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Introduction to Mount Juliet, TN (37122) Real Estate Market

Mount Juliet, nestled in Tennessee's 37122 ZIP code, is witnessing intriguing real estate trends lately. This charming town, known for its friendly community and scenic surroundings, is becoming a sought-after destination for homebuyers. The current market reveals fascinating aspects about property values, buyer preferences, and overall market dynamics.

37122 Mount Juliet Homes

Overview of the Current Market Trends

As we dive into the specifics, the median sale price in Mount Juliet stands at $498,000, with a slight decrease of 0.6% compared to last year. This figure reflects the market's slight adjustment, possibly due to broader economic factors. However, it's important to note that these prices are still robust, demonstrating the area's enduring appeal.

Regarding square footage costs, Mount Juliet currently averages $221 per square foot, a number that provides a useful gauge for potential buyers to estimate property values. This rate, although down by 8.3% since last year, still signifies a healthy real estate market.

Recent Market Trends in Mount Juliet (37122)

Mount Juliet's real estate landscape is dynamic, and keeping a finger on the pulse of its changes is crucial for buyers and sellers alike.

Analysis of Price Trends Over the Past Year

In October 2023, the median home sold price in Mount Juliet was $539,950, marking a 5.6% increase from the previous year. This rise indicates a growing interest in the area, possibly fueled by its proximity to Nashville and the quality of life it offers.

Comparison of Current Prices to the Previous Year

Comparing these figures to the previous year provides insights into the market's direction. For instance, in June 2022, homes in Mount Juliet were selling for a median price of $581,367. This fluctuation over months showcases the market's responsiveness to various economic and local factors.

Additionally, the area's real estate market is characterized by a relatively quick turnover of properties. Homes in Mount Juliet, on average, sell after 34 days on the market, a decrease from the 41 days last year. This brisk pace of sales is a testament to the area's desirability and the efficiency of its real estate market.

In summary, Mount Juliet's real estate market, with its varied price points and quick sales pace, presents an intriguing landscape for potential homeowners. Whether you're looking for a family home or an investment property, understanding these trends is key to making informed decisions.

Exploring School Options in Mount Juliet (37122)

Mount Juliet is not just about beautiful homes; it's also a place where education takes a front seat. Let's take a peek at what this area offers in terms of schooling.

37122, Mount Juliet, TN Homes

Overview of Top Public Schools in the Area

In the heart of 37122, you'll find some top-notch public schools that are making a mark. Among them, Springdale Elementary School, Lakeview Elementary School, and W A Wright Elementary School stand out for their impressive performance. These schools are part of a network that serves around 11,778 students in the area, with public schools educating 89% of all K-12 students in 37122.

Public School Math and Reading Proficiency Scores

What's remarkable is the academic proficiency these schools demonstrate. The average math proficiency score in these schools is 49%, significantly higher than the Tennessee public school average of 27%. Similarly, for reading proficiency, Mount Juliet schools score an average of 45%, surpassing the 30% statewide average. These stats not only reflect the quality of education but also indicate a strong commitment to student growth.

Community Amenities and Lifestyle in Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet isn't just about the homes; it's about the lifestyle. This part of Tennessee is brimming with amenities that cater to a range of interests and needs.

Description of Local Parks, Shopping Centers, and Eateries

The area is known for its blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences. From the serene Bullock Creek Park to the bustling Providence Marketplace, there's a perfect balance between green spaces and shopping havens. Foodies will love local spots like 54th Street Grill & Bar, offering a taste of the local cuisine. These amenities not only make life in Mount Juliet enjoyable but also convenient.

Highlighting the Cultural Attractions in Wilson County

Mount Juliet is part of Wilson County, an area rich in cultural attractions. The county offers a variety of experiences, from historical sites to contemporary art spaces, ensuring that residents and visitors alike have plenty to explore and enjoy. This blend of culture and community amenities makes Mount Juliet a uniquely attractive place to live.

Understanding Property Taxes in Wilson County

Living in Mount Juliet means dealing with property taxes, a crucial aspect of homeownership. Let's break down what this means for residents.

Mount Juliet 37122 TN Homes

Information on Property Tax Payments and Schedules

In Wilson County, property taxes are a key part of local governance. These taxes are collected annually and are crucial for funding various public services. Tax notices are typically mailed in mid-October, and the tax year spans from January 1 to December 31. The good news? Taxes can be paid without interest from mid-October through the last day of February of the following year.

Overview of Tax Relief and Freeze Programs for Eligible Residents

There's some relief in sight for certain residents. The Wilson County Trustee's Office offers programs to assist with property tax payments. These include the Tax Relief Program, aiding those 65 or older, disabled citizens, and totally & permanently disabled veterans. There's also the Tax Freeze Program, which helps seniors by freezing the tax amount on their primary residence.

Architectural Styles and Features of Homes in Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet's homes aren't just structures; they're expressions of style and comfort. Let's explore the architectural varieties and features common in the area.

Detailed Descriptions of Popular Home Styles in the Area

From Executive Colonial to French Country, Mount Juliet offers a rich array of architectural styles. For example, you'll find homes with over 4,000 sq ft of living space, featuring stone fireplaces, sunrooms, and modern kitchens with high-end appliances and granite countertops. Some homes even boast amenities like double islands in the kitchen, custom hoods over gas cooktops, and primary suites with luxurious baths.

Features of Luxury Homes

Mount Juliet's luxury homes are a class apart. They come with features like hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, custom lighting, and modern fireplaces. Some have gourmet kitchens with extra storage, great rooms with adjoining bars, and even home theaters. Outdoor amenities are equally impressive, with properties offering large patios, encapsulated crawl spaces with dehumidifiers, and tankless water heaters for added comfort.

Understanding Property Taxes in Wilson County

Property taxes are a significant part of homeownership in Mount Juliet.

Information on Property Tax Payments and Schedules

In Wilson County, property tax notices are mailed in mid-October, with the tax year running from January 1 to December 31. You can pay these taxes without interest from mid-October until the end of February the following year.

Overview of Tax Relief and Freeze Programs for Eligible Residents

To ease the burden, Wilson County offers a Tax Relief Program for seniors over 65, disabled citizens, and disabled veterans. Additionally, the Tax Freeze Program freezes property tax amounts for seniors on their primary residence.

Architectural Styles and Features of Homes in Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet’s homes are diverse and feature-rich.

Detailed Descriptions of Popular Home Styles in the Area

You'll find a variety of styles, from Executive Colonial homes with stone fireplaces and sunrooms to French Country homes with custom arch detailing.

Features of Luxury Homes

Luxury homes in Mount Juliet boast modern amenities like gourmet kitchens with double islands, hardwood floors, and custom lighting. Many have outdoor amenities like large patios and high-end security features, offering both comfort and luxury.

Size and Scale: Property Sizes and Lot Dimensions in Mount Juliet

In Mount Juliet, property sizes vary, offering something for everyone.

Insights into Average Property Sizes and Lot Dimensions

Homes in Mount Juliet come in a range of sizes. You'll find properties ranging from cozy, modest-sized homes to sprawling estates on large acreages. For instance, some homes offer over 4,000 sq ft of living space on nearly an acre, providing ample room for families and entertainment.

Examples of Homes with Large Acreages and Unique Lot Features

Mount Juliet also offers properties with unique features. There are homes with large, expansive yards, perfect for outdoor activities or even adding a pool. For those seeking privacy and space, properties on several acres are not uncommon, offering serene, countryside living.

Upgrades and Amenities: What to Expect in Mount Juliet Homes

Mount Juliet homes are known for their upgrades and amenities.

Overview of Common Upgrades and Amenities in Local Homes

Homes in Mount Juliet often feature modern upgrades like remodeled kitchens with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry. Many properties also include luxury amenities like spa-like bathrooms, large primary suites, and custom-designed closets.

Examples of High-End Features Found in Luxury Properties

Luxury properties in Mount Juliet are truly impressive. They often come with features like double ovens, chef's kitchens, home theaters, and smart home technology. Outdoor living spaces are equally lavish, with features like infinity pools, expansive patios, and private docks for lakefront properties.

Mount Juliet's Proximity to Nashville: A Real Estate Perspective

Mount Juliet's location near Nashville is a major draw for many.

Discussion on How Close Proximity to Nashville Impacts Real Estate in Mount Juliet

Just a short drive from Nashville, Mount Juliet offers the perfect balance of suburban tranquility and city convenience. This proximity means residents can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while having easy access to the amenities and job opportunities of a major city.

Why Choose Mount Juliet (37122): A Summary of Real Estate Benefits

Mount Juliet is more than just a place to live; it's a community offering a unique blend of lifestyle, convenience, and value.

Recap of the Advantages of Buying a Home in Mount Juliet

To summarize, Mount Juliet offers a diverse range of homes, top-notch schools, and a variety of community amenities, all within a stone's throw of Nashville. Whether it's the appealing property tax relief programs, the array of architectural styles, or the spacious properties with modern upgrades, Mount Juliet caters to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences. It's a place where the charm of Tennessee living meets the convenience of city proximity, making it an ideal choice for those looking to buy a home.