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Cripple Creek Acres Homes

Nestled in the heart of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Cripple Creek Acres offers a blend of suburban tranquility and modern convenience. The homes in this charming neighborhood are predominantly single-family residences with spacious yards, exhibiting a variety of architectural styles that range from traditional to contemporary. Many of these homes feature three to four bedrooms, often complemented by luxuriously finished interiors that include hardwood floors, granite countertops, and energy-efficient appliances. What's more, these homes are often accompanied by amenities like attached garages, well-maintained gardens, and cozy patios perfect for summer barbecues or quiet evenings outdoors.

What sets Cripple Creek Acres apart is the cohesiveness and spirit of the community. With tree-lined streets and public green spaces, the area provides an inviting setting for families and retirees alike. Young families, in particular, find the community appealing because of the excellent public and private schools nearby. Children are often seen playing in their yards or biking down the safe, low-traffic streets, and neighbors commonly know each other by name, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Cripple Creek Acres Homes

In addition to the residential appeal, Cripple Creek Acres is remarkably well-situated. A range of grocery stores, coffee shops, and eateries are just a short drive away, ensuring that residents have easy access to everyday essentials. The neighborhood is served by well-maintained roads that offer quick access to the downtown area of Murfreesboro as well as the highway, making commuting to Nashville or other nearby cities a breeze. Those who prefer public transportation will find convenient bus lines that serve the community, further augmenting its accessibility.

Outdoor enthusiasts also find a lot to love about Cripple Creek Acres. Proximity to several parks, including the expansive Barfield Crescent Park, offers residents a chance to engage in a range of activities from hiking and biking to picnicking and bird-watching. The park's playgrounds are a hit among young families, while the walking trails attract both novice hikers and seasoned nature enthusiasts. Nearby, the Stones River provides additional options for water-based activities like fishing and kayaking, making the neighborhood a well-rounded choice for those who wish to balance suburban living with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Cultural and entertainment options are also readily available. A short drive leads to the heart of Murfreesboro, where historical landmarks like the Oaklands Mansion offer educational outings, and the Center for the Arts presents regular performances ranging from plays to concerts. The local farmers market, festive parades, and seasonal events provide ongoing opportunities for community engagement, enriching the lives of those who call Cripple Creek Acres home.

Similar Communities

Situated not far from Cripple Creek Acres, the Sheffield Park neighborhood offers comparable home styles and community atmosphere. Like Cripple Creek Acres, homes in Sheffield Park are primarily single-family residences featuring three to four bedrooms. Many of these homes also incorporate modern design elements, such as open floor plans, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets. The large yards are well-suited for outdoor gatherings, and some properties even boast amenities like swimming pools or elaborate garden landscapes. With excellent schools nearby and a similarly low crime rate, Sheffield Park is another attractive option for young families and professionals alike.

Liberty Valley is another neighborhood that closely matches the profile of Cripple Creek Acres in terms of price point and residential offerings. Here, homes often come with additional features such as finished basements or loft spaces, giving families plenty of room to grow. Architecturally, the neighborhood embraces a mix of traditional and modern, from brick facades to more contemporary designs. Liberty Valley enjoys its own set of public green spaces and walking trails, lending itself well to those who appreciate outdoor activities but prefer to stay close to home. The community vibe is warm and inclusive, much like that of Cripple Creek Acres, making it an inviting option for those in search of a friendly, close-knit community.

Regency Park Homes

Regency Park also offers a similar lifestyle and home characteristics to Cripple Creek Acres, albeit with a touch more urban proximity. Homes in this neighborhood usually feature contemporary amenities such as smart home systems, gourmet kitchens, and spa-like master bathrooms. Despite being slightly closer to the hustle and bustle of downtown Murfreesboro, Regency Park maintains a tranquil residential atmosphere, with tree-lined streets and well-maintained lawns. Community events like block parties and neighborhood garage sales are common, and residents can often be seen taking evening strolls or chatting with neighbors across their fences.

Another neighborhood worth considering is Blackman Oaks, which, like Cripple Creek Acres, is located within easy access to major highways and offers a quick commute to Nashville. Homes here typically showcase timeless architectural elements like front porches with wooden beams and interior features such as crown molding. The neighborhood is known for its robust community activities, from summer outdoor movie nights to holiday decoration contests. Education is a strong point for Blackman Oaks, as it is zoned for some of the best schools in Murfreesboro, making it an ideal location for families with school-aged children.

All these neighborhoods offer a lifestyle that resonates with the sense of community, comfort, and convenience found in Cripple Creek Acres. Whether one values modern home features, proximity to urban conveniences, or a robust lineup of community events, there are ample options around Cripple Creek Acres for similar experiences.

Food Scene

One of the lovely perks of living in Cripple Creek Acres is the fantastic array of dining options available in the surrounding areas. Just a short drive away is Jeff's Family Restaurant, a local favorite known for its comfort food and friendly atmosphere. It's the kind of place where the staff remembers your name and your favorite order, making it feel like a true extension of the community. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a homestyle dinner, Jeff's offers a menu that will make you feel right at home.

For those who enjoy international flavors, Sakura Japanese Restaurant is a must-visit. Their sushi is top-notch, with fresh fish and inventive rolls that please both traditionalists and adventurers alike. They also offer a variety of hibachi and teriyaki dishes, filling the gap for those who prefer cooked fare. And let's not forget their sake selection, which perfectly complements any meal. Dining at Sakura is like taking a mini vacation to Japan, without ever leaving Murfreesboro.

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine, you're in luck too. La Loma Mexican Restaurant has garnered a loyal following for its authentic dishes and vibrant atmosphere. Their fajitas are a crowd-pleaser, sizzling and flavorful, and the freshly made guacamole is a dream. Weekends at La Loma are especially lively, often featuring mariachi bands that stroll from table to table, enhancing the dining experience with music and culture.

For casual outings, Five Guys is conveniently located nearby, offering up their renowned burgers and fries. It's an ideal spot for a quick lunch or a laid-back dinner with friends. Their customizable burgers mean that everyone can get exactly what they want, and the generous servings of fries are perfect for sharing—or not! It's a fast-food experience that somehow feels a bit more special, maybe because of the quality ingredients they use or the welcoming staff that always greets you with a smile.

But let's say you're looking for a more upscale dining experience for a special occasion. In that case, you can't go wrong with The Chop House. Known for its premium steaks and extensive wine list, this restaurant offers a more refined atmosphere without being overly pretentious. The service is attentive, and the menu features a range of options from seafood to pasta, in addition to their signature steaks. It's the kind of place where birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones feel appropriately celebrated.

Whether you're looking for casual eats or fine dining, the area surrounding Cripple Creek Acres has something to satisfy every palate. It's just another reason why living in this community offers not just a home, but a lifestyle.


When it comes to entertainment and sporting events, residents of Cripple Creek Acres have a wide array of options to keep them engaged and entertained. One of the most popular venues is the Murphy Center, located on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University. This multipurpose facility hosts everything from college basketball games to concerts and community events. It's an amazing place to catch some live action, be it sports or music, and it's always buzzing with energy. Plus, there's the added bonus of possibly catching a game of the MTSU Blue Raiders, which is a treat for college sports enthusiasts.

For families and those who love the great outdoors, the nearby Old Fort Park is often the site of local softball and soccer games. On weekends, you can find community leagues competing in a friendly environment, and it's a great way to meet neighbors and make new friends. The park also offers tennis courts and a golf course, giving sports lovers multiple ways to get active. And let's not forget the playgrounds, which are always a hit with the younger crowd.

For those who enjoy cultural experiences, the Center for the Arts in downtown Murfreesboro is a fantastic spot to catch a live theater performance, concert, or art exhibition. They have a rotating calendar of events, featuring both local and traveling acts. It's an intimate venue, so every seat feels like the best seat in the house, and the acoustics are wonderful. Whether you're interested in musicals, dramas, or classical concerts, the Center for the Arts brings a touch of sophistication to the local entertainment scene.

Movie buffs will be delighted to know that several cinemas are also within a short driving distance from Cripple Creek Acres. These theaters offer a mix of blockbuster hits, family-friendly films, and even some indie movies for those looking for something different. And if you're into the retro vibe, keep an eye out for seasonal drive-in movies hosted at some local venues, offering a nostalgic but always enjoyable night out.

If you're more of a participatory sports fan, the Stones River Country Club and various nearby fitness centers offer options from golfing to swimming to gym facilities. So whether you want to hit the links or attend a fitness class, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Health and Wellness

Living in Cripple Creek Acres offers residents ample opportunities to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thanks to the various health and wellness options available in the surrounding area. For those who enjoy traditional fitness settings, there's the nearby 24/7 Fitness Center, which is pretty much a paradise for gym-goers. It has state-of-the-art equipment for both cardio and strength training, as well as a variety of fitness classes ranging from high-intensity interval training to yoga. The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable, always ready to help you fine-tune your workout routine.

Speaking of yoga, if you're looking for a more dedicated space for mindfulness and flexibility, Yoga Harmony is just a quick drive away. This yoga studio offers a wide range of classes for all levels, including specialized sessions for seniors or expectant mothers. They also often hold weekend workshops focusing on specific aspects of yoga and wellness. The ambiance of the studio is serene, making it an ideal place for finding your zen and stepping away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

For those who prefer an outdoor setting to get their daily dose of exercise, the nearby Barfield Crescent Park is a fantastic option. It offers several walking and hiking trails that are well-maintained and provide a natural setting for your workouts. Whether you're a morning jogger or someone who enjoys an evening stroll, the park serves as a spacious, scenic backdrop for physical activity. Plus, there are several sports fields and courts, so you can switch up your routine with some softball, tennis, or even disc golf.

When it comes to healthcare services, residents are well-covered with several nearby medical facilities, including Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. It's a comprehensive medical center offering a wide range of services from emergency care to specialized treatments. Having a reputable hospital close by provides peace of mind, knowing that high-quality medical care is easily accessible should the need arise.

Nutrition is another essential part of a balanced lifestyle, and there are several health-focused food stores and farmers markets in the area. Places like The Turnip Truck offer organic produce, natural supplements, and a variety of health foods that cater to various dietary needs. They even offer freshly prepared meals for those days when you're too busy to cook but still want to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Whether your idea of wellness involves lifting weights, finding your inner peace, or simply going for a brisk walk in a beautiful setting, the Cripple Creek Acres area has something for everyone. And let's not forget, living a healthy lifestyle becomes much easier when you have access to top-notch medical care and nutritious food options, all conveniently located near home.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the standout features of life near Cripple Creek Acres in Murfreesboro has to be the accessibility to parks, nature, and a variety of outdoor activities. Barfield Crescent Park is just a short drive away and it's such a multifaceted space. You can hike, bike, or simply walk your dog on its diverse trails. The kids have ample space to run around and there's even a dedicated disc golf area, which is becoming increasingly popular as a fun and social outdoor sport. Whether you're up for an active day out or a peaceful picnic in nature, this park has a little something for everyone.

Stones River National Battlefield is another nearby locale that combines history and the great outdoors. It's hard to walk its trails without reflecting on the significant Civil War events that took place there. But beyond its historical significance, the park is a serene place for walking, running, or even bird-watching. The river views are particularly lovely, and it’s an excellent spot for some introspective time or even a plein air painting session if you're artistically inclined.

If you prefer water activities, J. Percy Priest Lake is not too far off. It's a popular place for boating, fishing, and a host of water sports. The lake has this amazing ability to make you feel like you’re on vacation without leaving the area. It’s a big hit in the summertime when swimming and sunbathing are the activities of choice, but you can also enjoy its serene views year-round.

Then there’s Cannonsburgh Village, which, while not a natural park in the traditional sense, offers a charming outdoor experience. It’s a living history museum of sorts, where you can stroll through and get a sense of what life was like in Tennessee back in the 19th century. Throughout the year, they host a variety of outdoor events from craft fairs to music festivals, giving you yet another reason to spend time outside.

And if you're someone who loves wildlife and diverse ecosystems, you have to check out the Murfree Spring Wetlands. This unique area is home to an array of wildlife and plant species and is a favorite spot for nature photographers and birdwatchers. There's something incredibly calming about walking along the boardwalks, surrounded by the sounds and sights of nature, right in the middle of Murfreesboro.


Families in Cripple Creek Acres have a good selection of both public and private educational options, making it easier to find the right fit for their children's academic needs. On the public school front, Rutherford County Schools serves the area and has some well-regarded elementary, middle, and high schools. These schools often boast strong community involvement, a variety of extracurricular activities, and academic programs that aim to cater to a diverse set of learning styles. The Murfreesboro City Schools district also provides some additional options for younger students.

For those considering a private education, there are several independent schools nearby, each offering a unique curriculum and set of educational philosophies. Whether you're interested in a faith-based education, a more arts-centric curriculum, or an environment that offers advanced academic challenges, you're likely to find a school that aligns with your family's educational values. Some of the private schools also offer advanced placement courses and have strong athletic programs, providing a well-rounded education for students.

In addition to traditional school settings, the area also has some specialized educational programs and centers that offer tutoring, enrichment classes, and even vocational training for older students. These are excellent resources for supplementing classroom learning or exploring interests and talents outside of the traditional academic setting.

Then there's the proximity to Middle Tennessee State University for families with college-age students. Not only does having a university nearby offer an accessible path to higher education, but it also enriches the community through cultural events, sporting events, and educational outreach programs that residents of all ages can benefit from.

Shopping and Retail

When it comes to shopping and retail, residents of Cripple Creek Acres find themselves wonderfully situated. The Avenue Murfreesboro is just a quick drive away and it’s a go-to destination for many living in the area. This outdoor shopping center has a little bit of everything, from big-name department stores to boutique shops featuring local artisans. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, grab the latest tech gadget, or even just enjoy a leisurely stroll while window shopping, The Avenue has a very inviting atmosphere for it all.

If you're a fan of finding unique items, you'll enjoy the various antique shops and local boutiques scattered around downtown Murfreesboro. It's not just about shopping; it's also an experience. The area has this charming, small-town vibe that makes for a perfect afternoon outing. You can spend hours exploring, picking up vintage finds, handcrafted items, or local art that you won't see anywhere else. These shops provide an interesting contrast to the more commercial retail outlets, giving shoppers a wide variety of options.

For everyday necessities, you don't have to go far either. There are several grocery stores, including both big chains and local markets, within easy driving distance. Places like The Turnip Truck offer organic and health-focused options, while the larger supermarkets provide the convenience of one-stop shopping for everything from groceries to household items.

Don't forget the seasonal farmers markets! If you're keen on fresh produce and supporting local farmers, these markets are an absolute treat. You'll find everything from fruits and veggies to homemade jams and baked goods. It's a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, and it's just another perk of living in this community.

You don't really need to leave the area for your shopping needs, be it luxury, everyday essentials, or something uniquely local. It's all within arm's reach when you're a resident of Cripple Creek Acres.

Business and Economy

Healthcare is a big player in the area, with several hospitals and a myriad of smaller clinics and specialized medical facilities. These institutions don't just offer essential services to the community; they're also among the largest employers in Murfreesboro, providing a wide array of jobs, from medical professionals to administrative roles.

Then there’s the educational sector, anchored by Middle Tennessee State University. The university isn’t just a hub for higher learning; it's also a significant employer and economic driver in the region. Aside from the educational roles, the university creates jobs in administrative, maintenance, and hospitality sectors as well. Plus, the student population helps support a variety of local businesses, from cafes and bookshops to apartment rentals.

Retail and service industries are also major contributors. With shopping centers like The Avenue Murfreesboro and the various boutique stores downtown, retail jobs are quite plentiful. And it's not just the large outlets; smaller, locally-owned businesses add to the employment mix and give the area its unique charm. These range from artisan shops to independent restaurants, each contributing to the economic tapestry of the area in their own way.

Manufacturing also has a presence in the broader Murfreesboro area. There are several industrial parks where businesses focus on everything from automotive parts to technology solutions. These companies often engage with the local community, providing jobs and sometimes even partnering with educational institutions for specialized training programs.

The economic landscape near Cripple Creek Acres is both diverse and robust, with multiple industries contributing to a balanced and thriving local economy. Whether you're a job-seeker, an entrepreneur, or someone keen on supporting local businesses, you’ll find that the area has a lot to offer.

Hotels and Lodging

If you have friends or family coming to visit while you're living in Cripple Creek Acres, or maybe you're just in the mood for a little staycation, you're in luck with the variety of hotels and lodging options nearby. Right off the major highways that go through Murfreesboro, you'll find a range of familiar hotel chains that offer all the typical amenities like free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and fitness centers. These options are practical, especially for visitors who might be passing through the area or those who are in town for business.

For something a bit more unique, Murfreesboro also offers some charming bed and breakfast options. These establishments provide a homey, intimate setting and they're perfect for romantic getaways or quiet weekends. What's cool about the local B&Bs is that many of them are set in historic homes, giving you a real sense of the area's rich history. Plus, they often serve homemade breakfasts that make you feel like you're at grandma's house—think Southern comfort food that sets you up for the day ahead.

And don't forget about the boutique hotels popping up around downtown. They offer a blend of comfort and local culture, often featuring rooms that are individually decorated with a local flair. These boutique options usually offer a more personalized experience and sometimes even host events, from art exhibits to live music, that give you a true taste of the local culture.

Whether your visitors prefer the full-service experience of a large hotel, the coziness of a bed and breakfast, or the unique vibe of a boutique inn, they'll find something to their liking around Cripple Creek Acres. And for residents, it's great to know you have such a range of options for recommending to out-of-town guests or for enjoying a local getaway yourself.

Travel and Transportation

The airport is just about a 40-minute drive away, depending on traffic. This means you can catch a wide range of domestic and even some international flights without the hassle of driving hours to get to the airport. Whether it's a business trip or a much-needed vacation, getting to and from the airport is a pretty straightforward affair.

Public transportation options around Cripple Creek Acres are also available, although they might not be as extensive as in larger metropolitan areas. Rover, Murfreesboro’s public bus system, is the primary mode of local public transportation. It has routes that connect key areas of the city, including shopping centers, hospitals, and schools. The service is affordable and can be a convenient option for those who prefer not to drive for short in-town trips.

While the area doesn't have a commuter train system connecting it directly to Nashville, there is a relatively convenient option for those who work in the city but prefer to live in Murfreesboro. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) operates a bus service between Murfreesboro and Nashville, making stops at key points like downtown and major employment centers. While it might not be ideal for daily commuting for everyone, it's a good option for those who need to make the trek a few times a week.

Also, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are pretty active in the area. So if you need a quick lift to a local venue, or even a ride to the airport, you can usually get one without too much wait time.

While you might find it more convenient to own a car in this region, there are various transportation options to choose from depending on your specific needs. Whether you're heading to the airport or just trying to get around locally, you won't feel completely stranded without your own set of wheels.