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Belle Haven Homes

Nestled in Murfreesboro, TN, Belle Haven stands out as a neighborhood with a rich tapestry of home designs that enhance its allure as a sought-after residential destination. A striking aspect of Belle Haven is the timeline of its homes' construction, which paints a vivid picture of the area's architectural journey. As you stroll through its streets, you'll encounter homes that echo both timeless elegance and modern flair, testament to the evolution of design aesthetics over the years.

Belle Haven's homes are the proud handiwork of a cadre of distinguished builders known for their unwavering dedication to quality. Their meticulous craftsmanship and keen eye for detail have bestowed the neighborhood with homes that are as enduring as they are beautiful. It's this blend of aesthetic elegance and enduring construction that gives Belle Haven its unique, yet harmonious, streetscape.

Belle Haven Homes

Peeking into the sizes of homes in Belle Haven, it's clear that there's something for everyone. Whether it's expansive homes perfect for growing families or snug abodes tailored for singles or couples, the range in square footage ensures that residents find just the right fit for their lifestyle needs.

Diversity extends to the types of homes too. While single-family homes, synonymous with spacious suburban living, dominate the scene, don't be surprised to find townhouses or even condos peppered in. These options cater to those who yearn for a sense of community or desire the convenience of low-maintenance living, all while enjoying the perks of homeownership.

What truly sets Belle Haven apart is its community spirit. The neighborhood's size fosters genuine connections among its residents. Casual chats, impromptu gatherings, and community-driven events are the norm here, creating an environment where everyone feels truly at home.

Belle Haven's homes are a delightful mix of the old and the new, crafted by trusted builders, and offer varied living spaces. The community itself is both spacious and intimate, making it a gem in Murfreesboro's residential landscape.

Similar Communities

Greenwood Estates is another remarkable neighborhood in close proximity to Belle Haven, sharing similar attributes in terms of price and construction style. Much like Belle Haven, Greenwood Estates displays a blend of time-honored and modern architectural designs. What's striking about this neighborhood is its meticulous landscaping, with homes often being surrounded by mature trees and manicured gardens. The tree-lined streets not only offer shade but add a certain character to the area, making evening strolls especially delightful. The homes here have been crafted by some of the same builders that have graced Belle Haven, ensuring continuity in quality and design aesthetics.

A stone's throw away lies Meadowbrook Park, a neighborhood that mirrors Belle Haven in its communal spirit and price bracket. The homes in Meadowbrook Park are built with a focus on sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials without compromising on luxury. This neighborhood is known for its community-driven activities, including monthly farmers' markets and seasonal festivals, encouraging residents to interact and support local artisans. While modern in construction, Meadowbrook Park retains a quaint charm with its white picket fences and cozy front porches, reminiscent of classic American suburbia.

Greenwood Estates Homes

Riverdale Heights offers another comparable lifestyle choice near Belle Haven. With price points that align closely with Belle Haven, this neighborhood prides itself on its spacious layouts and intricate detailing. Riverdale Heights is surrounded by lush green parks, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The homes, primarily built over the past two decades, merge functionality with style, often featuring open-plan interiors, large windows, and outdoor entertainment spaces. Community events, from weekend BBQs to book clubs, emphasize the neighborhood's focus on fostering connections among its residents.

There's Windsor Grove, which, although slightly newer in its overall development, presents a striking balance between contemporary design and a traditional community ethos. Homes in Windsor Grove feature modern amenities, high ceilings, and energy-efficient appliances, appealing to the environmentally-conscious homeowner. Similar to Belle Haven, the emphasis here is on creating a sense of belonging. Regular neighborhood potlucks and yearly garage sales ensure that residents are more than just neighbors; they're friends who share in the joys and challenges of suburban life.

Food Scene

Just a short drive from Belle Haven, The Rustic Spoon has been making waves with its farm-to-table offerings. This trendy spot boasts a menu that changes with the seasons, ensuring the freshest ingredients take center stage. Their brunches are particularly noteworthy — think fluffy pancakes drizzled with homemade berry compote and a side of perfectly crisp bacon. It's not just the food that stands out; the ambience, with its reclaimed wood decor and twinkling fairy lights, provides a cozy backdrop for a delightful meal.

For those with a penchant for international flavors, Mama Mia's Pizzeria offers an authentic slice of Italy. The thin-crust pizzas, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, transport you straight to the streets of Naples. And it’s not just pizzas; their pasta dishes, especially the creamy carbonara and tangy arrabbiata, have their own fan base. Pair your meal with a glass of fine wine from their extensive selection, and you're in for a treat.

Looking for something a bit more casual? Burger Street Bistro should be on your radar. Their gourmet burgers, with options ranging from classic beef to inventive plant-based creations, are the talk of the town. What's more, their truffle fries and homemade shakes make for the perfect accompaniment. The lively atmosphere, punctuated by retro music and neon lights, makes it a favorite among the younger crowd and families alike.

Of course, we can't forget about East End Deli, the go-to spot for sandwiches, soups, and salads. This charming deli prides itself on using artisanal bread, premium cuts of meat, and the freshest veggies. Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or settling down for a heartier meal, their diverse menu ensures you'll find something to tickle your taste buds. Their outdoor patio, overlooking a beautifully manicured garden, is the cherry on top, especially on a sunny day.

The area around Belle Haven offers a smorgasbord of dining options. Whether you're a food connoisseur or just someone looking for a hearty meal, there's something to satiate every palate.


They showcase a mix of classic plays, contemporary dramas, and even some local productions, providing a platform for budding artists in the area. Their weekend matinee performances are particularly popular among families, offering a delightful way to introduce the younger generation to the magic of live theater.

For those more inclined towards the cinematic experience, the Starlite Cinema is a must-visit. Beyond just your typical blockbuster hits, they often host indie film festivals, giving movie enthusiasts a chance to explore offbeat and avant-garde titles. The retro ambiance, complete with plush red seats and an old-school popcorn machine, adds a touch of nostalgia to the movie-watching experience.

On the sporting front, the Murfreesboro Sports Complex is the heart of all the action. From local soccer matches and basketball tournaments to state-level baseball championships, the energy here is palpable. And if you're more of a participant than a spectator, they offer various leagues and classes catering to different age groups and skill levels.

Adjacent to the sports complex, there's an expansive skate park—Riders Haven. On any given day, you'll find skateboarders, BMX riders, and rollerbladers showcasing their skills, turning the park into a dynamic display of athleticism and artistry. They regularly host skateboarding competitions, drawing crowds from all over the state and offering local talent a chance to shine.

For those who enjoy a mix of sport and entertainment, don't miss the annual Murfreesboro Rodeo. It's a spectacle of bull riding, barrel racing, and live country music, creating an atmosphere that's both exhilarating and festive.

The vicinity of Belle Haven is brimming with options to keep both the adrenaline junkie and the arts aficionado entertained. It's a locale where every weekend promises a new adventure or a delightful performance to attend.

Health and Wellness

Sunnydale Yoga Studio is one such sanctuary that many locals swear by. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this space offers a wide array of classes, from gentle hatha sessions to more intense power yoga, catering to all experience levels. On warmer days, they even host sunrise sessions in their serene garden area, allowing participants to connect with nature while they find their inner zen.

For those who prefer breaking a sweat with some high-energy workouts, Pulse Fitness Center is the place to be. This state-of-the-art gym boasts the latest equipment, a variety of group classes, and personal trainers who are always ready to guide and motivate. Their spinning and HIIT sessions are particularly popular, ensuring a full-body workout that gets the heart pumping.

The Green Trail Wellness Spa is another highlight in the vicinity. Beyond the traditional massages and facials, they specialize in holistic treatments like aromatherapy, reflexology, and even acupuncture. The staff, with their expertise and genuine care, ensures every visitor leaves feeling rejuvenated.

For those looking to dive into the world of natural remedies and nutrition, Belle Haven Health Hub is a treasure trove. Stocked with organic produce, essential oils, supplements, and an array of health foods, it's the go-to place for anyone wanting to nourish their body from the inside out. They also host regular workshops on topics like "Gut Health" and "Plant-Based Living", aiming to educate the community about sustainable health choices.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the Murfreesboro Wellness Trail, a scenic route that winds through woodlands, meadows, and alongside streams. Perfect for a morning jog, evening stroll, or even a meditative walk, it's a testament to the fact that wellness isn't just about structured activities; sometimes, simply being in nature does the trick.

And of course, there's the Community Farmer's Market held every weekend. Local farmers and artisans gather, showcasing a vibrant spread of fresh produce, homemade jams, artisanal cheeses, and more. There's nothing like picking up a basket of fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes or a bunch of fragrant basil to inspire a healthy homemade meal.

Around Belle Haven, the emphasis on health and wellness is evident. With such a diverse range of options, residents can easily find what resonates with them, ensuring a lifestyle that's both balanced and invigorating.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The area around Belle Haven, Murfreesboro, is a treasure trove for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The marriage of natural beauty with well-thought-out amenities ensures that there's always a spot to relax, play, or simply soak in the surroundings.

Whispering Pines Park is a favorite amongst many residents. With its sprawling green lawns, playgrounds, and shaded picnic areas, it's a hub of family-friendly activity. The park's winding trails, framed by tall pine trees, are a haven for joggers and walkers alike. Birdwatchers often frequent the park too, with the early mornings being particularly rewarding as the melodies of local birds fill the air.

For those with a penchant for water activities, Lake Murfree is the place to be. Whether it's kayaking, paddleboarding, or just a tranquil afternoon of fishing, the lake caters to all. And if you're more of a spectator, the wooden boardwalk and observation decks offer panoramic views, especially during sunset when the sky paints a mesmerizing canvas of colors over the tranquil waters.

Mountain bikers and hikers are in for a treat with the Ridgeview Trails. These trails, with their varying levels of difficulty, snake through dense woods, open meadows, and occasionally offer glimpses of local wildlife like deer and foxes. And for those who prefer a leisurely walk, there's a flatter, more accessible loop that still promises the beauty of nature without the challenge of uphill climbs.

If botanical wonders pique your interest, then the Murfreesboro Botanical Gardens are a must-visit. Home to a myriad of local and exotic plants, the gardens are an educational and sensory delight. The rose garden, in particular, is stunning during full bloom, while the herb garden often hosts workshops on the benefits and uses of various plants.

Finally, for those looking to engage in some group activities, the Belle Community Sports Ground offers tennis courts, a basketball pitch, and even a mini-golf course. It's common to see neighbors challenging each other to friendly matches, especially on weekends.

The surroundings of Belle Haven are an ode to the great outdoors. They invite residents to step out, breathe deep, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty and recreational offerings that define Murfreesboro's landscape. Whether you're a seasoned nature enthusiast or just someone looking to spend a day under the sun, the area promises a fulfilling experience.


Starting with public education, Murfreesboro City Schools district is well-regarded in the area. Among the jewels in its crown is Bellewood Elementary School, which is just a stone's throw away from Belle Haven. The school is known for its dedicated teaching staff, innovative learning modules, and a vibrant arts and sports program. A little further out, Murfreesboro High School stands tall with its impressive academic records, robust extracurricular activities, and a comprehensive guidance program that assists students in college preparations.

For families considering private education, Havenwood Academy is a popular choice in the vicinity. With its smaller class sizes and personalized attention, many parents appreciate the bespoke learning experience it offers. Beyond the standard curriculum, Havenwood places a strong emphasis on character education, fostering values like empathy, resilience, and global awareness. Their arts program, in particular, is renowned, with annual plays and music recitals that are always the talk of the town.

Another noteworthy institution is the Maple Ridge Montessori School. Catering to younger children, its philosophy revolves around self-directed learning in a nurturing environment. With multi-age classrooms, kids are encouraged to learn at their own pace, and the school's expansive outdoor space ensures plenty of nature-based learning activities.

For those seeking higher education, Murfreesboro Community College offers a range of undergraduate programs. Known for its vibrant campus life and a diverse range of courses, it's a stepping stone for many aiming for university studies or looking to acquire new skills.

The Belle Haven community is strategically positioned to offer its residents a buffet of educational choices. Whether it's the rigors of public school curriculums, the personalized touch of private institutions, or the expansive offerings of a community college, students in the area are set on a path of learning and growth.

Shopping and Retail

Just a short drive from Belle Haven is Murfreesboro Plaza, a bustling shopping center with a mix of big-name retailers and quaint boutiques. Whether you're in search of the latest fashion trends, a new novel to delve into, or some home decor inspiration, this plaza is a one-stop-shop. And if you're looking to grab a bite in between your shopping spree, there are several eateries offering everything from quick snacks to hearty meals.

For those who cherish the charm of local shops, Historic Downtown Murfreesboro offers a nostalgic shopping experience. Lined with brick facades and vintage store signs, the streets here are home to a collection of boutique stores, artisanal craft shops, and antique dealers. The Lavender Lane Boutique, for example, is a local favorite for its curated collection of clothing and handmade jewelry. If you're an avid reader, Bookends Bookstore is a treasure trove of both new and second-hand books, with the added delight of occasional author signings and reading events.

Farmers and crafts aficionados will revel in the Murfreesboro Farmers' Market. Held weekly, this vibrant market sees local farmers and artisans display their fresh produce, homemade pastries, handcrafted goods, and so much more. It's the perfect spot to stock up on organic veggies, fresh flowers, or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere.

For tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers, the TechTown Mall specializes in electronics and the latest tech gear. From the newest smartphones to quirky tech accessories, it's a hub of innovation and modernity.

Lastly, the Riverside Shopping Complex offers a curated blend of luxury brands, upscale dining options, and entertainment facilities. It's the go-to spot for those looking to indulge in some high-end shopping or enjoy a gourmet dining experience.

The retail landscape around Belle Haven promises something for everyone. Whether you're on a mission to find the perfect outfit, searching for a unique gift, or just window shopping, the diverse shopping avenues in Murfreesboro ensure a fulfilling experience.

Business and Economy

Nestled in the heart of Murfreesboro, the Belle Haven community is surrounded by a dynamic economic landscape brimming with diverse businesses and industries. These sectors not only provide job opportunities for locals but also inject vitality into the area's economy.

Healthcare is a pivotal industry in Murfreesboro, with the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic (MMC) taking the lead. This state-of-the-art facility employs a significant number of locals, from medical professionals to administrative staff. Their commitment to advanced medical research and patient care positions MMC as a vital community asset.

Higher education is another key contributor to the local economy. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), located a short drive from Belle Haven, is not only an academic institution but also a significant employer. Its presence attracts a flow of students, educators, and professionals, fueling related sectors like housing, retail, and entertainment.

The tech sector is also budding, with several startups and tech hubs sprouting in the area. Innovate Murfreesboro, a tech incubator, supports local entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and creativity. It's an exciting space where tech-enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs converge, collaborate, and create.

Murfreesboro's rich agricultural history still plays a role today. Agribusiness thrives with several farms and agricultural enterprises contributing fresh produce to local markets. Places like the Murfreesboro Farmers' Market become a testament to the region's farming roots, where local producers proudly showcase their yield.

Lastly, the tourism and hospitality industry is steadily gaining traction. With Murfreesboro's historical sites, recreational areas, and vibrant cultural scene, the city attracts visitors year-round. This influx supports local hotels, restaurants, and attractions, ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

In the midst of all these industries, it's the local businesses — the cafes, bookstores, boutique shops, and family-run enterprises — that truly give Murfreesboro its unique flavor. They not only serve the Belle Haven community but also play a vital role in the town's character and economy. So, whether it's the tech whiz launching a new app, the farmer cultivating organic tomatoes, or the barista brewing the perfect latte, it's clear that a plethora of businesses and industries around Belle Haven contribute richly to the fabric of Murfreesboro's economy.

Hotels and Lodging

One of the crown jewels in the area is the Carriage Lane Inn. Steeped in history and charm, this boutique hotel offers individually decorated rooms, each telling a story of its own. It's a place where traditional southern elegance meets modern comfort. Their courtyard garden is especially delightful for those lazy afternoons where all you'd want to do is sip on some sweet tea and get lost in a book.

For those who prefer more contemporary settings, the Murfreesboro Suites is a top pick. With its sleek design, modern amenities, and an in-house spa and wellness center, it promises a stay that's both comfortable and rejuvenating. Plus, its proximity to the main shopping and dining hubs makes it a favorite among business travelers and tourists alike.

But if it's the warm, homey feeling of a bed and breakfast you're after, Ella's Cottage B&B is the place to be. Nestled in a quiet street, this historic home has been transformed into a B&B that exudes coziness. The owners, Martha and Bob, are known for their delightful morning breakfasts, often served in the sunlit porch. It's the kind of place where guests often find themselves returning, not just for the comfortable beds and delicious food but for the heartwarming hospitality.

And let's not forget about the big-chain hotels sprinkled around, like the Hampton Inn & Suites or the Holiday Inn Express, which offer consistent service and amenities that many travelers are familiar with. These options are especially convenient for those quick trips or larger groups.

Whether you're hosting friends from out of town, planning a little staycation, or just keen to explore the local hospitality scene, Murfreesboro, especially around the Belle Haven area, certainly doesn't disappoint. It's a blend of Southern charm, modern amenities, and that warm Tennessee hospitality that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.

Travel and Transportation

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the closest major airport, situated about a 40-minute drive away. It's a sizable airport, catering to numerous national and international flights daily. The convenience of having such a major travel hub nearby can't be understated, especially for those frequent fliers or for families hosting out-of-town guests.

Now, for day-to-day commuting and public transportation, Belle Haven residents have a few options. Rover, the public transit bus service in Murfreesboro, runs its green buses through major parts of the city. There are several routes that cover key areas, and the fares are quite reasonable. It's a great choice for those who prefer to leave their cars behind and want a more eco-friendly mode of transport.

Additionally, for those looking to venture a bit further out, like a day trip to Nashville, there's the Music City Star train service. While its primary station is a bit of a drive from Belle Haven, once you're on board, it offers a smooth ride into the heart of Nashville, perfect for avoiding city traffic and parking hassles.

There's also a buzz around town about expanding public transportation options in the coming years. Discussions about light rail connections and expanded bus services have been making the rounds. So, while the current offerings provide a solid foundation, the future of public transit around Belle Haven and Murfreesboro at large looks quite promising.