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Brookshire Estates Homes

One of the standout characteristics of the homes in Brookshire Estates is their unique and varied architectural styles. The homes in this community are not the typical cookie-cutter designs found in many modern subdivisions. Each home boasts distinctive features, from traditional brick facades to contemporary finishes, catering to homeowners with diverse aesthetic preferences. This results in a neighborhood with a rich tapestry of architectural diversity, making every walk or drive through its streets a visual delight.

A hallmark of the Brookshire Estates homes is the generous space they offer to their inhabitants. Whether it's sprawling front lawns, ample backyard gardens, or spacious interior floor plans, residents enjoy a sense of openness and freedom. The larger-than-average lot sizes mean that families have more room to play, entertain, and personalize their spaces. Inside the homes, open-concept layouts, high ceilings, and large windows contribute to a bright and airy living experience.

Brookshire Estates Homes

The builders of Brookshire Estates have placed a premium on quality. Homes here are constructed using top-of-the-line materials, ensuring longevity and durability. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and well-crafted cabinetry are common features, presenting homeowners with an immediate sense of luxury. This commitment to quality not only enhances the visual appeal of the homes but also ensures their long-term value.

The community surrounding Brookshire Estates is both inviting and tight-knit. The neighborhood often organizes community events, from seasonal festivals to weekend farmers' markets, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents. Children can often be seen playing in the community parks or biking down the safe, tree-lined streets. This community-centric approach makes Brookshire Estates a haven for families, retirees, and young couples alike.

The strategic location of Brookshire Estates ensures that residents never have to venture far for their daily needs or entertainment. The community is a short drive from a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Additionally, Murfreesboro's vibrant downtown area, with its mix of historic landmarks, shopping spots, and cultural venues, is easily accessible. For those seeking green spaces, there are several parks and nature reserves nearby, allowing residents to engage in outdoor activities and connect with nature.

Families in Brookshire Estates benefit from being zoned to some of Murfreesboro's highly-rated schools. These institutions have a reputation for academic excellence and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Whether it's elementary, middle, or high school, parents can be confident that their children are receiving a top-notch education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Similar Communities

Located just a short drive from Brookshire Estates, The Groves at Hearthstone is an enviable neighborhood that boasts homes of similar quality and design. Like Brookshire, the homes here are constructed with attention to detail, showcasing intricate architectural styles. The use of top-notch materials, from hardwood flooring to gourmet kitchens, aligns with the premium offerings at Brookshire Estates. Residents at The Groves enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, with well-maintained parks and community spaces that encourage neighborhood gatherings.

Another neighborhood that mirrors the price point and construction quality of Brookshire Estates is Riverbend Park. The homes here, set against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, resonate with elegance and modern comforts. Spacious lots and open-concept interiors are standard, catering to families who prioritize both indoor and outdoor living. Riverbend Park is particularly renowned for its community amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pools, and tennis courts, facilitating an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents.

Sylvan Heights Homes

Offering a blend of traditional and contemporary homes, Westgate Gardens stands out for its harmonious blend of style and comfort. Like Brookshire Estates, the homes here cater to varied aesthetic preferences, with a combination of brick exteriors, stucco finishes, and more. The interiors are equally impressive, showcasing features like vaulted ceilings, chef-inspired kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms. Furthermore, Westgate Gardens promotes a community-centric approach, with numerous events, workshops, and clubs organized for its residents throughout the year.

Situated in close proximity to Brookshire Estates, Oakwood Terrace is a testament to luxurious living without the exorbitant price tag. Homes in this enclave are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the quality seen in Brookshire Estates. The neighborhood’s tree-lined streets, cul-de-sacs, and manicured lawns make for a serene living environment. In addition, the community boasts several amenities such as a clubhouse, a playground for children, and walking trails that meander through the neighborhood, emphasizing the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

Sylvan Heights is a neighborhood that closely parallels the offerings of Brookshire Estates in terms of price point, construction quality, and lifestyle. The homes here, built with a focus on sustainable materials and energy efficiency, offer both luxury and eco-friendliness. Wide driveways, expansive backyards, and inviting patios are common features, allowing residents to make the most of their personal spaces. Sylvan Heights also stands out for its emphasis on community interaction, with a range of events and initiatives that foster neighborly ties and a sense of belonging.

Food Scene

For those residing in and around Brookshire Estates, Martha's Place is often the go-to spot for a hearty breakfast or brunch. This charming, family-run diner boasts a menu that pays homage to classic Southern comfort food. Regulars often rave about their fluffy buttermilk pancakes, biscuits smothered in gravy, and the ever-popular fried chicken waffle sandwich. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, Martha's Place feels like an extension of your own kitchen, where every dish is made with love.

For a more upscale dining experience, The Bistro at Stone Gate never disappoints. Nestled just a short distance from Brookshire Estates, this restaurant offers a blend of classic and contemporary dishes. The seared scallops with risotto and the braised lamb shank are particularly noteworthy. Their wine list is equally impressive, with selections from local vineyards and international wineries. The ambiance, characterized by dimmed lighting, soft jazz, and elegant table settings, makes it an ideal spot for date nights or special occasions.

Pizza lovers in the vicinity of Brookshire Estates are no strangers to Mama Luisa's Pizzeria. Known for its hand-tossed, wood-fired pizzas, this place is often bustling with families and groups of friends. The Margherita and the spicy Diavolo pizzas are crowd favorites, but the menu doesn't end there. Their array of pasta dishes, calzones, and antipasti ensures there's something for every Italian food enthusiast. The rustic, laid-back decor, reminiscent of old Italian taverns, adds to the overall dining experience.

Catering to the health-conscious diners near Brookshire Estates, Green Leaf Vegan Cafe has gained popularity for its innovative plant-based offerings. From zesty quinoa bowls to creamy avocado toasts, every dish is a testament to flavorful and nourishing vegan cuisine. Their smoothie and juice bar, offering a vibrant range of concoctions, is also a hit, especially during the summer months. The cafe, with its boho-chic interiors and warm service, is more than just a dining spot – it's a community hub where health and sustainability are celebrated.

For those with a penchant for Asian flavors, Bamboo Garden Grill is the place to be. Located conveniently close to Brookshire Estates, this restaurant serves a delectable mix of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisines. The Pho, with its aromatic broth and fresh ingredients, is a must-try. Additionally, the Pad Thai and Kung Pao Chicken have earned their spots on the list of local favorites. With its vibrant murals, wooden decor, and the gentle hum of conversations, Bamboo Garden offers an authentic and immersive Asian dining experience.


One of the crown jewels of the local entertainment scene has to be the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts. This cultural hub frequently hosts an array of performances, from live theater productions to concerts featuring both local and touring artists. Whether you're a fan of Shakespeare or contemporary plays, or you're eager to tap your feet to some live jazz, this center offers a myriad of choices throughout the year.

For movie enthusiasts, the nearby Stones River Cinema is the go-to spot. Beyond showcasing the latest blockbusters, this cinema occasionally screens indie films and documentaries, catering to a wide spectrum of cinephiles. The plush seating and state-of-the-art sound system make for an immersive movie-watching experience.

On the sporting front, Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders games have become a community favorite. Hosted at the Floyd Stadium, the electrifying atmosphere during these football matches is palpable. The roar of the crowd, the adrenaline-packed plays, and the communal spirit of cheering for a local team make attending these games a memorable experience.

For those more inclined towards golf, the Indian Hills Golf Course provides a beautiful backdrop for both seasoned and novice golfers. The well-maintained greens, picturesque landscapes, and the occasional tournaments hosted there make it a sporting haven.

And let's not forget the many local parks where community leagues often hold baseball, soccer, and basketball games. These events, while more casual, often draw enthusiastic crowds, especially on weekends, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

The area surrounding Brookshire Estates offers a dynamic mix of entertainment and sporting events, ensuring that there's always something happening to cater to varied interests and tastes.

Health and Wellness

Residents of Brookshire Estates in Murfreesboro, TN, are indeed fortunate when it comes to the availability of health and wellness options in their vicinity. The surrounding area offers a holistic approach to well-being, emphasizing both physical health and mental tranquility.

For those keen on physical fitness, the nearby Murfreesboro Athletic Club is a top choice. This expansive facility offers everything from state-of-the-art gym equipment to a variety of fitness classes. Whether one's preference is a heart-pounding spin class, a calming yoga session, or a challenging weightlifting routine, this club has something to cater to every fitness enthusiast.

Just around the corner, Greenway Holistic Wellness Center offers a slightly different approach to well-being. Here, patrons can delve into a world of alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki, and therapeutic massages. Many residents swear by their deep tissue massages, especially after a stressful week, claiming it's their secret to releasing built-up tension and regaining their energy.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in overall health, and Brookshire Estates residents don’t have to look far for guidance. The Natural Path, a wellness store not too far from the neighborhood, not only stocks organic and natural products but also provides nutritional counseling. Their in-house experts guide patrons on everything from balanced diets to supplements, ensuring that everyone can make informed choices about their health.

For those days when the mind needs as much care as the body, Serenity Yoga Studio has become a favorite among locals. With its serene interiors and experienced instructors, this studio offers a range of classes, including meditation sessions. Many have found their sessions to be an oasis of calm, a place to realign the mind and find inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Furthermore, the community parks and walking trails around Brookshire Estates offer residents easy access to nature, encouraging outdoor activities. Whether it's a brisk morning jog, a leisurely evening stroll, or a weekend family picnic, these green spaces provide ample opportunity for rejuvenation and relaxation.

The area around Brookshire Estates truly supports a lifestyle that balances both physical health and mental well-being, making it easier for residents to lead a harmonious and healthy life.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the most frequented spots by the community is the Murfreesboro Greenway System. This extensive network of trails and green spaces winds through the city, providing a scenic pathway for joggers, bikers, and walkers alike. As you traverse these trails, you're often treated to views of the Stones River and various historic sites, making it not just a journey through nature but also a journey through time.

Barfield Crescent Park is another outdoor gem that's a hit with families. This expansive park is a sanctuary of relaxation and recreation. From its numerous playgrounds to its disc golf courses, there's something for everyone. The wilderness trails here cater to those seeking a bit of adventure, leading them through a myriad of landscapes, from dense forests to serene meadows.

For those who are keen birdwatchers or simply want to enjoy a day by the water, the Gateway Island is a must-visit. This tranquil spot offers a serene lake surrounded by well-maintained walking paths. The gentle sounds of water and chirping birds make it a favorite for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Plus, the island often hosts various community events, adding a touch of vibrancy to its calm ambiance.

Cannonsburgh Village, while not a park in the traditional sense, offers an outdoor experience steeped in history. Representing Tennessee life from the 1830s to the 1930s, it's a step back in time with its pioneer village setting. The walking paths here not only guide visitors through nature but also past historical structures like the gristmill and the schoolhouse.

Lastly, for those who love a good challenge, the nearby rock climbing spots and outdoor adventure courses offer a dose of adrenaline amidst natural surroundings. These facilities, combined with the parks and nature trails, make the area around Brookshire Estates a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

The vicinity of Brookshire Estates celebrates the outdoors in all its forms, ensuring residents have ample opportunity to breathe in fresh air, stay active, and reconnect with nature.


When it comes to public education, Murfreesboro City Schools is at the forefront, serving the younger students in the community. Known for its dedication to fostering a holistic learning environment, this district emphasizes not just academics, but also arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Blackman High School, for instance, has garnered acclaim for its rigorous academic programs and its active participation in sports and cultural events. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty, and a diverse curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond.

On the other hand, for those seeking a private education pathway, there's no shortage of esteemed institutions in the vicinity. Middle Tennessee Christian School stands out, offering a faith-based curriculum from preschool through high school. With smaller class sizes, students here receive individualized attention, and there's a strong emphasis on character development alongside academic excellence. The integration of spiritual teachings with the regular curriculum provides a unique perspective for students, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

Another notable private institution is Webb School. Known for its rich history and tradition of academic excellence, Webb School provides an environment where critical thinking, leadership, and community service are at the forefront. Their advanced placement courses, combined with their diverse extracurricular offerings, ensure that students are well-prepared for the challenges of higher education and life beyond school.

Furthermore, for parents of children with special needs, the Discovery School offers tailored programs to cater to a diverse range of learning requirements. Their approach is student-centric, ensuring that every child gets the necessary resources and support to thrive academically and personally.

The area around Brookshire Estates offers a tapestry of educational options, each with its unique strengths. This rich educational landscape ensures that families in the community can find the right fit for their children, setting them on a path to lifelong learning and success.

Shopping and Retail

One of the prime shopping destinations is The Avenue Murfreesboro. This open-air shopping center has become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors. With a plethora of both national chains and unique local stores, it offers a varied shopping experience. Whether you're on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, tech gadgets, or artisanal home decor, The Avenue has something for every shopper. Plus, with its range of cafes and eateries, it's easy to make a day of it, pausing for a refreshing drink or a hearty meal between shops.

But if you're someone who appreciates the charm of boutique shopping, Downtown Murfreesboro should be on your list. Here, amidst the historic backdrop of the town, you'll find a string of boutique stores that offer everything from handmade crafts and jewelry to bespoke clothing. Trendy Bleu, for example, is a treasure trove for those who love unique fashion finds. Each store has its distinct character, and browsing through them feels like a delightful treasure hunt.

For those days when you need to run errands and stock up on essentials, Stones River Town Centre is a practical choice. This mall offers a mix of popular retail chains, department stores, and specialty shops. Whether you're on a mission to update your wardrobe, pick up a gift, or simply indulge in some retail therapy, this center makes the experience convenient and enjoyable.

In addition, the numerous farmers' markets around the area, like the Rutherford County Farmers' Market, bring fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and handmade crafts right to the community's doorstep. These markets are not just shopping hubs but also community gathering spots, where neighbors bump into each other, exchange pleasantries, and relish the vibrant local scene.

The vicinity of Brookshire Estates offers a rich and diverse shopping landscape. From high-end retail to cozy boutiques and practical outlets, there's something to cater to every shopping need and desire.

Business and Economy

A significant player in the region's economy is the healthcare sector. Middle Tennessee's prominence in healthcare is mirrored in Murfreesboro with institutions like Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital leading the way. This facility not only offers top-notch medical care to residents but also provides a multitude of jobs, from medical professionals to administrative roles.

Education, too, has a pronounced footprint in Murfreesboro. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), the largest undergraduate university in the state, is situated here. Beyond its academic contributions, MTSU is a major employer in the area, with a wide range of positions spanning from academic roles to administrative and support staff. The university also indirectly supports local businesses, as students and faculty frequent local shops, cafes, and services.

Manufacturing has historically been, and continues to be, a cornerstone of the Murfreesboro economy. Companies like Nissan have substantial operations in the vicinity. Their large automotive production facility not only produces vehicles for the American market but also employs a significant number of local residents, boosting the area's economic health.

Retail and hospitality sectors have witnessed growth, thanks in part to Murfreesboro's position as a regional hub. The Avenue Murfreesboro, among other shopping centers, brings in not just locals but also visitors from surrounding areas. The inflow of visitors has, in turn, boosted the local hospitality industry, with numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes flourishing.

Real estate and construction have seen a spike as well, especially with the growth of neighborhoods like Brookshire Estates. As more people discover the charms of Murfreesboro, there's been a steady demand for residential and commercial properties, prompting growth in the construction sector.

Murfreesboro, and by extension the area around Brookshire Estates, enjoys a diverse economic ecosystem. The synergy between traditional sectors like manufacturing and emerging ones ensures the region remains economically vibrant and resilient.

Hotels and Lodging

A popular choice for many travelers is the Embassy Suites by Hilton. With its modern amenities and spacious suites, it caters to both business travelers and families alike. Guests can start their day with a hearty complimentary breakfast and then maybe take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool. Its close proximity to some of Murfreesboro's main attractions also makes it a convenient base for explorations.

For those who prefer a cozier ambiance, the Carriage Lane Inn Bed & Breakfast offers an experience steeped in Southern charm. Housed in historic homes that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, each room here tells its own story. With its lush gardens and classic decor, it's the ideal spot for travelers looking for a tranquil retreat. The breakfast spread, often raved about by visitors, features Southern classics with a gourmet twist, making mornings here truly special.

Another gem in the area is the Residence Inn by Marriott. Designed for extended stays, this hotel offers spacious suites with full kitchens, making it a home away from home. Guests can indulge in evening socials or relax by the outdoor fire pit. Plus, its location offers easy access to both shopping hubs and nature trails, catering to a wide range of visitor interests.

The Murfreesboro area is also sprinkled with charming inns and boutique lodges, offering travelers a more intimate experience. Many of these establishments, run by local families, pride themselves on personalized service. From handpicked decor to breakfasts made from locally-sourced ingredients, they offer a glimpse into the heart of Southern hospitality.

Whether it's the sophistication of a brand-name hotel or the personalized touch of a bed and breakfast, the area around Brookshire Estates ensures that visitors find the perfect place to rest their heads. Every establishment, in its unique way, captures the essence of Murfreesboro's warm and welcoming spirit.

Travel and Transportation

When it comes to air travel, the closest major airport to Brookshire Estates is Nashville International Airport (BNA). Located roughly a 30-40 minute drive away, depending on traffic, BNA serves as a significant transportation hub, offering flights to a multitude of national and international destinations. The airport is expansive and well-equipped, ensuring a smooth travel experience for both departures and arrivals. So, whether residents are flying out for business, leisure, or picking up visiting family and friends, the relatively short commute to and from the airport is undeniably advantageous.

Murfreesboro's public transportation landscape is primarily shaped by the Rover Bus System. These bright green buses are hard to miss and offer a network of routes that cover key areas of the city. Conveniently, one of the routes passes near Brookshire Estates, making it easier for residents to rely on public transport for their daily commutes or simply to explore other parts of Murfreesboro. The buses are not only efficient but also affordable, making them a favored choice for many.

For those who occasionally need to venture into Nashville or nearby cities for work or recreation, the nearby interstates and highways make the drive straightforward. While there isn't a direct train service from Murfreesboro to Nashville, there have been ongoing discussions and proposals to introduce such a connection, which would further enhance the transit options for Brookshire Estates residents.

The vicinity of Brookshire Estates offers a mix of transportation options, ensuring residents can easily navigate both local and distant destinations. The proximity to a major airport, combined with local public transit options, indeed adds to the allure of living in this community.