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Belinda City, Mount Juliet, TN Homes for Sale May 23, 2024
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Belinda City Homes

Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Belinda City in Mount Juliet offers an enticing blend of southern charm, contemporary conveniences, and unparalleled beauty. As one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Nashville, Mount Juliet has emerged as a popular destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. For those seeking a harmonious balance between the vibrancy of city life and the serenity of suburban living, purchasing a home in Belinda City might just be the perfect choice.

In this article, we'll delve deep into the allure of Belinda City, highlighting the unique benefits of living here, providing insights into the real estate market, and offering invaluable tips for potential homebuyers. Whether you're drawn to its picturesque landscapes, top-rated schools, or the promise of a tight-knit community, there's no denying that Belinda City has something for everyone. Join us as we embark on this journey and explore what makes buying a home in Belinda City, Mount Juliet, TN, a decision worth considering.

Belinda City Homes

One of the remarkable characteristics of homes in Belinda City is their fusion of both traditional and modern architectural designs. On average, homes here were built around the early 2000s, showcasing a blend of craftsmanship from late 20th-century artisans and the sleek touches of contemporary builders. This means homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds: the enduring strength and character of older constructions combined with the modish amenities and features of newer residences.

Belinda City's homes owe their distinctiveness to a mix of local and regional builders who've made their mark in the area. These builders have earned a reputation for integrating the rich Southern architectural history into their designs while ensuring that homes meet the evolving needs of modern families. With every brick laid and every beam set, they've woven the narrative of Mount Juliet's rise as a residential haven.

On the topic of space, Belinda City doesn't disappoint. The average square footage of homes here is a generous 2,500 square feet, which often includes spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and ample outdoor spaces. This square footage range makes it clear that homes in Belinda City are designed with families in mind, granting them room to grow, entertain, and cherish moments together.

While Belinda City boasts predominantly single-family homes, the variety within this category is vast. From charming ranch-style homes that sprawl horizontally across spacious lots to two-story colonial-inspired residences with grand entryways, the options are diverse. This range ensures that, whether you're a young family looking for your first home or retirees seeking a comfortable space, Belinda City has the perfect abode awaiting you.

Belinda City is more than just a collection of houses; it's a thriving community. With a substantial number of homes—each echoing the essence of Southern comfort and modern convenience—it's evident why so many have chosen to call this place home. The burgeoning number of residences also means a diverse neighborhood, where every corner tells a story, and every home has its unique charm.

Similar Communities

Just a stone's throw away from Belinda City, Willoughby Station exudes a similar ambiance. This community, known for its beautiful homes built primarily in the late 1990s and early 2000s, matches Belinda City's dedication to combining classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality. With houses hovering around the same average square footage, Willoughby Station offers its residents ample space, complemented by community amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts. The neighborhood fosters a sense of camaraderie, with numerous events and gatherings hosted throughout the year, echoing the lifestyle that Belinda City residents have come to cherish.

Another gem in the vicinity of Belinda City is Providence Landing. This neighborhood, featuring homes constructed in the mid-2000s and later, showcases a more modern architectural approach. Though slightly newer than Belinda City's average home age, it maintains a similar price point, ensuring that the dream of homeownership remains attainable. With tree-lined streets, walking trails, and meticulous landscaping, Providence Landing reflects the lifestyle balance of urban convenience and serene suburban living, a sentiment that resonates deeply with those in Belinda City.

Stonehollow Homes

Stonehollow, with its harmonious blend of traditional and modern homes, is a testament to Mount Juliet's evolving architectural narrative. Like Belinda City, homes in Stonehollow vary in design, from craftsman to colonial, offering homeowners a delightful array of choices. Built around the 2000s, these homes mirror Belinda City's spacious interiors and attention to detail. The community-centric approach of Stonehollow, with its parks and communal areas, mirrors the lifestyle aspirations of those attracted to the ethos of Belinda City.

Hickory Hills, though slightly older with many homes dating back to the 1990s, maintains a charm that's reminiscent of Belinda City. The mature trees, well-maintained lawns, and the distinct southern architectural touch make it an appealing choice for those seeking a neighborhood with history and character. In terms of price point and lifestyle, Hickory Hills aligns closely with Belinda City, offering its residents a chance to immerse themselves in a community that values both togetherness and individuality.

Food Scene

If you've ever taken a stroll around the neighborhoods near Belinda City, you'll likely have caught the tantalizing aromas wafting from some of Mount Juliet's finest dining establishments. One of the highlights has to be Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint, where the slow-cooked, pit-fired BBQ promises an authentic taste of Tennessee. Whether you're a pulled pork enthusiast or a brisket believer, there's something at Martin's that'll get your taste buds dancing.

Now, if you're in the mood for a culinary trip overseas without leaving the comfort of Mount Juliet, The Eastern Peak is where you'll want to head. Offering a medley of Thai and sushi dishes, this spot is perfect for those evenings when you're craving a spicy curry or a meticulously crafted sushi roll. Their atmosphere is as vibrant as their menu, making it a favorite for both locals and visitors.

For the pizza aficionados among us, Calabria Brickoven Pizzeria beckons with its wood-fired pizzas and a vast array of toppings that range from the classic margherita to gourmet options with truffle oil and prosciutto. The rustic ambiance, paired with that unmistakable aroma of freshly baked pizza crust, guarantees a delightful experience.

And of course, let's not forget the brunch enthusiasts! Sunrise Cafe is the go-to spot for those lazy Sunday mornings when all you want is a stack of fluffy pancakes, a side of crispy bacon, and perhaps an omelette thrown into the mix. With its cozy setting and extensive breakfast menu, it's the perfect place to start your day with a hearty meal and some good conversation.

For those moments when you're looking to indulge in some decadent pastries or desserts, Sweet Biscuit has earned quite the reputation among the locals. Whether it's their creamy éclairs, buttery croissants, or a slice of rich chocolate cake, this quaint bakery promises to satisfy your sweet tooth every single time.

Exploring the dining scene near Belinda City is truly a delightful journey—one that caters to a variety of palates and promises unforgettable culinary experiences. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or someone who simply enjoys a good meal, the options are plenty and sure to impress.


When it comes to entertainment, the areas surrounding Belinda City in Mount Juliet don't skip a beat. If you're a movie buff, you're in luck! Providence 14 is just a short drive away. With its latest releases, comfortable seating, and that unbeatable aroma of popcorn, it's the perfect spot for a casual date night or an outing with the kids. Plus, they occasionally feature classics and indie films, so there's always a good mix to choose from.

For those looking for a more active form of entertainment, the nearby Cedar Creek Sports Center is a hub of fun and excitement. With activities ranging from mini-golf and go-karts to batting cages, it's a destination that guarantees a good time for both the young and the young-at-heart. And if you're looking to practice your swing or indulge in a full 18-hole game, the Pine Creek Golf Course offers a beautiful and challenging terrain that's a favorite among local golf enthusiasts.

The sports enthusiasts aren't left out either. While Mount Juliet may not host major league teams, there's a palpable passion for local sports. The high school games, especially, are a community event in themselves. Residents often gather to cheer on the local teams, and the camaraderie in the stands is as much a spectacle as the action on the field. Plus, with Nashville just a short drive away, major sporting events, concerts, and performances at venues like the Bridgestone Arena or the Nissan Stadium are easily accessible for those looking to catch a big game or a top-tier concert.

Of course, for those who find solace in the theater, the Encore Theatre Company offers an intimate setting to watch local talents bring to life a variety of plays, from comedies to heart-wrenching dramas. It's a testament to Mount Juliet's thriving arts scene and a must-visit for theater lovers.

Around Belinda City, there's never a dull moment. Whether you're looking for a serene evening at the cinema, a day of sporty fun, or the adrenaline rush of a live game, Mount Juliet offers an array of options that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Health and Wellness

Starting with fitness, the Anytime Fitness center nearby is a godsend for those early risers and night owls alike. As the name suggests, it's open 24/7, making it super convenient for those with hectic schedules. The gym is equipped with modern machines, personal trainers, and various classes, ensuring everyone can find a regimen that suits them.

For those who prefer a holistic approach to fitness, Yoga Harmony has become a beloved local haven. The serene ambiance of the studio, combined with their array of classes—ranging from gentle Yin yoga to more intense Vinyasa flows—offers residents a chance to find both physical strength and inner peace.

Outdoor enthusiasts are often seen taking advantage of the beautiful Charlie Daniels Park, which offers a plethora of activities to keep one active. Whether you fancy a jog around the park, a game of tennis, or even some peaceful meditation by the pond, the park serves as a natural retreat for both body and mind.

Nutrition, as we all know, plays a significant role in our overall health, and Belinda City residents have ample access to fresh and organic produce. The Mount Juliet Farmers Market, a local favorite, is a treasure trove of fresh fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products. The joy of picking up locally-sourced, organic produce and chatting with the very farmers who cultivated them is an experience in itself.

And, for those days when you need a bit of pampering and relaxation, the Serenity Salt Cave offers a unique wellness experience. This therapeutic salt cave is believed to offer a myriad of health benefits, from respiratory to skin improvements. Plus, there's just something incredibly calming about reclining in a chair, breathing deeply, and letting the salt-infused air work its magic.

In and around Belinda City, the options for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle are as varied as they are abundant. From state-of-the-art fitness facilities to nature's own playgrounds, there's something to cater to every wellness need and preference.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The joy of soaking up the outdoors! For residents of Belinda City, Mount Juliet isn't just a residential haven—it's also a gateway to some of Tennessee's most captivating natural landscapes and recreational spaces.

A name that often echoes among locals is Charlie Daniels Park. More than just a park, it's a community gathering spot where families come for picnics, friends engage in friendly soccer matches, and children delight in the well-maintained playgrounds. The walking trails, dotted with mature trees and overlooking serene ponds, provide a tranquil escape from the daily hustle.

For the water enthusiasts, Old Hickory Lake is just a short drive away. This expansive lake is a hub for various aquatic activities. Whether you're in the mood for kayaking, fishing, or just lazing by the shore with a book, the shimmering waters and picturesque surroundings of Old Hickory are bound to captivate. Many a local angler has shared tales of the 'big catch' from these waters, making it a favorite among fishing aficionados.

Another gem in the vicinity is Cedar Creek Greenway, a trail system that promises a closer look at Mount Juliet's diverse flora and fauna. Birdwatchers, in particular, find this spot irresistible, with numerous species making appearances throughout the year. The trails, suitable for both beginners and seasoned hikers, meander through woodlands, open fields, and alongside bubbling creeks.

For those with a penchant for golf, the nearby Windtree Golf Club offers lush greens and challenging terrains that cater to golfers of all skill levels. But even if golf isn't your sport, the panoramic views of the rolling hills and serene ponds make a visit worthwhile.

And let's not forget the seasonal events that these parks often host. From outdoor concerts in the summer to nature walks in the spring and fall festivals, these parks transform into lively venues where the community comes together to celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors.

The areas around Belinda City underscore Mount Juliet's commitment to providing its residents with ample opportunities to connect with nature, stay active, and cherish the simple pleasures of outdoor living. Whether you're a seasoned nature enthusiast or someone looking for a peaceful spot to unwind, the options are both plentiful and inviting.


On the public front, Mount Juliet High School stands as a beacon of academic excellence. With a reputation for not only fostering academic rigor but also placing a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, MJHS ensures its students are well-rounded and prepared for the future. The school boasts modern facilities, dedicated teachers, and a community spirit that parents often rave about.

In the realm of middle schools, West Wilson Middle School has carved a niche for itself with its dynamic curriculum and emphasis on nurturing critical thinkers. Coupled with Mount Juliet Elementary School, which serves the younger kids, the public education framework near Belinda City is both comprehensive and commendable.

For parents leaning towards private education, Mt. Juliet Christian Academy offers an enriching alternative. As an establishment that blends rigorous academics with Christian values, MJCA provides students with a unique learning environment. With smaller class sizes and a tailored approach to teaching, many parents appreciate the personalized attention their children receive here.

Then there's Heritage Christian Academy, another institution that's garnered respect for its blend of faith-based learning and academic excellence. Beyond just textbooks, the school instills values of leadership, ethics, and community service, ensuring students graduate as responsible and compassionate citizens.

Of course, the true testament to the education standards of any region is the active involvement of parents, and in this, Belinda City shines. Be it PTA meetings, school fairs, or inter-school competitions, the parent community here is hands-on, ensuring that schools receive the support and resources they need.

Whether it's public schooling with its diverse environment or private institutions with their specialized approach, families in Belinda City have an array of choices. Each institution, in its own unique way, ensures that students are not just academically proficient but also equipped with skills and values for life beyond school.

Shopping and Retail

Starting with Providence Marketplace, this open-air shopping haven is a favorite for many. With a mix of big-name brands and local gems, it's easy to spend hours here, whether you're updating your wardrobe, hunting for home decor, or just window shopping. Plus, with its charming fountains and well-maintained walkways, it's as much a place for a leisurely stroll as it is for retail therapy.

For those with an eye for unique finds, the local boutiques around offer a treasure trove of handcrafted jewelry, artisanal gifts, and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Bella's Boutique, for instance, is a name that often pops up in local conversations. With its curated collection of clothing and accessories, it's a go-to for those looking to make a style statement.

Gadget enthusiasts and tech lovers are often spotted at Electronic Express. From the latest smartphones to state-of-the-art home appliances, this store ensures that the residents of Belinda City are always at the forefront of technology.

Of course, no shopping experience is complete without a visit to a bookstore, and Books-A-Million fills that niche beautifully in Mount Juliet. Whether you're a voracious reader or just looking for a cozy nook to sip coffee and skim through magazines, this place exudes warmth and invites bibliophiles and casual readers alike.

And let's not forget those weekend errand runs. From grocery stores like Kroger to specialty stores like HomeGoods, the practical shopper in you will find everything you need within easy reach.

Whether you're a shopaholic on the lookout for the next great find or someone who values the convenience of having everything close by, the shopping landscape near Belinda City ensures every shopping spree is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Business and Economy

The economic tapestry around Belinda City, Mount Juliet, is as diverse as it is dynamic. With a mix of established businesses and emerging industries, the area thrives, ensuring a robust local economy and ample employment opportunities.

A prominent player in the mix is the logistics and distribution sector. Given Mount Juliet's strategic location and excellent connectivity, it's no surprise that big names like Amazon have set up distribution centers here. These hubs not only facilitate faster deliveries but also create numerous jobs, from warehousing to administration.

Healthcare is another vital pillar supporting the local economy. With facilities like TriStar Summit Medical Center nearby, not only is the community's health in good hands, but the sector also provides employment to a vast array of professionals – from doctors and nurses to administrative staff and technicians.

Retail, as we've touched upon before, plays a significant role too. With shopping centers like Providence Marketplace, businesses ranging from national chains to local boutiques contribute significantly to the economic churn. These establishments don't just offer shopping options; they also create jobs in sales, management, and other retail-related roles.

Then there's the realm of small businesses – the cafes, the mom-and-pop stores, the local service providers – that add a unique flavor to the community. These enterprises, though smaller in scale, are the lifeblood of the local economy, fostering a sense of community and ensuring that dollars spent locally circulate within, benefiting the area at large.

Real estate and construction have also seen a surge, thanks to Mount Juliet's growing popularity as a residential destination. Developers, realtors, and construction firms are all part of this booming industry, further diversifying the economic landscape.

The areas around Belinda City are a testament to Mount Juliet's economic vibrancy. With a healthy mix of large corporations, healthcare institutions, retail giants, and small businesses, the local economy thrives, promising growth and prosperity for its residents.

Hotels and Lodging

Topping the list for many is the Hampton Inn & Suites. Known for its consistent quality and warm hospitality, this hotel caters to both business travelers and vacationers. With modern amenities, a cozy atmosphere, and its complimentary breakfasts (who doesn't love a good waffle station?), it's a go-to for many who want a comfortable stay.

For those who love the unique charm of "bed and breakfast" establishments, Butterfly Hollow B&B is a gem tucked away in the scenic surroundings of Mount Juliet. A short drive from Belinda City, this place feels like a world away. The serene ambiance, rustic decor, and warm hospitality make it an ideal escape for couples or anyone looking to rejuvenate. Waking up to the gentle chirping of birds and a home-cooked breakfast is an experience many guests cherish.

Courtyard by Marriott, another trusted name in the hotel industry, has its footprint here too. With its spacious rooms, modern facilities, and an in-house bistro that serves up some delightful meals, it's a preferred choice for many. Plus, its location makes it convenient for guests to explore local attractions and shopping spots.

Then there's Holiday Inn Express & Suites, which offers that perfect blend of comfort and value. Their indoor pool is a hit, especially among families, and their service often receives high praise from visitors.

Beyond these, Mount Juliet boasts a range of other lodging options, from quaint inns to other renowned hotel chains, ensuring that every visitor finds a place that fits their preference and budget.

Whether you're a business traveler needing a restful night, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family on vacation, the lodging landscape near Belinda City, Mount Juliet promises a stay that's both delightful and memorable.

Travel and Transportation

If you've ever had to catch a morning flight or pick up relatives flying in for a visit, you'll appreciate just how close Nashville International Airport (BNA) is. Located only a short drive away, this bustling airport connects Mount Juliet to numerous domestic and international destinations. Whether you're a frequent flyer for business or planning that much-awaited vacation, having an international airport so close is undeniably convenient. Plus, for the aviation enthusiasts, the sight of planes taking off and landing against the backdrop of Tennessee's skyline is an added visual treat.

On the daily commute front, Mount Juliet boasts a sound public transportation framework. The Music City Star, the commuter rail service, has a station right in Mount Juliet, making daily travels to downtown Nashville and other stops along the route both easy and efficient. It's a favorite among many residents who prefer to skip the road traffic and relax with a book or some music during their commute.

For those who lean more towards bus services, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) offers several routes that connect Mount Juliet to neighboring areas. Reliable and reasonably priced, these buses are a lifeline for many who rely on public transportation for their daily errands, work, or just exploring the region.

And let's not forget about the carpoolers and vanpoolers out there! With established carpool lanes and services like VanStar, which connects commuters traveling in the same direction, eco-conscious and budget-aware residents have more options to make their journeys smoother and greener.

The areas around Belinda City are impressively connected, making both distant travels and daily jaunts efficient and hassle-free. It's one of those perks that you'll find yourself appreciating time and time again, especially when you're running late for that flight or just want a smooth ride home after a long day!