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Anderson Park, Hendersonville, TN Homes for Sale May 23, 2024
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Anderson Park Homes

Anderson Park in Hendersonville, TN boasts homes that effortlessly blend traditional charm with modern amenities, ensuring the perfect balance for contemporary living. Many of these homes showcase elegant architectural features, including brick facades, multi-car garages, and expansive front yards that paint a picture of suburban serenity. The attention to detail in the design and construction of these homes is evident, with many residences offering hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and high-end appliances. These features not only enhance the living experience but also promise durability and longevity.

Within these homes, spacious layouts are common, often accentuated by large windows that bathe interiors in natural light. Many homes in Anderson Park feature open-concept designs, making them perfect for families and entertainers alike. Backyards in this community are often expansive, offering ample space for children to play, adults to relax, or homeowners to cultivate their own slice of nature. These private outdoor spaces often come with decks or patios, which provide an ideal setting for barbecues or morning coffee sessions.

Anderson Park Homes

Beyond the individual homes, the community of Anderson Park shines brightly as a cohesive neighborhood. Wide, tree-lined streets promote a sense of peace and safety, making it a haven for those who appreciate walks or children playing outside. This sense of community is further promoted through the local events and gatherings that residents often participate in, fostering a strong bond among neighbors.

The surrounding area of Hendersonville offers a plethora of amenities that cater to the needs and desires of Anderson Park residents. With a rich assortment of shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities, daily errands and weekend outings are convenient and enjoyable. Hendersonville's scenic beauty, exemplified by the nearby Old Hickory Lake, provides a natural backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it's boating, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic by the water, the proximity to such natural wonders is a cherished aspect of living in Anderson Park.

The location of Anderson Park in Hendersonville ensures that residents are never too far from the bustle and vibrancy of the larger Nashville metropolitan area. This means that while homeowners can relish the peace of suburban life, they can also easily access the cultural, entertainment, and employment opportunities that the city offers. The balance of tranquility and accessibility defines the Anderson Park experience, making it a sought-after location for homeowners who desire the best of both worlds.

Similar Communities

Mansker Farms, not far from Anderson Park, exudes a similar charm and allure for potential homeowners. This neighborhood features homes that mirror the blend of traditional and modern styles seen in Anderson Park. With meticulously designed brick and stone exteriors, homes here demonstrate a commitment to aesthetic appeal and structural durability. The interiors of Mansker Farms' homes often feature a fusion of classic designs and contemporary finishes, from vaulted ceilings to the latest in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The spaciousness and luxury are evident, reflecting the same price point and dedication to quality found in Anderson Park.

Just a short drive away, one finds the picturesque community of Saundersville Station. This neighborhood emphasizes the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, with homes that radiate suburban sophistication. Constructed with an eye for detail and a commitment to enduring style, the residences here often feature expansive porches, gourmet kitchens, and luxurious master suites. The lifestyle in Saundersville Station mirrors that of Anderson Park, with a strong emphasis on community engagement, family-oriented activities, and a laid-back yet refined living experience.

Saundersville Station Homes

Another noteworthy neighborhood is the serene enclave of Autumn Creek. Located in close proximity to Anderson Park, it offers homes that seamlessly integrate modern amenities with timeless design. The streets of Autumn Creek are lined with homes boasting landscaped lawns, stately facades, and intricate architectural details. Like Anderson Park, there's an undeniable sense of community here, where neighbors come together for seasonal events or simply to enjoy the beauty of their shared surroundings. The lifestyle here emphasizes relaxation, recreation, and a genuine appreciation for the finer things in life.

In the vicinity of Anderson Park, one also finds the captivating community of Durham Farms. This neighborhood stands out for its community-centric design, promoting a lifestyle that's both active and interconnected. Homes here, comparable in construction and price to those in Anderson Park, are built with a deep understanding of contemporary preferences, from open-concept floor plans to energy-efficient features. The added appeal of Durham Farms lies in its wealth of amenities, from walking trails to community pools, ensuring residents have ample opportunities to enjoy and engage in their surroundings.

All these neighborhoods, while distinct in their unique offerings, provide potential homeowners with similar values in terms of construction quality, price point, and lifestyle. They collectively represent the epitome of upscale suburban living in the Hendersonville area, each carving out its own niche while resonating with the charm and character familiar to Anderson Park residents.

Food Scene

The dining scene near Anderson Park in Hendersonville is a delightful blend of flavors and cuisines, reflecting the diverse tastes of its residents. One can't mention Hendersonville's culinary offerings without bringing up the local favorite, Cafe Rakka. Here, the intoxicating aromas of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes waft through the air, drawing in diners eager to try their renowned lamb dishes or the perfectly spiced falafels. The establishment's charismatic owner often chats with guests, making the experience feel both gourmet and homey.

Just down the road, you'll find The Rudder at Anchor High Marina. Nestled by the water, this restaurant offers a setting as appealing as its menu. Patrons can enjoy fresh seafood dishes while overlooking the tranquil Old Hickory Lake, making it a favorite spot for both romantic evenings and laid-back family dinners. Their crab cakes and catfish bites come highly recommended, and on warm evenings, the outdoor seating becomes a hub of laughter and clinking glasses.

For those with a hankering for Italian, Avanti Gourmet offers a slice of Italy right in Hendersonville. The hand-tossed pizzas, dripping with cheese and a variety of toppings, are a crowd-pleaser. But it's their pasta dishes, each served with a perfect al dente texture and rich sauces, that truly transport diners to the streets of Rome or the coasts of Sicily.

For a more casual, quick bite, Deli 31 stands out. Known for its hearty sandwiches and fresh salads, it's the ideal spot for a lunch break or a no-fuss dinner. Regulars often rave about their Reuben sandwich and the welcoming ambiance that makes you feel like a part of their family.

The dining options around Anderson Park are as diverse and delightful as the community itself. Whether you're craving the exotic flavors of distant lands or the comforting classics of American fare, this area promises a gastronomic adventure at every turn.


The area around Anderson Park in Hendersonville is a vibrant hub of entertainment and sporting events, offering something for everyone. If you're a music lover, then you're in for a treat. Hendersonville, often seen as an extension of Music City itself, boasts a variety of venues where live music is a regular feature. From local bands playing at cozy bars to larger concerts at dedicated venues, the echo of music is never far.

For those more inclined towards the theatrical arts, the Hendersonville Performing Arts Center is a gem. Hosting everything from community theater productions to touring plays, it's a space where the magic of storytelling comes to life on stage. And let's not forget the cinema. The Streets of Indian Lake offers not just a movie-going experience, but a chance to immerse oneself in the latest blockbuster or indie film in a comfortable and modern setting.

Now, for the sports enthusiasts, there's plenty to cheer about too. The Drakes Creek Park is a hotspot for local sporting events. On any given weekend, you might find a local soccer tournament, a spirited baseball game, or even an intense Ultimate Frisbee match in progress. The park's extensive facilities ensure that both players and spectators have an enjoyable experience.

And for those who love golf, the Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club promises a day well spent. Its lush greens and challenging fairways are a haven for golfers. But beyond just the sport, the club often hosts tournaments and events, turning a regular game into a lively gathering of community members.

With such a plethora of options, entertainment and sporting events near Anderson Park become more than just activities; they are integral to the community's lifestyle. Whether you're cheering on a local team, enjoying a live show, or simply soaking in the ambiance at a community event, the spirit of Hendersonville shines through in its vibrant and varied offerings.

Health and Wellness

For those who love to break a sweat and get their heart rate up, there's the Sumner County Family YMCA. This facility offers a multitude of fitness classes, from invigorating Zumba sessions to calming yoga classes. The indoor pool is a real treat, especially for those who prefer aquatic workouts. Plus, there's a sense of camaraderie among the members that makes every visit feel like a mini community gathering.

For those seeking a more specialized fitness experience, CoreLife Pilates might just be the perfect fit. The studio's expert instructors guide participants through exercises that not only tone the body but also focus on core strength and flexibility. It's a holistic approach to fitness, where the emphasis is as much on mental well-being as it is on physical prowess.

But health and wellness aren't just about exercise; it's also about nourishment and relaxation. Enter Green Juicery. This local favorite offers a myriad of freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and wellness shots. Each concoction is designed to boost energy, detoxify, or simply provide a daily dose of essential nutrients. It's a popular stop for many post-workout or as a midday pick-me-up.

Now, for those days when relaxation and rejuvenation are on the agenda, the Tranquil Touch Spa provides the perfect sanctuary. From deep tissue massages to invigorating facials, their array of services ensures that one leaves feeling refreshed and renewed. Many locals swear by their therapeutic treatments, often citing them as essential to their self-care routines.

And of course, the abundant green spaces around, including the sprawling trails and serene settings of Drakes Creek Park, offer the community an opportunity to connect with nature. Whether it's a morning jog, a leisurely walk, or simply some quiet meditation by the water, these natural oases play a vital role in the overall well-being of Anderson Park residents.

The proximity to such a diverse range of health and wellness options ensures that the residents of Anderson Park have everything they need to lead a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life right at their doorstep.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Anderson Park in Hendersonville, TN, is surrounded by a natural beauty that invites residents and visitors alike to step outside and embrace the great outdoors. One of the standout jewels in the area is Drakes Creek Park. A vast expanse of green, this park is a haven for those who love to engage in outdoor sports or just enjoy a leisurely stroll. With its numerous sports fields, playgrounds, and walking trails, Drakes Creek offers activities for people of all ages. On weekends, you'll often see families hosting picnics, kids chasing after frisbees, and joggers taking in the scenic routes.

A stone's throw away is Memorial Park, another local favorite. The serenity of its pond, frequented by ducks and geese, offers a tranquil setting for reflection and relaxation. It's not uncommon to see artists settled with their easels, capturing the park's picturesque landscape, or couples enjoying a quiet moment on the benches.

For those who are keen on water activities, Old Hickory Lake can't be missed. This expansive body of water is a hub for boating, fishing, and even paddleboarding. The lake's marinas and docks often buzz with activity, especially during the summer months. On its shores, one can find sandy spots perfect for laying out a blanket and soaking in the sun or casting a fishing line.

Additionally, the greenways and trails connecting these natural spots provide a continuous avenue for biking and hiking enthusiasts. They weave through Hendersonville's landscapes, allowing users to experience the town's natural beauty from multiple vantage points. Birdwatchers and nature photographers often frequent these trails, looking for that perfect shot or simply enjoying the diverse local wildlife.

Venturing out near Anderson Park, it's clear that Hendersonville deeply values its natural surroundings and encourages an outdoor-centric lifestyle. The parks, lakes, and green spaces offer a breath of fresh air and countless opportunities for recreation, ensuring that residents have an enduring bond with the environment around them.


Public schools in Hendersonville are part of the Sumner County School District, which has built a reputation for providing quality education. Hendersonville High School, for instance, has consistently garnered praise for its strong academic programs, dedicated faculty, and varied extracurricular offerings. Parents often commend the school's commitment to nurturing not just academic excellence but also character and community engagement. Similarly, the nearby Nannie Berry Elementary and Hawkins Middle School are known for fostering a positive learning environment and maintaining high educational standards.

For those families seeking a private education option, Hendersonville Christian Academy stands out. This institution integrates faith-based teachings with a rigorous academic curriculum, serving students from pre-kindergarten through high school. Many families appreciate the smaller class sizes and personalized attention their children receive here, in addition to the school's emphasis on values and character building. Merrol Hyde Magnet School is another commendable institution, renowned for its accelerated academic programs. While it operates within the public school system, its magnet status means it has specialized educational programs that attract students from various parts of the county.

In addition to these, there are several preschools and childcare centers in the vicinity, ensuring that the youngest members of the Anderson Park community have a nurturing and stimulating environment to begin their learning journey.

Residents of Anderson Park are well-positioned to access a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. Whether opting for public or private, they can be assured of a commitment to excellence and a focus on holistic development in the institutions that surround them.

Shopping and Retail

One of the central hubs for shopping enthusiasts has to be The Streets of Indian Lake. This outdoor shopping complex isn't just a place to grab the latest fashion or gadgets; it's a whole experience. With its wide pedestrian pathways, beautiful landscaping, and a curated selection of stores, it’s a place where residents often find themselves spending an entire afternoon. From big-name brands to unique boutiques, there's something for every shopper's taste.

For those in search of vintage treasures or unique finds, the local antique shops and specialty stores scattered around Hendersonville promise an exciting hunt. These charming establishments often carry items that tell a story, making shopping feel more like an exploration of history and art.

Of course, for everyday essentials, the area boasts a range of convenient options. Large grocery chains ensure that pantry staples are just a short drive away, while home improvement stores cater to the DIY enthusiasts and those looking to spruce up their living spaces. And let's not forget the array of local bakeries, butchers, and farmers' markets that offer fresh, locally-sourced goods.

For the bibliophiles, there are bookstores that invite customers in with cozy reading nooks and a diverse selection of titles. And if you're on the hunt for the perfect gift, there's no shortage of specialty gift shops offering everything from handcrafted jewelry to artisanal candles.

The shopping scene near Anderson Park offers both convenience and charm. Whether residents are ticking off items on a grocery list, seeking the latest fashion trends, or simply window shopping on a leisurely afternoon, the retail options in Hendersonville ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Business and Economy

Hendersonville, TN, and its surroundings, including the Anderson Park area, boast a dynamic economic landscape shaped by a mix of established industries and emerging sectors. One of the prominent pillars supporting the local economy has always been healthcare. With several medical centers and specialized clinics scattered around, healthcare not only provides essential services to residents but also offers a plethora of employment opportunities.

Not far from this health-centric industry is the burgeoning field of education. Given Hendersonville's dedication to providing quality educational opportunities, schools, both public and private, and other educational institutions contribute significantly to the local economy, employing educators, administrative staff, and support personnel.

Then there's the retail and service sector. Given the numerous shopping centers, boutiques, and dining establishments in and around the Anderson Park vicinity, it's evident that retail plays a pivotal role. These establishments not only cater to the daily needs and lifestyle preferences of residents but also create jobs, ranging from managerial roles to frontline staff.

Moreover, the proximity of Hendersonville to Nashville means that the music and entertainment industry spills over. Many professionals working in Nashville's music scene choose to reside in tranquil suburbs like Hendersonville, indirectly bolstering the local economy. Real estate, too, has seen a surge, with the increasing attractiveness of Hendersonville as a residential choice leading to growth in construction, property management, and related services.

Additionally, the scenic beauty of the area, including its lakes and parks, has fostered a modest yet significant tourism sector. From boat rentals on Old Hickory Lake to local bed-and-breakfast establishments that cater to weekend visitors, tourism-related businesses add another layer to the economic tapestry.

The economic vitality of the area around Anderson Park is sustained by a harmonious blend of traditional industries and modern sectors, each contributing to the area's growth and prosperity in its unique way.

Hotels and Lodging

For travelers who prioritize convenience and familiar amenities, some well-known hotel chains have set up shop in Hendersonville. These establishments provide all the modern comforts one would expect—complimentary breakfasts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and Wi-Fi. Their locations, often close to main roads and shopping areas, make them a convenient choice for business travelers or those on a quick stopover.

But for visitors who are in search of a more intimate and local experience, Hendersonville doesn't disappoint. A number of bed and breakfast establishments dot the area, offering guests a peek into the town's authentic Southern charm. These B&Bs, often housed in beautifully preserved historic homes, exude a sense of nostalgia. Waking up to a home-cooked breakfast, served in a sunlit dining room or on a porch overlooking a peaceful garden, is an experience many travelers cherish. The innkeepers, with their wealth of local knowledge, often become impromptu tour guides, recommending hidden gems and must-visit spots in the area.

Additionally, for those who seek the serenity of the lake, there are lakeside lodgings that provide not just a room but an entire experience. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water, or sipping evening tea with a view of Old Hickory Lake's tranquil waters. These establishments, while offering modern amenities, often highlight the natural beauty of the region.

Whether one is seeking the standardized comforts of a hotel or the quaint charm of a bed and breakfast, Hendersonville's array of lodging options ensures every visitor finds a place that feels just like home, if not a tad more luxurious.

Travel and Transportation

For residents and visitors of Anderson Park in Hendersonville, TN, connectivity and travel convenience are certainly factors that add to the appeal of the area. When it comes to air travel, the Nashville International Airport is the closest major airport, situated just a short drive away. This bustling transportation hub offers flights to numerous destinations, both domestic and international. Its proximity means that residents can enjoy the serenity of suburban life while still being a relatively short car ride away from jet-setting adventures or business travels.

But the connectivity perks of Anderson Park don't just end with air travel. While Hendersonville exudes a suburban charm, it's well-connected by road. Major highways and interstates are easily accessible, ensuring that commuting, be it for work or leisure, is smooth and hassle-free.

Public transportation in the vicinity offers an alternative for those who prefer not to drive. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates a range of bus routes connecting Hendersonville to Nashville and other parts of the region. The buses are a popular choice for daily commuters, especially those heading into Nashville for work or entertainment. The service is not only efficient but also a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious residents.

For those who like to venture out without the constraints of a timetable, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in the area. Whether it's a trip to the airport, a night out in downtown Nashville, or just a quick ride within Hendersonville, these services provide a convenient transportation alternative.

Anderson Park's location ensures that while residents enjoy the calm and comfort of a suburban setting, they're never too far away from the broader horizons, be it by plane, public transit, or a personal ride.