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Hickory Highland Place, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale

Hickory Highland Place, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale May 19, 2024
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Hickory Highland Place Homes

Homes in Hickory Highland of Antioch, Tennessee, are characterized by their warm and welcoming architecture that blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. The residential structures are typically single-family homes, often featuring brick or stone facades that exude a sense of permanence and durability. The roofs are generally steeply pitched, with shingles that complement the natural tones of the exterior walls, and the presence of attached garages ensures practicality and convenience for the residents. Many homes boast spacious front yards that are meticulously landscaped, creating a picturesque suburban tableau that residents take pride in. Inside, the homes are designed with modern living in mind, offering open-plan layouts that encourage family interaction and entertaining. Large windows are a hallmark, affording generous natural light and views of the verdant surroundings.

The community of Hickory Highland itself is a testament to thoughtful planning, with a layout that promotes a sense of inclusivity and neighborliness. Streets are lined with sidewalks that invite residents to take leisurely strolls or engage in daily jogs, reinforcing the neighborhood’s commitment to an active lifestyle. The area is dotted with small parks and green spaces that serve as communal hubs where children can play and neighbors can gather. These pockets of nature are not only aesthetically pleasing but also foster a connection to the environment among the community members.

Hickory Highland Place Homes

Education is a cornerstone of the Hickory Highland community, with a number of highly regarded schools within a convenient distance. This proximity to educational institutions means that families can prioritize academic excellence without the burden of a long commute for their children. Moreover, the local schools often serve as anchors for community events, creating a strong bond between educational spaces and neighborhood life.

For shopping and dining, residents of Hickory Highland are well-served by a variety of local businesses that cater to a range of preferences. From charming boutiques offering unique finds to larger retail stores meeting everyday needs, the commercial landscape is both diverse and accessible. Restaurants in the area reflect the community’s eclectic tastes, with options ranging from cozy, family-run eateries to more sophisticated dining experiences. This blend of local and commercial amenities ensures that while Hickory Highland feels like a secluded retreat, it retains the convenience of suburban living.

Perhaps one of the most cherished aspects of Hickory Highland is its sense of community. Throughout the year, the neighborhood is animated with community events that range from seasonal festivals to farmers’ markets, fostering a spirit of togetherness and local pride. These events are not only opportunities for fun and recreation but also moments where neighbors can connect, reinforcing the tight-knit fabric of the community.

The homes and community of Hickory Highland provide a sanctuary that balances suburban tranquility with the vibrancy of a connected and dynamic neighborhood. The area stands as a beacon of comfortable living, where the joys of home, family, and community are celebrated daily.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Hickory Highland, Antioch, TN, there are neighborhoods that mirror its appealing characteristics in price point, construction, and lifestyle, offering similar suburban comforts and community spirit. One such area is the Oak Highlands neighborhood, where the homes also showcase the timeless appeal of brick and vinyl exteriors, along with thoughtfully designed landscapes that provide a serene living environment. Like Hickory Highland, Oak Highlands presents a range of single-family homes that cater to a variety of family sizes, with contemporary interiors and amenities that make day-to-day living both convenient and enjoyable. The community here takes pride in their well-kept streets and the personal touch evident in the care of each property, which adds to the neighborhood’s overall charm.

Another comparable area is the Cambridge Forest subdivision, known for its modern constructions that offer a tasteful blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. Here, the residences often feature spacious living areas, gourmet kitchens, and expansive master suites that cater to a comfortable lifestyle. The neighborhood layout is designed with privacy in mind, while still maintaining a friendly atmosphere that encourages interaction among residents. Cambridge Forest, much like Hickory Highland, boasts several communal spaces, such as playgrounds and picnic areas, where residents can come together to relax and socialize.

Cambridge Forest Homes

Just a short drive from Hickory Highland is the neighborhood of Cane Ridge, which is appealing to those who seek a lifestyle of suburban ease with an emphasis on outdoor living. The homes in Cane Ridge often come with generous backyards that provide a perfect backdrop for family gatherings and outdoor activities. The architecture is similar, with a focus on functional elegance, and the interiors of these homes reflect an understanding of the needs of modern families. In terms of lifestyle, Cane Ridge, much like Hickory Highland, promotes an active and engaged community life with numerous opportunities for residents to participate in local events and activities.

The Sterling Woods community also echoes the appeal of Hickory Highland, offering residences that are nestled within a landscape designed to provide both beauty and privacy. Homes here are often accompanied by features such as bonus rooms and home offices, acknowledging the changing dynamics of work and play. The neighborhood is interconnected with walking paths and small parks, creating a friendly environment where neighbors can connect with nature and each other. Sterling Woods shares the commitment to a lifestyle that balances the tranquility of suburbia with the need for community engagement and accessible amenities.

Each of these neighborhoods upholds the standard of living found in Hickory Highland by offering quality construction, comfortable lifestyles, and a sense of community that is both welcoming and enduring. The residents of these areas value the combination of peaceful residential living with the convenience of nearby city amenities, and the careful planning of these communities reflects a dedication to maintaining a harmonious balance between private home life and public social engagement.

Food Scene

The dining scene near Hickory Highland is quite a treat! There's this little Italian place that's become a bit of a local legend—cozy atmosphere, homemade pasta that practically melts in your mouth, and, of course, their garlic bread is the talk of the town. It's the kind of spot where you'll see families celebrating milestones or couples lost in conversation over a candlelit dinner.

Then, for those times when you're looking for something a bit more laid-back, there's a barbecue joint just down the road where the scent of smoked meat hits you before you even walk through the door. It's nothing fancy, but that's the charm. The pulled pork is a masterpiece, and they've got a spicy sauce that's bold enough to make you sit up and pay attention. Plus, it's always packed during game days—people love to gather there, the energy's contagious!

And let's not forget about the coffee scene. There's a café nearby that's kind of become everyone's "third place." You'll find students typing away on their laptops, friends catching up, or maybe a poet scribbling in a notebook. Their coffee? Top-notch. But the real secret weapon? Their breakfast sandwiches—perfect for a quick bite on a busy morning or a lazy weekend brunch.

If you're feeling something exotic, there's a family-run Thai restaurant that's an adventure for the taste buds. The pad Thai is a classic, but if you're feeling adventurous, their green curry has just the right amount of kick. It's a warm, welcoming spot where the owners remember your name and your favorite dish.

Whether you're a foodie looking for your next culinary adventure or just need a quick bite to eat, the area around Hickory Highland's got a bit of everything. It's this mix of flavors and atmospheres that gives the neighborhood its culinary character—casual diners, charming cafes, and international cuisine, all within a stone's throw.


Just a short drive away, you can catch a baseball game that's perfect for family outings. The atmosphere is electric, especially on a night game when the stadium lights up and the air's just buzzing with cheers and the sound of popcorn popping.

And for the soccer fans, you wouldn't believe the energy at the local soccer club matches. It’s like the whole community comes alive, sporting the team colors and rallying behind every play. 

Now, if you're more into the arts scene, there's this fantastic performing arts center not too far out. They've got everything from Broadway tours that'll dazzle you with their spectacle to intimate jazz nights that have you snapping your fingers and tapping your feet. It's a great spot for a date night or an evening out with friends. The talent is always top-notch, and every seat feels like the best in the house.

And for the movie buffs, the local cinema is a gem. They do these cool retro movie nights where you can catch classics on the big screen. It's like stepping into a time machine, complete with the smell of buttery popcorn and the soft glow of the marquee. It's the kind of place where you run into your neighbors and end up chatting about the film long after the credits roll.

Weekends around here can be as chill or as thrilling as you want them to be. You might spend a Saturday exploring a family-friendly festival at the park, with live music that gets your feet moving, food trucks serving up all sorts of deliciousness, and craft booths where the local artisans blow your mind with their creativity. It's that kind of small-town feel with big-city entertainment—you get the best of both worlds near Hickory Highland.

Health and Wellness

The variety of health and wellness options we've got here near Hickory Highland—it's like this neighborhood was made with a healthy lifestyle in mind. For starters, there are these fitness centers that have everything from high-intensity interval training to zen-inducing yoga classes. There's one spot that's open 24/7, so even night owls can get their workout fix after hours. It's great because no matter your schedule, there's no excuse not to squeeze in a little sweat session.

Then there's the outdoorsy stuff, which is honestly hard to resist with all the natural beauty around. We've got trails that are just begging to be explored, whether you're on bike or lacing up your hiking boots. There's this one trail that winds around a lake, and it's a peaceful spot for a jog or a leisurely walk with your dog. It’s so serene, you can hear the birds chirping away as if they're cheering you on with every step.

If you're the type who prefers a more guided approach to wellness, you'll love the wellness centers and spas. Imagine this: after a long week, you book a massage, and when you walk in, the scent of essential oils fills the air, and the ambiance is just a blanket of calm. It's the kind of pampering that makes you forget all about that pile of paperwork on your desk.

And you know, staying healthy isn't just about exercise—it's about what you eat, too. The farmers' markets around here? A treasure trove of fresh fruits, veggies, and homemade goods. There's something about meeting the folks who grow your food that just makes it taste better. Plus, picking up a batch of organic honey or some artisanal cheese from the local vendors feels good on so many levels.

For those who like a side of socializing with their wellness, the community health events are where it's at. You could join a weekend charity run, where it seems like the whole neighborhood shows up to support a good cause and break a sweat together. Or you might find yourself at a health fair learning about nutrition, getting a quick check-up, and even discovering meditation techniques—all right here in our backyard.

Around Hickory Highland, staying on top of your health and wellness feels like a part of the local culture. It’s just woven into the fabric of how people live—active, aware, and always looking out for each other. It's a community vibe that's all about living well and feeling great.

Outdoor Lifestyle

There's a park nearby where the greenery is just lush, and it's got these walking paths that zigzag through it, perfect for when you want to clear your head and get some fresh air. On any given day, you'll see families picnicking, kids running around playing tag—it's that idyllic spot you see in movies where the whole community comes to unwind.

And, for the water enthusiasts, there's a lake not too far out that's a total hotspot when the weather heats up. People love to go kayaking or paddleboarding there, and honestly, there's nothing like the peace you feel when you're out on the water. Plus, the fishing! If you're patient enough, you might just catch a whopper to brag about.

If you're more into the adventure side of things, the mountain biking trails around here are some kind of wonderful. There's this one trail that's got a bit of everything—some challenging spots that'll get your adrenaline pumping and some easier stretches where you can just enjoy the wind in your hair. It's a favorite for the local thrill-seekers and even attracts some out-of-towners.

Now, for a slower pace, the community gardens are this little slice of heaven. You'll find neighbors tending to their plots, growing everything from tomatoes to tulips. It's like this communal effort where everyone's digging in the dirt, sharing tips, and at the end of the season, maybe even swapping veggies. It's all about that homegrown goodness.

And we can't forget about the little ones. The playgrounds here are top-notch, with safe, modern equipment that kids just love. You'll see parents chatting away while the kids are climbing up the jungle gyms or swooshing down the slides. It's those simple joys, you know?

The outdoor lifestyle here near Hickory Highland—it's active, it's scenic, and it's got a little something for everyone. Whether you're all about relaxing in nature's lap or getting your heartbeat racing with excitement, it's right here waiting for you.


The public schools in the area have a strong community vibe. Teachers know their students by name and not just by their grades, you know? There's this one elementary school where the annual science fair turns into a neighborhood event. Kids come up with the most creative projects, and it's like every year they raise the bar a little higher.

Then there's the high school where the football games are the Friday night place to be. It's not just about the game; it's a community gathering. Parents, students, and even alumni come out to support the team. And it's not just sports — their arts programs are on point too. They put on plays and musicals that could rival the professional stage.

For those who prefer private education, there are some real gems with curriculums that range from rigorous academic programs to those that include a more holistic approach. There's a private school that's not just about hitting the books hard; they put a big emphasis on character development and leadership skills. It's the kind of place where students aren't just prepared for college; they're prepared for life.

What's also cool is that there are specialty schools for the arts and sciences, really providing tailored education options. Like, if you have a kid who's into robotics or coding, there's a school that specializes in STEM subjects and they get to do the neatest projects — we're talking building robots and stuff. And for the aspiring Picassos and Frida Kahlos, there's an arts academy where it's all about fostering that creative spark.

Even for the littlest ones, there are some great preschools where learning is all about play and discovery. It's adorable to see how these schools turn learning the ABCs and 123s into an adventure. They come home with the cutest crafts and the biggest smiles.

Around here, education is seen as more than just learning; it's about building a solid foundation for the future. Whether parents are looking for public or private, arts or sciences, there's something that fits just right. It's about giving kids the tools they need to succeed and the confidence to reach for the stars.

Shopping and Retail

When it comes to shopping around Hickory Highland, there's no shortage of places to give your wallet a bit of a workout. There's this one shopping center that's practically a beehive of activity any day of the week. You've got your big-name stores where you can pick up the latest fashion or that gadget you've been eyeing for weeks. It's like a one-stop shop for everything on your list.

But it's not all about the big guys; there are these adorable boutiques tucked away that are just brimming with personality. You'll find handmade jewelry that's perfect for that special someone, or maybe even a little something for yourself. And the shop owners are always up for a chat – they have stories that are just as unique as their merchandise.

Need groceries? The local markets have got you covered. From your everyday essentials to those hard-to-find ingredients for a new recipe you want to try out, it's all there. There's even a spot that specializes in organic and locally sourced products. You can literally taste the difference when you're chopping up veggies that were in the ground just a few days ago.

And then, if you're like me and you love a good treasure hunt, the antique shops around here are like a playground. You can spend hours sifting through vintage knick-knacks and retro decor. It's amazing what you can find – a vinyl record from your favorite band in the '70s, or a rocking chair that reminds you of your grandma's house.

After a day of hitting the shops, there are plenty of cozy coffee shops and eateries to rest your feet and refuel. You can grab a cappuccino and a slice of homemade pie and just watch the world go by. Or if you've worked up a real appetite, there are restaurants right there waiting to serve up a delicious meal.

Whether you're out for a leisurely day of window shopping or on a serious mission to find the perfect outfit for a night out, the shopping scene near Hickory Highland has something for everyone. It's all about variety, convenience, and those unique finds that you just won't get anywhere else.

Business and Economy

First off, there's this healthcare hub that’s really thriving. With a couple of medical centers and specialty clinics sprinkled around, it’s not just great for taking care of the community's health, but it also offers a ton of jobs to local folks. From doctors to receptionists, it's like a whole ecosystem in itself.

There's the education sector, which is quite a big deal here too. Schools and educational institutions are one of the top employers. Teachers, administrative staff, and support personnel — they all contribute to shaping the young minds of Hickory Highland. And let's not forget the tech and software companies that are popping up, giving Silicon Valley a run for its money. It's not just about coding and programming; these places are incubators for innovation and are pulling in some seriously bright sparks to the area.

And have you seen the retail giants around? Yeah, they're like the pillars of the shopping scene here. They not only make sure our pantries and closets are well-stocked but also keep a lot of the community employed. Plus, the smaller, family-owned businesses add that personal touch to the economy. You know, the mom-and-pop restaurants, the corner stores, the local garages — they're the soul of the town and keep the local dollars circulating.

And we can't overlook the manufacturing side of things. There are a few industrial facilities on the outskirts where they make everything from auto parts to packaging materials. It's pretty cool, actually — there's a sense of pride in producing things that are used all over the country, maybe even beyond.

The mix of businesses and industries near Hickory Highland is pretty solid, and it feels like there's a real sense of purpose to keep the local economy buzzing. It’s not just about making a living here; it's about making a life, and these businesses, big and small, are the backbone of that lifestyle.

Hotels and Lodging

We've got a variety of spots that'll make you feel right at home, even when you're away from yours. Take the hotels here, for instance. Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, they've got you covered with all the comfy beds and fluffy pillows you could ask for. And the best part? They're situated so you're never too far from the local action — you can jump right into exploring without skipping a beat.

Now, if you're after something a bit more quaint, you should see the bed and breakfast options. They're like these cozy little nooks tucked away in the loveliest corners. The hosts at these places are the kind of people who'll remember your name and how you like your coffee in the morning. They'll serve up a homemade breakfast that'll have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. It's that personal touch that turns a simple stay into a special experience.

And let's not forget the boutique inns that sprinkle their own unique charm. Each room is different, so every visit feels exclusive, almost like you're in on a little secret. Plus, these places often have the most picturesque settings — think gardens that are a riot of colors and porches that beckon you to sit down with a good book for hours.

For those who love the road-trip vibe and have a caravan in tow, there are RV parks that offer a slice of adventure with all the amenities you need. It's pretty cool to meet fellow travelers around a campfire and exchange stories under the starlit sky.

Whether you're here for a night or a longer haul, the hospitality near Hickory Highland makes sure you've got a comfortable place to lay your head. It's all about Southern hospitality around these parts, and whether you prefer the predictability of a hotel or the charm of a B&B, you'll leave with good memories and, likely, a few new friends.

Travel and Transportation

The closest airport is not too far off, which is super convenient. We're talking about Nashville International Airport, and it's close enough that you won't need to set your alarm too early to catch that morning flight, but just far enough away that you won't be bothered by the sound of planes flying overhead all day and night. It's a win-win, really. And this isn't just any old airport – it's got all the big carriers, so whether you're flying cross-country or hopping on an international flight, you're pretty much covered.

Now, about getting around town — public transportation here is on the up and up. There are bus lines that run through the area, and they're quite reliable. It's a straightforward way to get to the major shopping areas, the downtown hub, or even to some of the lovely parks and outdoor spaces around. For those who prefer to ride in style, there's a variety of ride-sharing options available. You know, just a couple of taps on your phone and voila, you've got a ride that'll take you right to your doorstep or wherever you need to be.

And for the folks who like to plan a little green into their travel, you'll be happy to know bike-sharing programs are gaining traction around here. It's a healthy and eco-friendly way to zip around, plus you get to enjoy the scenery a bit more than you would from behind a car window.

Whether you're just visiting or you call Hickory Highland home, getting to the airport for a last-minute getaway or just exploring the town is pretty darn effortless. You've got options, from the trusty bus routes to a quick car ride, and let's not forget those bikes – it's all about what suits your fancy on any given day.