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Autumnwood, Clarksville, TN Homes for Sale May 23, 2024
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Introduction to Autumnwood, Clarksville, TN

Welcome to Autumnwood, a charming and rapidly growing suburb nestled in the heart of Montgomery County, TN. Known for its serene atmosphere, Autumnwood strikes the perfect balance between small-town comfort and easy access to the bustling city life of Clarksville. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or looking for your next family home, Autumnwood offers a diverse range of housing options to fit every lifestyle.

Autumnwood Clarksville TN Homes

Location and Community Vibes

Located in the northern part of Clarksville, Autumnwood is just a stone's throw away from the city's vibrant amenities. It's a community where neighbors know each other, and the tree-lined streets echo with a sense of belonging. With its convenient location, residents enjoy quick access to local parks, shopping centers, and a variety of dining options, making Autumnwood not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Autumnwood Farms Real Estate Market Overview

Autumnwood Farms, a key part of this community, stands out as a sought-after destination for homebuyers. The real estate market here is dynamic and offers a range of options, from cozy single-family homes to more spacious properties.

Market Trends and Property Prices

As of the latest data, the average listing price in Autumnwood Farms is around $245,621, showcasing the affordability and value for money that the area offers. Property prices vary, starting from approximately $180,000 and can go up to around $389,900, catering to different budgets and preferences. A key factor contributing to this price range is the average cost per square foot, which stands at about $129, offering a great deal for both spacious family homes and more compact, efficient living spaces.

Home Styles and Features

The homes in Autumnwood Farms exhibit a variety of architectural styles, ranging from the classic charm of Tudor and Colonial designs to the elegance of Victorian homes and the simplicity of ranch-style houses. Many of these homes are custom-built, reflecting the personal tastes and needs of residents, while others follow specific floor plans provided by various builders. The average home size hovers around 1,966 square feet, but there's plenty of variation to suit different family sizes and lifestyles.

These homes are designed with modern living in mind, featuring open-concept layouts, large living rooms, and kitchens equipped with contemporary amenities. Many properties boast upgrades like granite countertops, hardwood floors, and energy-efficient appliances, ensuring a blend of style and functionality.

Types of Homes Available in Autumnwood

Autumnwood Farms is a mosaic of architectural styles and home types, offering something special for every homebuyer. The diversity in the types of homes available reflects the unique character of this charming neighborhood.

Autumnwood Clarksville Homes

Diversity in Home Styles

From the majestic Tudor-style homes that exude old-world charm to the classic Colonials and elegant Victorians, Autumnwood has it all. Not to be overlooked are the modern ranches, ideal for those seeking a single-level living experience. The homes in Autumnwood are a testament to the variety and flexibility in design and architecture that the area offers.

Custom-Built Homes and Floor Plans

Many homes in Autumnwood are custom-built, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their owners. These bespoke homes often feature unique design elements and custom finishes. In addition, a selection of floor plans from various builders is available, providing a range of options from more traditional layouts to contemporary, open-concept designs.

Recent Home Sales and Price Trends in Autumnwood

The Autumnwood real estate market is vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the growing interest in this desirable neighborhood. Recent sales and trends provide insights into the market's health and direction.

Snapshot of Recent Sales

Recent home sales in Autumnwood have showcased a variety of price points and home sizes. For instance, properties such as a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home spanning 2,309 square feet recently sold for $374,997. This diversity in sales indicates a healthy and active market catering to a wide range of buyers.

Emerging Market Trends

The Autumnwood real estate market is characterized by a steady demand, with homes often being sold within a short period of listing. The average price per square foot, around $129, along with the range of sales prices, reflects the area's competitive market. These trends indicate both the desirability of Autumnwood Farms and the potential for good investment returns for homebuyers.

Understanding Autumnwood’s Property Sizes and Features

In Autumnwood, homes are not just structures; they're canvases for personal expression and comfort. The range of property sizes and features in this neighborhood caters to diverse needs and preferences, making it an ideal place for various lifestyles.

Autumnwood Homes

Property Sizes and Layouts

The homes in Autumnwood Farms boast an impressive range of sizes, ensuring that there's something for everyone. For example, some properties offer compact and efficient living spaces around 1,080 square feet, while others provide more expansive layouts of up to 2,821 square feet. This variety in size accommodates different family sizes and lifestyle requirements, from those seeking cozy, low-maintenance living to others desiring ample space for family growth and entertainment.

Home Features and Amenities

Autumnwood homes are known for their blend of style and practicality. Many homes feature modern amenities such as upgraded kitchens with granite countertops, hardwood floors, and energy-efficient appliances. The architectural designs range from contemporary to traditional, with some properties offering custom-built uniqueness. The focus on detail and quality in these homes is evident, creating an inviting atmosphere for both residents and visitors.

Autumnwood's Neighborhood Amenities and Lifestyle

Living in Autumnwood is about more than just the homes; it's about the lifestyle and community that come with it. This neighborhood offers a rich array of amenities and a lifestyle that caters to both relaxation and active living.

Local Amenities and Accessibility

Autumnwood Farms is not just a residential haven; it's a hub of convenience and accessibility. Situated in northern Clarksvilleand just off Hazelwood, the community provides easy access to various city amenities, including parks, shopping centers, and dining options. Being only about 10 minutes from Fort Campbell and close to I-24, it's ideal for those who commute or enjoy exploring the surrounding areas.

Community and Recreation

The community of Autumnwood is vibrant and welcoming, with a neighborhood atmosphere that's both friendly and serene. With tree-lined streets and well-landscaped lots, the area promotes a walkable and visually appealing environment. It's a place where families can grow, individuals can relax, and everyone can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings.

Autumnwood's Schools and Education

The educational landscape in Autumnwood, Clarksville, TN, is anchored by the Montgomery County School System. This system is recognized for its commitment to quality education, offering a range of educational opportunities for students residing in the Autumnwood area.

Local School Options

Students in Autumnwood typically attend schools such as Northeast Elementary School, Northeast Middle School, and Northeast High School. These schools are known for their dedicated staff and diverse educational programs. The focus here is on creating a supportive and engaging learning environment that caters to the varying needs of students.

Educational Excellence and Opportunities

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System prides itself on fostering an educational environment that promotes academic excellence and holistic development. Students have access to various programs and activities that enhance their learning experience, preparing them for future educational and career pursuits.

Autumnwood's Access to Clarksville and Surrounding Areas

One of the many appeals of living in Autumnwood is its strategic location, offering residents easy access to Clarksville and nearby areas. This connectivity enhances the living experience, providing convenience and accessibility for daily commutes, leisure, and exploration.

Convenient Location for Commuting

Autumnwood is situated in a prime location that offers easy access to major roads and highways. Located off Tiny Town Road, residents have convenient access to Interstate 24 and Highway 76. This makes commuting to work, school, or leisure activities in Clarksville and surrounding areas seamless and hassle-free.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

The community is also close to various attractions and activities that add to the quality of life. Residents can enjoy the natural beauty of Dunbar Cave State Park, the historical insights of Fort Defiance Civil War Park and Interpretive Center, and the delightful experiences of Beachaven Vineyards and Winery, all within a short drive from Autumnwood.

Why Choose Autumnwood for Your Next Home

Autumnwood in Clarksville, TN, offers a blend of affordability, diversity, and an excellent location, making it an ideal place for various lifestyles. The cost of living in Clarksville is significantly lower than the national average, offering financial benefits to residents. Furthermore, Clarksville's position as the third most diverse city in Tennessee contributes to a rich, multicultural community, welcoming to all.

Affordability and Market Trends

Clarksville's housing market is vibrant, with the median home price being around $244,962. The active market means that properties often receive multiple bids within a short period of listing, indicating a strong demand for homes in the area.

Location Advantages

Living in Autumnwood gives you the tranquility of a quiet community with the added advantage of being just 40 minutes away from Nashville. This proximity allows residents to enjoy the peacefulness of suburban life while having easy access to the vibrant city life in Nashville.

Exploring Autumnwood Farms: Next Steps for Interested Buyers

Autumnwood Farms, with its range of housing options and strategic location, is an appealing choice for those looking to purchase a home. The neighborhood offers a variety of single-family homes catering to different budgets and preferences, from first-time homebuyers to retirees.

Discovering Your Ideal Home

Prospective buyers are encouraged to explore the variety of homes available in Autumnwood, with prices ranging approximately from $180,000 to $400,000. Each home in the subdivision has its unique style and charm, contributing to the overall character of the community.

Community and Lifestyle

Autumnwood is not just about the homes; it's about the lifestyle it offers. From its peaceful atmosphere and natural surroundings to its proximity to Fort Campbell and easy access to major roads, Autumnwood provides a balanced and fulfilling living experience.

In summary, Autumnwood in Clarksville, TN, is a community that offers a mix of affordable living, diverse culture, and convenient location. Its active housing market, combined with the variety of homes and the lifestyle it provides, makes it an ideal destination for many. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or looking for a peaceful community near Nashville, Autumnwood Farms presents a compelling option worth exploring.