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Forest Ridge Homes

Forest Ridge, a welcoming community in Murfreesboro, TN, is home to a richly diverse set of residences that exude southern charm and contemporary finesse. The houses here are often a blend of traditional and modern architecture, offering the best of both worlds. A common characteristic found amongst these homes is their generously sized spaces, typically boasting four to five bedrooms, ideal for large families or those who appreciate the convenience of extra rooms. Gourmet kitchens, expansive master suites, and often, dedicated home offices, are all part of the feature set. It is not uncommon to find hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, all of which contribute to a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

The properties of Forest Ridge are blessed with ample outdoor space, as well, with most homes boasting sizable yards. These provide residents the opportunity for gardening, play, and hosting social events. Additionally, many homes feature attractive landscaping and mature trees, adding a sense of privacy and a dash of natural beauty. Decks, patios, and, in some cases, private pools, are also common features, perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

Forest Ridge Homes

Architecturally, Forest Ridge houses are a mixture of single and two-story buildings with a variety of designs. From traditional brick facades to more modern takes on the classic American house, the range is expansive, catering to various tastes. The overall aesthetic, though, is one of elegance and warmth. Exteriors are well-maintained, reflecting the pride residents take in their community.

The community of Forest Ridge is as vibrant and welcoming as the homes themselves. Neighbors often form close-knit bonds, resulting in a strong sense of community spirit and togetherness. The area boasts several recreational amenities such as parks and walking trails that encourage an active, outdoor lifestyle.

The neighborhood's strategic location in Murfreesboro means residents are never far from essential amenities. Excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and a variety of shopping and dining options are all within easy reach. The proximity to major highways offers quick access to Nashville, allowing residents to enjoy the buzz of the city while residing in a peaceful suburban enclave.

Forest Ridge is an active participant in Murfreesboro's thriving cultural and social scene, with a calendar full of community events, festivals, and local celebrations. Its schools and local institutions often host activities that bring people together and foster a feeling of unity and camaraderie. These characteristics make Forest Ridge not just a place to live, but a place to call home.

Similar Communities

Three Rivers is another popular neighborhood that mirrors Forest Ridge in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle. Just like Forest Ridge, homes in Three Rivers blend modern amenities with southern charm. Spacious floor plans are common, often encompassing three to five bedrooms, and many homes feature open-concept living spaces, large kitchens with granite countertops, and grand master suites. The community's amenities include a clubhouse, a pool, and several parks and playgrounds, offering residents an active and engaging lifestyle. Schools within the Three Rivers district are well-rated, further enhancing the appeal for families.

Another similar community is Liberty Valley. Known for its classic and contemporary homes, Liberty Valley matches Forest Ridge's aesthetic and sense of community. Properties here often feature expansive yards, mature trees, and elegant landscaping, much like Forest Ridge. Inside, homes often have hardwood floors, modern appliances, and spacious rooms. Liberty Valley also boasts a playground and walking trails, encouraging a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Its location, just a short drive from downtown Murfreesboro, puts residents close to a wide variety of restaurants, shopping venues, and other services.

Liberty Valley Homes

The Sheffield Park neighborhood also shares similarities with Forest Ridge. Homes in Sheffield Park exhibit a blend of traditional and modern architectural styles, much like those in Forest Ridge. Homes typically feature four to five bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, and master suites with luxurious bathrooms. Outdoor spaces often include decks, patios, and well-maintained gardens, allowing residents to enjoy the region's mild climate. The community-oriented spirit of Sheffield Park echoes that of Forest Ridge, with a variety of neighborhood events and activities scheduled throughout the year.

The Reserve, another similar neighborhood, offers its residents an upscale suburban lifestyle. Like Forest Ridge, it has spacious, well-designed homes featuring the latest appliances, large yards, and beautiful landscaping. The Reserve is well-placed, with good schools and essential services nearby. The community prides itself on maintaining a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, organizing several social events and activities.

In essence, these neighborhoods - Three Rivers, Liberty Valley, Sheffield Park, and The Reserve - offer potential homebuyers a variety of options that align with the price point, construction style, and lifestyle found in Forest Ridge, ensuring that every individual or family can find a community that feels like home.

Food Scene

Murfreesboro, home to the Forest Ridge community, offers a vast array of dining options that will satisfy even the most discerning foodie. With a rich blend of local and international flavors, the culinary landscape around Forest Ridge is diverse and vibrant.

For fans of southern cuisine, The Alley on Main is a must-visit. Located in the heart of downtown Murfreesboro, it serves up classic southern fare with a modern twist. Their fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits are beloved local favorites, and their bourbon pecan pie is absolutely to die for.

For those looking for international flavors, Pad Thai Cafe is an excellent choice. They offer an extensive menu filled with traditional Thai dishes, such as Tom Kha soup, Massaman curry, and, of course, their namesake Pad Thai. With its fresh ingredients and beautifully balanced flavors, it's no wonder why Pad Thai Cafe has become a staple in the local dining scene.

Meanwhile, Marina's on the Square is a charming Italian restaurant tucked away in the downtown district. Their menu boasts an array of classic Italian dishes like lasagna, carbonara, and tiramisu. Paired with their warm, inviting atmosphere and excellent wine selection, it's an ideal place for a cozy date night or a family dinner.

But it's not all about sit-down restaurants. Murfreesboro also has a lively casual dining and fast-food scene. There's a multitude of coffee shops, bakeries, and burger joints scattered across the city, providing residents with a range of options for quick meals and snacks. Slick Pig BBQ, with its juicy pulled pork and smoky ribs, is a go-to spot for barbecue lovers, while The Cupcake Collection will satisfy those with a sweet tooth with their array of decadent cupcakes.

The city is also home to a thriving food truck scene, offering everything from gourmet tacos to artisanal sandwiches. Throughout the year, food truck rallies are hosted at various locations around the city, providing a fantastic opportunity for residents to sample a diverse range of dishes in a fun, casual setting.

Whether you prefer southern comfort food, spicy Thai dishes, classic Italian pasta, or a juicy BBQ sandwich, the area around Forest Ridge in Murfreesboro offers a multitude of choices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.


For sports enthusiasts, the Middle Tennessee State University Blue Raiders offer exciting collegiate-level athletic events. From football and basketball to baseball, the Blue Raiders' games draw crowds and build community spirit. In addition, the Murfreesboro Soccer Club hosts local and regional matches that are a thrill to watch, especially for younger soccer fans.

Golf lovers are also in for a treat, as the area boasts several impressive golf courses, like the Old Fort Golf Club and the Indian Hills Golf Course. These courses not only offer a great place to play but also host local tournaments that are enjoyable to participate in or spectate.

For those who prefer cultural activities, the Center for the Arts in downtown Murfreesboro offers a rich calendar of events, including plays, musicals, and art exhibitions. The center's productions are known for their high quality, often featuring local talent that surprises and delights.

Music lovers will appreciate the lively local music scene. A variety of venues, including Main Street Music, host local and touring bands and artists. And let's not forget the renowned Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place annually just a short drive away in Manchester. It's an event that music fans anticipate all year.

Additionally, the city hosts a variety of community events, such as the Main Street Jazzfest, which brings together jazz musicians from all over the region. The annual Uncle Dave Macon Days, a roots rendezvous of music and dance, is another popular event that draws visitors from across the country.

On the more laid-back side, Stones River Town Centre is the go-to spot for shopping and movie nights, offering a multiplex cinema and a variety of retail stores.

The area around Forest Ridge in Murfreesboro is rich in sporting events, cultural activities, and entertainment options, ensuring there's always something happening to cater to all tastes and preferences.

Health and Wellness

If you're interested in physical fitness, there are several gyms and fitness centers in the area. For instance, Planet Fitness, with its state-of-the-art equipment and range of classes, caters to everyone from fitness beginners to seasoned athletes. There's also the local YMCA, which, in addition to their extensive fitness facilities, offers a range of community programs aimed at promoting healthy living.

For those who enjoy a more tranquil approach to fitness, several yoga studios in the area offer classes for various experience levels. Studios like Breathe and Be Yoga and Hot Yoga Plus provide an array of styles, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and hot yoga, ensuring that everyone can find a practice that suits them.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Murfreesboro is home to numerous parks and green spaces. The Stones River Greenway, for instance, offers excellent opportunities for walking, jogging, and biking with stunning views along the Stones River. Barfield Crescent Park is another great place to enjoy nature, with trails, disc golf, and even camping facilities.

When it comes to healthcare, Murfreesboro residents are well-served. Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital, one of the leading healthcare providers in the region, offers comprehensive medical services. Additionally, the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic provides a wide array of specialties, from pediatrics to dermatology, ensuring residents have access to top-notch care close to home.

For mental health and wellness, there are several highly-rated therapists and counseling centers in Murfreesboro. These services cater to a variety of needs, including stress management, relationship counseling, and mental health support.

Finally, the city is home to a variety of healthy dining options for those who appreciate wholesome, nutritious meals. Places like The Green Dragon Public House and CoreLife Eatery offer menus loaded with fresh, healthy, and delicious options.

The abundance of health and wellness options near Forest Ridge means residents can easily access resources that contribute to a balanced lifestyle, whether they are seeking physical fitness, nutritious food, healthcare services, or mental wellness support.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the most beloved outdoor spaces is the Stones River National Battlefield. Apart from its historical significance, it also features miles of scenic walking and biking trails that traverse fields, woods, and along the Stones River. It's a perfect spot for history buffs, nature lovers, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Meanwhile, Barfield Crescent Park, another gem in the area, provides a variety of outdoor activities. It boasts several baseball fields, disc golf courses, and a network of walking trails that wind through the park's lush landscape. The park also hosts various community events throughout the year, such as outdoor concerts and festivals, making it a hub of social activity.

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, Cannonsburgh Village provides a peaceful escape. This pioneer village offers a glimpse into Tennessee's history, set against the backdrop of beautiful gardens and historic structures. It's a great place for a tranquil stroll or a picnic on a sunny afternoon.

Just a short drive away is the beautiful Percy Priest Lake, an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. The lake offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and even swimming. Several picnic spots dot the shoreline, making it an excellent location for a family day out.

For golf lovers, the Indian Hills Golf Course offers a well-maintained, challenging course with beautiful views, while the Old Fort Park is home to tennis courts, kids' playgrounds, and an 18-hole championship golf course.

Additionally, the Murfreesboro Greenway System is a true asset to the community. These greenways offer miles of paved trails that connect several parks throughout the city, perfect for running, biking, or a leisurely walk.

There's also the Wilderness Station, a facility that offers outdoor education programs. Whether you're interested in hiking, camping, or simply learning more about local flora and fauna, it's a great resource.

With so many options at their fingertips, residents of Forest Ridge have countless ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Murfreesboro and lead an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. The area's parks and outdoor spaces are more than just scenic—they're community spaces that bring people together and offer a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Starting with public schools, the Murfreesboro City Schools system operates several well-regarded elementary schools within a short distance of Forest Ridge. One standout is the Overall Creek Elementary, known for its innovative approach to education and its emphasis on STEM learning. Additionally, the Rutherford County Schools system runs several highly-rated middle and high schools, including the Siegel Middle and High Schools, which are known for their robust academic programs and successful sports teams.

On the private education front, there are numerous prestigious schools offering tailored curricula and smaller class sizes. The Middle Tennessee Christian School offers programs from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, providing a well-rounded education with a Christian worldview. Another popular choice is the Webb School, a historic private school known for its rigorous academic curriculum, diverse extracurricular activities, and a strong focus on character development.

For those seeking an alternative approach to education, the Montessori Weaver School offers programs for children aged 18 months to 6 years. This school follows the Montessori method of self-directed learning, fostering independence and curiosity in a nurturing environment.

In addition, there are several specialized schools that cater to students with unique educational needs or interests. The Discovery School at Bellwood, for instance, is a public school serving highly gifted students in grades K-6, offering an enriched and accelerated curriculum.

Furthermore, the proximity of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), one of the largest public universities in Tennessee, is a boon for families with college-bound students. MTSU offers a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and is particularly well-known for its programs in music, aerospace, and concrete industry management.

Whether a family prefers a public school, private school, or an alternative education model, the area around Forest Ridge provides a multitude of options, ensuring that each student can find an educational environment in which they can flourish.

Shopping and Retail

The Stones River Town Centre is one of the main shopping destinations in Murfreesboro. This large shopping mall hosts a variety of stores, including popular brands like JCPenney, Dillard's, and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, it features an array of eateries and a multiplex cinema, making it a great place for a full day of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

For those who enjoy hunting for unique items, the downtown district offers a treasure trove of local boutiques and specialty shops. Places like Trendy Pieces and Bella's Boutique offer a selection of fashionable clothing and accessories, while Quinn's Mercantile is a must-visit for home decor and gifts.

The Avenue Murfreesboro is another prominent shopping hub in the area. It's an open-air shopping complex that houses a variety of stores such as Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Old Navy, as well as several restaurants and specialty shops. This center provides a more relaxed, outdoor shopping experience, perfect for those sunny Tennessee days.

For everyday essentials, several supermarkets and big-box retailers are conveniently located near Forest Ridge. Stores like Walmart, Kroger, and Publix make it easy for residents to pick up groceries, household items, and more.

If you're a fan of farmers' markets, the Rutherford County Farmers Market is a local favorite. Held twice a week during the warmer months, it features a variety of vendors selling fresh produce, locally made goods, and artisanal foods. It's a great place to stock up on the freshest ingredients while supporting local farmers and businesses.

Lastly, for those interested in home improvement and gardening, there are several large retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's in the vicinity, along with local nurseries like Martin's Home & Garden.

The area around Forest Ridge offers a shopping experience that blends convenience, variety, and local charm. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest fashion, need to pick up some groceries, or are looking for the perfect gift, you'll find what you need in Murfreesboro.

Business and Economy

One of the major employers in Murfreesboro is the healthcare industry. Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital and the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic are among the city's largest employers, offering a wide range of services from general healthcare to specialized medicine. This not only contributes to the local economy but also ensures residents have access to quality healthcare right in their backyard.

Education is another significant sector in the local economy, with Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) serving as one of the largest employers in the area. In addition to providing thousands of jobs, MTSU also contributes to the city's vibrant cultural and sports scenes, attracting students from across the country and around the world.

The automotive industry also plays a vital role in the local economy, with Nissan North America operating a major manufacturing facility just a short drive away in Smyrna. This plant, one of the largest automotive production facilities in the US, provides jobs for thousands of workers and has attracted numerous automotive supply companies to the region.

Retail is another important component of the local economy. The city's major shopping centers, like the Stones River Town Centre and The Avenue Murfreesboro, provide a multitude of jobs in retail, food service, and entertainment.

Murfreesboro also boasts a growing tech industry, with companies like National Healthcare Corporation and IT firm Bondware based in the city. These companies offer a range of opportunities in IT, software development, and healthcare technology.

On the smaller scale, the city is home to a thriving community of small businesses, including specialty shops, local eateries, and professional services, which lend a distinct charm to the local business landscape and further diversify the economy.

With these varied industries, Murfreesboro offers a diverse array of job opportunities for residents of communities like Forest Ridge. This vibrant economic landscape ensures the city's continued growth and prosperity, making it an excellent place to live and work.

Hotels and Lodging

Several well-known hotel brands have properties in Murfreesboro. For instance, the Embassy Suites by Hilton offers spacious rooms, a complimentary breakfast, and an evening reception, making it an excellent choice for both business travelers and families. Similarly, the DoubleTree by Hilton boasts a convenient location and comfortable rooms, while the Courtyard by Marriott offers a fitness center and outdoor pool.

For those seeking more boutique accommodations, the Carriage Lane Inn is a delightful option. Located in the heart of downtown Murfreesboro, this charming bed and breakfast is composed of several historic homes, offering a blend of southern hospitality and modern comfort. Each room is individually decorated, and a gourmet breakfast is included with your stay.

Another distinctive place to stay is the Tumbleweed Ranch. This unique vacation rental offers a rustic yet luxurious retreat on a beautiful 50-acre ranch. With its spacious, beautifully decorated interiors and picturesque surroundings, it's a perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful respite.

For travelers on a budget, the area also offers several more affordable options. The Comfort Suites and the Hampton Inn & Suites are both well-regarded for their clean rooms, friendly service, and complimentary breakfast.

Campers and RV travelers aren't left out either. The Nashville I-24 Campground is located nearby, offering full hook-up sites, a swimming pool, and a playground. It's a perfect base for exploring both Murfreesboro and the nearby Nashville area.

Whether you're in town for a quick visit or planning an extended stay, there are plenty of comfortable and convenient accommodations near Forest Ridge. With a wide range of options to suit different tastes and budgets, visitors can find the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring all that Murfreesboro has to offer.

Travel and Transportation

The closest major airport is the Nashville International Airport (BNA), located approximately 35 miles north of Murfreesboro. It's a comfortable drive, typically taking around 40-45 minutes via I-24. BNA serves as a hub for several major airlines, offering numerous direct flights across the U.S., as well as several international flights. This makes travel for both business and leisure convenient for residents.

In addition to airport access, Murfreesboro is served by several public transportation options. The Rover, Murfreesboro's public bus system, provides affordable transit throughout the city. With several routes covering key areas of the city, it's a convenient way for residents to commute to work, shopping centers, medical appointments, and more.

For residents who commute to Nashville for work or leisure, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) operates a commuter bus service from Murfreesboro to Nashville. Known as the Relax & Ride, this service offers a stress-free alternative to driving during rush hour.

In terms of regional transportation, Murfreesboro is located along the I-24 corridor, which provides easy access to Nashville to the north and Chattanooga to the south. The city's strategic location makes it a comfortable drive to several major cities in the Southeast.

For those without personal vehicles or who prefer not to drive, there are also several taxi companies and rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, that operate in the Murfreesboro area.

With these various transportation options, residents of Forest Ridge have the flexibility to choose what best fits their lifestyle and travel needs. Whether jet-setting from the nearby airport or commuting locally via public transit, getting around is a breeze.