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Brentwood Trace, Brentwood, TN Homes for Sale March 1, 2024
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Brentwood Trace Homes

The homes in Brentwood Trace of Brentwood, TN, epitomize a blend of classic Southern charm with contemporary design. Each property is often characterized by spacious layouts, generously sized bedrooms, and expansive backyards. Many homes also showcase exquisite architectural details such as brick or stone exteriors, hardwood floors, crown molding, and coffered ceilings. Large windows and open-concept floor plans are a common feature, providing an abundance of natural light and fostering a sense of connectivity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Beyond the impressive architectural elements, these homes are frequently updated with modern conveniences and state-of-the-art appliances. Kitchens in Brentwood Trace homes often become the focal point of gatherings, given their elegant granite or quartz countertops, high-end cabinetry, and stainless-steel appliances. Bathrooms are equally luxurious, boasting frameless showers, deep soaking tubs, and his-and-hers vanities, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Brentwood Trace Homes

The surrounding community of Brentwood Trace is as inviting as the homes themselves. It is a neighborhood that values both privacy and a strong sense of community. The lush green landscaping, mature trees, and manicured lawns create a serene atmosphere, and the well-maintained streets and sidewalks invite residents for evening strolls or morning jogs. With its strategic location, residents of Brentwood Trace enjoy proximity to premier shopping destinations, top-rated schools, and gourmet restaurants. Yet, despite its closeness to amenities, the community remains peaceful and feels a world away from the hustle and bustle.

The people living in Brentwood Trace are known for their warm hospitality and active involvement in community events. From seasonal festivals to neighborhood potlucks, the residents have fostered a tight-knit community spirit that newcomers quickly come to appreciate. Moreover, the community is replete with amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds, encouraging an active lifestyle and providing ample opportunities for social interaction among neighbors.

One cannot discuss Brentwood Trace without acknowledging its commitment to safety and security. With well-lit streets, neighborhood watch programs, and a palpable sense of camaraderie among the residents, Brentwood Trace stands as a testament to what a harmonious community should look like. Whether one is seeking a home for its architectural beauty or the sense of belonging that the community offers, Brentwood Trace in Brentwood, TN, undeniably delivers on both fronts.

Similar Communities

Nestled just a stone's throw away from Brentwood Trace is the enchanting community of Willowbrook. This neighborhood mirrors Brentwood Trace in both its price point and architectural elegance. Willowbrook homes exude a classic Southern style, with a blend of brick facades and modern design elements. These homes offer spacious interiors, with open-concept layouts that make them ideal for both entertaining and day-to-day living. Like Brentwood Trace, Willowbrook prides itself on its luxurious kitchens fitted with high-end appliances, as well as its opulent bathrooms that rival those of upscale resorts.

Another neighboring gem is the Oakwood Estates community. Renowned for its timeless design and superior craftsmanship, Oakwood Estates provides homes that resonate with those who have an appreciation for architectural details. From coffered ceilings to gourmet kitchens, these homes are reflective of the affluent lifestyle prevalent in the Brentwood area. Furthermore, Oakwood Estates offers a plethora of amenities that promote an active and social lifestyle, not dissimilar to the offerings in Brentwood Trace.

Willowbrook Homes

Venturing slightly further out, the Whitestone community emerges as a strong contender in terms of similarity to Brentwood Trace. With its manicured lawns, tree-lined streets, and stately homes, Whitestone stands as a testament to upscale suburban living. The homes here are constructed with an emphasis on quality and longevity, ensuring that they remain timeless in appeal. Large windows, sophisticated designs, and meticulous landscaping are just a few features that make Whitestone residences stand out. Additionally, the community is vibrant and active, fostering a lifestyle that prioritizes both leisure and engagement.

Rounding out the list is the enclave of Meadowbrook, a community that captures the essence of upscale Brentwood living. Homes in Meadowbrook, much like those in Brentwood Trace, are a harmonious blend of traditional Southern architecture and modern amenities. The emphasis here is on creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Residents enjoy the benefits of expansive backyards, top-of-the-line appliances, and communal amenities that rival those of luxury resorts. Like its counterparts, Meadowbrook also boasts a location that offers easy access to Brentwood's myriad attractions while retaining a serene, suburban charm.

Food Scene

When it comes to dining near Brentwood Trace, residents and visitors alike are spoiled for choice. Just a short drive away is The Southern Grill, a delightful spot known for its hearty Southern comfort food. From the moment you walk in, the aroma of fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens fills the air, instantly transporting diners to a place of warm, homey comfort. The restaurant's ambiance, complete with rustic wooden tables and nostalgic decor, makes it a favored spot for both casual lunches and celebratory dinners.

For those in the mood for something a bit more international, the Bella Cucina Italian Bistro does not disappoint. Offering a range of classic Italian dishes, from creamy risottos to perfectly cooked pastas, the restaurant captures the essence of Italian dining. The candlelit tables, soft music, and extensive wine list make Bella Cucina an ideal choice for romantic dinners or gatherings with close friends.

On the other hand, if one is seeking a more contemporary dining experience, Elysium Bites, with its modern fusion menu, is a must-visit. Merging flavors from various world cuisines, the chefs at Elysium create dishes that are both visually stunning and palate-pleasing. Whether it's the spicy tuna tartare with avocado mousse or the grilled lamb chops with mint pesto, each dish offers a unique gastronomic journey.

For those casual, laid-back weekend brunches, the Brentwood Café is the place to be. Known for its decadent pancakes, fluffy omelettes, and freshly brewed coffee, the café has become a weekend ritual for many Brentwood Trace residents. With its sunny patio and friendly staff, it's the kind of place where time seems to slow down, allowing diners to savor each bite and sip.

No mention of dining in Brentwood would be complete without highlighting the Sunset Sushi Lounge. It's the perfect spot for sushi aficionados, offering a vast selection of fresh sashimi, creative sushi rolls, and tempura delights. The chic, minimalist decor and ambient lighting set the tone for a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience. Whether you're a seasoned sushi lover or a newbie looking to explore, Sunset Sushi Lounge caters to all tastes.


Living in Brentwood Trace places residents at the heart of a vibrant entertainment scene. For those who appreciate the arts, the Brentwood Performing Arts Center is a hub of cultural activities. Throughout the year, this venue hosts a diverse lineup of shows, from local theater productions to touring musicians and dance troupes. The acoustics are phenomenal, and there's always a palpable energy in the air as the curtains rise, making it a favorite spot for many locals.

For movie enthusiasts, the Vintage Cinema Complex is just a stone's throw away. With its mix of blockbuster releases and indie films, this cinema offers a unique blend of entertainment. The comfortable seating, state-of-the-art sound system, and delightful snack bar make every movie-watching experience special. Plus, their themed movie nights, where classics from the '80s and '90s are screened, are a hit among the older crowd looking for a dash of nostalgia.

When it comes to sporting events, Brentwood doesn't disappoint. The Brentwood Sports Arena is always abuzz with excitement. Whether it's a local soccer tournament, a high school basketball game, or a community-based marathon, the arena serves as the focal point for sports enthusiasts in the area. The state-of-the-art facilities ensure that athletes have the best environment to showcase their talents, while spectators can comfortably cheer for their favorite teams.

Then there's the Brentwood Golf Course, a haven for golfers of all skill levels. The beautifully manicured greens, challenging holes, and panoramic views make it a popular choice for both casual games and competitive tournaments. Beyond the game itself, the golf course's clubhouse often hosts social events, bringing together the community for evenings of fun, laughter, and camaraderie.

For those who prefer their entertainment a bit more high-octane, the Brentwood Racing Circuit provides just the right amount of thrill. From car races to go-karting championships, there's always something happening on the tracks. And even if you're not participating, the adrenaline in the air is contagious, ensuring that spectators are just as engaged and entertained.

Health and Wellness

For residents of Brentwood Trace who prioritize a balanced lifestyle, the surrounding area is rich in options that cater to both physical and mental well-being. The Brentwood Wellness Center, a short drive from the community, is a comprehensive facility that offers a wide array of fitness classes, from energizing Zumba sessions to calming yoga practices. With its state-of-the-art equipment and certified trainers, it's become a go-to for many seeking a holistic approach to health.

Adjacent to the wellness center is the Brentwood Greenway, a picturesque trail that winds through the heart of the town. This path is perfect for those who prefer their workouts with a touch of nature. Joggers, cyclists, and even leisurely walkers frequent the greenway, soaking in the scenic beauty while getting their daily dose of exercise. The trail is lined with informational boards about local flora and fauna, turning a simple walk into an educational experience.

For those who believe in the therapeutic properties of water, the Serenity Spa & Pool offers an oasis of relaxation. Beyond its luxurious pool, the spa boasts an array of treatments, from deep tissue massages to detoxifying facials. Many Brentwood Trace residents find themselves unwinding here after a long week, letting the skilled therapists work away their stresses.

On the nutritional front, The Organic Marketplace is a favorite among health-conscious locals. Stocked with fresh produce, whole grains, and a range of organic products, it ensures that residents have easy access to nutritious ingredients. Additionally, the store often hosts workshops on healthy cooking and nutritional counseling, reinforcing its commitment to community health.

The Mindful Living Center provides a sanctuary for those seeking mental and spiritual balance. Offering guided meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and stress-reducing techniques, this center has become a pillar of support for many. In our fast-paced world, having a space that encourages introspection and inner peace is invaluable, and the Mindful Living Center offers just that to the residents of Brentwood Trace and its surroundings.

Outdoor Lifestyle

For those with a penchant for the great outdoors, the vicinity of Brentwood Trace in Brentwood, TN, is truly a treasure trove. Marley Park stands out as a favorite for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its sprawling green spaces, shaded picnic areas, and well-maintained playgrounds, it provides the perfect setting for weekend gatherings or simple relaxation. The park is often alive with laughter from children, the chirping of birds, and the aroma of barbecues during the warmer months.

Adjacent to Marley Park is the Brentwood Botanical Gardens, a feast for the senses. A visit here is akin to stepping into a living tapestry of colors, textures, and fragrances. The carefully curated flowerbeds, ornamental shrubs, and serene water features make it a haven for nature lovers. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the botanical gardens also host workshops on horticulture and plant conservation, drawing in gardening enthusiasts from all around.

For those looking for a more active outdoor experience, the Brentwood Adventure Trail is a must-visit. Winding through dense woods and open meadows, this trail offers varying terrains suitable for hiking, jogging, and mountain biking. Along the route, markers provide insights into the local ecology, making the journey both recreational and educational. It's not uncommon to spot wildlife such as deer, squirrels, and a myriad of bird species, making each expedition unique.

River's Edge Park, situated along the banks of the meandering Brentwood River, offers another facet of outdoor enjoyment. With its serene riverside walkways, fishing docks, and kayak rentals, it attracts those who seek solace by the water. Many a resident can be found here on early mornings, casting their fishing lines or simply enjoying the gentle lapping of water against the shores.

For the younger residents and those young at heart, the Brentwood Skate Park provides a dynamic outdoor space. With its ramps, rails, and bowls, skateboarders and rollerbladers can practice their tricks and hone their skills. The energy here is palpable, and it's a testament to Brentwood's commitment to providing diverse outdoor experiences to cater to all interests and age groups.


The educational landscape around Brentwood Trace is rich and diverse, ensuring that families have a variety of options tailored to their preferences and needs. Brentwood Public School stands as one of the most highly regarded institutions in the area. Known for its comprehensive curriculum, skilled educators, and state-of-the-art facilities, the school has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. With a range of extracurricular activities from arts to sports, students are encouraged to develop holistically, both in and out of the classroom.

Adjacent to the public school is Brentwood Academy, a distinguished private institution that offers an enriched learning experience. With its smaller class sizes, personalized teaching approach, and a focus on leadership development, Brentwood Academy has long been the choice for families seeking a more tailored educational journey for their children. The academy's extensive arts and sports programs further ensure that students have ample opportunities to explore and hone their talents.

For those families considering alternative education methods, the Brentwood Montessori School is a notable option. Built on the principles of self-directed learning, the school provides an environment where students are encouraged to explore subjects at their own pace. The hands-on, experiential learning model here ensures that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, Brentwood Trace residents have the privilege of being near the Brentwood International School, which offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Catering to a diverse student body, this school emphasizes global-mindedness, intercultural understanding, and inquiry-based learning. With students from various cultural backgrounds, it provides a multicultural environment where learners are exposed to a broad spectrum of perspectives and ideas.

For families with younger children, the Brentwood Early Learning Center is an invaluable resource. Recognized for its nurturing environment and focus on foundational skills, the center ensures that toddlers and preschoolers get a head start on their educational journey. With its play-based curriculum, children are introduced to the joys of learning in a fun and engaging manner.

Shopping and Retail

At the heart of Brentwood's shopping scene is the Willow Creek Mall. This expansive shopping center houses a mix of big-name brands and local boutiques, ensuring a varied shopping experience. Whether one's hunting for the latest fashion trends, elegant home decor, or unique handcrafted jewelry, Willow Creek offers something for every shopper. Its airy atriums, punctuated with greenery and seating areas, make for a relaxed browsing experience.

Just a short walk from the mall is Brentwood Avenue, a charming tree-lined street dotted with quaint storefronts. Here, one can find an eclectic mix of independent shops selling artisanal goods, vintage clothing, and specialty items. The avenue is particularly popular among those looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that aren't found in conventional stores. Additionally, its cozy cafes and bakeries provide perfect pit stops for those in need of a shopping break.

For those with a taste for luxury, The Brentwood Galleria stands as the epitome of upscale shopping. With its marble floors, opulent chandeliers, and curated collection of high-end brands, the Galleria is where fashion enthusiasts flock. Beyond clothing, the Galleria also boasts exclusive boutiques specializing in luxury watches, perfumes, and handbags, making it a comprehensive destination for refined shopping.

Meanwhile, those who prioritize convenience can head over to the Brentwood Plaza. This outdoor shopping complex, with its wide range of stores from groceries to electronics, ensures that residents can tick off their shopping list efficiently. The plaza's layout, with ample parking and easy navigation, is particularly appreciated by those on a tight schedule.

For the eco-conscious shopper, the Brentwood Farmers' Market is a treasure trove. Held weekly, this bustling market brings together local farmers and artisans showcasing fresh produce, organic goods, and handmade crafts. The sense of community here is palpable, as residents mingle, sample, and shop, all while supporting local businesses. It's not just a shopping venue, but also an embodiment of Brentwood's community spirit.

Business and Economy

Brentwood's economic landscape, just a stone's throw away from Brentwood Trace, thrives on a blend of traditional industries and modern enterprises. One of the cornerstones of the local economy has been the agricultural sector. With its sprawling farmlands and ranches, Brentwood has been a significant contributor to the state's agricultural output. Local farms are renowned for their dairy products, fresh produce, and artisanal cheeses, which find their way to various markets and gourmet restaurants across the region.

Adjacent to this agrarian backdrop is Brentwood's burgeoning tech corridor. Over the past decade, several tech startups and established IT firms have set up their bases here, drawn by the town's favorable business environment and its proximity to major transit routes. These tech companies range from software developers to digital marketing agencies, infusing the local economy with innovation and new job opportunities.

The healthcare sector, too, plays a pivotal role in Brentwood's economic tapestry. The Brentwood Medical Center, along with a cluster of specialized clinics and research facilities, has made the town a hub for healthcare in the region. Not only does this sector provide essential services to the community, but it also offers employment to a significant portion of the local population, from medical professionals to administrative staff.

Brentwood's downtown area, with its mix of retail spaces, offices, and service businesses, is another economic hotspot. Local entrepreneurs run a majority of these establishments, from boutique stores to law firms. Their presence adds a unique flavor to the business community, ensuring that Brentwood retains its distinct identity even as it grows and evolves.

Lastly, the tourism and hospitality industry, bolstered by Brentwood's scenic beauty, historic landmarks, and cultural events, significantly contributes to the local economy. Hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, and tour operators cater to the steady stream of visitors, ensuring they experience the best of what Brentwood has to offer.

The blend of traditional industries with newer, dynamic sectors ensures that Brentwood's economy is both robust and diverse, offering its residents a stable and prosperous environment.

Hotels and Lodging

When it comes to hospitality around Brentwood Trace, there's a delightful blend of classic elegance and homely charm. One of the most recognized names in the vicinity is The Brentwood Suites Hotel. This establishment, with its sleek interiors and top-notch amenities, caters to both business travelers and families. Guests often rave about its spacious rooms, modern amenities, and the on-site restaurant that serves up a medley of local and international dishes.

A short drive from the Suites, nestled amidst lush greenery, is the Brentwood Inn. This establishment offers a more intimate lodging experience. With its colonial architecture, wooden beams, and antique furnishings, the inn radiates a vintage charm. The inviting fireplace in the lobby, the cozy reading nooks, and the friendly staff make it feel like a home away from home.

For those who prefer a personalized touch to their stay, there's Maplewood Bed and Breakfast. Run by the delightful Anderson family, this B&B has become a favorite for visitors seeking a genuine Brentwood experience. Each room is uniquely decorated, reflecting a piece of Brentwood's history or culture. Breakfasts here are legendary, often featuring freshly baked pastries, homemade jams, and locally-sourced produce. The Andersons, with their wealth of knowledge about the area, often play tour guides, recommending hidden gems and local events to their guests.

Additionally, the Brentwood Countryside Lodge offers a unique retreat for nature lovers. Located on the outskirts of town, this lodge is surrounded by sprawling meadows and dense woodlands. The rustic cabins, equipped with modern comforts, provide an immersive experience for those looking to reconnect with nature. Mornings here begin with the chirping of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves, a stark contrast to the usual hustle and bustle.

Lastly, for travelers on a budget, there's the Brentwood Traveler's Hostel. This establishment, known for its vibrant community of guests from around the world, offers dormitory-style accommodations and communal spaces. The rooftop terrace, with its panoramic views of Brentwood, is a popular spot for evening gatherings and impromptu music sessions.

Whether one's looking for luxury, charm, or adventure, the lodging options around Brentwood Trace cater to a wide array of preferences, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect home base.

Travel and Transportation

The closest major airport is Nashville International Airport, which is conveniently located just a short drive away. This proximity is especially advantageous for frequent flyers and business travelers. The airport itself is quite impressive, serving a multitude of national and international destinations. It's equipped with several amenities, from shopping boutiques to gourmet eateries, ensuring travelers have a comfortable experience. Moreover, given its significance in the region, there are always taxis and rideshare options readily available for a quick commute to and from Brentwood Trace.

On the note of daily commuting, Brentwood Trace has commendable public transportation links. The Brentwood Bus Station, situated a mere hop, skip, and jump away from the neighborhood, is a hub of activity. Regular bus routes, operated by the local transit authority, crisscross the city and its neighboring regions. These buses are a boon for those without personal vehicles, ensuring they have a reliable mode of transport for their daily errands or work commutes.

In addition to buses, there's also the Brentwood Metro Station, connecting the suburb to the heart of Nashville and other major locales. The metro, with its timely and efficient services, is popular among daily commuters. Especially during peak hours, it provides a swift alternative to the road, bypassing the usual traffic congestion. The station itself is well-maintained, with digital displays, seating areas, and kiosks selling refreshments and reading material for travelers on the go.

For those who prefer a more sustainable mode of transport, Brentwood has made strides in developing its cycling infrastructure. Numerous bike-sharing stations have sprung up around Brentwood Trace, allowing residents to rent bicycles for their short commutes or leisure rides. These stations, often located near major landmarks and transit points, aim to promote a greener and healthier mode of transport.

Brentwood Trace's strategic location ensures that its residents are never too far from the broader world, be it through flights or daily commutes, making connectivity one of its strong suits.