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Breckenridge, Clarksville, TN Homes for Sale June 24, 2024
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Introduction to Breckenridge, Clarksville, TN

Welcome to Breckenridge, a charming and sought-after neighborhood nestled in the vibrant city of Clarksville, Tennessee. Breckenridge, known for its serene ambiance and attractive real estate, has become a top choice for homebuyers. Clarksville, marked by its rich history and rapid growth, offers a unique blend of suburban comfort and urban convenience, making it a prime location for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Breckenridge Clarksville TN Homes

Location and Historical Significance

Breckenridge, located in the heart of Clarksville, is renowned for its strategic position. It's a stone's throw away from key city landmarks and business centers, providing residents with easy access to everything they need. The neighborhood's history is intertwined with that of Clarksville, which has evolved from a small, sleepy town to a bustling city with a diverse population and a vibrant economy.

Real Estate Market Snapshot

The real estate market in Clarksville, including Breckenridge, has witnessed significant growth. As of the end of 2023, the median sales price in Clarksville was $329,200, a notable increase from the previous year, reflecting the area's desirability and the robust health of the local housing market​.

The Appeal of Breckenridge: Why Home Buyers are Interested

Breckenridge isn't just a place to live; it's a community where life's best moments happen. The area's allure comes from a combination of factors, each contributing to its growing popularity among homebuyers.

Desirable Community Features

The neighborhood of Breckenridge stands out for its picturesque streets, well-maintained homes, and a strong sense of community. Residents enjoy a variety of amenities, from beautiful parks to convenient shopping centers, all contributing to a high quality of life.

Proximity to Essential Services

One of the biggest advantages of living in Breckenridge is its proximity to essential services and facilities. The neighborhood is conveniently located near top-rated schools, medical facilities, and shopping areas, making it an ideal place for families and professionals alike.

Housing Options and Styles

Breckenridge offers a diverse range of housing options to suit different tastes and budgets. From cozy single-family homes to spacious estates, the architectural styles in the neighborhood vary, providing an eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs. Recent listings in the area showcase homes ranging from $190,000 to $499,900, with sizes varying from 1,092 to 4,402 square feet, demonstrating the variety available to homebuyers​.

Navigating the Housing Market: Breckenridge Real Estate Overview

Types and Prices of Homes in Breckenridge

In Breckenridge, Clarksville, TN, the real estate market offers a variety of home types, including single-family homes, townhomes, and occasionally multi-family units. Recent listings range from cozy 2-bedroom homes starting at around $190,000 to larger 5-bedroom family homes that can reach upwards of $408,900. The market in Breckenridge caters to a wide array of preferences, ensuring that whether you're a first-time homebuyer or looking for a spacious family home, there's something for everyone.

Breckenridge Clarksville Homes

Market Trends and Comparisons

The real estate market in Breckenridge mirrors the overall trend in Clarksville, characterized by a seller's market with a rapid turnover of homes. As of the end of 2023, the median sales price in Clarksville was approximately $329,200, marking a significant 17% increase from the previous year. Homes in Clarksville, including those in Breckenridge, are selling at a brisk pace, averaging around 72 days on the market.

Architectural Styles and Home Designs in Breckenridge

Exploring the Architectural Styles

Breckenridge boasts a diverse range of architectural styles, reflecting both modern trends and traditional designs. You'll find homes featuring classic American designs, contemporary styles, and occasionally custom-built properties with unique architectural elements. The variety in design ensures that each home in Breckenridge has its own distinct character and appeal.

Age and Construction Quality of Homes

The homes in Breckenridge vary in age, ranging from newly constructed properties to those built in the last few decades. Newer homes often come with modern amenities and energy-efficient features, while older homes in the area are well-maintained, showcasing the quality of construction and the community's commitment to preserving its residential appeal.

Inside Breckenridge Homes: Layouts and Features

Average Square Footage and Room Layouts

The homes in Breckenridge, Clarksville, TN, offer a range of sizes and layouts to cater to diverse preferences. On average, homes in this area feature square footage that varies widely, accommodating different family sizes and lifestyles. For example, some homes offer cozy settings around 1,092 square feet, while others provide more expansive spaces up to 2,873 square feet. The layouts typically include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring comfortable living spaces for both smaller and larger families.

Breckenridge Homes

Standard and Upgraded Amenities

Breckenridge homes are equipped with a mix of standard and upgraded amenities, catering to modern living standards. Many homes come with essential features like central heating and air conditioning, while others boast upgraded amenities such as stainless steel appliances, newly installed laminate flooring, and spacious decks for outdoor activities.

Property Insights: Lot Sizes and Outdoor Living in Breckenridge

Range of Property Sizes and Types

The properties in Breckenridge vary not just in house size but also in lot size. Residents can enjoy properties with generous outdoor space, with lot sizes averaging around 0.35 acres. This space allows for a variety of outdoor activities and landscaping possibilities, making it ideal for those who value both indoor and outdoor living.

Landscaping and Outdoor Features

Many homes in Breckenridge boast attractive landscaping and outdoor features. These can include well-maintained lawns, spacious decks, and occasionally, larger yards that offer ample space for gardening, children’s play areas, or hosting outdoor gatherings. The combination of comfortable interiors and inviting outdoor spaces makes Breckenridge an appealing choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Education and Schools: Investing in the Future in Breckenridge

Overview of Local Schools Serving Breckenridge Community

Breckenridge, Clarksville, TN is served by several schools, ensuring a variety of educational options for families. The neighborhood offers a mix of public and private educational institutions, catering to different educational needs and preferences.

School Ratings and Academic Achievements

The public schools in the Breckenridge area have varying ratings, with some schools performing above average. It's essential for families to research individual schools to understand their specific academic achievements and offerings, ensuring the best fit for their children's educational needs.

Breckenridge Living: Local Attractions and Lifestyle

Description of Local Amenities

Living in Breckenridge offers access to various local amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. The neighborhood's close proximity to these amenities adds to the convenience and quality of life for its residents.

Access to Parks, Recreational Facilities, and Outdoor Activities

Residents of Breckenridge enjoy access to parks and recreational facilities, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and community engagement. These outdoor spaces contribute to the overall appeal of the neighborhood, making it a desirable place to live for those who value an active and community-oriented lifestyle.

Financial Considerations: Property Taxes and Homeowner Expenses

Overview of County Property Taxes in Breckenridge

For residents of Breckenridge in Montgomery County, understanding property taxes is crucial. Montgomery County property tax is $2.99 per $100 of assessed value. This tax is distributed across several funds, including the County General Fund, General Road Fund, General Purpose School Fund, Debt Service, Capital Projects, and the School Transportation Fund. The assessed value is a percentage of the appraised market value, which varies based on the property type, such as 25% for residential and 40% for commercial properties.

Comparison with Other Clarksville Neighborhoods

Comparing tax rates within Clarksville, the city's property tax rate stands at $1.0296 per $100 of assessed value, bringing the total rate in city limits to $4.0196. This rate is instrumental in budget planning for potential and current homeowners in Breckenridge, providing a clear picture of the annual tax obligations in comparison to other neighborhoods.

Your Next Steps: Exploring Home Ownership in Breckenridge

Beginning Your Home Search in Breckenridge

Starting your home search in Breckenridge involves understanding the local real estate market, property taxes, and available amenities. With a variety of homes available, ranging in size and price, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. Researching the local schools, community amenities, and tax implications will also provide a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to live in this vibrant community.

Contacting Real Estate Professionals

Seeking assistance from real estate professionals can provide valuable insights and guidance in your home-buying journey. They can offer up-to-date information on available properties, market trends, and help navigate the buying process in Breckenridge.

Exploring the Neighborhood and Meeting Residents

Finally, exploring Breckenridge and interacting with current residents can offer a real-world perspective on the community’s lifestyle. Visiting local parks, schools, and attending community events are great ways to get a feel for the neighborhood and make informed decisions about your potential new home.

Summary: Breckenridge in Clarksville, TN, presents a dynamic real estate market with a range of properties, reflecting diverse architectural styles and offering various amenities. The community is well-positioned with access to quality schools and local attractions, making it an attractive option for homebuyers. Understanding the financial aspects, such as property taxes in Montgomery County, is crucial for potential homeowners. With the help of real estate professionals and personal exploration, prospective buyers can make well-informed decisions about investing in Breckenridge.