3 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Hartsville, TN

3 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Hartsville, TN May 19, 2024
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Overview of Hartsville’s Real Estate Market

As a gem nestled in Trousdale County, Hartsville presents a robust real estate market with a median home price of approximately $250,000. The market caters to a variety of buyers with homes averaging around 1,800 square feet. Most properties feature spacious lot sizes, typically exceeding half an acre, which is a draw for those seeking room to grow. The local tax rate is appealing as well, with county property taxes averaging about 0.74% of a home's assessed value, contributing to the area’s attractiveness.

Hartsville 3 bedrooms Home

Market Trends and Pricing

Recent trends indicate a steady increase in home values, with prices having risen by about 5% over the past year. The market dynamics show a healthy balance of supply and demand, ensuring that both buyers and sellers receive fair value. This trend is projected to continue, driven by Hartsville's growing popularity and its proximity to larger cities like Nashville.

What Makes Hartsville, TN Attractive to Homebuyers?

Hartsville is not just a place to buy a home; it's a community to be a part of. The town offers a blend of rural charm with modern conveniences, making it ideal for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. Local amenities include various parks, a well-maintained community center, and a bustling downtown area with quaint shops and cafes.

Natural Beauty and Community Spirit

The town is surrounded by natural beauty, including rivers and green spaces, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Hartsville takes pride in its community spirit, hosting seasonal festivals and events that foster a strong sense of togetherness. The educational system is another pillar of the community, with schools like Trousdale County High School known for its excellent academic and extracurricular programs, making the area particularly appealing to families.

Detailed Look at 3 Bedroom Homes in Hartsville

In Hartsville, the 3-bedroom homes market features a diverse array of options that cater to various preferences and budgets. The average sales price for these homes is around $230,000, with properties typically offering 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of living space. These homes are situated on generous plots, often around 0.5 to 1.5 acres, providing ample outdoor space for families and entertainers alike.

Hartsville 3 bedrooms Homes

Price and Property Size Variations

Depending on the location within Hartsville, the price for 3-bedroom homes can vary significantly. For instance, homes closer to major amenities and schools tend to be priced higher. However, the cost per square foot remains competitive compared to neighboring communities, making Hartsville a great value for potential homeowners. The larger lot sizes also offer potential for expansions or additional structures, adding to the investment value.

Architectural Styles and Home Designs in Hartsville

Hartsville's residential architecture showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. You’ll find everything from mid-century modern homes to newer constructions that embody modern farmhouse aesthetics. Many homes feature brick or stone exteriors, hardwood floors, and updated kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Construction Quality and Home Features

Construction in Hartsville often includes durable materials designed to withstand local weather conditions, ensuring long-term value and lower maintenance costs. Features like energy-efficient windows, modern HVAC systems, and smart home technology are increasingly common in newer homes, appealing to eco-conscious buyers and those interested in the convenience of modern living amenities.

Recent Sales Trends for 3 Bedroom Homes

In the past year, Hartsville has seen a notable shift in the real estate market for 3-bedroom homes, with sales increasing by approximately 8%. These homes typically sell within 40 to 60 days on the market, a testament to Hartsville’s growing demand. The average selling price for 3-bedroom homes has been rising steadily, reflecting the area's appeal and the quality of available properties.

Hartsville TN 3 bedrooms Homes

Market Dynamics and Buyer Interest

The increase in buyer interest is partly due to Hartsville’s strategic location and the rising appeal of its school district and community amenities. Many buyers are drawn to the area for its balance of suburban tranquility and proximity to urban centers like Nashville, making it an ideal spot for commuters and families alike.

Comparative Market Analysis: Hartsville vs. Nearby Areas

When comparing Hartsville to nearby cities such as Gallatin and Lebanon, Hartsville offers more affordable housing options with the average price for 3-bedroom homes being about 10% lower. This price differential makes Hartsville an attractive option for homebuyers looking for value without sacrificing quality or community features.

Comparing Property Sizes and Amenities

Homes in Hartsville generally offer more land and square footage compared to similarly priced homes in Gallatin and Lebanon. Many Hartsville homes feature larger yards, more privacy, and often come with upgrades such as modern kitchens and outdoor living spaces that are less common in higher-priced neighboring areas.

Local Schools and Education

Hartsville prides itself on a strong educational system, making it an appealing location for families. The Trousdale County Schools district boasts a student-to-teacher ratio of about 15:1, which is lower than the national average. This ratio allows for more personalized attention and a better learning environment. The local high school, Trousdale County High, is particularly noted for its high graduation rates and a wide array of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and academic clubs.

Academic Excellence and Programs

The focus on academic excellence is evident through advanced placement courses and a high rate of college admissions. Local schools also offer vocational training programs, which prepare students for various careers straight out of high school, enhancing the community’s workforce readiness.

Community Amenities and Lifestyle

Hartsville is not only about quiet streets and cozy homes; it also offers a vibrant community life. The town features several parks, a public library, and a community center that hosts year-round activities. Hartsville’s downtown area is a hub of activity with local businesses and restaurants that boast the best of Southern cuisine and unique shopping experiences.

Outdoor Recreation and Events

For outdoor enthusiasts, Hartsville offers access to several nearby lakes and state parks, perfect for weekend getaways, fishing, and hiking. The community calendar is filled with events such as the annual Hartsville Christmas Parade, the Fourth of July fireworks show, and various seasonal festivals, which bring the community together and offer fun for all ages.

Future Outlook for 3 Bedroom Homes in Hartsville

Looking ahead, the outlook for 3-bedroom homes in Hartsville remains optimistic. With population growth projected to continue and ongoing developments enhancing local infrastructure, property values are expected to appreciate. This trend is bolstered by the influx of new residents attracted by Hartsville’s affordable living costs and high quality of life, making it a smart choice for potential homeowners and investors alike.

Economic Growth and Real Estate Development

The local economy is seeing a boost from new business openings and expansions in the area, which in turn fuels the real estate market. With these economic developments, Hartsville is poised to attract further residential investments, ensuring the demand for homes remains strong.

Finding Your Perfect 3 Bedroom Home in Hartsville

When searching for a 3-bedroom home in Hartsville, prospective buyers should consider their lifestyle needs and budget. Utilizing local real estate agents who are familiar with the nuances of the Hartsville market can help in navigating the options effectively. Exploring neighborhoods personally and attending open houses can also provide deeper insights into what it’s like to live in this welcoming community.

In summary, Hartsville offers a dynamic real estate market with diverse options for 3-bedroom homes. From its strong educational system and community-oriented lifestyle to the promising future growth and vibrant local amenities, Hartsville represents an excellent opportunity for families, couples, and singles alike seeking a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.