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February 24, 2024
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Highland Park Homes

The homes in Highland Park, Brentwood, TN, radiate an undeniable charm that intertwines traditional aesthetics with modern sophistication. Most of these residences showcase classic American architectural designs, featuring brick facades, gabled roofs, and meticulously crafted exteriors. Many homes boast expansive square footage, accommodating large rooms, open floor plans, and luxurious master suites. High ceilings, premium finishes, and state-of-the-art kitchens are commonplace, offering residents an elevated living experience.

Beyond the individual homes, the lawns and gardens of Highland Park deserve special mention. Homeowners take great pride in maintaining verdant lawns, mature trees, and beautifully manicured flower beds. As seasons change, so does the panorama of blooming flowers, making it a visual treat for those who appreciate natural beauty. The streets are lined with trees, providing shade and creating a serene environment for strolls or morning jogs.

Highland Park Homes

The community surrounding Highland Park also contributes significantly to the allure of the area. Brentwood, with its reputation as one of Tennessee’s most prestigious addresses, offers a plethora of amenities to Highland Park residents. The nearby parks, such as Marcella Vivrette Smith Park and Crockett Park, provide residents with vast green spaces for recreation and relaxation. With well-maintained trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas, they serve as ideal family destinations on weekends.

In terms of practical conveniences, the Highland Park community is not found wanting. The proximity to shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, and essential services means residents don't have to travel far for their needs. Educational institutions in and around Brentwood are renowned for their quality, offering families a variety of choices for their children’s schooling. Moreover, the spirit of community is palpable in Highland Park. Events, gatherings, and neighborhood initiatives are often organized, fostering a close-knit bond among the residents.

Despite its upscale nature and the various amenities it offers, Highland Park maintains a tranquil ambiance. The design of the community and the mindful planning of Brentwood city officials have ensured minimal traffic noise and disruptions. Residents often comment on the peacefulness that pervades the streets, allowing for a respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life while still enjoying the benefits of city living.

Similar Communities

One of the neighborhoods that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Highland Park in terms of price point, construction, and lifestyle is the prestigious Annandale. Resplendent with homes that feature an amalgamation of European and traditional Southern architecture, Annandale offers estates that are both sprawling and intimate. Stone pathways, cobblestone driveways, and well-curated gardens accentuate the luxurious feel of the homes. Just like in Highland Park, the residences here possess spacious interiors, complete with high ceilings, gourmet kitchens, and intricate detailing. Moreover, the community amenities such as pools, clubhouses, and walking trails ensure that the residents enjoy an active and luxurious lifestyle.

Another noteworthy community in proximity to Highland Park is Governors Club. This gated community is known not just for its stunning homes but also for its signature golf course, which winds its way through the neighborhood. Houses in Governors Club exhibit a variety of architectural styles, from modern contemporary to classic colonial. Granite countertops, wine cellars, and bespoke woodwork are commonly found in the interiors of these residences. As with Highland Park, homeowners here have an eye for detail and a penchant for luxury, which is evident in the upkeep and design of each estate. Furthermore, the clubhouse, tennis courts, and fitness facilities make it a haven for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Annandale Homes

Magnolia Vale is another enclave of luxury, sharing similarities with Highland Park. The homes are nestled amidst rolling hills, offering breathtaking views and ensuring privacy for the residents. Most houses in Magnolia Vale boast large lot sizes, allowing for expansive gardens and outdoor entertainment spaces. Architecturally, one can see a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements, creating timeless residences that exude elegance. Interior features such as open-concept living spaces, chef-inspired kitchens, and spa-like master bathrooms are standard. The community vibes resonate with that of Highland Park, with neighbors often coming together for gatherings and celebrations.

There's the enchanting community of Taramore, which matches Highland Park in terms of the upscale living experience it offers. Historic preservation blends seamlessly with new constructions, making Taramore unique in its architectural landscape. The homes are spacious and feature elements such as coffered ceilings, hardwood floors, and gourmet kitchens. Beyond the residences, Taramore boasts amenities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, and walking trails, encapsulating a lifestyle of luxury and activity, similar to that of Highland Park.

Food Scene

When living in or visiting Highland Park in Brentwood, TN, the array of dining options nearby is nothing short of delightful. Those with a penchant for international flavors often find themselves gravitating towards Wild Ginger. This upscale fusion restaurant offers an eclectic mix of Pan-Asian dishes, creating a unique blend of flavors that keeps diners coming back. From their signature sushi rolls to their aromatic curries, there’s a dish to satiate every kind of palate. Plus, the ambience, with its modern decor and mood lighting, sets the tone for a perfect evening out.

For those who enjoy the rustic charm of Southern cuisine, there’s Mere Bulles. Housed in a historic mansion, dining here feels like a step back in time. The menu is a delightful blend of classic Southern dishes with a modern twist. Think shrimp and grits, but with an unexpected flavor profile that makes it uniquely Mere Bulles. Pair it with one of their handcrafted cocktails, and you've got a dining experience that’s quintessentially Brentwood.

If casual yet gourmet is the vibe you're looking for, then Burger Republic should be on your list. As the name suggests, they specialize in burgers but not just your standard fare. The creativity they infuse into their burger creations is notable, with options ranging from the classic beef patty to more adventurous combinations with unique toppings. And let's not forget their delectable milkshakes, which are a treat on their own!

For the health-conscious diners or those looking for lighter fare, there’s the popular Del Frisco's Grille. With a menu emphasizing fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors, this place has become a favorite for those who want a guilt-free yet flavorful meal. Their salads are not just an afterthought but rather a centerpiece, loaded with colorful veggies, proteins, and tantalizing dressings. Plus, their patio seating offers a lovely spot to enjoy the pleasant Tennessee weather while indulging in some delicious cuisine.


Apart from its scenic beauty and luxurious neighborhoods like Highland Park, the area is a hub for entertainment and sporting events that cater to a range of tastes. For those who enjoy the dramatic arts, the Brentwood Arts Exchange is a real gem. Located just a short drive from Highland Park, it's a center of cultural enrichment, hosting an array of theatrical performances, concerts, and art exhibits year-round. The talent that graces its stages, both local and from afar, guarantees an evening of quality entertainment for art aficionados.

Now, for the sports enthusiasts, Brentwood doesn't disappoint. While the city itself is brimming with golf courses, tennis courts, and athletic clubs, it's also conveniently close to Nashville, which is home to professional sports teams. Catching a Tennessee Titans game is just a short drive away, offering an exhilarating NFL experience. The energy of the fans, the thrill of the game, and the atmosphere of the Nissan Stadium make it a must-visit for football fans.

Not to be forgotten, the Nashville Predators also provide an electrifying experience for hockey lovers. Games at the Bridgestone Arena are always a spectacle, whether you're a die-hard hockey fan or just looking for an evening of fast-paced action. The camaraderie among the fans, combined with the heart-stopping moments on the ice, make it a memorable outing.

Of course, one can't mention Nashville without a nod to its rich musical legacy. While Brentwood itself hosts a myriad of musical events and concerts throughout the year, taking the short journey to "Music City" broadens the horizons exponentially. From the iconic Grand Ole Opry to the intimate Bluebird Cafe, music lovers from Highland Park can easily immerse themselves in tunes that span genres and eras.

Residents of Highland Park, Brentwood, find themselves perfectly positioned to enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of suburban life and easy access to a wide array of entertainment and sporting events.

Health and Wellness

Yoga enthusiasts, for instance, find solace in places like Hot Yoga of East Nashville. With its array of classes, from gentle stretches to more intense sessions, it's a sanctuary for both the body and mind. The instructors are known for their expertise and warm approach, guiding attendees through poses that not only build physical strength but also enhance mental clarity.

For those who lean more towards traditional workouts, the Brentwood YMCA is a go-to spot. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, swimming pools, and basketball courts, it offers a holistic approach to fitness. The range of group classes ensures that everyone, from Zumba lovers to spin enthusiasts, has something tailored to their liking.

Beyond structured workouts, the abundance of green spaces in Brentwood also contributes to the health-conscious vibe of the area. Parks such as Marcella Vivrette Smith Park beckon outdoor lovers with their well-maintained trails, ideal for jogging, biking, or simply a brisk walk amidst nature. The expansive greenery and serene environment make it a preferred choice for those looking to combine exercise with nature therapy.

On the nutrition front, Brentwood doesn't fall short either. Health-centric eateries and juice bars dot the area. Places like The Urban Juicer have become staples for many, offering cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, and other nutritious delights. These establishments prioritize sourcing fresh, local ingredients, ensuring that what's served is both tasty and beneficial for the body.

For holistic wellness, the community also boasts several spas and wellness centers. These places offer a range of services, from therapeutic massages to skincare treatments, aiming to rejuvenate both the body and spirit.

Highland Park residents are truly fortunate. The emphasis on health and wellness in the Brentwood area ensures that achieving and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is not only feasible but also enjoyable.

Outdoor Lifestyle

A standout among these is Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, Brentwood's largest city park. Spanning over 400 acres, this park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. It's a delightful spot to experience the area's diverse flora and fauna. The park’s myriad of trails, ranging from easy to challenging, invites hikers, joggers, and families out for a leisurely walk. The historic Ravenswood Mansion, sitting majestically within the park, adds a touch of historical charm to the natural beauty.

Crockett Park, another gem in Brentwood, is a favorite amongst locals. With its expansive green fields, it offers an ideal setting for picnics, kite flying, or simply laying back and watching the clouds drift by. The park also features an amphitheater where regular concerts and events create a lively atmosphere, making it a hub for both relaxation and entertainment.

For those who enjoy more specialized outdoor activities, the Brentwood Skate Center offers a delightful roller-skating experience. Families, teenagers, and even adults flock here to glide across the rink, enjoy themed nights, or even take skating lessons.

River Park is also worth mentioning. This park, with its lovely playground and serene river views, is a go-to for families. Children can play to their heart's content while adults can enjoy the soothing sounds of water and rustling leaves. The connectivity of its trails to other parks, like Crockett Park, allows for extended hikes or bike rides.

Then there’s the Concord Park, a hub for sports enthusiasts. From its well-maintained baseball fields to the multiple tennis courts, it caters to those with a competitive spirit or those simply seeking to stay active.

Living in Highland Park provides residents with a unique blend of suburban comfort and nature's bounty. The variety of parks and outdoor activities ensures that there's something for everyone, be it a quiet day soaking in nature's beauty or an active day filled with sports and adventure.


On the public education front, Brentwood is serviced by the Williamson County School District, widely recognized for its academic excellence. Brentwood High School, for instance, consistently ranks as one of the top public high schools in the state. The school is celebrated for its rigorous academic curriculum, diverse extracurricular offerings, and dedicated faculty. Similarly, Brentwood Middle School and the array of elementary schools in the area, such as Scales Elementary, have built a reputation for providing students with a solid educational foundation in an engaging and supportive environment.

For parents considering private education, the choices are equally compelling. Brentwood Academy stands out as a premier option. This co-educational, college-preparatory school offers students a holistic education experience. Beyond the academic rigor, the school places a significant emphasis on personal development, character building, and leadership. Their athletics and arts programs are commendable, offering students numerous opportunities to hone their talents and passions.

Another notable institution is Montessori Academy. Catering to children from infancy through middle school, it provides a learning environment deeply rooted in the Montessori philosophy. Here, students are encouraged to be independent, curious, and compassionate learners. The school’s unique approach, which emphasizes hands-on, self-paced learning, has garnered it much respect among Brentwood’s education-conscious residents.

Currey Ingram Academy is yet another gem in the private education sector. Tailored for students with learning differences, it offers a personalized approach to education, ensuring every child gets the support and attention they need to thrive academically and personally.

For Highland Park residents, the peace of mind that comes with having access to such stellar educational institutions is undoubtedly a significant draw. Whether opting for public or private education, parents can be confident that their children will receive a top-tier learning experience.

Shopping and Retail

One of the most frequented spots is the Hill Center Brentwood. This upscale shopping center combines a mix of well-known retail brands with unique boutiques, offering a diverse shopping experience. From chic fashion stores to home décor shops, the range is impressive. After a day of shopping, visitors often find themselves unwinding at one of the many cozy cafes or eateries that dot the center.

For those who prefer a more localized shopping experience, Brentwood’s Town Center is the place to be. Here, quaint boutiques and artisanal stores offer a plethora of handcrafted goods, from jewelry to bespoke clothing. The personal touch these small businesses provide, combined with the quality of their products, gives shopping at the Town Center a distinctive charm.

CoolSprings Galleria, though a short drive away, is a haven for shoppers. This expansive mall houses a vast array of retail outlets, ranging from high-end fashion brands to popular department stores. Its central location, combined with its vast selection, makes it a favorite weekend spot for many Highland Park residents.

Moreover, several specialty stores around the area cater to niche needs. Whether it's a bookstore specializing in rare finds or a gourmet food shop offering international delicacies, Brentwood ensures its residents have easy access to both the everyday and the unique.

For Highland Park residents, the world of retail is right at their doorstep. The convenience combined with the variety ensures that whether it's window shopping, a shopping spree, or simply picking up essentials, the experience is always enjoyable.

Business and Economy

Healthcare stands out as a dominant industry in the Brentwood vicinity. Numerous healthcare companies have their headquarters or significant operations here, given the proximity to Nashville, often referred to as the healthcare capital. Companies such as HCA Healthcare, Quorum Health, and numerous other medical-related enterprises have major facilities or offices in the area. Their presence not only offers excellent employment opportunities for locals but also ensures that the region is at the forefront of medical innovation and care.

Finance and insurance sectors also have a strong foothold in Brentwood. Several renowned banking institutions, investment firms, and insurance companies operate in and around this area, lending financial stability and growth to the local economy. Their establishments not only cater to the affluent Brentwood population but also serve clients from the broader Nashville region.

The tech scene, while not as dominant as healthcare or finance, is steadily growing. As Nashville becomes an emerging tech hub, the ripples of that growth are felt in Brentwood. Start-ups and established tech companies are setting up shop, drawn by the area's skilled workforce and strategic location.

Retail and real estate, given Brentwood's reputation for upscale living and shopping, are also significant contributors. From luxury housing developments to high-end shopping centers, businesses operating in these sectors benefit from the area's affluent demographics.

Furthermore, with Nashville nearby, the music and entertainment industry's influence is undeniable. Several recording studios, music management companies, and related businesses have operations in Brentwood, leveraging its proximity to "Music City."

While Highland Park offers a tranquil residential experience, its vicinity pulses with economic vitality. The diverse businesses and industries near Brentwood ensure a vibrant local economy, promising growth and prosperity for its residents.

Hotels and Lodging

For those visiting the scenic area of Highland Park in Brentwood, TN, the range of accommodation options ensures a comfortable and memorable stay. Whether one is seeking the luxury of a renowned hotel chain, the intimacy of a bed and breakfast, or the convenience of a budget-friendly lodge, the vicinity around Highland Park has something to cater to every taste and need.

Brentwood boasts several upscale hotels that offer top-notch amenities and service. One of the prominent names that come to mind is the Hilton Suites. With its spacious rooms, modern amenities, and renowned service, it's a favorite among business travelers and families alike. Their indoor pool and on-site restaurant further enhance the guest experience, making each stay feel like a mini-vacation.

For those looking for a more boutique experience, the Brentwood Bed and Breakfast offers a blend of southern charm and modern luxury. Set in a beautifully restored historic home, guests can indulge in elegantly furnished rooms, savor delicious homemade breakfasts, and relax in the picturesque gardens. The personal touch offered by the hosts ensures that each guest feels at home, making it a perfect spot for romantic getaways or quiet weekend retreats.

Other well-known hotel chains, such as Marriott and Hyatt, also have a presence in Brentwood. These establishments, known for their consistent quality and service, are often the choice for visitors attending conferences, weddings, or other events in the area.

For travelers on a budget, there are several lodges and motels that offer clean, comfortable rooms without breaking the bank. Their strategic locations, often close to main highways, make them convenient options for those on the move.

The area around Highland Park offers a diverse array of accommodation options, ensuring every visitor finds their ideal lodging. Whether it's the grandeur of a luxury hotel, the warmth of a bed and breakfast, or the simplicity of a motel, Brentwood’s hospitality scene is ready to welcome one and all.

Travel and Transportation

When one thinks of air travel, the Nashville International Airport immediately springs to mind. Located just a short drive from Highland Park, this bustling airport serves as a gateway to countless national and international destinations. Whether it's a business trip to New York, a vacation to Europe, or just a quick weekend getaway, the proximity of the airport makes the journey hassle-free. The drive, depending on traffic, can be as quick as 20 to 30 minutes, making catching early morning flights or handling unexpected travel a more manageable task.

On the public transportation front, while Brentwood is primarily car-dependent, there are options available for those who prefer transit or wish to have an alternative to driving. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) offers bus services that connect Brentwood to downtown Nashville and other parts of the greater Nashville metropolitan area. These buses are a boon for daily commuters, offering a stress-free way to navigate the often busy Nashville streets.

For those who prefer a more personalized transportation option, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are readily available in Brentwood. A quick tap on a smartphone brings a ride directly to one's doorstep, making trips to the city, airport, or even just a night out on the town, smooth and convenient.

While Highland Park exudes a tranquil, suburban atmosphere, it's heartening to know that the broader world, be it via air travel or the bustling streets of Nashville, is within easy reach. The mix of close-by transportation options ensures residents and visitors are always connected, blending the best of suburban serenity with urban convenience.