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Clover Glen, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale June 24, 2024
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Clover Glen Homes

The homes in Clover Glen, Antioch, TN, exude a sense of modern charm blended with practical design, appealing to a wide range of homeowners. The architectural styles predominantly feature traditional and craftsman influences, with brick and stone facades that contribute to a timeless aesthetic. These single-family homes often boast open-concept interiors, providing residents with spacious living areas that seamlessly connect to well-appointed kitchens and dining spaces, perfect for family gatherings and entertainment.

The attention to detail in these homes can be seen in the custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, and granite countertops that have become a standard in Clover Glen’s residences. Energy efficiency is also at the forefront of design here, with many homes equipped with advanced insulation, programmable thermostats, and double-paned windows, reflecting a community-wide commitment to sustainability.

Clover Glen Homes

Landscaping within Clover Glen is thoughtfully maintained, featuring manicured lawns and gardens that enhance the curb appeal of each residence. The community’s dedication to natural beauty is evident in the common green spaces and park-like settings that provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. These areas serve as communal hubs where neighbors can connect and children can play in a safe environment.

Beyond the individual homes, Clover Glen presents a tight-knit community atmosphere that is both welcoming and active. The community pool and clubhouse are centers of activity during the warmer months, fostering a social environment where families and friends can come together. Regular community events and activities are a testament to the neighborly spirit that permeates this suburb.

Safety and convenience are also top priorities in Clover Glen. The neighborhood benefits from being part of a growing area in Antioch that has seen significant investment in infrastructure and services. Access to quality schools, healthcare facilities, and local shopping centers adds to the daily convenience for residents, making it an ideal place for those looking to settle in a community that balances suburban tranquility with urban amenities. The proximity to downtown Nashville, just a short drive away, offers the excitement and cultural richness of the city while allowing residents to retreat to the peacefulness of their suburban homes.

The community's location in Antioch means residents are never far from outdoor recreational activities. The nearby parks and lakes offer a bounty of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, fishing, and boating, making Clover Glen not just a place to live, but a gateway to the greater natural wonders of Tennessee. This connection to the outdoors, along with the community’s many attributes, weaves a compelling narrative of a neighborhood that is not only a collection of homes but a cohesive and flourishing community.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Clover Glen, Antioch, TN, several neighborhoods offer a similar blend of affordability, contemporary construction, and an inviting lifestyle, creating a collective appeal for prospective homeowners in the region. One such area is the Cambridge Forest community, which features homes that mirror the modern yet classic architectural design found in Clover Glen. Like its neighbor, Cambridge Forest boasts well-crafted homes with a mix of stone and siding exteriors that evoke a sense of both durability and style. The interiors of these homes often highlight the desirable open floor plans and include features like hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances, and spacious master suites that cater to a comfortable and upscale living experience.

Another comparable community is Autumn Glen, which offers a lifestyle focused on family-friendly living with amenities that complement those in Clover Glen. Here, residents enjoy a variety of shared spaces including playgrounds and picnic areas that are conducive to community engagement and outdoor activities. The homes in Autumn Glen are designed with a nod to energy efficiency and modern living, featuring the latest in home technology and comfort.

Bradford Hills Homes

Bradford Hills presents another alternative within a similar price bracket, where homes are constructed with an emphasis on space and convenience. Neighborhoods like Bradford Hills are characterized by their welcoming streetscapes and homes with ample yard space, offering a sense of privacy and personal outdoor enjoyment. The community is well-established, providing a stable and secure environment that echoes the peaceful ambiance of Clover Glen.

Oak Highlands is yet another neighboring community where the price points align closely with those in Clover Glen. The homes here showcase a variety of designs that appeal to diverse tastes, from contemporary to more traditional looks, while still encompassing the spacious layouts and luxury finishes that residents seek. Oak Highlands also promotes a lifestyle of ease and accessibility, with many homes featuring smart home technology and community-designed events that encourage neighborly relations.

The Summerfield community stands as a testament to the appeal of suburban living within reach of metropolitan Nashville. Here, residents enjoy similar benefits to those in Clover Glen, including community pools, open green spaces, and the assurance of living in a well-maintained neighborhood. The homes are built with a focus on family living, featuring multiple bedrooms, large living areas, and kitchens that become the heart of the home, much like those in Clover Glen.

Each of these communities embodies the spirit of comfortable suburban living while maintaining close ties to the conveniences and vibrant culture of Nashville. The homes are tailored to those seeking a harmonious balance between modern living and a welcoming community atmosphere, underpinned by quality construction and thoughtful design.

Food Scene

If you're considering a move to Clover Glen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the smorgasbord of dining options in Antioch that can satisfy just about any craving you might have. There's this little hole-in-the-wall spot called Las Americas, which is like a treasure trove for anyone who loves authentic Latin American cuisine. The pupusas and tamales are absolutely to die for. It's casual, but the flavors are anything but ordinary – it's the kind of place where you want to bring friends so you can all 'ooh' and 'aah' over the dishes together.

For those evenings when you're feeling something Asian, you can't go wrong with a visit to GoGo Sushi. It's one of those unassuming places in a strip mall that might not catch your eye at first glance, but once you try their sushi rolls and bento boxes, you'll be marking it as a favorite spot. It’s got that laid-back vibe where you can just unwind after a long day, and the prices are pretty wallet-friendly too.

And you know, every neighborhood has that one spot where everyone just knows your name, and around Clover Glen, it's probably going to be Angie's Diner. It's got that classic Americana vibe with a side of Southern hospitality. People head there for the all-day breakfast because who doesn't love pancakes for dinner, right? Plus, their biscuits and gravy are the kind of comfort food that'll have you planning your next visit before you’ve even left the parking lot.

For those nights when you’re out for a date or celebrating a special occasion, there's this quaint Italian place, Olive Garden. Yes, it's a chain, but the breadsticks are endless, the salads are fresh, and their pasta dishes never disappoint. It's got a warm atmosphere that can make any casual dinner feel a little more special.

You can't talk about dining in Antioch without mentioning a barbecue joint, and Whitt's Barbecue is just the ticket for those smoked meat cravings. Whether you swear by ribs or pulled pork is your jam, this place will have you covered. It’s got that low-key picnic vibe, and let’s be real – the aroma of barbecue is like the unofficial soundtrack of the South.

Whether you're looking for something quick and delicious, or a sit-down meal to savor, the area around Clover Glen has a dining scene that's as diverse and welcoming as the community itself.


It's not just for those who want to channel their inner ice-skating Olympian; they've got all sorts of events, from public skates to hockey games. It's the kind of place where you can go for a laugh with friends, holding onto the edge for dear life, or watching little ones get their first taste of the ice.

And for those days when you're feeling the pull of live music, Nashville isn't called Music City for nothing, and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away. You can catch big-name acts and up-and-coming artists at spots like the Grand Ole Opry. I mean, you haven't truly experienced Nashville without some live country tunes, and the Opry's where it's at. Even if country's not your thing, there's a genre for everyone in Nashville. Jazz, rock, indie – you name it, they've got it.

But let's talk sports, because if you're moving to this neck of the woods, you've got to get behind our teams. You could catch the Titans playing football at the Nissan Stadium on a crisp fall day, or if you're more about the indoor sports scene, the Predators’ hockey games are electrifying. The energy in Bridgestone Arena is always through the roof – it's contagious, even if you don't know a puck from a duck.

For families or just the young at heart, a trip to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a fantastic day out. It's a place where you can get up close with kangaroos, which, let's be real, is pretty cool. Plus, they've got all sorts of events throughout the year, from Boo at the Zoo around Halloween to magical Christmas lights in the winter.

Whether you're a sports fanatic, a music enthusiast, or just looking for a good time with family, there's always something brewing around Clover Glen. It's one of the perks of living so close to a city brimming with energy – you get that cozy suburban feel with all the entertainment perks of urban life just a short drive away.

Health and Wellness

For anyone looking to keep their health and wellness game strong, Clover Glen's neighborhood has got you covered. First off, there's this amazing little trail at Mill Creek Greenway. It's perfect for when you want to lace up your sneakers and go for a run, a bike ride, or just a leisurely walk with your dog. The greenery is gorgeous, especially in the fall – it's like Mother Nature's own stress relief.

And if you're the type who prefers weights to walking, you've got options. There's a gym, I believe it's called Planet Fitness, just a stone's throw away. It's one of those places where it doesn't matter if you're a gym buff or a newbie; everyone's just doing their own thing. Plus, they're open 24/7, so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, you can fit in your workout routine whenever.

For those who are into the whole mind-body connection, there's a yoga studio downtown that’s just divine. It's got all these different classes, from intense hot yoga that’ll have you sweating buckets to gentle flows that are all about finding your inner peace. People come out of there looking so serene; you can tell they're just floating on a cloud of Zen.

Don't forget about the foodies committed to clean eating. The local farmers' market is a gem for fresh, organic produce. I'm talking juicy tomatoes, crisp greens – all the good stuff that makes you feel like a health guru as you're whipping up your next meal. It's not just the freshness but knowing you’re supporting local farmers, which kind of nourishes the soul, too, you know?

And if you're ever feeling under the weather, or just need some advice on living a healthier lifestyle, there's no shortage of health professionals around. From chiropractors and physiotherapists to wellness clinics, you've got support for your well-being at every corner.

Living near Clover Glen, it's like the community's tapped into this wholesome vibe where life is all about balance. Whether you're jogging under the canopy of trees, saluting the sun in a yoga studio, or munching on veggies from the farmers' market, it's all about feeling good and living better. It's not just a place to live; it's a place to thrive.

Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the sweetest deals about living near Clover Glen is that you're never too far from a bit of greenery or a spot to soak up some sun. Let's chat about Ford Ice Center for a sec – sure, it's indoors, but it's ice, and that means year-round skating. It’s kind of awesome to think you can enjoy a winter sport even when Tennessee is turning up the heat outside.

But when it comes to actual parks, you've got to check out the local favorite, Cane Ridge Park. It's the kind of place where you can kick a soccer ball around, throw a Frisbee, or just sit and relax with a good book under a shady tree. They've even got a pretty sweet disc golf course if you want to try your hand at something new, and the walking trails? Perfect for getting your steps in with a view.

Then there's the Mill Creek Greenway I mentioned before. It’s this lush, green space that weaves through the area – seriously, it's like a green ribbon that ties the community together. People go there to jog, walk their dogs, or just clear their head with a bit of nature therapy. It's this slice of wilderness right in our backyard, and it's the perfect escape from the daily grind.

If you're up for a little adventure, you could always take a short drive out to Radnor Lake State Park. It's a bit of a trek, but oh boy, is it worth it. The wildlife there is incredible – we're talking deer, otters, birds of prey, and if you're really lucky, you might spot an owl. The hiking trails range from super chill to a decent workout, so no matter your fitness level, there's a path for you.

And it's not just about the land, either. The nearby Percy Priest Lake is this massive playground for anyone who loves water sports. You can go boating, fishing, or even stand-up paddleboarding if you're feeling balanced. It's a hot spot in the summer when everyone's itching to cool off and have some fun on the water.

So if you're the outdoorsy type or maybe just trying to be, Clover Glen's location is pretty prime. Whether you're all about those active vibes or just want to lounge in the great outdoors, there's a little something for everyone. It’s all about that fresh air and Vitamin D – nature’s own little health boost.


The public schools in the area are a part of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, which is known for its commitment to student growth and community engagement. Parents who opt for public education appreciate the accessibility and diversity of these schools, as they provide a snapshot of the real world, preparing students to navigate a variety of social settings and cultural backgrounds.

On the other hand, Clover Glen's proximity to a number of private schools offers an alternative for families seeking more specialized curriculums or smaller class sizes. These private institutions often boast a strong emphasis on individual student attention, a particular educational philosophy, or religious affiliation, catering to families who prioritize specific learning environments or values in their children's education. While these schools require tuition, many parents find the investment worthwhile for the tailored experience they offer.

The dichotomy of public and private options in Clover Glen essentially provides a broad spectrum for education, allowing parents to choose paths that align closely with their expectations and their children’s needs. Whether it’s the comprehensive programs of the public schools or the intimate settings of the private, the focus remains on providing quality education, fostering environments where students can thrive academically and socially.

Shopping and Retail

Just a stone's throw away, the Global Mall at the Crossings offers a multitude of stores that provide residents with a blend of national brands and local boutiques. This mall, with its inviting atmosphere, has become a popular destination for those looking to satisfy their retail cravings or just enjoy a day out with family and friends.

For daily necessities, Clover Glen is conveniently situated near several supermarkets and big-box retailers, ensuring that residents don't have to venture far for their groceries or home essentials. From fresh produce to the latest electronics, these stores offer a practical and accessible shopping experience. Moreover, the area's local markets are a hit among residents, providing a taste of Antioch's local produce and artisanal products. These markets not only support the community's economy but also offer a chance to shop local, which is a growing preference for many residents.

Clover Glen's retail scene is complemented by a variety of dining options that range from fast food to fine dining, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal after a day of shopping. The presence of both chain restaurants and unique local eateries means that every palate can find something to savor. With shopping and dining so interlinked in the area, it's not uncommon to find residents spending an entire day exploring the stores and then unwinding at one of the many restaurants that dot the neighborhood.

Business and Economy

Clover Glen in Antioch is surrounded by a diverse economic landscape that's buoyed by a mix of businesses and industries, each contributing to the vibrant local economy. The area has seen a growth spurt in recent years, attracting a variety of industries from healthcare to manufacturing. Healthcare, in particular, has a strong presence, with several medical centers and clinics dotting the vicinity, providing employment to many residents while also ensuring the community's access to quality healthcare services.

Manufacturing and distribution also play significant roles, with industrial parks nearby that house facilities for both national and international companies. These hubs are pivotal, offering jobs in production, logistics, and engineering, which in turn fuels the local economy. Notably, the automotive industry has a foothold here as well, with some auto parts manufacturers choosing the area for their operations, attracted by Antioch's strategic location and growing workforce.

The retail sector is another key player in Antioch’s economic tapestry. The bustling retail centers and malls aren't just shopping destinations; they're also employment hubs and essential for the local service economy. In addition to this, there's a burgeoning scene for small businesses and startups, particularly in the technology sector, which adds a dynamic and modern layer to the area's traditional economic pillars. This mix of industries and business sizes creates a robust job market and contributes to the overall prosperity of Clover Glen and its surroundings, making it an attractive place for both professionals and families.

Hotels and Lodging

Visitors to Clover Glen in Antioch, TN, have a decent array of choices when it comes to finding a place to stay, ranging from the convenience of hotels to the charm of bed and breakfast accommodations. The area’s hotels offer a variety of amenities that cater to both business and leisure travelers. These establishments are known for their Southern hospitality, ensuring that whether you're in town for a meeting or just passing through, you're met with a warm welcome and a comfortable room.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, the bed and breakfast options are a nod to the quaintness of Antioch. These smaller, often family-run spots provide a cozy stay, with home-cooked meals and the opportunity to get to know your hosts and fellow travelers. It's the kind of place where you're likely to learn about the local area over a cup of coffee and a homemade biscuit in the morning, getting tips on the best spots to visit straight from the locals.

The presence of vacation rentals and lodges adds another layer to the local lodging scene. They are perfect for visitors who prefer a more homelike environment or are staying for an extended period. These lodgings often feature more space and facilities like kitchens, making them ideal for families or groups. So, whether you're here for a short stay or a longer retreat, Clover Glen's array of accommodations ensures there's a comfortable bed for every type of traveler.

Travel and Transportation

The journey to the closest airport is quite straightforward. Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the nearest major airport, and it's conveniently located just a short drive away. This makes it relatively stress-free for residents and visitors alike to plan their air travel, whether it's for a business trip, a family holiday, or friends just flying in for a visit. The convenience of having an airport within such close proximity means last-minute trips are far less of a hassle, and the dreaded airport commute is hardly a worry.

When it comes to getting around the area, public transportation options are available, offering residents and visitors alike an alternative to driving. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates bus services that connect Antioch to various parts of Nashville, including downtown. It's a boon for those who work in the city or for anyone planning a day out to explore the sights and sounds of Music City. Buses are fairly frequent, and the routes are designed to serve the major points of interest, as well as providing a vital link to the commercial and business districts.

In addition to the buses, ride-sharing services are quite popular and readily available, offering a more private mode of transportation. They complement the public transport system, providing a good option for those times when the bus schedules don't align with travel plans, or for destinations that are off the main routes. For the residents of Clover Glen, these transportation options contribute to the ease of living in this community, connecting them efficiently to the wider region and beyond.