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2 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Hixson, TN

2 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Hixson, TN May 19, 2024
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Introduction: Why Hixson, TN is a Great Place for Home Buyers

Hixson, a scenic suburb of Chattanooga, is increasingly becoming a coveted destination for home buyers seeking a blend of modern living and tranquil green spaces. Located just 15 minutes north of downtown Chattanooga, Hixson offers a suburban feel with the conveniences of a city within reach. The real estate market here caters to a diverse range of buyers, from families and young professionals to retirees. With homes averaging around 20 years old, buyers can find both charming older houses with character and newer constructions with modern amenities. The community’s emphasis on parks and outdoor activities, combined with a strong local school system and robust infrastructure, makes it an appealing place to settle down.

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Understanding the Market: Current Trends in Hixson’s Real Estate

Market Overview and Pricing Trends

As of the latest market analysis, the average price of 2-bedroom homes in Hixson stands at approximately $200,000, which is slightly lower than the Chattanooga average of $215,000. This makes Hixson an attractive option for those looking for affordability without compromising on quality. Over the past year, the real estate market in Hixson has seen a steady appreciation, with home values increasing by about 5%. Experts predict this trend to continue, driven by Hixson’s growing popularity and ongoing developments.

Home Features and Construction Styles

The architectural styles in Hixson range from traditional ranch homes to contemporary craftsman designs, with many homes featuring brick or stone exteriors. The average 2-bedroom home in Hixson offers about 1,500 square feet of living space, often including a garage and a decently sized yard. Many homes come with modern upgrades such as hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops, particularly in the higher price brackets. Additionally, for those interested in sustainability, newer constructions are increasingly focusing on energy efficiency and eco-friendly building materials.

Price Range of 2 Bedroom Homes in Hixson

The market for 2-bedroom homes in Hixson is diverse, accommodating various budgets and preferences. Entry-level homes start at around $150,000, offering basic amenities and often requiring some updates. The median price sits near $200,000, where buyers can expect homes in well-maintained condition with modern conveniences like updated kitchens and bathrooms. At the higher end, prices can go up to $250,000 or more, particularly for homes in prime locations with extensive upgrades, such as smart home technology, high-end appliances, and landscaped yards. These homes typically boast larger square footage and premium finishes, making them a great value for those looking to invest more in their living space.

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Architectural Styles and Home Designs in Hixson

Popular Architectural Styles

Hixson features a variety of architectural styles that cater to different tastes and lifestyles. The predominant styles include traditional ranches, which offer single-level living perfect for retirees or small families. Craftsman homes are also popular, known for their distinctive use of natural materials and cozy interiors. For those seeking a more modern aesthetic, contemporary designs with open floor plans and large windows are becoming increasingly available, reflecting newer developments in the area.

Construction and Design Features

The typical 2-bedroom home in Hixson is designed with practicality and comfort in mind, ranging in age from new constructions to homes built in the mid-20th century. Older homes often feature solid wood construction and have the potential for personalization through renovations. Newer homes tend to incorporate durable materials like vinyl siding and energy-efficient building practices. Inside, many homes boast features such as hardwood floors, master suites with attached baths, and kitchens with islands or bar seating, catering to a lifestyle that values both aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features and Upgrades in 2 Bedroom Homes

Two-bedroom homes in Hixson are designed to maximize both comfort and functionality, offering a range of features that cater to modern lifestyles. The average home offers about 1,200 to 1,600 square feet of living space, ideal for small families or couples. Many homes include at least one and a half bathrooms and a garage or covered parking area. Key upgrades in these homes often include hardwood flooring, modern HVAC systems, and updated kitchen appliances. Energy-efficient windows and insulation are common in newer constructions, appealing to environmentally conscious buyers.

Hixson TN 2 bedrooms  Homes

Location and Accessibility: Best Areas in Hixson for Home Buyers

Convenient Neighborhoods

When looking for a home in Hixson, the neighborhoods of Valleybrook and Big Ridge are highly sought after due to their proximity to local amenities and major roadways like Highway 153, which provides quick access to Chattanooga. These areas offer a variety of shopping, dining, and recreational activities, with local parks and the Northgate Mall close by. The Tennessee River is also easily accessible, perfect for weekend activities.

Community Features

The community vibe in Hixson is friendly and welcoming, with many neighborhoods hosting regular social events, local farmers' markets, and festivals. For families, the proximity to well-regarded schools like Hixson High School and Middle Valley Elementary School is a significant plus. The area also boasts several healthcare facilities, ensuring residents do not have to travel far for medical care. Public transportation options are available, with several bus routes connecting Hixson to greater Chattanooga, facilitating easy commutes.

Educational Opportunities Near 2 Bedroom Homes

Hixson is part of the Hamilton County School District, known for its commitment to providing quality education. Families considering a move to Hixson will find several highly rated schools serving the area. Hixson High School, for instance, boasts a student-teacher ratio of approximately 15:1, ensuring personalized attention. Middle Valley Elementary is another gem in the district, celebrated for its innovative programs and strong community involvement. Both schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities that enhance the educational experience, from arts to athletics.

Property Size and Outdoor Amenities

Variety in Property Sizes

In Hixson, the property sizes for 2-bedroom homes can vary widely, typically ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 acres. This variation allows buyers to choose a home that best fits their needs, whether they’re looking for a low-maintenance yard or ample space for gardening and outdoor activities. Larger properties, often found on the outskirts of Hixson or near rural settings, provide privacy and the potential for expansion or large-scale landscaping projects.

Outdoor Living and Local Zoning

Many homes in Hixson feature attractive outdoor living spaces, including private decks, patios, and well-manicured gardens. These features make it easy to enjoy Tennessee’s beautiful weather year-round. For those interested in more substantial outdoor features, some homes come with swimming pools or have enough space to install one. Local zoning laws in Hixson are generally favorable to residential enhancements, allowing homeowners to make significant modifications to their properties, provided they adhere to community guidelines and obtain the necessary permits.

Tax Information and Additional Homeownership Costs

In Hixson, property taxes are quite reasonable, contributing to the overall affordability of living in this area. On average, homeowners can expect to pay around 1.2% of their home's assessed value in property taxes annually. This rate is competitive when compared to national averages, making Hixson an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Additional costs of homeownership, such as homeowner’s insurance and potential homeowners' association (HOA) fees, vary depending on the property and neighborhood. HOA fees, when applicable, typically range from $20 to $50 per month, covering community maintenance and some amenities.

Making Hixson Home: Insights from Local Experts

Real estate experts in Hixson share a unanimous view: the community is on the rise. With its blend of affordable housing, strong educational resources, and family-friendly amenities, Hixson represents a smart choice for anyone looking to buy a home. The area's continuous development and improvement in infrastructure are signs of a stable and promising market. Residents enjoy a quality of life that is hard to find in urban centers, with the added benefit of a close-knit community atmosphere that supports active and engaged lifestyles.

Overall, Hixson, TN offers a compelling mix of affordability, convenience, and community spirit. From the diverse range of 2-bedroom homes and their features to the educational and outdoor amenities available, Hixson caters to a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, Hixson provides a welcoming community with the potential for a great return on investment. Prospective homebuyers would do well to consider this vibrant Chattanooga suburb as their new home base.