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Blackman Farm, Murfreesboro, TN Homes for Sale June 12, 2024
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Blackman Farm Homes

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee's Rutherford County, Blackman Farm in Murfreesboro presents an enticing blend of the old and the new, rustic charm and modern amenities. From its historic roots to its emerging localities, Murfreesboro is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for homeowners in the state. And within Murfreesboro, Blackman Farm stands out as a community that promises a comfortable, family-friendly, and prosperous living experience. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to relocate to a community that offers the serenity of the countryside with the conveniences of urban living, Blackman Farm might just be the gem you're seeking. This article is your comprehensive guide to understanding the real estate dynamics, amenities, and the unique charm that Blackman Farm has to offer. So, let's embark on this journey together and discover why buying a home in Blackman Farm is a decision you'll cherish for years to come!

One of the most captivating characteristics of homes in Blackman Farm is their architectural style. These residences beautifully integrate modern designs with traditional southern aesthetics. Spacious porches, charming shutters, and pitched roofs are common features, giving each home an inviting and warm appearance. The interiors are equally impressive, with many homes boasting open floor plans, hardwood floors, and state-of-the-art appliances. It's evident that builders in Blackman Farm prioritize both functionality and elegance, ensuring that homeowners get the best of both worlds.

Blackman Farm Homes

Blackman Farm is not just a collection of houses; it's a vibrant community. Residents have access to a range of amenities that foster community spirit and provide a balanced lifestyle. Children can be seen playing in well-maintained parks while adults can enjoy leisurely walks on the community’s scenic trails. The neighborhood pool is a popular spot during the warmer months, acting as a social hub where neighbors come together to relax and refresh. Additionally, with regular community events and gatherings, Blackman Farm ensures that there’s always something to look forward to.

Despite its tranquil setting, Blackman Farm is strategically located to ensure residents don't have to venture far for their daily needs. The community is within close proximity to a range of essential services, from supermarkets and medical facilities to cafes and boutique stores. Murfreesboro's city center, with its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and array of dining options, is just a short drive away. For those who commute, the easy access to major highways is a significant advantage, making the hustle and bustle of Nashville reachable in under an hour.

For families with children, the quality of local schools is often a top concern when choosing a place to settle. Fortunately, Blackman Farm is served by some of the best schools in the region. The Blackman School District has been recognized for its academic excellence and extracurricular programs, ensuring that young residents receive top-notch education. From elementary to high school, parents can rest easy knowing that their children's educational needs are being met and exceeded.

One of the undeniable appeals of Blackman Farm is its connection to nature. The community seamlessly blends the boundaries between man-made structures and the natural world. Residents can wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and take evening strolls under a canopy of stars. With mature trees, landscaped gardens, and serene ponds, Blackman Farm offers a peaceful retreat from the outside world, where residents can recharge, reflect, and revel in the beauty of their surroundings.

Similar Communities

Just a stone's throw away from Blackman Farm lies The Maples, a neighborhood that marries the classic charm of southern homes with contemporary design elements. Like Blackman Farm, residences in The Maples feature large porches and beautiful facades that echo the timeless beauty of Tennessee’s architectural heritage. Inside, the homes are replete with modern amenities, gourmet kitchens, and energy-efficient installations. The neighborhood also takes pride in its vast green spaces and walking trails, making it a haven for families and individuals seeking a balance between urban and natural living.

Salem Cove is another neighborhood that rivals Blackman Farm in its offerings. Located in a serene pocket of Murfreesboro, homes here are characterized by their spacious layouts and meticulous craftsmanship. A notable aspect of Salem Cove is its commitment to sustainability, with many homes featuring eco-friendly installations. Families here appreciate the neighborhood’s proximity to essential services, from top-tier schools to health facilities, without compromising on the peace and quiet that the area affords.

Westwind Homes

Westwind, with its tree-lined avenues and manicured gardens, is reminiscent of the communal warmth that Blackman Farm exudes. Homes here are constructed with attention to detail, offering residents both luxury and comfort. Westwind places a strong emphasis on community engagement, with its clubhouse, community pool, and frequent neighborhood events acting as focal points for socialization and bonding. Its central location also ensures that dining, shopping, and entertainment options are never too far away.

Liberty Valley, with its panoramic views and sprawling landscapes, offers a rustic yet refined living experience. Homes in this neighborhood are built on larger plots, giving residents ample outdoor space to cultivate gardens, set up patios, or even install private pools. Architecturally, the residences mirror the elegance of Blackman Farm, with a touch of countryside charm. The community is also known for its walking and biking trails, which meander through woods and open fields, offering residents a daily dose of nature.

Situated close to Blackman Farm, Evergreen Farms is designed with families in mind. The homes here are spacious, often boasting multiple bedrooms, large kitchens, and expansive living areas. A unique feature of this neighborhood is its focus on child-friendly amenities, including playgrounds, sports courts, and safe pedestrian zones. The tight-knit community vibe is palpable, with neighbors often coming together for block parties, yard sales, and holiday celebrations.

Food Scene

Just a short drive away, you'll stumble upon Jeff's Family-Friendly Restaurant. It's the kind of place where everyone seems to know everyone else. They serve the most comforting homemade pies and their breakfasts? Legendary! The pancakes are as fluffy as clouds and their bacon crisps up just the way you like it.

Now, for those evenings when you're craving something a bit more upscale, The Vine & Olive is the place to be. This Mediterranean-inspired eatery offers a range of delicious tapas and wine pairings. Their grilled octopus and lamb meatballs have become local favorites. And the ambience? It's chic yet cozy, making it perfect for date nights or celebratory dinners.

For the sushi lovers out there, Mura Sushi Bar won't disappoint. Nestled just a few miles from Blackman Farm, it's a gem that offers some of the freshest sushi rolls in the area. Whether you're a fan of the classic California roll or looking to venture into something more adventurous like their dragon roll, you're in for a treat.

And if you're in the mood for some spicy, flavorful Mexican cuisine, you can't miss Casa Del Rio. With their vibrant décor and lively atmosphere, it feels like a fiesta every time you walk in. Their nachos piled high with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream are a crowd-pleaser, and their margaritas? Simply out of this world!

For those lazy Sunday brunches, The Rustic Spoon has become a beloved spot among Blackman Farm residents. Their avocado toast sprinkled with feta and pomegranate seeds is both hearty and Instagram-worthy. Pair it with their freshly brewed coffee, and you're set for a delightful start to your day.


For those who cherish a good dose of entertainment and sports, the vicinity of Blackman Farm in Murfreesboro truly shines. Just around the corner, we have the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts. Now, this isn't just any art center - think Broadway-style productions, captivating local plays, and even live music events. I've spent many a weekend evening there, completely immersed in the world of drama and performance. And for the art aficionados, they regularly host art exhibitions featuring both local and national artists. It's a cultural hub that keeps the artistic heartbeat of the area alive and pulsing.

Sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, are in for a treat with the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex nearby. Whether you're into playing or just cheering from the sidelines, the energy there is always electric. They host local leagues, and I must say, the matches can get pretty intense! It's a great spot for families too, with kids getting a taste of competitive spirit and teamwork.

Now, if you're more into the swing of things (pun intended), the Murfreesboro Golf Club is your haven. With its pristine greens and challenging holes, it’s a favorite amongst local golfers. They also organize regular tournaments, which are a fun way to mingle with fellow residents and maybe flaunt your golfing skills a bit!

And for those nights when you just want to kick back with some popcorn and catch the latest blockbuster, the Starlite Cinema is just a short drive away. They even have those retro movie nights where classics are screened, bringing back waves of nostalgia.

If live music is your jam, you can't miss the summer concerts at Patterson Park. Picture this: a cool summer evening, blankets spread out, families and friends coming together, and the sound of live music filling the air.

Health and Wellness

The Murfreesboro Greenway System. This place is a haven for runners, joggers, and cyclists alike. Spanning miles of scenic trails, it's the perfect spot for morning runs or weekend bike rides. The trails meander by the river, offering gorgeous views and those serene moments we all sometimes need. Every time I'm there, I can't help but feel a little closer to nature.

Then, for the yogis or those looking to try their hand at yoga, Serenity Yoga Studio is a gem in the vicinity. They offer a range of classes, from intense Vinyasa flows to restorative Yin sessions. What I personally love is their monthly meditation and sound healing workshops. It's a beautiful space to rejuvenate and find that inner peace.

For the gym enthusiasts, Pulse Fitness is a hotspot. Equipped with the latest machinery, diverse classes, and personal training sessions, it caters to everyone from beginners to fitness gurus. The community vibe there is infectious; everyone's motivating each other to push their limits.

And if you're someone who believes in holistic wellness, the Murfreesboro Wellness Center is your go-to. Offering a range of services, from acupuncture to massage therapy and nutritional counseling, it's all about treating the body as a temple. I've had some of the best therapeutic massages there, leaving me refreshed and rejuvenated every single time.

For fresh and organic produce, there's the Murfreesboro Farmers' Market. Happening every weekend, local farmers set up stalls showcasing the freshest fruits, veggies, and artisanal products. Picking up my basket of fresh greens and handmade jams has become a ritual for me. There’s just something about supporting local and knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Barfield Crescent Park is one of those spots that locals can't get enough of. It's sprawling with acres of green space, playgrounds, and even some delightful walking trails. One of the highlights? The disc golf course! Whether you're a pro or a newbie, it's always fun to give it a shot. I've had many a picnic there, under the shade of a tree, just soaking in the serenity.

Speaking of trails, the Stones River Battlefield is not just a historical site but also offers some of the most scenic walks around. The paths are steeped in history, and as you walk, you can't help but be transported back in time. It's a unique blend of nature and history, making every visit an enriching experience.

For those who have a penchant for water sports or just love being by the water, J. Percy Priest Lake is a short drive away. From boating and fishing to simply lazing on the shores, it's a summer favorite. The sunsets there? Absolutely breathtaking. I've lost count of the number of times I've been mesmerized by the golden hues reflecting on the water.

And then there's Cannonsburgh Village, which, while not a traditional park, offers a rustic outdoor experience. This historic village is an ode to the 1800s and is perfect for leisurely strolls, exploring old structures, and even attending some of the village's seasonal festivals. The vibe is so quaint, and every visit feels like a step back in time.

Lastly, for the bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, the Murfreesboro Wetlands is a must-visit. The diversity of bird species there is incredible. Armed with binoculars and a bit of patience, it's always a thrill to spot rare birds in their natural habitat. The wetlands also offer a serene backdrop for reflective walks or quiet moments of connection with nature.

The surroundings of Blackman Farm make it super easy for residents to step out and immerse themselves in nature's lap, regardless of their preferred outdoor activity.


Starting with public schools, Blackman Elementary School is right at the doorstep for residents of Blackman Farm. It's known not just for its academic prowess but also for its vibrant extracurricular scene. The school's arts program? Stellar! And their sports teams have garnered quite a reputation locally. Following the elementary level, Blackman Middle and Blackman High School are also within the vicinity, continuing the tradition of excellence. The high school's college prep programs have seen numerous students heading off to some top-tier universities.

Now, if you're looking at private education, Middle Tennessee Christian School is a popular choice among many families. The school's holistic approach to education, emphasizing not just academics but also character development, is what sets it apart. Their campus, replete with state-of-the-art facilities, fosters a conducive learning environment.

Another notable mention is Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School. With a curriculum grounded in faith-based values, many parents appreciate the moral foundation it offers students. They also boast smaller class sizes, ensuring more personalized attention for each student.

For families considering alternative education approaches, the Murfreesboro Montessori Academy is an intriguing option. Adhering to the Montessori method, it's all about nurturing a child's natural curiosity and fostering independent learning. I've heard so many heartwarming stories from parents about the transformative impact of this educational approach on their kids.

Whether you're leaning towards public, private, or alternative, the Blackman Farm area ensures that every child's educational needs are well catered to. 

Shopping and Retail

Retail therapy enthusiasts, you're in for a treat when living in Blackman Farm. The shopping scene here is diverse, offering a delightful blend of mainstream outlets and unique local boutiques.

First stop, The Avenue Murfreesboro. This expansive shopping complex is a crowd favorite and for good reason. From major brands like H&M and Sephora to smaller niche boutiques, it's a shopper's paradise. Plus, there's no shortage of cafes and eateries to fuel up in between shopping sprees. On sunny days, the outdoor seating areas bustle with activity, making it a great spot for people-watching too.

For those who appreciate the charm of local stores, Downtown Murfreesboro is a must-visit. Strolling through the streets, you'll come across gems like Lily Pad Boutique, which offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories. Then there's Trendy Pieces, a store I personally adore for its eclectic mix of fashionable finds. The owner has an eye for statement pieces, and it's always a thrill to discover what's new in stock.

Now, if antiques and vintage finds are more your style, Vintage 615 never disappoints. From rustic furniture to quirky home decor, every item tells a story. I've picked up some of my favorite home accessories from here, each adding a touch of character to my space.

And of course, no shopping experience is complete without some pampering. The Murfreesboro Spa and Salon located near the shopping district offers a range of services, from rejuvenating facials to relaxing massages. After a day of shopping, it's the perfect spot to unwind and indulge.

Whether you're hunting for the latest fashion trends, unique gifts, or just in the mood to window shop, the area around Blackman Farm ensures you're never too far from a satisfying retail experience.

Business and Economy

The economic tapestry near Blackman Farm is as dynamic as it is diverse. The businesses and industries here not only support the local economy but also provide ample job opportunities for residents.

Firstly, the healthcare sector is a prominent player. Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital, just a short drive away, isn’t just one of the leading healthcare providers in the region, but it's also a significant employer. With its state-of-the-art facilities and continuous expansion, it’s playing a pivotal role in the local healthcare landscape and job market.

The education sector, too, deserves a mention. With Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) close by, it's no surprise that education and research drive a significant portion of the local economy. The university not only employs a vast number of residents but also attracts businesses that cater to students, be it housing, eateries, or entertainment.

Retail, as previously touched upon, is vibrant in the region. But beyond the malls and boutiques, the retail ecosystem extends to dealerships, home goods stores, and more. All of these contribute significantly to the local job market and economy.

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable uptick in the tech and startup scene. The proximity to Nashville, coupled with the talent pool emerging from MTSU, has made Murfreesboro an attractive spot for budding entrepreneurs and tech ventures.

Lastly, the manufacturing sector, anchored by companies like Nissan with its production facility not too far off, remains a significant economic pillar. It not only provides jobs but also brings in subsidiary businesses that support the larger manufacturing processes.

The area around Blackman Farm boasts a healthy mix of traditional industries and emerging sectors, ensuring the local economy remains resilient and dynamic, making it a promising region for both businesses and professionals.

Hotels and Lodging

Embassy Suites by Hilton in Murfreesboro stands out. I've always been a fan of their spacious suites, and their complimentary breakfast? Top-notch! If you're planning a local event or just want your visiting relatives to have a plush stay, this is the place to bookmark.

For those who prefer a more boutique experience, the Carriage Lane Inn located in historic downtown Murfreesboro is a real gem. This charming bed and breakfast has a rich history and exudes a warmth that's hard to find in larger establishments. Each room has its own distinct character, and the lovely courtyard is the perfect spot for morning coffee or evening relaxation.

Then there’s Tru by Hilton, which brings a fresh, vibrant vibe to the lodging scene. With its contemporary design and a myriad of amenities, it's particularly popular among the younger crowd and business travelers. The lobby area, with its games and cozy nooks, fosters a community vibe that’s refreshing.

For travelers on a budget, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a reliable choice. With its clean rooms, complimentary breakfast, and convenient location, it's a favorite among many who visit the area.

Lastly, if you’re after a more intimate B&B experience, there are several quaint options scattered throughout Murfreesboro. These often family-run establishments provide personalized service and often come with delightful stories about the town’s history. I've had many a friend rave about their stays at these spots, often highlighting the hearty homemade breakfasts and the charm of the rooms.

From luxury suites to homely B&Bs, the lodging scene near Blackman Farm caters to a spectrum of preferences, ensuring every guest feels right at home.

Travel and Transportation

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the closest major airport to Blackman Farm. Depending on traffic, it's roughly a 30 to 40-minute drive away. The convenience of having a major international airport so close is a boon, especially for frequent flyers or those with family spread across the country (or globe!). With a range of domestic and international flights, it’s been my go-to for both business trips and vacations.

Now, for daily commuting or local travel, Murfreesboro boasts a pretty efficient public transportation system. The Rover Bus Service is a popular choice among locals. These green and white buses are hard to miss and connect various parts of the city. They’re not just economical but also quite punctual. I've often recommended it to friends who prefer not to drive, especially during peak hours.

For those looking to venture further out, say to Nashville, there's the Relax & Ride service. Operated in partnership with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), it offers multiple routes connecting Murfreesboro to Nashville, making it a great option for daily commuters or even just a day trip to the Music City.

And, of course, for on-demand transportation, services like Uber and Lyft are active and easily accessible in the area. It's particularly handy for those evenings out when you might not want to drive.

Whether you're jet-setting across continents, commuting for work, or just exploring the local scene, the transportation options near Blackman Farm make getting around a breeze.