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Clark Annex, Murfreesboro, TN Homes for Sale June 24, 2024
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Clark Annex Homes

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Murfreesboro is a city that beautifully marries the old with the new, the traditional with the modern. Amidst this tapestry, Clark Annex stands out as one of its most inviting and fast-evolving neighborhoods. Offering a delightful blend of charm, convenience, and community, the enclave has emerged as a favored spot for those seeking to lay down roots or invest in a slice of Murfreesboro's dynamic landscape.

The journey to homeownership is both exciting and daunting, especially if you're venturing into new territories. For those considering Clark Annex, this blog aims to shed light on what makes this community stand out, the intricacies of the buying process, and the local nuances that can shape your decision.

Clark Annex Homes

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, our comprehensive guide to purchasing a home in Clark Annex, Murfreesboro, TN, will serve as your trusted companion. Dive in to discover the allure of southern living, the vibrant culture of the community, and the many hidden treasures waiting for you in this Tennessee gem. Welcome to Clark Annex, your potential new home.

The residences of Clark Annex showcase a delightful array of architectural styles, reflecting the eclectic and evolving spirit of Murfreesboro. Many of the homes are characterized by their spacious layouts, blending both traditional and contemporary designs. It's not uncommon to find charming craftsman-style bungalows sitting peacefully next to modern townhouses. This blend ensures that there's something for every aesthetic and need.

History echoes in the walls of some of the older homes in Clark Annex. These houses, many of which date back several decades, have been meticulously preserved, showcasing features such as hardwood floors, fireplaces, and classic southern porches perfect for a relaxing evening. But alongside this nod to the past, many homes have been renovated or updated, offering state-of-the-art amenities, energy-efficient solutions, and smart home features for the contemporary dweller.

One of the standout features of Clark Annex is its commitment to green spaces. Residents often rave about the tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and community gardens that punctuate the neighborhood. These spaces not only elevate the beauty of the area but also offer residents spots for relaxation, recreation, and reconnection with nature.

Clark Annex is more than just a collection of homes; it's a thriving community. Local events, neighborhood gatherings, and community-driven initiatives are staples here. Whether it's a weekend farmers market, a community yard sale, or festive celebrations, there's always something happening that brings neighbors together. This strong sense of community fosters a safe and friendly environment, making it an ideal place for both families and individuals.

Proximity to essential amenities is another feather in Clark Annex's cap. From grocery stores, schools, and medical facilities to cafes, boutiques, and entertainment hubs, everything is within a stone's throw. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts excellent connectivity with the rest of Murfreesboro and beyond, thanks to well-laid roads and public transportation options. This ensures that residents can enjoy the tranquility of their community while still having easy access to the bustle of the city.

For families considering a move, it's worth noting that Clark Annex is in close proximity to some of Murfreesboro's top-rated schools, both public and private. The community is also home to several libraries, learning centers, and recreational facilities tailored for kids and teenagers. This emphasis on education and growth makes it a hotspot for families looking to provide a nurturing environment for their young ones.

Similar Communities

A stone's throw from Clark Annex is the serene neighborhood of Maplewood Heights. Here, tradition is woven into the fabric of every home. Like Clark Annex, Maplewood Heights boasts a plethora of homes with hardwood floors, intricate woodwork, and iconic southern porches. It's a haven for those who appreciate the fine blend of yesteryears' charm with today's conveniences. The neighborhood also hosts several annual events that provide residents with the chance to come together, reminiscent of the close-knit community vibe that Clark Annex residents cherish

Venture a bit further, and you'll find Belle Haven—a neighborhood that mirrors Clark Annex in its juxtaposition of the old and the new. Modern townhouses with sleek, contemporary designs stand alongside vintage homes that hint at the rich history of Murfreesboro. The neighborhood thrives on its green spaces, with manicured lawns and gardens dotting the landscape. Belle Haven is also in proximity to several top-tier schools and recreational centers, making it a favorite among young families.

Belle Haven Homes

For those who appreciate architectural diversity, Westbridge Park offers a delightful mix. It's not uncommon to find colonial revivals, Tudor-style homes, and modern ranch-style residences within the same block. This variety ensures that there's something for every homebuyer, regardless of their aesthetic preferences. Like Clark Annex, Westbridge Park is known for its strong sense of community, with local events and gatherings that foster connections between residents. Moreover, the neighborhood boasts parks and community centers, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Evoking the warmth and comfort synonymous with southern living, Cedar Lane Estates is a neighborhood that resonates with many of the qualities found in Clark Annex. Homes here often feature large plots, giving residents the luxury of spacious gardens and outdoor areas. The construction leans towards the traditional, with many homes flaunting brick facades, large windows, and inviting entryways. Additionally, the neighborhood is strategically located, ensuring that residents have easy access to essential amenities without compromising on the tranquility that defines Cedar Lane Estates.

A pulsating neighborhood known for its youthful energy, Hawthorn Square appeals to both families and young professionals. The homes here seamlessly combine elegance with functionality. Spacious interiors, modern amenities, and energy-efficient features are common traits. Moreover, the neighborhood is dotted with cafes, boutiques, and entertainment hubs, mirroring the lively ambiance of Clark Annex. With excellent schools and recreational facilities in the vicinity, Hawthorn Square is a beacon for those seeking a dynamic yet comfortable living experience.

Food Scene

For starters, have you tried The Southern Bistro just a few blocks away? It's this charming little spot where the smell of fried chicken and biscuits wafts through the air. The pecan pie there? Absolutely to die for. It's one of those places where you walk in and instantly feel the warmth of southern hospitality enveloping you. Their brunch, with those cloud-like pancakes and crispy bacon, is the talk of the town.

Then there's Casa Verde, a delightful Mexican eatery that has become a favorite haunt for many. If you find yourself there, the guacamole is a must-try, freshly prepared right at your table! The sizzle of their fajitas can be heard from tables away, teasing your appetite even before the dish arrives. Pair it with one of their signature margaritas, and you're in for a treat.

For the sushi lovers, Mizu Sushi Bar stands out. Nestled in a cozy corner not far from Clark Annex, it's a hub of Japanese delicacies. The ambiance is calm and minimalistic, letting the vibrant colors of the sushi rolls take center stage. Regulars often recommend the dragon roll and the tempura shrimp. And if sushi isn't your thing, they have an array of other dishes that equally tantalize the taste buds.

And for those mornings when you just need a robust cup of coffee and a fresh pastry, Brew & Bake has got you covered. This artisanal cafe, with its rustic interiors and the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, is the perfect spot to relax or catch up on some work. Their almond croissant is flaky perfection, and when paired with a frothy cappuccino, it's nothing short of heavenly.

Around Clark Annex, the dining scene is nothing short of diverse, ensuring that no matter your craving or culinary preference, there's always a delightful meal waiting just around the corner.


When it comes to entertainment and sporting events around Clark Annex, there's never a dull moment! Whether you're a fan of artsy indie films, live concerts, or rooting for the local sports teams, the area has a vibrant scene that caters to varied tastes.

Have you had the chance to visit the Rutherford Playhouse yet? It's one of those classic theaters that hosts a mix of contemporary plays, classic revivals, and local productions. The talent on display is genuinely impressive, and it's such a gem for those who appreciate live performances. And the ambience! Vintage red velvet chairs, intricate ceiling designs, and that old-world charm that transports you to a different era as soon as you step in.

For the movie buffs, Starlite Cinemas is the go-to. Beyond the latest blockbusters, they have these special movie nights where they screen classic films or international cinema. It's a treat, especially when you can grab some gourmet popcorn and settle in for a cinematic journey.

Now, for sports enthusiasts, the Murfreesboro Arena is the epicenter of action. Home to local basketball and hockey matches, the energy in the stadium during game nights is palpable. There's something about joining a crowd of cheering fans, painted faces, and the thrill of live sports that's simply unmatched. They also occasionally host other events, like boxing matches and even some high-energy concerts.

Speaking of music, if you're into live bands and concerts, The Annex Soundstage is the place to be. From rock and country to jazz and blues, it has seen a slew of local and international artists grace its stage. And the acoustics! Every note hits just right, making it a favorite among music aficionados.

Between the arts, films, sports, and music, there's always a buzz of activity around Clark Annex. It truly caters to a spectrum of entertainment preferences, ensuring residents and visitors are always in for a good time.

Health and Wellness

For those who swear by morning yoga sessions or pilates workouts, Serenity Studio is an absolute haven. Tucked away in a serene spot, this studio is a favorite among many. Their instructors have this calming aura, and the classes cater to all levels—from absolute beginners to seasoned yogis. The evening meditation sessions? Oh, they're just the perfect way to wind down after a hectic day.

If you're someone who prefers a more dynamic workout, the Murfreesboro Athletic Club is right up your alley. With state-of-the-art equipment, group classes ranging from Zumba to spinning, and even a heated indoor pool, it's a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs. The personal trainers there are pretty top-notch too, always ready to tailor workouts to individual needs and goals.

Of course, physical well-being is just one facet of health. For those looking to cater to their mental and emotional well-being, the Harmony Holistic Center offers a range of services, from therapeutic massages and aromatherapy to counseling sessions. It's like this peaceful oasis where you can hit the pause button and focus on self-care.

Nutrition, as we all know, plays a pivotal role in our health. Lucky for residents, Green and Fresh Market has made its mark close to Clark Annex. It's not just any market; it's a treasure trove of organic produce, superfoods, and even vegan-friendly options. The fresh smoothie bar at the back? A game-changer for those on-the-go mornings!

And let's not forget the numerous walking and biking trails scattered around the area. Whether it's a brisk morning jog or a leisurely evening stroll, these trails, surrounded by lush greenery and the occasional chirping of birds, make for the perfect setting.

With all these health and wellness options at their fingertips, residents of Clark Annex and nearby neighborhoods truly have a plethora of choices to keep their mind, body, and soul in harmony. It's a community that not only acknowledges but actively supports the quest for a balanced life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

There's the iconic Whispering Pines Park. It's this vast expanse of green, with majestic pine trees that seem to touch the sky. On any given day, you'll find families having picnics, kids flying kites, and even the occasional group practicing tai chi. The walking trails are a favorite among joggers and those looking for a serene environment to clear their minds. And the children's playground? It's always buzzing with laughter and energy.

For the water lovers, Clearwater Lake is an absolute delight. Whether you're into paddleboarding, kayaking, or just fancy a lazy afternoon of fishing, this lake offers it all. The surrounding area, with its picnic spots and BBQ grills, is ideal for weekend get-togethers. And let's not forget the scenic views at sunset. 

If you're someone who's into birdwatching or hiking, the Meadowbrook Nature Reserve is your go-to. The variety of bird species that call this place home is genuinely impressive. The hiking trails, ranging from easy to moderately challenging, are a draw for both novices and seasoned hikers. The viewpoints along the trails? Breathtaking! It's like nature's own canvas, with splashes of colors, especially during the fall.

For the cycling enthusiasts, there's the Rutherford Greenway. This stretch of paved path is perfect for both leisurely rides and intense cycling workouts. The path is dotted with benches, hydration stations, and even a few workout zones. It seamlessly connects various parts of the city, making it both functional and recreational.

And then there's the Community Garden Initiative near Clark Annex. It's a space where residents come together to plant, nurture, and harvest. From fresh herbs to vibrant flowers, it's a testament to the community's love for nature and sustainability.

Living near Clark Annex is truly a blessing for those who crave the outdoors. With parks, lakes, trails, and nature reserves, there's always an opportunity to embrace the fresh air, soak in the sunshine, and simply revel in the beauty of the natural world. The community's commitment to preserving these spaces and promoting an outdoor lifestyle is evident in every corner.


When it comes to education around Clark Annex, residents are genuinely spoiled for choice. The area has a rich tapestry of both private and public institutions that cater to various educational needs and preferences.

Starting with public schools, Murfreesboro Central High is often the talk of the town. Known for its outstanding academic achievements, it also boasts a strong sports program and a range of extracurricular activities. The school's theater productions? Absolutely top-notch! There's also Pineview Elementary, which has this nurturing environment perfect for the younger minds. Their focus on holistic education, integrating both academics and values, sets them apart.

For parents considering middle schools, Rutherford Middle is a standout. With a robust curriculum, dedicated teachers, and a focus on fostering creativity and critical thinking, it's no wonder it's been receiving accolades year after year. Plus, their annual science fair is something the entire community looks forward to!

On the private education front, St. Mary's Academy has long been a beacon of academic excellence in the area. It's not just about the rigorous academic standards but also the emphasis on character building and community service. Their campus, with its state-of-the-art facilities, is often a point of admiration among visitors.

For those leaning towards alternative education methodologies, Greenwood Montessori offers a unique approach. Focusing on self-directed learning in a meticulously prepared environment, this school has been pivotal in shaping independent and thoughtful learners. Their emphasis on hands-on learning experiences, from gardening to pottery, ensures that education goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Last but not least, there's Murfreesboro International School. Catering to a diverse student population, it offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. It's a hub of multiculturalism, with students from various parts of the world coming together, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives.

Whether you're looking for traditional academic settings, faith-based education, or alternative teaching methodologies, the vicinity around Clark Annex in Murfreesboro offers a plethora of options. It's evident that the community deeply values education, providing residents with a range of institutions that cater to diverse needs and aspirations.

Shopping and Retail

Let's kick things off with Rutherford Plaza. It's a melting pot of both big-name brands and unique local stores. Whether you're hunting for the latest fashion trends, picking up some home decor, or just window shopping, this plaza is a vibrant hub of retail activity. And the cafes sprinkled throughout? Perfect for those mid-shopping breaks!

For those with an affinity for all things vintage and unique, The Annex Antiques & Collectibles is a must-visit. Stepping into this store feels like a delightful journey back in time. From vintage jewelry and classic vinyl records to antique furniture and rare collectibles, each item tells a story. It's easy to lose track of time, sifting through these treasures.

Fashionistas in the area swear by Meadowbrook Boutique. This chic, locally-owned store has a curated collection of clothing, accessories, and even some artisanal skincare products. The best part? Their pieces often have that touch of local flair, making them stand out in any wardrobe.

For bookworms, Pine Street Booksellers is a haven. This independent bookstore, with its cozy nooks and the aroma of fresh pages, offers a diverse range of titles. They also host monthly book clubs and author events, making it a vibrant community hub for literature lovers.

And then, of course, there's the Murfreesboro Farmers Market that sets up shop every weekend near Clark Annex. Beyond the fresh produce, it's a hotspot for handmade crafts, artisanal cheeses, and even some unique home decor items. There's a certain charm in browsing through the stalls, interacting with local artisans, and picking up some one-of-a-kind finds.

The shopping scene near Clark Annex caters to a diverse palette. Whether you're a discerning shopper looking for specific brands or someone who loves the thrill of discovering hidden gems, the retail landscape in this part of Murfreesboro has got you covered. And with the constant influx of new stores and pop-up events, there's always something new to look forward to.

Business and Economy

A significant player in the region has to be the Rutherford Tech Park. Home to a mix of tech startups, research institutions, and some established IT companies, it's often hailed as the Silicon Valley of Murfreesboro. The innovation coming out of this hub is genuinely impressive, with many local startups making national headlines for their groundbreaking work.

Then there's the heritage-rich Murfreesboro Mills. Operating since the early 1900s, this industry has been a cornerstone of the local economy. Over the years, it has evolved, integrating modern technology while retaining its historical roots. The mill primarily focuses on textiles, producing some of the finest fabrics that find their way to fashion runways and homes alike.

Healthcare is another sector that plays a pivotal role in the local economy. With institutions like Rutherford Regional Medical Center, not only is quality healthcare accessible to residents, but the center also offers a plethora of employment opportunities. Their research wing, working on advanced medical solutions, has put them on the global map.

For those who fancy a good brew, the Blue Ridge Brewery is more than just a place to unwind. Over the years, it has grown from a small establishment to a significant contributor to the local economy. They've expanded their operations, exporting their unique brews to various parts of the country. Plus, their community events and brewery tours are a big hit, drawing crowds and boosting local tourism.

Real estate and construction have seen a surge too, thanks to the region's growing popularity. Companies like Annex Developers are at the forefront, curating both residential and commercial spaces that cater to the modern needs of the community.

The area around Clark Annex in Murfreesboro has a robust economic backbone. The blend of traditional industries, innovative tech companies, and sectors like healthcare and brewing create a dynamic environment that continues to foster growth and prosperity. It's a testament to the community's resilience, forward-thinking approach, and commitment to progress.

Hotels and Lodging

One of the gems of the area is the Rosewood Manor. This charming bed and breakfast, housed in a beautifully restored Victorian mansion, is the very epitome of southern hospitality. Each room tells a story, adorned with antiques and period-appropriate decor. The morning breakfast spread, with homemade pastries, jams, and the finest Southern grits, often becomes the highlight for many. Plus, the garden views? Simply serene.

For those seeking more contemporary comforts, the Murfreesboro Suites offers a sleek and modern alternative. Located conveniently close to some of the city's main attractions, it boasts top-notch amenities like a rooftop pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and even a trendy in-house bistro. Their concierge service is always on point, ready to guide visitors to the best local spots.

Nestled a tad away from the hustle and bustle is the Countryside Inn. This quaint establishment is perfect for those looking for a more laid-back experience. The rooms, while simple, are immaculately kept and exude warmth. The inn's front porch, with its rocking chairs and a view of the rolling hills, is the ideal spot for some evening relaxation.

For travelers on a budget, The Annex Hostel is a delightful find. With both private rooms and shared dormitories, it caters to a diverse range of visitors. The common area, adorned with local art and filled with travel books, often becomes a hub for sharing stories, making new friends, and planning adventures.

Lastly, for those who fancy a bit of luxury, the Rutherford Boutique Hotel doesn't disappoint. Located in the heart of the city, it's known for its lavish rooms, spa services, and a rooftop lounge that offers panoramic views of Murfreesboro. Their gourmet restaurant is a culinary delight, serving a fusion of local flavors with global inspirations.

Whether you're a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or someone looking for a romantic getaway, the vicinity around Clark Annex in Murfreesboro offers a myriad of lodging options to suit varied tastes and budgets. Each place, in its own unique way, captures the essence of the area, ensuring visitors leave with memories to cherish.

Travel and Transportation

First things first, when it comes to catching flights, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the most proximate major airport. It's conveniently located, just a drive away. Whether you're jetting off for a business trip, a vacation, or picking up guests, this airport, with its myriad of domestic and international connections, is a significant advantage. The drive is pretty straightforward, and while traffic can sometimes play a spoilsport during peak hours, planning ahead usually ensures a hassle-free experience.

Now, talking about daily commutes, the Murfreesboro Transit System (MTS) serves the Clark Annex area pretty efficiently. They have a range of bus routes that crisscross the city, connecting various neighborhoods, including Clark Annex, to key hubs like shopping centers, business districts, and recreational areas. For those who prefer traveling green, many of these buses are eco-friendly, running on alternative fuels. Plus, they're timely and budget-friendly, which makes them popular among daily commuters.

For residents who might be looking at regional connectivity, the Middle Tennessee RTA is a boon. Their commuter trains and express buses connect Murfreesboro to neighboring cities, including the hustle and bustle of Nashville. Perfect for those who might be working or studying in nearby cities but choose the charm of Clark Annex as their home base.

Lastly, for the biking enthusiasts, many parts of Murfreesboro, including areas around Clark Annex, boast well-maintained bike lanes. These not only offer a greener mode of transportation but also promote a healthy lifestyle. Plus, there's something truly delightful about cycling around, taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Whether it's hopping on a flight, catching the local bus, or exploring regional transportation options, residents of Clark Annex in Murfreesboro are strategically placed to enjoy the best of connectivity. It's this mix of local and global accessibility that adds another feather to the cap of this vibrant neighborhood.