or evening strolls. One of the highlights of this community is its emphasis on security. With a vigilant neighborhood association in place, residents here can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are in a safe environment.

Willowbrook is another neighborhood that resonates with the vibes of Jackson Trail. The homes here are crafted with precision, keeping in mind the needs of modern families. The architecture is a seamless blend of classic and contemporary, ensuring the area maintains its timeless appeal. Willowbrook is not just about its beautiful homes; the community thrives on the bond its residents share. Whether it's through community gatherings or the simple act of neighbors helping neighbors, the sense of unity in Willowbrook is palpable. Furthermore, its strategic location ensures residents have quick access to essential amenities, making day-to-day life convenient.

Food Scene

Just a stone's throw away, you'll find The Bistro Cafe, a delightful spot that offers both a cozy indoor ambiance and a refreshing outdoor patio setting. Known for their brunch specials and artisan coffees, it's the perfect place for a lazy Sunday morning or a mid-week catch up with friends.

Then there's The Southern Grill, a classic gem that serves up traditional Southern fare. Whether you're in the mood for crispy fried chicken, savory pot roast, or just some good ol' biscuits and gravy, this place hits the spot. And if you're not from the South originally, dining here feels like an authentic introduction to its rich culinary traditions.

Of course, for those evenings when you're looking for something a tad more upscale, Oliver's Wine and Dine offers a refined dining experience. Specializing in gourmet dishes paired with an extensive wine list, Oliver's is the place for anniversaries, celebrations, or just because. The seafood dishes, in particular, come highly recommended, with the scallops and risotto being a crowd favorite.

For the international food lovers, Murfreesboro near Jackson Trail doesn't disappoint. Tokyo Bites, a Japanese sushi bar and grill, has become quite the local hotspot. Beyond their expertly crafted sushi rolls, they serve up dishes like teriyaki salmon and beef bulgogi that have locals coming back time and again.

And let's not forget those evening cravings! Lila's Gelato Shop, while not a full-fledged restaurant, deserves a mention. Their handcrafted gelatos and sorbets are the perfect way to end an evening out or simply to enjoy during a walk around the neighborhood. With flavors ranging from classic vanilla to the more exotic passion fruit, there's a sweet treat for every palate.


Let's talk about the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts. It's a hub for all things culture. From captivating theatrical performances to art exhibitions and local music showcases, this venue is a testament to the town's vibrant artistic spirit. On any given weekend, you might find yourself immersed in a Broadway-style show or tapping your foot to the tunes of a local band.

For the film enthusiasts, the Stones River Cinema is not too far from Jackson Trail. More than just your average movie theater, it often hosts indie film screenings, director Q&As, and themed movie nights. It's the sort of place where you can grab a popcorn, settle in, and perhaps discover a new cult classic or an avant-garde masterpiece.

Switching gears to sports, Middle Tennessee State University's athletic events are a big draw. Blue Raider football games, in particular, have become quite the local tradition. With the stadium just a short drive away, many Jackson Trail residents find themselves donning blue and white, cheering on the home team under the stadium lights. Beyond football, the university also hosts basketball, baseball, and soccer matches, offering a diverse sporting calendar for enthusiasts.

For those who prefer participating over spectating, the nearby SportsCom complex deserves a mention. From its Olympic-sized swimming pool to its array of indoor courts, it's the perfect place for recreational sports or to catch a local league match. Whether you're into basketball, volleyball, or even aquatic aerobics, this place has got you covered. Plus, the sense of community here is fantastic; it's not uncommon to bump into neighbors and friends, all enjoying a shared love for sports and fitness.

Health and Wellness

The area around Jackson Trail in Murfreesboro is a haven for those inclined towards health and wellness. To start with, there's the Greenway Yoga Studio, a tranquil space that has become quite the community favorite. From hatha to vinyasa, they offer a range of classes suitable for both beginners and seasoned yogis. The instructors focus not just on physical postures but also on mindfulness and meditation, ensuring that attendees leave with a sense of inner peace and rejuvenation.

For those who are more into dynamic workouts, The Pulse Fitness Center is just a short hop away from Jackson Trail. This state-of-the-art facility has everything – from cardio machines and weightlifting zones to specialized classes like Zumba, HIIT, and spinning. The trainers there are incredibly supportive, crafting personalized workout plans for members and ensuring they reach their fitness goals safely.

Another gem in the vicinity is the Serene Retreat Spa. While not your conventional health center, this spa believes in holistic wellness. It's not just about massages and facials – though they do offer those, and they're divine! The spa focuses on treatments that detoxify and rejuvenate both the body and spirit. With therapies like aromatherapy, reflexology, and even nutritional counseling, it's the perfect place to indulge in some well-deserved self-care.

Moreover, the community itself supports a balanced lifestyle with its well-maintained parks and walking trails. Residents often take advantage of these green spaces, whether it's for morning jogs, evening strolls, or just some outdoor yoga. The fresh air and natural beauty of these spots provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection.

For those unforeseen health needs, the Stones River Hospital is nearby. With its modern facilities and a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, residents can rest easy knowing they have access to top-notch medical care whenever the need arises. The hospital also offers various health workshops and seminars throughout the year, helping the community stay informed and proactive about their well-being.

Outdoor Lifestyle

For nature enthusiasts and those who simply love a good breath of fresh air, the area offers a wealth of options. First up, there's the ever-popular Barfield Crescent Park. Spanning several acres, this park is a delightful blend of lush green spaces, playgrounds, and meandering trails. Many locals often find themselves taking leisurely strolls here, picnicking under the trees, or partaking in bird watching. During the autumn months, the park comes alive with vibrant hues, creating a picturesque backdrop for those Instagram-worthy moments.

Another local treasure is the Stones River Greenway. Winding alongside the river, this greenway is both a serene spot for reflection and a favorite among joggers and cyclists. The trail system connects various parts of the city, making it a scenic route for both recreation and getting around. And let's not forget those occasional spots along the way where one can just sit and enjoy the gentle sounds of the river flowing.

For those with a penchant for adventure, the Gateway Island Trail offers a unique outdoor experience. Encircling a serene lake, this trail provides opportunities for paddle boating and fishing. It's not uncommon to see families spending their weekends here, kids trying to catch their first fish or couples lazily rowing their boats, soaking in the tranquility.

The community around Jackson Trail is also big on outdoor events. Seasonal festivals at the parks, open-air concerts, and farmers' markets are a regular feature, bringing residents together in a celebration of nature and community spirit. And for the younger lot, the numerous playgrounds and open fields in the parks provide endless hours of fun and play.

Community gardens have started gaining traction in the area. These patches of green allow residents to cultivate their little plots, growing everything from sunflowers to tomatoes. Not only does it promote sustainability, but it's also a wonderful way to connect with the earth and reap the rewards of one's labor. In essence, the outdoor lifestyle near Jackson Trail is as vibrant and varied as the seasons themselves, catering to all age groups and interests.


The public schools in the vicinity are part of the Rutherford County School District, which is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development. One standout institution is Riverdale High School, with its strong academic programs and impressive range of extracurriculars, from arts to athletics. It's a school that truly prepares its students for the future, be it college or any other post-secondary pursuits.

Elementary and middle school-goers have options like Overall Creek Elementary and Blackman Middle School. Both institutions are known for fostering a nurturing learning environment. Their dedicated staff, modern facilities, and an array of after-school programs make them a popular choice among local families. Furthermore, these schools often host community events, ensuring parents and educators maintain a close-knit bond, working together for the betterment of the students.

For families considering private education, Murfreesboro doesn't disappoint. The Heritage Christian Academy is one such esteemed institution near Jackson Trail. The school's faith-based curriculum emphasizes moral and spiritual development alongside academic rigor. With smaller class sizes, students here benefit from personalized attention, ensuring they grasp concepts thoroughly and develop a genuine love for learning.

Another noteworthy private establishment is the Murfreesboro Montessori Academy. Adhering to the Montessori philosophy, the academy focuses on fostering independence, curiosity, and a deep-rooted respect for the world. The hands-on learning approach here ensures that students don't just memorize facts but understand and internalize concepts, preparing them for the challenges of the real world.

Whether opting for public or private, the educational landscape near Jackson Trail offers diverse choices, all rooted in the shared goal of nurturing the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

Shopping and Retail

Just a short drive away lies The Stones River Town Centre, an expansive shopping mall that houses a mix of national retailers and local boutiques. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest fashion trends, seeking out tech gadgets, or just in the mood for window shopping, this mall caters to a range of shopping whims. And when you need a break, there's a host of eateries where you can grab a bite, from quick snacks to sit-down restaurants.

For those who prefer a more open-air shopping experience, The Avenue Murfreesboro is the place to be. This sprawling retail complex offers a delightful blend of high-end brands and unique local stores. The layout, with its wide pedestrian-friendly avenues and landscaped areas, makes it a favorite for both shopping and leisurely strolls. On weekends, it's not uncommon to come across pop-up stalls and live performances, adding a touch of vibrancy to the shopping experience.

But it's not all about the big malls and centers. The downtown Murfreesboro area, with its quaint streets, offers an array of boutique stores, antique shops, and artisanal outlets. It's the sort of place where you might stumble upon a vintage treasure, a handmade trinket, or a one-of-a-kind fashion piece. Plus, the shop owners here, with their warm and personal approach, make the shopping experience feel truly special.

And let's not forget the various farmer's markets that pop up around the Jackson Trail area. These markets, with their fresh produce, handmade crafts, and local delicacies, offer a more organic and community-centric shopping experience. They're perfect for those Saturday morning outings, where you can pick up fresh veggies, indulge in some local treats, and perhaps even chat with the artisans and farmers about their products. All in all, whether you're a shopaholic or just an occasional shopper, the retail landscape near Jackson Trail offers a diverse and delightful array of options.

Business and Economy

The economic tapestry near Jackson Trail in Murfreesboro is both diverse and dynamic. One of the primary pillars supporting the local economy is the healthcare sector. With facilities like the Stones River Hospital and a network of clinics and specialized health centers, healthcare provides numerous employment opportunities and essential services to the community. It's not just about the medical professionals; administrative staff, tech support, and other roles play an integral part in making this sector tick.

Education, too, is a significant player in the local economy. Middle Tennessee State University, based in Murfreesboro, not only attracts students from all over the country but also serves as a major employer in the area. Beyond the obvious academic roles, the university supports jobs in administration, maintenance, research, and other related fields. Its presence also bolsters local businesses, as students and faculty alike frequent cafes, shops, and other services around the town.

Manufacturing holds a robust position in Murfreesboro's economic landscape. With its strategic location and excellent connectivity, the area has attracted a range of manufacturing units, from automotive parts to electronics. These industries offer a plethora of jobs, from the factory floor to managerial positions, playing a crucial role in driving the local economy forward.

Retail and services, of course, cannot be overlooked. With shopping centers like The Stones River Town Centre and The Avenue Murfreesboro, as well as the myriad of local businesses downtown, retail forms a substantial part of the local economy. These establishments not only provide shopping options but also create jobs for many residents.

The burgeoning tech sector in the broader Nashville region has started to leave its imprint on Murfreesboro as well. Startups and tech-focused businesses find the town attractive for its proximity to Nashville, relatively lower operational costs, and a steadily growing talent pool. This nascent growth promises exciting possibilities for the local economy in the years to come.

Hotels and Lodging

For visitors exploring the area around Jackson Trail in Murfreesboro, there's a delightful assortment of accommodations that cater to different tastes and budgets. A prominent name that often comes up is the Embassy Suites by Hilton. It's an elegant establishment that's perfect for both business travelers and families. Guests often rave about their hearty complimentary breakfasts and the evening receptions that give a wonderful opportunity to relax and socialize.

Then there's the Courtyard by Marriott, a favorite among those looking for a mix of comfort and convenience. With its modern amenities and a cozy lounge area, it's become a go-to for many traveling to the region. Plus, its central location means that most of Murfreesboro's attractions are just a short drive away.

However, for travelers looking for a more intimate experience, the Carriage Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast is a real gem. Nestled in a historic setting, this B&B exudes old-world charm. Each room is uniquely decorated, offering a blend of vintage aesthetics with modern comforts. Guests can relish the gourmet breakfast, which often features local ingredients, and the inn's garden is a serene spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Of course, for those on a quick stopover or on a tighter budget, there are numerous chain hotels and motels around, offering clean, comfortable rooms without the added frills. But what truly stands out in most of these accommodations, be it a luxury suite or a modest motel room, is the warm Southern hospitality. The staff and locals alike go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome.

Additionally, with Murfreesboro's growing popularity as a tourist spot, there's been a rise in vacation rentals. These range from quaint cottages to contemporary apartments, catering to groups of various sizes. Ideal for longer stays or for those who prefer a home-away-from-home experience, these rentals often come equipped with kitchens and living spaces, allowing guests to settle in and truly soak in the local vibe.

Whether you're in town for a business meeting, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, the area around Jackson Trail ensures you have the perfect place to rest your head and recharge.

Travel and Transportation

One of the first things newcomers or tourists often ask is about the proximity to the nearest airport, and they're pleasantly surprised to learn that Nashville International Airport is relatively close by. Just a drive away, this bustling airport connects Murfreesboro to numerous domestic and international destinations. Whether you're jetting off on a business trip, vacation, or welcoming guests from out of town, having such a major airport in the vicinity is incredibly convenient.

Now, when it comes to navigating around Murfreesboro and its surroundings, public transportation plays a handy role. The Rover is Murfreesboro’s primary bus service, crisscrossing the city and making daily commutes or city explorations easy for residents and visitors alike. The brightly colored buses are hard to miss, and they cover key routes, ensuring that most of the city's main attractions, educational institutions, shopping centers, and business hubs are easily accessible.

For those looking to travel a bit further out, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) offers services that connect Murfreesboro to Nashville and its suburbs. It's a boon for those who work in Nashville but reside in Murfreesboro or for anyone wanting to enjoy a day out in the Music City without the hassles of driving and parking.

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft also have a significant presence here. Whether you're running late for a meeting, have too many bags to carry from a shopping spree, or just prefer a more direct route, a quick tap on your phone gets you a ride in minutes. It's an option that many find convenient, especially for more personalized or late-night journeys.