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Exploring 37075: A Snapshot of Hendersonville, TN's Real Estate Landscape

37075 Hendersonville Homes

The real estate market in Hendersonville, TN, particularly within the 37075 ZIP code, presents a dynamic and evolving landscape. As of September 2023, the area has seen a notable increase in home prices, reflecting a robust demand for properties in this region. The median selling price for homes in Hendersonville was reported at $490K, marking a 4.5% rise from the previous year. This growth in property values is a clear indicator of the area's desirability and the healthy state of its real estate market.

However, despite this upward trend in prices, the number of homes sold in September 2023 experienced a slight decline, with 87 homes sold compared to 91 in the previous year. This slight decrease could be attributed to a variety of factors, including market adjustments or changes in buyer preferences. The average time homes spent on the market was 53 days, somewhat longer than the 40 days observed last year, suggesting a slight shift towards a more balanced market where buyers might have more time to make decisions.

Diving Into the Numbers: Average Home Prices and Market Trends in 37075

In a closer examination of the 37075 ZIP code specifically, the median listing home price as of September 2023 stood at $536.6K. Interestingly, this figure shows a slight decrease of 2.4% compared to the previous year. This minor dip contrasts with the general trend in Hendersonville and could indicate specific market nuances within the 37075 area. The median listing price per square foot was consistent at $230, aligning with the broader trends observed in Hendersonville.

Another crucial aspect of the 37075 real estate market is its classification as a seller's market. In such markets, higher prices and quicker sales are typical, driven by strong demand and limited inventory. The median sold price in this ZIP code was $483,125, averaging $219 per square foot. This price represents a modest increase of 1.1% from October 2022, further underscoring the area's steady market growth and investment potential.

Understanding these trends is essential for anyone looking to buy or sell in the 37075 area, as they offer insight into the market's direction and indicate what might be expected in terms of pricing and sales duration.

The Architectural Tapestry: Styles and Designs of Homes in 37075

37075 Homes

The homes in Hendersonville's 37075 ZIP code showcase a diverse array of architectural styles, reflecting the rich history and evolving tastes of the area. While I wasn't able to find specific details about the predominant architectural styles in this ZIP code, typically, areas like Hendersonville feature a mix of traditional and modern designs. Classic styles like Colonial, Craftsman, and Cape Cod are often interspersed with contemporary and modernist homes, offering a visual feast for residents and visitors alike. These homes often blend historical design elements with modern functionality, creating unique and inviting living spaces.

Inside 37075 Homes: Sizes, Amenities, and Modern Upgrades

The homes in 37075 vary greatly in size and amenities, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. Recent sales data shows a range of sizes and layouts. For instance, one home sold for $999,900, offering 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and spanning 3,772 sq ft. Another, selling for $866,900, boasted 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 3,948 sq ft of living space. A slightly smaller home, with 3,128 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths, sold for $725,000.

Further examples include a home that sold for $995,000, featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and covering 3,571 sq ft, and another with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, encompassing 4,329 sq ft, which sold for $769,000. A more modest-sized home, with 2,977 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, and 3 baths, sold for $695,000.

These homes often come with a variety of modern amenities and upgrades, such as state-of-the-art kitchens, energy-efficient appliances, smart home technology, spacious master suites, and well-appointed outdoor living spaces. The combination of size, comfort, and modern conveniences makes these homes highly sought after in the Hendersonville real estate market.

Age Matters: Understanding the Historical and New Developments in 37075

37075 Hendersonville TN  Homes

Hendersonville's 37075 ZIP code is a unique blend of historical charm and modern innovation. The area is home to a variety of housing ages, ranging from historic properties that reflect the rich past of the region to contemporary homes in new developments. While specific details on new housing developments in the area were not readily available, it's common in growing communities like Hendersonville to see a surge in new construction. These new developments often feature the latest in home design, energy efficiency, and smart technology, catering to the demands of modern homeowners.

The Lay of the Land: Property Sizes and Outdoor Spaces in Hendersonville

When it comes to property sizes in Hendersonville's 37075 area, there's a wide range to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. For example, on Kenton Loop in Hendersonville, the average lot size is approximately 7,315 square feet. This size is indicative of the spacious outdoor living opportunities available in the area. Larger lot sizes allow for generous yard spaces, ideal for gardening, outdoor entertainment, and leisure. These outdoor areas often complement the architectural beauty of the homes, adding to the overall appeal of living in this vibrant community.

Navigating the Education Landscape: Schools in and around 37075

Education is a cornerstone of the Hendersonville community, and the schools in the 37075 ZIP code are a testament to this commitment. Merrol Hyde Magnet School, a public K-12 institution, stands out with exceptional ratings in both math (93%) and reading (88%), making it a top choice for families. It's not just about academic excellence; the school offers a range of extracurricular activities, allowing students to explore diverse interests and develop well-rounded skills.

Elementary education in the area is also noteworthy. Lakeside Park Elementary School and Jack Anderson Elementary STEM School, both serving grades K-5, have received high praise for their educational programs. These schools offer a nurturing environment for younger students to begin their educational journey on a strong footing. Dr. William Burrus Elementary at Drakes Creek is another highly rated option, serving students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade with a student-teacher ratio conducive to personalized learning.

For those seeking private education, Pope John Paul II High School is a notable institution in Hendersonville, offering a comprehensive curriculum and various programs to cater to different student needs and interests.

The Neighbors: A Look at Nearby Communities and Cities

Hendersonville's 37075 area is surrounded by a mosaic of communities and cities, each contributing to the region's vibrant character. Shackle Island, just 1.81 miles northwest, is a smaller community with a close-knit feel, while Millersville (6.30 miles northwest) offers a blend of suburban and rural living.

To the southeast, Old Hickory (7.05 miles away) and Hermitage (11.74 miles southwest) present more urban living options, with Old Hickory being notable for its historical significance and Hermitage for its suburban appeal. Gallatin, about 8.65 miles northeast, is one of the larger neighboring cities, providing a more expansive array of amenities and services.

Other nearby communities like Goodlettsville, Green Hill, and White House offer a variety of living experiences, from the peaceful, rural atmosphere of Walnut Grove to the bustling suburban lifestyle of Mount Juliet. These surrounding areas, each with their own unique charm, contribute to the diverse living options available to residents and prospective homeowners in and around Hendersonville's 37075 ZIP code.

Fiscal Aspects: Property Taxes and Investment Potential in 37075

Hendersonville, TN, particularly the 37075 ZIP code, not only offers a rich array of lifestyle options but also presents interesting fiscal aspects for property owners. The average effective property tax rate in Hendersonville is 1.18%, which is notably higher than Tennessee's state average of 0.75%. The median property tax in Hendersonville is around $1,325 annually, surpassing the state average of $1,267. Understanding these tax rates is crucial for homeowners and potential buyers in budgeting for their annual expenses.

In terms of investment potential, Hendersonville's real estate market has shown remarkable growth over the past decade. The area has experienced one of the highest home appreciation rates in the nation, with real estate values appreciating by 121.60% over the last ten years. This translates to an average annual appreciation rate of 8.28%, placing Hendersonville in the top 20% nationally for real estate appreciation. Such statistics make Hendersonville, and specifically the 37075 area, an attractive destination for long-term real estate investments.

However, it's important to note that over the last year, Hendersonville's appreciation rates have slightly trailed the rest of the nation. The appreciation rate over the last twelve months has been 0.94%, which is lower than most communities in America. In the latest quarter, the appreciation rate was at 2.69%, equating to an annual rate of 11.21%. These figures suggest that while Hendersonville remains a strong investment option, the market is subject to fluctuations, as with any real estate market.

Why 37075 Stands Out: Summing Up Hendersonville's Real Estate Appeal

To sum up, the 37075 ZIP code in Hendersonville, TN, offers a unique and compelling real estate landscape. The area combines historical and new developments, providing a range of home styles and sizes. The large property sizes and spacious outdoor areas add to the allure of the community. The local education system, including top-rated schools like Merrol Hyde Magnet School, enhances the area's family-friendly appeal. The proximity to diverse neighboring communities and cities like Gallatin and Old Hickory further enriches the living experience in 37075.

Fiscally, while the property taxes are slightly higher than the state average, the strong appreciation rates over the past decade underscore the area's investment potential. Whether you're a homebuyer or an investor, understanding these dynamics is key to making informed decisions. The blend of cultural richness, educational excellence, community diversity, and investment opportunity makes 37075 an attractive destination in the vibrant landscape of middle Tennessee real estate.