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Ellington Park Homes

Ellington Park, located in the charming city of Franklin, Tennessee, offers an array of beautifully designed homes, each exhibiting the perfect blend of traditional Southern elegance and contemporary comfort. With an impressive selection that ranges from spacious single-family homes to the compact but cozy townhouses, Ellington Park caters to a diverse spectrum of homeowners. Each property within this neighborhood features stunning architectural designs, from rustic Craftsman to stately Georgian styles. Luxurious interior finishes often include hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and high-end appliances, setting a high bar for comfort and style.

The homes at Ellington Park are known not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for their functional layout and sustainable features as well. Large windows, for instance, are a common feature in these homes, welcoming an abundance of natural light into the interiors, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Many homes are also equipped with energy-efficient systems, from HVAC to kitchen appliances, as part of the community's commitment to sustainability.

Ellington Park Homes

But the allure of Ellington Park extends far beyond its homes. The community, landscaped with meticulous attention to detail, exudes a sense of serenity and tranquility. Majestic oak trees line the streets, while manicured lawns and blooming flowerbeds add vibrant splashes of color to the neighborhood. A variety of parks and open spaces within the community provide perfect spots for leisurely strolls, picnic lunches, or impromptu games of catch.

A key characteristic of the Ellington Park community is its focus on fostering a vibrant and interactive neighborhood. The community features an array of amenities designed to encourage social interaction and physical activities. A beautifully designed community clubhouse acts as a hub for neighborhood gatherings, while a well-maintained swimming pool, playgrounds for children, and tennis courts provide avenues for recreation and fitness.

The wider area surrounding Ellington Park is just as appealing. Located in the heart of Franklin, residents benefit from close proximity to an array of local amenities, including top-tier schools, high-quality medical facilities, and a bustling shopping district. Additionally, the area boasts a rich history and vibrant cultural scene. Historic sites, art galleries, music venues, and a variety of eateries offering Southern cuisine, all contribute to the diverse experience that Franklin offers. Thus, living in Ellington Park means being part of a community that celebrates its history while embracing the future with enthusiasm.

Similar Communities

The Westhaven neighborhood, just a short distance from Ellington Park, shares many similarities in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle. Homes in Westhaven are known for their stunning architectural designs, borrowing heavily from classic Southern styles with a contemporary twist. The interiors of these homes often feature luxurious finishes, like hardwood floors, custom cabinets, and state-of-the-art appliances, comparable to those found in Ellington Park. The neighborhood is built around the concept of a traditional town center, encouraging a close-knit community lifestyle. The Westhaven Residents' Club offers a resort-style pool, fitness center, and multiple parks, promoting a healthy and sociable lifestyle.

Not far from Ellington Park is the Fieldstone Farms neighborhood. With homes falling within a similar price range, it's another excellent option for prospective homeowners. A combination of single-family homes and townhomes, Fieldstone Farms offers a variety of options to suit differing needs. The construction and design elements of these homes align well with those of Ellington Park, showcasing a tasteful blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The Fieldstone Farms Club, complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, and a fitness center, forms the epicenter of community activities, fostering a similar community-centric lifestyle to that of Ellington Park.

Spencer Hall Homes

McKays Mill is another Franklin neighborhood that shares a similar lifestyle and price point with Ellington Park. This master-planned community features beautifully constructed homes with elegant finishes, ranging from brick exteriors to well-appointed interiors. Residents here enjoy access to a comprehensive range of amenities, including a fitness center, a community clubhouse, a large pool, and various sports courts. The sense of community is strong in McKays Mill, with regular social events and recreational activities that mirror the interactive and vibrant neighborhood of Ellington Park.

The Spencer Hall neighborhood is yet another similar community in Franklin, TN. Its homes, predominantly built in traditional Southern styles, feature spacious rooms, luxurious interiors, and energy-efficient systems. The neighborhood offers a variety of amenities, such as playgrounds and a community pool, fostering a community-centric and active lifestyle. Furthermore, the residents of Spencer Hall benefit from the convenience of nearby schools, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities, much like those living in Ellington Park.

Finally, the Sullivan Farms neighborhood, with its attractive price point and lifestyle, bears a resemblance to Ellington Park. Its homes, built with a nod to classic Southern architecture, offer comfortable living spaces with contemporary amenities. The community places a strong emphasis on outdoor living, with wide sidewalks, tree-lined streets, and a variety of community amenities such as a swimming pool and a playground. Sullivan Farms, much like Ellington Park, offers its residents a balanced lifestyle that combines modern convenience with a sense of history and tradition.

Food Scene

The area surrounding Ellington Park in Franklin, TN, is filled with a wide array of dining options, offering everything from casual fare to gourmet meals. Right around the corner, you'll find local favorite, Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant. Puckett’s started as a small town grocery store, but quickly gained fame for its true Southern comfort food. The fried chicken is a must-try, and if you're there on a weekend morning, the brunch menu is simply delightful.

If you're a fan of Italian cuisine, you can't miss out on visiting MAFIAoZA's Pizzeria and Neighborhood Pub. Known for its 1920s New York mafia-themed ambiance and an extensive menu of authentic Italian dishes, MAFIAoZA's offers more than just your typical pizza place. Besides their infamous pizzas, the pasta and calzones are equally tantalizing.

For those looking for a unique dining experience, the Gray's on Main is a historical gem. Housed in a building dating back to the late 1800s, this restaurant serves an elevated version of Southern classics. The shrimp and grits dish is a standout, as is their creative cocktail list which pays homage to the pre-Prohibition era.

If you're in the mood for something more globally inspired, Cool Cafe offers delicious Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The freshness and balance in flavors make this spot a local favorite. And for those craving sushi or other Japanese fare, Wild Ginger is a classy, upscale choice with a diverse menu and a chic atmosphere.

Barbecue lovers should make a stop at Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint, known for its slow-cooked meats and laid-back, rustic atmosphere. Martin's is famous for its whole hog barbecue, smoked low and slow for over 18 hours, and its tangy, homemade sauces that beautifully complement the succulent meats.

Lastly, for a sweet treat, don't miss out on visiting Five Daughters Bakery, where you can indulge in 100-layer donuts - an experience you won't forget anytime soon! Whether it's a leisurely brunch, a business lunch, a romantic dinner, or a quick snack on the go, the dining scene around Ellington Park leaves no room for disappointment.


In terms of entertainment and sporting events, the area around Ellington Park in Franklin, Tennessee is a veritable cornucopia of diverse offerings. For music lovers, the renowned Franklin Theatre, just a short drive away, hosts a variety of concerts, showcasing both emerging artists and legendary performers. It also screens classic films and hosts community events, offering an array of entertainment options.

Speaking of music, if you're a fan of live performances, you won't want to miss the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. Held annually in the nearby Park at Harlinsdale, it brings together musicians from across the country for a weekend of live performances, local food, and arts and crafts.

For sports enthusiasts, there's plenty to enjoy as well. Golf lovers will appreciate the Forrest Crossing Golf Course, an 18-hole championship golf course situated just a few miles away from Ellington Park. It features a scenic layout along the Harpeth River, making for an enjoyable game amidst beautiful surroundings.

For those who enjoy team sports, the A-Game Sportsplex, a large multi-sport facility, is not far away. It offers ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, and soccer, among other sports, and hosts a variety of local leagues and tournaments throughout the year. It's a fantastic place to either participate in a wide range of sports or to enjoy watching local teams compete.

Meanwhile, the Williamson County Performing Arts Center at Academy Park is a hub for theatrical performances, dance shows, and other cultural events. If live theater is your cup of tea, or if you enjoy captivating dance performances, this place is a must-visit.

Lastly, for a truly unique experience, take a short trip to the Carnton Plantation, a historic Civil War site that now hosts tours and a variety of special events throughout the year. It offers a blend of history, education, and entertainment, making it a worthwhile visit for the whole family. From music to sports to the performing arts, the entertainment scene around Ellington Park truly offers something for everyone.

Health and Wellness

Ellington Park in Franklin, Tennessee, is ideally situated to offer a range of health and wellness options that support a balanced and healthy lifestyle. One notable resource in the area is the Franklin Health and Fitness Center, a well-equipped facility that offers a wide variety of fitness classes, from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training and Zumba. The center also boasts a fully equipped gym and a swimming pool for laps, providing residents with the flexibility to tailor their workout regime according to their preferences.

For those who prefer outdoor exercise, the scenic trails and parks around Ellington Park are perfect for jogging, cycling, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. Liberty Park, for example, offers an expansive green space for various outdoor activities, along with a picturesque pond, perfect for morning yoga or meditation.

Nearby, the Harpeth River provides opportunities for kayaking and canoeing, offering both a good workout and a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The river is also home to several species of fish, providing angling enthusiasts with a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Nutrition is a crucial component of health and wellness, and the Fresh Market, just a few minutes' drive from Ellington Park, is a one-stop shop for fresh, locally sourced produce, organic food options, and healthy prepared meals. For more personalized nutritional advice, residents can consult with nutritionists and dieticians at the Williamson Medical Center.

Healthcare in the area is top-notch, with the Williamson Medical Center providing high-quality medical services. The center offers a range of specialties, from cardiology and orthopedics to maternity care and pediatric services, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage for Ellington Park residents.

For mental wellness, there are several local therapists and wellness centers, such as the Lotus Blooming Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Center, that offer services like counseling, yoga, and meditation classes, holistic therapies, and wellness workshops.

Moreover, Ellington Park's proximity to numerous spas and massage centers like the Woodhouse Day Spa allows residents to pamper themselves and unwind after a busy week. After all, wellness is not just about exercise and nutrition; relaxation and self-care play a significant role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

So whether it's a rigorous workout, a peaceful walk in the park, a balanced meal, or a soothing spa session, residents of Ellington Park have no shortage of options when it comes to maintaining their health and well-being.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Ellington Park, Franklin, Tennessee, is a real treasure trove. It's located in an area that values green spaces and outdoor living, offering residents a myriad of opportunities to engage with nature and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Just a short drive away is the expansive Jim Warren Park, a favorite amongst local families. This park boasts a vast green space, picnic pavilions, sports fields, and a disc golf course, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic or a friendly game of soccer. For the little ones, there's also a well-equipped playground area where they can enjoy hours of fun and exercise.

If you're a fan of hiking or biking, you're in luck. Nearby Aspen Grove Park features a series of well-maintained trails that wind through scenic woodland areas and around a peaceful lake. It's a fantastic spot for a morning run or a leisurely weekend bike ride. The park also includes open green spaces and picnic areas, providing an ideal setting for a family outing or a quiet moment of solitude with a good book.

For water enthusiasts, the Harpeth River is a great resource. The river is a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing, offering both adventure and tranquility in a beautiful natural setting. The Harpeth River State Park, which includes several natural and archaeological sites, provides multiple access points to this picturesque river.

Not far from Ellington Park is the impressive Winstead Hill Park, a historical site offering panoramic views of the Franklin countryside. A quiet walk through this park doesn't only provide a good workout but also an opportunity to reflect on the area's rich history.

For those with a green thumb, the Pull-Tight Hill Park offers community garden plots where residents can grow their own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It's a fantastic way to spend time outdoors, engage with the community, and promote sustainable living.

Lastly, for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, the Birdsong Hollow and the Timberland Park are must-visits. These natural reserves offer peaceful trails and plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife.

With such a diverse range of parks and outdoor spaces near Ellington Park, residents are never short of options when it comes to enjoying the outdoors and staying active. Whether it's a family picnic, a peaceful hike, a river adventure, or a community gardening session, there's always something to do in the great outdoors of Franklin, Tennessee.


Education is a critical factor for many families when choosing a place to live, and residents of Ellington Park in Franklin, Tennessee, are fortunate to have access to an excellent selection of both public and private education options.

The public schools in Franklin are part of the Williamson County School District, which is known for its strong academic performance and high-quality educators. Two highly-rated public schools, Walnut Grove Elementary School and Centennial High School, are conveniently located near Ellington Park, making them ideal options for families with children of different ages.

In addition to these, Franklin High School, another exemplary institution, offers a broad curriculum that caters to diverse interests, including Advanced Placement classes and an extensive range of extracurricular activities. The school's commitment to academic excellence and student development has consistently resulted in high college admission rates.

On the other hand, for families considering private education, there are several respected institutions in the area. Battle Ground Academy, a prestigious independent school that offers education from kindergarten through grade 12, is just a short drive away from Ellington Park. Known for its rigorous academic program, strong arts and athletics departments, and a commitment to character development, Battle Ground Academy is a fantastic option for those seeking a well-rounded private school education.

Another notable private school in the vicinity is Montessori School of Franklin. This school, which serves children from preschool to eighth grade, offers a unique learning environment based on the Montessori method of education. It encourages child-led learning, fostering curiosity, creativity, and independence.

Moreover, the Franklin Classical School, a K-12 private school, offers a classical Christian education. The curriculum here includes Socratic discussion, intensive writing, and Latin language instruction, providing students with a solid foundation in critical thinking and communication.

Finally, New Hope Academy is another private option worth considering. The school emphasizes a diverse, inclusive environment and is committed to small class sizes, personalized attention, and a curriculum that focuses on character education alongside academics.

With such an array of high-quality public and private schools, families residing in Ellington Park can have confidence that their children will have access to an enriching educational experience that suits their individual needs and aspirations.

Shopping and Retail

When it comes to shopping and retail options, residents of Ellington Park in Franklin, Tennessee, are spoilt for choice. The area is home to a diverse mix of stores, from small, unique boutiques to larger, well-known retail establishments, catering to a variety of tastes and budgets.

For daily necessities and larger shopping trips, the CoolSprings Galleria is just a short drive away. This expansive shopping mall features over 150 stores, including large department stores like Macy's and Dillard's, popular retailers such as Apple, H&M, and Sephora, as well as a variety of dining options. Whether you're shopping for the latest fashion trends, picking up some new tech, or simply browsing, you'll find it all under one roof at CoolSprings Galleria.

If you prefer a more eclectic shopping experience, downtown Franklin offers a charming mix of boutiques, antique stores, and specialty shops. White's Mercantile, a modern take on the classic general store, is a must-visit. It carries a curated selection of goods, ranging from home decor to gourmet food items. On Main Street, you'll also find Franklin Antique Mall, where you can hunt for unique treasures and vintage finds.

For the bookworms, Landmark Booksellers is a local gem. Housed in one of the oldest buildings in Franklin, this store carries an extensive collection of rare and out-of-print books, providing a truly unique browsing experience.

Those who appreciate the freshest produce and local goods should not miss the Franklin Farmers Market. Held at The Factory at Franklin, this market is a weekly showcase for local farmers and artisans. Here you can find a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan breads, locally made cheeses, homemade jams, and much more.

Lastly, The Factory at Franklin itself is an exciting shopping destination. This converted former factory now houses an assortment of boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores, making it an ideal spot for those in search of one-of-a-kind items and local arts and crafts.

In summary, the shopping scene near Ellington Park provides a variety of options, whether you're on the hunt for the latest fashion, looking for unique antiques, or simply picking up your weekly groceries. It's truly a shopper's paradise, offering a delightful blend of convenience and charm.

Business and Economy

The primary businesses and industries near Ellington Park, Franklin, Tennessee, there's a rich and diverse economic landscape. From healthcare to entertainment and technology, the variety of sectors contributes to a robust local economy, providing numerous employment opportunities and supporting the area's growth.

Healthcare is a significant player in the local economy, with the presence of the Williamson Medical Center and numerous other health-related businesses in the area. This not only provides a variety of healthcare services for residents but also contributes a substantial number of jobs to the local economy. Various other healthcare providers and medical supply companies are based in Franklin, enhancing the sector's economic impact.

Franklin's proximity to Nashville, the country music capital, has also influenced its economy. The entertainment industry has a significant presence, with music production companies, talent agencies, and live event companies operating in and around Franklin. Additionally, the city's growing reputation as a cultural hub has boosted local tourism, contributing to the hospitality and retail sectors.

The area also boasts a strong technology and IT sector, supported by the presence of several technology parks and innovation centers. Companies in these sectors range from start-ups to established corporations, offering services from software development to IT consulting. This growing industry has made Franklin an attractive destination for tech professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Finance and insurance services are also integral to Franklin's economy. Several regional and national banks have operations in the area, along with a variety of insurance companies. This financial hub provides a wealth of job opportunities and helps support other local businesses by offering a range of financial services.

Lastly, Franklin's thriving retail sector, which includes everything from small, local businesses to larger, national chains, plays a substantial role in the local economy. The CoolSprings Galleria, for example, not only offers shopping and dining options for residents but also contributes significantly to local employment.

In summary, the vibrant mix of industries near Ellington Park, Franklin, has cultivated a diverse and dynamic economy. This economic landscape not only supports a high quality of life for residents but also fosters ongoing growth and prosperity for the area.

Hotels and Lodging

Visitors will find a variety of accommodations, from charming bed and breakfasts to upscale hotels, all of which offer a warm Southern hospitality.

For a taste of luxury, the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs is a popular choice. Just a short drive from Ellington Park, this upscale hotel offers spacious rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a rooftop restaurant with stunning views of the surrounding area. The hotel's proximity to the CoolSprings Galleria and numerous local businesses also makes it a convenient choice for both leisure and business travelers.

If you're in search of a more intimate lodging experience, the Franklin area is home to several bed and breakfasts that offer a delightful blend of comfort and charm. One standout is The Brentwood, a charming B&B housed in a historic building, offering beautifully decorated rooms, homemade breakfast, and warm, personal service. Its location in downtown Franklin makes it an ideal base for exploring local shops, restaurants, and historic sites.

Another notable option is the Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast. This quaint B&B, set in a beautifully restored Victorian house, is renowned for its Southern hospitality. With just a few guest rooms, the inn offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a gourmet breakfast each morning and relax in the beautiful gardens in the afternoon.

For visitors looking for extended stay options, the Residence Inn by Marriott Franklin Cool Springs is an excellent choice. The hotel offers spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens, making it ideal for families or business travelers planning a longer stay. Amenities include a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a complimentary breakfast, making for a comfortable home away from home.

Finally, for those who prefer boutique hotels, the Harpeth Hotel, nestled in downtown Franklin, offers a unique blend of history, charm, and luxury. With its elegant rooms, onsite dining options, and a whiskey-themed lounge, this hotel offers a truly distinctive Franklin experience.

With such a diverse range of accommodations available, visitors to the Ellington Park area in Franklin will have no trouble finding a lodging option that suits their needs and preferences, whether they're seeking luxury, charm, convenience, or a bit of everything.

Travel and Transportation

The neighborhood enjoys a strategic location that offers easy access to a range of public transportation options and a close proximity to a major airport.

The nearest major airport is Nashville International Airport (BNA), which is about a 25 to 30-minute drive from Ellington Park, depending on traffic. The airport offers numerous daily flights to various domestic and international destinations, making it easy for residents to travel for business or pleasure. The airport is also home to several car rental agencies for those who prefer to drive.

As for public transportation, the Franklin Transit Authority provides local bus service in and around Franklin. The service operates fixed routes throughout the day, linking residential areas to major shopping centers, medical facilities, downtown Franklin, and other key locations. The Franklin Transit Authority also offers a convenient on-demand, curb-to-curb service known as TODD (Transit On DemanD) within the city limits.

For longer-distance travel, the Greyhound bus station located in nearby Nashville offers routes to a variety of regional and national destinations. Meanwhile, for those who prefer train travel, the Music City Star Commuter Rail has a station in Nashville, providing weekday service to several locations in the region.

For cycling enthusiasts or those who prefer a greener commute, Franklin has an expanding network of bike lanes and routes, and there are plans in place to further improve the city’s biking infrastructure. It's also worth noting that walking is a convenient option for getting around in downtown Franklin, which is a pedestrian-friendly area with plenty of shops, restaurants, and historical sites within a compact area.

In summary, whether residents are jetting off on a trip, commuting to work, or simply running errands around town, the Ellington Park area offers a range of convenient transportation options to meet their needs.