3 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Mount Juliet, TN

3 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Mount Juliet, TN July 24, 2024
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Introduction to Mount Juliet's Real Estate Market

Welcome to Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a thriving community nestled in the heart of Wilson County. With a population that's growing rapidly, thanks to its prime location just a short drive east of Nashville, Mount Juliet is a place where small-town charm meets the conveniences of a larger city. The real estate market here is buzzing, with a variety of homes catering to different tastes and budgets.

Mount Juliet 3 bedroom Home

In recent years, the average sale price for homes in Mount Juliet has been on the rise, reflecting the area's growing popularity. Specifically, 3-bedroom homes have become a hot commodity, offering the perfect balance between space and affordability. These homes typically range in price from around $250,000 to $500,000, depending on factors like location, age, and amenities. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade, there's no denying the appeal of Mount Juliet's welcoming community and its robust real estate market.

The Appeal of 3 Bedroom Homes in Mount Juliet

Why 3-Bedroom Homes?

Three-bedroom homes in Mount Juliet are in high demand for good reason. They hit the sweet spot for a wide range of buyers. Families find them ideal for the extra space; first-time buyers appreciate their affordability compared to larger properties; and investors see great potential in their popularity for rentals. The average square footage for these homes varies widely, from cozy 1,200 sq ft. cottages to spacious 2,500 sq ft. family homes, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Price and Popularity

The price range for 3-bedroom homes in Mount Juliet can vary greatly depending on specific factors like location within the community, proximity to local schools and amenities, and the age of the property. On average, these homes sell for around $350,000, offering a viable entry point into the housing market for many. The popularity of 3-bedroom homes is not just a trend in Mount Juliet but reflects a broader preference for this versatile property size across the country.

Mount Juliet's schools, such as Mount Juliet High School and Elzie Patton Elementary, add to the area's appeal, making it a preferred location for families. The city's proximity to Nashville, coupled with its own growing array of shops, restaurants, and parks, like Charlie Daniels Park and the nearby Percy Priest Lake, ensures that residents enjoy both convenience and quality of life.

Average Prices and What Influences Them

The heart of Mount Juliet's real estate market can be found in its diverse range of 3-bedroom homes. These properties typically vary in price, often falling between $250,000 and $500,000, with an average sitting comfortably around the $350,000 mark. Several factors influence these prices, from the age and condition of the property to its specific location in Mount Juliet. Proximity to top-rated schools, local amenities, and transportation links can significantly increase a home's value.

Mount Juliet 3 bedroom Homes

County taxes also play a role in the overall cost of homeownership. Wilson County's property tax rates, combined with the specific assessments for Mount Juliet, affect monthly mortgage payments and the long-term affordability of a home. Buyers should consider these factors, alongside their desired lifestyle, when budgeting for their new home.

Architectural Styles and Home Designs

Mount Juliet showcases a wide array of architectural styles, reflecting its rich history and the modern growth it has experienced. From charming Craftsman bungalows that feature handcrafted woodwork and cozy porches to contemporary homes with open floor plans and modern amenities, the city caters to varied tastes and preferences.

Construction materials and designs also vary, with older homes often boasting brick or stone exteriors, hardwood floors, and classic design elements. Newer constructions, on the other hand, lean towards energy efficiency and sustainability, utilizing materials like fiber cement siding and incorporating features such as solar panels or smart home technology. Property sizes can range significantly, with lot sizes typically around 0.25 to 0.5 acres, providing ample backyard space for entertainment or relaxation.

Homebuyers in Mount Juliet can also find properties with significant upgrades and amenities. Renovated kitchens with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and custom cabinetry are common, as are homes with spacious master suites, walk-in closets, and luxurious bathrooms. These features not only add to the comfort and aesthetic appeal of a home but can also increase its market value.

Age and Condition of Homes

Mount Juliet's housing landscape is a beautiful blend of old and new, where historic charm meets modern convenience. Homes in this vibrant community range from decades-old properties with unique character to brand-new constructions boasting the latest in home design and technology. While the average age of homes can vary widely, many 3-bedroom homes fall within 10 to 20 years old, reflecting both the area's established neighborhoods and its newer developments.

Mount Juliet TN 3 bedroom Homes

The condition of these homes often reflects their age; older homes may come with the charm of original features but might also require updates or renovations. Newer homes, conversely, tend to offer modern amenities and energy-efficient designs right from the start. Buyers are encouraged to consider renovation costs when looking at older properties, as updating systems like HVAC, roofing, or plumbing can significantly impact overall expenses.

Property Sizes and Lot Features

When it comes to property sizes in Mount Juliet, diversity is the name of the game. The average 3-bedroom home here offers a comfortable range of living space, typically between 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, ideal for both growing families and downsizers seeking a manageable space. Lot sizes also vary, with many homes sitting on quarter-acre to half-acre lots, providing plenty of outdoor space for gardening, entertaining, or simply enjoying Tennessee's beautiful weather.

Lot features can greatly enhance the appeal and value of a home. Many properties in Mount Juliet boast features such as spacious backyards, mature trees, and landscaping that enhance privacy and provide a serene outdoor oasis. For those with a love for outdoor living, homes with features like patios, decks, or even swimming pools are not uncommon, making the most of the area's mild climate and scenic beauty.

Local Amenities and Lifestyle

Living in Mount Juliet means having access to an array of amenities that cater to all lifestyles. The city prides itself on its well-regarded public schools, including Mount Juliet High School and West Wilson Middle School, which are known for their strong academic programs and community involvement. For outdoor enthusiasts, Charlie Daniels Park offers playgrounds, walking trails, and sports facilities, while Percy Priest Lake is just a short drive away for fishing, boating, and camping adventures.

Shopping and dining options abound in Mount Juliet, from the Providence Marketplace, a one-stop destination for retail, to local eateries that showcase a range of cuisines. The city's strategic location near Nashville also means that residents can easily enjoy the larger city's cultural events, music scene, and employment opportunities without having to live in the hustle and bustle.

Neighborhoods to Watch

Del Webb Lake Providence

For those seeking a tranquil, community-focused lifestyle, Del Webb Lake Providence is a standout choice. This 55+ community offers a range of 3-bedroom homes, with prices starting in the mid-$300,000s. Residents enjoy access to a private lake, walking trails, and a clubhouse that hosts numerous activities and events.


Stonehollow is perfect for families looking for a balance of modern amenities and natural beauty. With homes averaging around $400,000, the neighborhood features newer constructions with contemporary designs, open floor plans, and community parks. It's close to top-rated schools and just minutes from shopping and dining options.

Willoughby Station

A well-established neighborhood that attracts both young families and professionals, Willoughby Station offers a variety of 3-bedroom homes priced from the high $200,000s to the mid-$400,000s. Amenities include a community pool, tennis courts, and easy access to public transportation and major highways, making it a convenient and desirable place to live.

Each of these neighborhoods offers its own unique charm and advantages, from community activities and amenities to proximity to schools and shopping. When considering a move to Mount Juliet, exploring these areas can help homebuyers find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and budget.

Buying Tips for 3 Bedroom Homes in Mount Juliet

Embarking on the journey to buy a home in Mount Juliet can be both exciting and daunting. Start by setting a realistic budget that accounts for all expenses, not just the purchase price. Remember, factors like property taxes in Wilson County, homeowner's insurance, and potential homeowners' association (HOA) fees can affect your monthly payments. It's also wise to get pre-approved for a mortgage to streamline your home search and make your offer more appealing to sellers.

Inspections are a crucial step in the home-buying process. They can uncover potential issues that might not be visible during a casual walkthrough. Consider also the long-term potential of the home; think about resale value and whether the home can adapt to your changing needs over time. Lastly, don't hesitate to negotiate. Whether it's the price, closing costs, or repair credits, a little negotiation can go a long way toward making your new home more affordable.

Future Outlook for Mount Juliet’s 3 Bedroom Home Market

The market for 3-bedroom homes in Mount Juliet is poised for continued growth. The city's popularity is on the rise, thanks to its proximity to Nashville, excellent schools, and community amenities. This demand suggests that property values may continue to increase, making now a great time to invest in the area. However, buyers should stay informed about market trends and consider the timing of their purchase. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the local market can provide valuable guidance and insight.

In summary, Mount Juliet, TN, offers a vibrant real estate market with a variety of 3-bedroom homes suitable for families, first-time buyers, and investors alike. Understanding the factors that influence home prices, such as location, amenities, and neighborhood dynamics, is key to finding the right property. By staying informed and working with the right professionals, buyers can navigate the market successfully to find their perfect home in this desirable community.