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Highland Park Homes

Highland Park, located in Murfreesboro, TN, offers an exquisite blend of modern living and classic southern charm. The homes in this serene community are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, boasting architectural features that evoke a sense of timeless elegance. From expansive front porches, perfect for an evening chat with neighbors, to luxurious interiors with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and state-of-the-art appliances, the residences in Highland Park reflect a commitment to quality and sophistication.

This neighborhood seamlessly intertwines natural beauty with urban convenience. As you stroll through the tree-lined streets, it's evident that the community planners put a premium on green spaces and landscaping. The mature trees, flower beds, and manicured lawns create a tranquil environment, making it a haven for residents who crave a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet, despite its seeming seclusion, Highland Park is just a stone's throw away from Murfreesboro's vibrant downtown, offering residents easy access to a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

Highland Park Homes

The community spirit in Highland Park is palpable. A diverse mix of families, young professionals, and retirees call this place home, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Various community-driven events and gatherings, from seasonal festivals to neighborhood yard sales, foster camaraderie and ensure that there's always something happening in the neighborhood. Moreover, the community's amenities, such as playgrounds, parks, and walking trails, cater to residents of all ages, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

One of Highland Park's standout features is its commitment to education. The proximity of top-rated schools in Murfreesboro ensures that children receive a high-quality education. Many families are drawn to this enclave, specifically for the educational opportunities it offers. Additionally, the neighborhood is dotted with historical landmarks and cultural institutions, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the rich history and heritage of the region.

Safety and security are paramount in Highland Park. A dedicated neighborhood watch program, along with well-lit streets and community awareness initiatives, ensures that residents feel secure at all times. This emphasis on safety, combined with the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal and sense of community, makes Highland Park a sought-after destination for those looking to settle in Murfreesboro.

Similar Communities

Just a short drive from Highland Park, one will discover the enclave of Riverwood Estates. This neighborhood, much like Highland Park, revels in its harmonious blend of upscale living and the allure of southern hospitality. The homes are meticulously designed, showcasing features like large bay windows, brick exteriors, and spacious interiors adorned with contemporary finishes. The architectural brilliance echoes that of Highland Park, making it a worthy counterpart in terms of aesthetics and price point.

Another gem in the vicinity is the community of Cedar Crest. Much like its contemporaries, Cedar Crest promises an unrivaled lifestyle that is steeped in luxury and comfort. The homes here, predominantly constructed using high-quality materials, offer a delicate balance between modernity and classic appeal. Vaulted ceilings, marble countertops, and sprawling backyards are just some of the features homeowners can anticipate. Moreover, the sense of community in Cedar Crest mirrors that of Highland Park, fostering an environment where neighbors become lifelong friends, united by shared events, gatherings, and amenities.

Riverwood Estates Homes

Westbrook Village, located just a few miles from Highland Park, is yet another noteworthy community that rivals in terms of price point, construction quality, and lifestyle offerings. The homes in Westbrook Village are characterized by their grand facades, often adorned with intricate stonework and detailed carpentry. Inside, they promise a luxurious living experience, boasting features like gourmet kitchens, walk-in closets, and lavish master suites. The neighborhood also places a strong emphasis on green living, with numerous parks, jogging trails, and natural reserves dotting the community. Residents here enjoy a similar active and engaging lifestyle as those in Highland Park, with a multitude of recreational and social activities at their fingertips.

In close proximity to Highland Park is the elegant neighborhood of Evergreen Terrace. This community stands as a testament to upscale suburban living, with homes that showcase a synergy of modern design and timeless charm. Expansive driveways, stately pillars, and manicured gardens are common sights here, echoing the attention to detail that is also evident in Highland Park. Moreover, Evergreen Terrace thrives as a tight-knit community. Regular social events, community clubs, and shared amenities ensure that residents lead a fulfilling and active lifestyle, surrounded by neighbors who share similar values and aspirations.

Food Scene

Just around the corner, there's "Bella's Bistro", a cozy Italian place that's perfect for those nights when you crave a plate of hearty spaghetti carbonara or a wood-fired Margherita pizza. The ambiance there is reminiscent of a rustic Italian villa, with soft lighting and intimate booths making it a favorite spot for date nights and celebrations.

For those with a penchant for Southern comfort food, "Magnolia's Kitchen" is a must-visit. Located just a short drive from Highland Park, this eatery offers classics like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread, all served up with a side of genuine Southern hospitality. The establishment has the charm of an old Southern home, complete with a porch where patrons can enjoy their meals while watching the world go by.

For the health-conscious, "Green Sprout Café" is an oasis. Offering a range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, this café has quickly become a local favorite. Their avocado toast, topped with cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta, has garnered rave reviews. Plus, their smoothie bowls and fresh juices make for a refreshing treat, especially during those warm Tennessee summer months.

If it's flavors from the East you're after, "Sakura Sushi & Grill" should be on your list. Nestled just a few blocks from Highland Park, this restaurant offers an extensive sushi menu, along with grilled specialties and noodle dishes. Regulars often rave about their dragon rolls and teriyaki bowls. The modern, yet warm interior, complemented by gentle traditional music, makes it a serene spot for both lunch and dinner.

For those mornings when all you need is a strong coffee and a fresh pastry, "Cobblestone Bakery" is the go-to spot. Their croissants are buttery perfection, and their range of coffees, from robust espressos to frothy lattes, ensures that you start your day on the right foot. It's not uncommon to see Highland Park residents catching up over coffee here, making it a cherished part of the community's fabric.


If there's one thing that can be said about the area around Highland Park in Murfreesboro, it's that there's never a dull moment, especially for those inclined towards entertainment and sporting events. One of the crown jewels of the region is the "Murfreesboro Performing Arts Center." This venue often hosts a myriad of performances ranging from live concerts of local bands to touring theater troupes presenting Broadway-style shows. On any given weekend, it's a hub of cultural activity, with the lights, music, and drama drawing in residents from all over the region.

For the film enthusiasts, the "Starlite Cinema" is the go-to destination. This isn't your typical movie theater. With its retro styling and plush seating, the cinema offers an experience reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. They not only screen the latest blockbusters but also frequently run classic film nights and indie film festivals, making it a favorite haunt for cinephiles.

On the sporting front, Murfreesboro boasts the "BlueWave Aquatic Center," popular for its competitive swimming events. Whether you're an avid swimmer or just looking to cheer from the sidelines, the energy at this venue is palpable. The thrill of races, from freestyle sprints to medley relays, offers a spectacle for spectators and participants alike.

Then there's the "Rutherford County Stadium," hosting everything from local football and soccer matches to larger regional tournaments. The electrifying atmosphere during game nights, the cheers of the crowds, and the camaraderie among fans make it a focal point of the local sports scene. Residents from neighborhoods like Highland Park often come together, adorning team colors, making it as much about community spirit as it is about the love of the game.

For those who prefer a more relaxed form of entertainment, the "Murfreesboro Green Gardens" offers seasonal outdoor concerts. Imagine sitting on a blanket under the stars, enjoying live music amidst the scent of blooming flowers. It's these kinds of experiences that truly enhance the quality of life for the residents in and around Highland Park.

Health and Wellness

One of the most frequented spots is "Harmony Yoga Studio." This sanctuary offers a variety of classes ranging from energetic vinyasa flows to calming yin sessions. For many in the community, starting their day with a sun salutation here, overlooking the studio's zen garden, sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Now, if you're someone who prefers a more dynamic workout regimen, "Murfreesboro Athletic Club" might just be your second home. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and offering a range of group fitness classes, this club is a hub for those looking to maintain or kickstart their fitness journey. Whether you're into HIIT workouts, spinning, or even dance aerobics, there's something for everyone. Plus, their on-site nutritionists and personal trainers offer guidance to ensure everyone's wellness journey is tailored to their individual needs.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the "Rutherford Greenway" provides a breath of fresh air - literally and figuratively. This extensive trail system, which winds its way through some of Murfreesboro's most scenic spots, is a haven for joggers, cyclists, and walkers alike. It's not uncommon to see morning meditation groups or tai chi practitioners utilizing these serene surroundings.

Of course, wellness isn't just about physical health. The "Serenity Wellness Spa" near Highland Park understands this all too well. Offering holistic treatments ranging from deep tissue massages to aromatherapy sessions, this spa is the perfect place to unwind, de-stress, and align one's mind, body, and spirit.

And let's not forget about nutrition. "Nature's Basket," a local organic grocery store, is a treasure trove for those who prioritize clean eating. Stocked with fresh, locally-sourced produce, whole grains, and an impressive range of health supplements, it supports the community's nutritional needs. Plus, their in-house café serves up delectable dishes that are as nourishing as they are delicious, making it a popular spot for those post-workout brunches or midday health boosts.

The area around Highland Park truly understands the essence of a balanced lifestyle, offering its residents myriad ways to stay active, nourished, and mentally rejuvenated.

Outdoor Lifestyle

For residents of Highland Park in Murfreesboro, TN, the abundance of parks and nature spaces is one of the many delights that enrich the outdoor lifestyle. One of the most cherished spots in the vicinity is "Barfield Crescent Park." This vast green expanse offers a melange of meandering trails, serene ponds, and picnic spots. Families often spend sunny weekends here, with kids chasing after butterflies while adults indulge in the simple pleasure of a good book under the shade of mature trees.

Then there's "Stones River Greenway," a local gem for those who love riverside walks or bike rides. This trail, lined with native plants and punctuated by picturesque bridges, offers panoramic views of the Stones River. Birdwatchers, in particular, find this place a haven, with the gentle chirping and the occasional sight of a heron or kingfisher providing nature's perfect symphony.

"Cannon's Hill Park" is another notable mention. While it's a favorite for its well-maintained playgrounds and sports courts, its elevated location offers a breathtaking view of the Murfreesboro skyline, especially during sunset. Many residents of Highland Park often trek up the hill with their evening tea or coffee, making it a ritual to watch the sky change hues.

For those who prefer a blend of botanical beauty and historical relevance, the "Rutherford County Arboretum" is the place to be. Not only does it house an impressive collection of local flora, but it also has historical markers that tell tales of Murfreesboro's rich past. The arboretum regularly hosts gardening workshops and nature walks, making it a focal point for community learning and engagement.

Adventure enthusiasts aren't left out either. The "Murfreesboro Adventure Zone" offers a plethora of activities like rock climbing, zip-lining, and obstacle courses. It's an exhilarating spot, particularly popular among the younger crowd and those young at heart, looking for an adrenaline rush amidst nature.

The areas around Highland Park are a testament to how urban living and nature can coexist harmoniously. The myriad of parks, trails, and nature-centric activities ensures that residents have a perpetual invitation to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and revel in the beauty of the great outdoors.


For families living in Highland Park, Murfreesboro, the variety of educational options ensures that there's a fitting choice for every student. The public schools in the vicinity, governed by the Rutherford County School District, have garnered praise for their comprehensive curricula and dedicated educators. "Murfreesboro Central High," for instance, not only boasts impressive academic achievements but also has an array of extracurricular activities that promote holistic development. Their theater program and sports teams have made headlines multiple times, showcasing the talent that thrives in this community.

For younger kids, "Patterson Elementary" offers a nurturing environment. Known for its smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and a robust arts and music program, Patterson ensures that its students get a solid foundational education. The school's annual science fair and arts showcase are events that the whole Highland Park community looks forward to, exemplifying the institution's emphasis on hands-on learning and creativity.

On the private education front, there's no overlooking the esteemed "St. Mary's Academy." This institution, with its long-standing legacy, offers an education that's steeped in tradition yet progressive in its approach. With a strong emphasis on values, leadership, and community service, St. Mary's ensures that its students are well-prepared not just academically but also morally. Their extensive campus includes state-of-the-art labs, a grand library, and impressive sports facilities.

Another notable private institution is "Rutherford Prep," which has a reputation for academic excellence. Offering an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, this school attracts families seeking a globally-oriented education. Their debate team, in particular, has won accolades nationally, reflecting the school's emphasis on critical thinking and effective communication.

For those seeking alternative educational approaches, the "Murfreesboro Montessori School" is a beacon. Adhering to the Montessori philosophy, this school emphasizes individualized learning, practical life skills, and fostering innate curiosity. Set amidst lush green surroundings, the campus itself feels like an extension of home, making children's transition to formal education smooth and enjoyable.

Highland Park residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to education. Whether it's the public schools with their community-driven spirit, the private institutions with their specialized offerings, or alternative learning centers, every child has an opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

Shopping and Retail

One of the main retail attractions in the area is the "Rutherford Galleria." This sprawling mall, with its elegant architecture and well-laid-out interiors, offers a mix of high-end boutiques and popular retail chains. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest designer handbag or need to upgrade your tech gadgets, the Galleria has it all. Not to mention, its central courtyard, with its bubbling fountains and seasonal décor, is a favorite hangout spot for residents looking to take a leisurely break from their shopping spree.

For those who prefer a more open-air shopping experience, "Murfreesboro Marketplace" is a must-visit. This shopping plaza, with its landscaped walkways and cozy outdoor seating areas, offers a delightful array of stores. From artisanal bakeries where you can pick up freshly baked sourdough to boutique stores showcasing local crafts and jewelry, the Marketplace provides a more intimate and unique shopping experience. It's also the place where many Highland Park residents head to for their weekly farmers' market, ensuring their homes are stocked with fresh, locally-sourced produce.

If you're someone with an affinity for antiques and vintage finds, "Old Town Curios" will feel like a treasure trove. Located just a short drive from Highland Park, this shop, with its creaky wooden floors and shelves packed with curiosities, is a haven for collectors. From ornate Victorian-era mirrors to retro vinyl records, every visit feels like a trip down memory lane.

Of course, for everyday essentials, several retail giants are conveniently located near Highland Park. From departmental stores offering a one-stop shopping solution to specialty outlets catering to specific needs, residents never have to venture too far.

The shopping and retail scene around Highland Park caters to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Whether you're indulging in some retail therapy, hunting for a unique gift, or simply running errands, the options are plentiful and varied.

Business and Economy

The area around Highland Park in Murfreesboro is not just rich in culture and lifestyle; it's also an economic hub with a diverse range of businesses and industries that support the local economy.

One of the predominant sectors is healthcare. The "Rutherford Health System," headquartered near Highland Park, is one of the major employers in the region. They not only provide critical health services to the community but also engage in pioneering medical research. The state-of-the-art facilities attract medical professionals from across the country, fostering an environment of innovation and expertise.

The education sector is another significant contributor. With institutions like "Middle Tennessee State University" nearby, there's a vibrant academic community. The university not only provides quality education but also plays a pivotal role in research and development, especially in the fields of aerospace, music production, and agriculture. This academic emphasis translates to numerous off-campus businesses, including bookstores, tech shops, and research consultancies.

Then there's the burgeoning tech industry. "Murfreesboro Tech Park," a short drive from Highland Park, is home to a number of startups and established IT companies. With a focus on software development, data analytics, and digital marketing, this tech hub has been drawing professionals from larger cities, seeking a balance of cutting-edge work in a more relaxed setting.

Agriculture, too, has deep roots in the region. The surrounding countryside, with its fertile lands, hosts a plethora of farms producing everything from dairy to organic vegetables. This produces a ripple effect on related industries – local dairies, artisanal cheese producers, and organic markets. "Rutherford Farmers Co-op" is a testament to this, serving both farmers for their supplies and city dwellers keen on purchasing fresh, locally-produced items.

Last but not least, tourism and hospitality have seen steady growth. With Murfreesboro's rich Civil War history, landmarks like the "Stones River National Battlefield" attract history buffs from all over. This influx of visitors boosts local B&Bs, tour operators, and souvenir shops.

The area around Highland Park stands as a microcosm of balanced economic growth. From healthcare and education to tech and agriculture, the diverse range of industries ensures stability, innovation, and continual community development.

Hotels and Lodging

Staying around Highland Park in Murfreesboro offers a delightful range of lodging experiences for visitors, catering to various tastes and preferences. One of the most talked-about hotels in the vicinity is the "Rutherford Grand Hotel." With its modern façade and luxurious interiors, this establishment is a favorite among business travelers and those seeking a dash of urban sophistication. The hotel's rooftop lounge, offering panoramic views of Murfreesboro's skyline, is the cherry on top, especially during the evenings when the city lights up.

For those visitors who appreciate a blend of history with their stay, the "Heritage Inn" is a must-try. This restored 19th-century mansion exudes an old-world charm, with its antique furniture, wooden staircases, and grand chandeliers. Each room tells a different story, with décor reminiscent of the bygone era, yet fitted with modern amenities. Guests often rave about the inn's garden, which is meticulously maintained and perfect for a morning tea or an evening stroll.

If boutique hotels are more your style, "The Parkside Retreat" offers an eclectic mix of contemporary design with homely warmth. Located strategically close to many of Murfreesboro's attractions, it's become a favorite for weekend travelers. The in-house café, with its organic menu and artisanal coffees, is a hit among guests and locals alike.

Now, for visitors seeking an intimate "bed and breakfast" experience, "Ella's Cottage B&B" near Highland Park is a gem waiting to be discovered. Nestled in a serene neighborhood, this cozy establishment, run by the ever-gracious host Ella, offers just a handful of rooms ensuring personalized attention. The highlight of the stay here, as many guests would vouch for, is Ella's sumptuous southern breakfast, complete with fluffy pancakes, fresh berries, and homemade jams.

Lastly, for the budget-conscious traveler, a handful of chain motels and lodges dot the area around Highland Park. These establishments, while simple, offer clean and comfortable lodgings, often with complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, making it convenient for those on the go.

Travel and Transportation

The closest major airport is the "Nashville International Airport," which is situated to the north of Murfreesboro. Depending on the time of day and traffic conditions, the drive usually takes around 40 minutes to an hour. This bustling airport serves a multitude of domestic and several international flights, making it relatively straightforward for Highland Park residents to hop on a plane to almost any major city in the U.S. or even some overseas destinations.

Now, as for public transportation, Murfreesboro's "Rover Bus System" is a boon. With its recognizable blue buses, Rover covers various routes throughout the city, including a convenient stop near Highland Park. It's an affordable and eco-friendly way for residents to commute, whether they're headed to work, school, or just out for some leisure time in the city center. The buses are modern, clean, and known for their punctuality, which is always a plus!

For those looking to venture further afield, there's the "Middle Tennessee RTA." This service provides commuter buses and trains linking Murfreesboro with neighboring cities, including Nashville. Especially popular among those who work in the Music City but prefer the tranquility of Murfreesboro for their residence, these trains and buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, making the commute productive for many.

For more direct transport, numerous taxi services and rideshares operate in the area. With just a few taps on a smartphone, residents can have a car ready to take them wherever they need, be it a quick trip to the mall or an early morning ride to the airport.