5 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Cookeville, TN

5 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Cookeville, TN May 19, 2024
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Overview of 5 Bedroom Homes in Cookeville, TN

Welcome to Cookeville, TN, where the market for 5 bedroom homes offers a variety of options for families and investors alike. In Cookeville, the average price for a spacious 5 bedroom home currently hovers around $350,000, providing a substantial value compared to larger metropolitan areas. Most of these homes feature an average of 3,000 square feet of living space, nestled on generously sized lots that typically exceed half an acre.

Cookeville 5 bedrooms Home

Popular neighborhoods for these larger homes include the serene settings of Northridge and the family-friendly area of Brookstone. Each neighborhood offers its unique charm and community feel, making them highly sought after by potential home buyers. Moreover, Cookeville’s 5 bedroom homes are diverse in style, ranging from modern newly constructed homes to charming historic houses that reflect the rich history of the region.

Price Trends for 5 Bedroom Homes in Cookeville

Historical Price Data

Over the past decade, the market for 5 bedroom homes in Cookeville has seen a steady increase. Prices have risen approximately 4% annually, reflecting both the growing demand and the overall economic development of the area. As of this year, the average price per square foot stands at about $116, which is quite competitive when compared to nearby cities like Nashville, where prices soar well over $200 per square foot.

Current Market Analysis

The current market dynamics show that 5 bedroom homes in Cookeville remain a hot commodity. These homes not only serve as a comfortable living space for larger families but also represent a wise investment in a steadily growing market. Buyers can expect modern amenities such as open floor plans, energy-efficient appliances, and smart home technology, which are increasingly becoming standard in newly built homes.

Architectural Styles and Construction in Cookeville

Cookeville's 5 bedroom homes showcase a variety of architectural styles, blending traditional designs with modern aesthetics. The most prevalent styles include Craftsman, Colonial, and contemporary designs. Craftsman homes, known for their intricate woodwork and expansive front porches, typically range from 15 to 25 years old. On the other hand, Colonial homes in Cookeville often feature two-story constructions with large, open foyers and are generally found in the established neighborhoods dating back 30 years or more.

Cookeville 5 bedrooms Homes

Newer constructions lean towards contemporary styles with sleek lines and open floor plans, featuring advanced materials like energy-efficient glazing and composite exteriors. These modern homes often come with upgraded amenities such as smart home systems, top-tier appliances, and eco-friendly heating systems.

Neighborhood Analysis: Where to Find 5 Bedroom Homes


Northridge is renowned for its peaceful streets and close-knit community atmosphere. Homes here are predominantly Craftsman and Colonial styles, with average lot sizes around 0.75 acres. The neighborhood boasts proximity to top-rated schools such as Cookeville High School, making it a preferred choice for families.


Brookstone offers a slightly more modern touch with many homes built in the last 10 to 20 years. The community is well-planned, featuring multiple parks and a variety of local amenities including shopping centers and recreational facilities. Homes in Brookstone typically feature more contemporary designs with larger floor plans averaging around 3,500 square feet, providing ample space for comfort and luxury.

Property Size and Land Allocation

Five-bedroom homes in Cookeville typically offer substantial property sizes, which are a big draw for buyers looking for space and privacy. On average, these properties feature lot sizes that range from 0.5 to 1.5 acres, depending on the neighborhood and proximity to the city center. The average home size for these properties is around 3,200 square feet, providing ample room for family activities, guest rooms, and home offices.

Cookeville TN 5 bedrooms Homes

Outdoor spaces in these homes often include features such as expansive backyards, private decks, and in some cases, swimming pools or garden areas. These outdoor areas enhance the living experience by offering private, serene settings for relaxation and family gatherings.

Interior Features and Upgrades

Standard Interior Features

The interior features of 5-bedroom homes in Cookeville are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Most homes come equipped with multiple living areas, large kitchens with central islands, and master suites that include walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms. Common materials used in these homes include hardwood floors in living areas, tiled kitchens and bathrooms, and carpeted bedrooms.

Available Upgrades

For those interested in more modern or luxurious features, many homes in Cookeville offer upgrades such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and smart home technology. Energy efficiency is another key focus, with newer homes often equipped with high-efficiency HVAC systems, double-paned windows, and LED lighting. These upgrades not only enhance the living experience but also contribute to reduced utility costs and increased property values.

Local Schools and Education Resources

Cookeville is served by the Putnam County School System, which is well-regarded for its commitment to academic excellence and a wide array of extracurricular activities. Families residing in Cookeville with children in 5-bedroom homes typically have access to several top-rated schools. Cookeville High School, for instance, offers advanced placement courses and boasts high graduation rates. Avery Trace Middle School and Capshaw Elementary are also part of this community, providing comprehensive education programs from kindergarten through middle school.

Additionally, Cookeville’s proximity to Tennessee Technological University enriches local education resources, offering community programs and educational partnerships that benefit school-aged children throughout the city.

Tax Information and Additional Homeownership Costs

Property Tax Insights

In Cookeville, property taxes are relatively modest compared to national averages, making it an attractive location for buyers looking for more home at a lower tax rate. The average property tax rate in Putnam County hovers around 0.62% of the property’s assessed value, which translates to approximately $2,170 annually on a home valued at $350,000.

Other Costs of Owning a Home in Cookeville

Beyond property taxes, potential homeowners should consider other costs associated with owning a 5-bedroom home in Cookeville. These include homeowners' association (HOA) fees, which are common in many of the planned communities and can range from $20 to $100 per month. Utility costs also vary, but on average, homeowners might expect to pay around $200 per month for electricity, water, and gas, depending on the size of the home and usage levels. These costs are integral to understanding the total investment in a Cookeville home.

Comparing Cookeville with Neighboring Communities

When comparing Cookeville to neighboring communities like Algood, Baxter, and Sparta, Cookeville stands out for its variety and affordability in the housing market. For instance, the average price for a 5-bedroom home in Cookeville is around $350,000, whereas similar homes in Baxter and Sparta can range up to $400,000 due to newer construction and limited availability. Algood offers a smaller, more tightly-knit community but with fewer 5-bedroom options available, pushing demand and prices slightly higher.

Community amenities also vary, with Cookeville providing a broader range of shopping, dining, and recreational activities compared to its neighbors. This makes Cookeville a more attractive option for those who prefer living in a more vibrant community while still enjoying the benefits of a small-town feel.

Future Outlook for 5 Bedroom Homes in Cookeville

The market for 5-bedroom homes in Cookeville looks promising, with projections suggesting continued growth in demand and property values. Economic development in the area, including business expansions and infrastructural improvements, is expected to attract more residents looking for spacious and affordable living options. The introduction of new housing developments and the expansion of community amenities are likely to boost the attractiveness of Cookeville’s real estate market further.

Summary of 5 Bedroom Homes in Cookeville

This comprehensive guide to 5-bedroom homes in Cookeville, TN, showcases a market full of opportunities for families and investors alike. From the diverse architectural styles and well-planned neighborhoods to the excellent local schools and relatively low cost of living, Cookeville offers an appealing environment for settling down. With property sizes generous and community amenities abundant, it’s clear why many are choosing Cookeville as their home. As the city continues to grow and evolve, the outlook for its housing market remains strong, promising good returns on real estate investments and a high quality of life.