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Cherry Hills, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale

Cherry Hills, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale July 15, 2024
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Cherry Hills Homes

Nestled in the heart of Antioch, TN, Cherry Hills stands out as a residential jewel that embodies the warmth and friendliness of suburban living. The homes here present a harmonious blend of traditional charm and modern practicality, catering to a diverse range of tastes and needs. Architecturally, one can find a variety of styles ranging from classic ranch-style homes that hearken back to the simplicity of mid-century design to more contemporary two-story constructions that feature the latest in home design trends. These houses often boast generous square footage, accommodating families of various sizes. The meticulously manicured lawns and gardens that often surround these properties speak to the pride residents take in their community.

The interiors of Cherry Hills homes reflect a thoughtful consideration for comfortable living, with features such as open-plan kitchens, hardwood floors, and master suites with walk-in closets becoming commonplace. Many homes also include bespoke additions like sunrooms, which allow for an abundance of natural light and provide a seamless transition to the outdoor living spaces. These homes are not just structures but are crafted to support a lifestyle that cherishes both privacy and community engagement.

Cherry Hills Homes

Beyond the borders of individual properties, Cherry Hills offers an environment that is rich in community amenities. The neighborhood prides itself on its green spaces, with several parks and recreational areas where children can play and adults can relax or engage in fitness activities. This emphasis on shared spaces promotes a sense of togetherness among the residents, further strengthened by organized community events throughout the year.

The sense of community extends beyond leisure, with Cherry Hills benefiting from a convenient location that offers easy access to local schools, shopping centers, and dining options. Education is a priority, and the neighborhood is served by schools that boast strong reputations, ensuring that young residents receive a quality education within close proximity to their homes. Shopping and dining options cater to both quick conveniences and finer tastes, with local businesses and larger chains standing side by side to serve the community.

Security and tranquility are also top priorities in Cherry Hills, with the neighborhood exhibiting lower-than-average crime rates for the area. This peaceful atmosphere is upheld by active neighborhood associations and community watch programs that work in concert with local law enforcement to maintain safety and order. The result is a neighborhood where residents feel secure to enjoy evening strolls and children play outside with a sense of freedom.

The convergence of home comfort, community spirit, and a safe, welcoming environment creates a unique living experience. This neighborhood doesn't just offer houses; it provides homes that are the foundation for lives filled with growth, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Cherry Hills, neighborhoods such as Cedarbrook and Autumn Glen echo the same commitment to quality living, harmoniously blending affordability with the amenities desired by contemporary homeowners. Cedarbrook, with its neat rows of brick-fronted homes, offers a semblance of Cherry Hills' warmth and familial charm. The construction within this enclave typically features multi-story dwellings that are grounded in traditional aesthetics but do not eschew modernity, often incorporating energy-efficient appliances and smart home technologies that appeal to the environmentally conscious and tech-savvy homeowner.

Autumn Glen radiates a sense of community that is intertwined with the comfort of suburban life. The homes are crafted with attention to detail, boasting features such as spacious living areas, updated kitchens, and professionally landscaped yards. Like Cherry Hills, Autumn Glen provides a variety of designs that suit both new families and those seeking to upgrade to a larger space, making it a versatile neighborhood that appeals to a wide demographic.

Cedarbrook Homes

The lifestyle in these neighborhoods is centered around community connectivity and convenience, much like in Cherry Hills. Recreational parks, jogging trails, and community centers serve as hubs for neighborhood gatherings and family activities. The streets are lined with mature trees and well-tended flower beds, showcasing the residents' pride in their community and their collective efforts to maintain its beauty.

Education remains a focal point in these areas, with access to reputable schools that stand as pillars of the community. Parents in Cedarbrook and Autumn Glen value the close-knit relationships formed through school activities and the shared focus on educational excellence. This common priority acts as another thread weaving these communities closely together, creating bonds among families that are just as tight as the ones found in Cherry Hills.

Retail and dining experiences near these neighborhoods provide a mix of local charm and national brands, offering residents convenience without the need to travel far from home. Shopping districts and farmers' markets are common weekend destinations, offering a taste of local produce and goods that emphasize the regions' support for local businesses and sustainable living practices.

Safety and community wellbeing are palpable, with residents in Cedarbrook and Autumn Glen enjoying the peace of mind that comes with living in areas known for low crime rates and active neighborhood watches. The sense of security in these communities is palpable, fostering an environment where children's laughter fills the air into the early evening, and neighbors feel comfortable sharing more than just a passing wave.

These neighborhoods offer a symphony of suburban living, where each individual community maintains its unique character while harmonizing with the overarching theme of accessible, comfortable, and secure family living. They represent a collective image of what home means to the residents—a place of refuge, of growth, and of enduring connections.

Food Scene

If you're around Cherry Hills, you're in for a treat when it comes to dining! It's like every corner has something delicious to offer. You know, there's this one place, a little family-owned Italian joint, that's a total gem. The owners are always there, greeting customers. And they've got this garden patio — you wouldn't believe you're in the middle of Antioch while you're sipping on their homemade sangria there.

And then there's the barbecue spot that's a straight-up institution in these parts. People drive from all over Nashville just to get their hands on those smoked ribs. The sauce is the secret, they say. It's got that tangy kick, but with a bit of sweetness, too. Plus, the sides are as much of a main attraction as the meats. We're talking creamy mac 'n' cheese, collard greens that are the real deal, and cornbread that's the perfect mix of crumbly and moist.

You can't forget about the breakfast cafes, either. There's one that's a hit with the early morning crowd — pancakes as big as your head, and the coffee's always piping hot. It's got this retro vibe that feels like a step back in time, and the waitstaff remembers your name and your order after just a couple of visits.

For something a bit more upscale, there's a seafood place that could give any downtown Nashville restaurant a run for its money. The chefs there, they work wonders with the catch of the day. Whether it's grilled, seared, or rolled into some sushi, it's fresh as can be. Plus, they've got an outdoor seating area that's perfect for those balmy Tennessee nights.

And hey, if you're just looking for a quick bite, there's no shortage of spots. There are these food trucks that park around the shopping centers — one serves tacos that are just... wow. You can smell the cilantro and lime from a block away. And for something sweet, there's an ice cream parlor that makes everything in-house. Even their waffle cones are made right there in front of you.

You could eat out every night for a month near Cherry Hills and not get bored — there's just that much variety. From down-home cooking to flavors from all around the world, this neighborhood's got all your cravings covered.


Around Cherry Hills, there's no chance of you getting bored on the weekends — or any day of the week, really. So, you've got this state-of-the-art movie theater just down the road that's always showing the latest blockbusters. The seats are those big, plush ones that recline, and you can order an actual meal and a cold beer right to your seat. It's like you're in your living room, only way more awesome.

It's like a whole world of its own here. Whether it's high school football or a local soccer game, the community really rallies behind their teams. The energy at those games — it's electric. There's this local baseball field where you can catch a game under the lights, and it's got this old-school vibe that's just so cool. Peanuts, crackerjacks, the whole nine yards.

Then there's the annual events that you don't wanna miss. The county fair comes every summer with rides that'll have you dropping your cotton candy in excitement. Plus, they've got live music — and not just cover bands, but real up-and-comers from Nashville. It's like getting a sneak-peek at the next big thing.

And if you're into live performances, there's this little theater that puts on everything from Shakespeare to musicals. The talent is unbelievable — you'll be scratching your head wondering why these folks aren't on Broadway. It's this intimate setting where you're so close to the stage, you can see every expression on the actors' faces.

On a quiet night, there's something special about just heading to one of the local parks. They've got these outdoor concerts in the summer — jazz, classical, you name it. You bring a blanket, a picnic, and just lay back under the stars listening to tunes. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long week.

Around here, whether you're all about the adrenaline rush of sports or more into kicking back with some culture, you're covered. It's like every week there's something new popping up on the calendar.

Health and Wellness

Right off the bat, there's this amazing trail that weaves through the area — perfect for those who love to start their day with a run, or even for a leisurely evening walk to wind down. And the views? Stunning, especially when the sun starts to set. It's always nice to see familiar faces out there, kind of gives you that little extra push to keep moving.

Now, if you're the kind of person who likes a bit more structure to your workout, there are gyms around here that range from no-frills weightlifting spots to high-end fitness centers with all the bells and whistles. They've got all these classes too. Yoga, spin, Pilates — it's all there. The instructors are super motivating, and they've got this infectious energy that makes you want to go the extra mile, even on days when you're not feeling it 100%.

And let's not forget about the food. You can't have wellness without talking about eating right, right? There are these awesome health food stores that source local, organic produce, and they've even got those hard-to-find superfoods if you're into that. Plus, the smoothie bars! You'll find some of the best green smoothies you've ever had — no joke. They're like a meal and a health kick all in one.

For a little self-care, there are some top-notch spas and wellness centers around. Whether you're looking for a massage to work out the kinks after a workout, or maybe an acupuncture session to balance things out, you've got options. And, of course, there are the mental health professionals and chiropractors — all part of the whole body-and-mind wellness vibe we've got going on here.

But you know, what I think really sets this area apart is the sense of community in our approach to health and wellness. There are all these wellness events — 5K runs for charity, weekend yoga in the park, even community garden programs. It's like everyone's looking out for each other, making sure we're all living our best lives, staying healthy, and staying connected. 

Outdoor Lifestyle

There's this one park, with the most charming walking trails you could ask for. Whether you're out for a brisk morning jog or taking the pup for a stroll, it's just the ticket. And it's not uncommon to see folks out there with binoculars — birdwatching is kind of a big deal here with all the different species flitting about.

Now, if you're the type who prefers to get your hands a bit dirty, community gardening is big around here. There's a spot where locals can get a plot and grow anything from tomatoes to tulips. It's a great way to meet your neighbors, too. Nothing breaks the ice like sharing gardening tips over a row of fresh veggies.

For the kids, and honestly, adults who are still kids at heart, the playgrounds are top-notch. There are these sprawling wooden structures that look like they're straight out of a storybook. The little ones can spend hours on the slides and swings, and there's plenty of green space for picnics or a game of frisbee.

Then you've got the more adventurous options. There's a lake not too far off where you can go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. It's super peaceful out on the water, especially early in the morning. You might even spot some fish jumping or a family of ducks cruising by.

And here's a little insider tip — if you're up for a mini road trip, there's this state park within driving distance that's an absolute must-see. We're talking hiking trails for days, some with views that'll have you whipping out your phone for pictures every few minutes. And the rock climbing? It's some of the best in the area.

If you love being outside, there's no shortage of ways to soak up that Tennessee sunshine and fresh air around here. It's like the great outdoors is just another neighbor, always ready to hang out.


On the public school front, the local schools have a community vibe that's hard to beat. Teachers who not only know their stuff but actually live in the neighborhood — that's kind of the norm around here. It's not just about reading, writing, and arithmetic; they really get into the whole character-building thing, too.

Now, if you're leaning more towards private education, there's this quaint little school that's like something out of a movie. It's got the whole ivy-covered buildings thing going on, and small class sizes mean kids get attention like nowhere else. Plus, their arts program is something to rave about. We're talking theater productions that feel way too professional for a school play, and art classes where kids' creativity just explodes in the best way.

For the younger tots, the pre-schools around here have this nurturing atmosphere that's all about learning through play. Parents rave about the caring staff and how each kiddo is treated like one of their own. It's the kind of start you'd want for the little ones, where they're excited to go every morning and come home chattering about their day.

And for the high school crowd, the local high school is like a launchpad for the future. They've got a bunch of AP courses and extracurriculars that could make any college application shine. Sports, robotics, you name it — students get to dabble in all sorts of interests until they find their thing.

The neat part is, no matter where you land — public, private, somewhere in between — there's this overarching sense of pride in education within the community. The schools here are more than just buildings; they're like mini hubs of our little society. Parents are super involved, too. You'll see them volunteering for everything from bake sales to book fairs. It's this whole 'it takes a village' mentality, and honestly, it just works.

Shopping and Retail

You've got this one shopping center that's like the heart of retail therapy. It's not your run-of-the-mill mall; we're talking about a place where you can find everything from your big-name department stores to those quirky little shops that sell the kind of treasures you won't find anywhere else.

There's this one boutique I always hit up for gifts. You walk in, and it's like every item has a story, and the owner — she could chat with you for hours about the local artisans who make them. And if you’re after the latest trends, there’s a spot with the kind of window displays that pull you right in. You know the type, where you go in for a 'quick look' and walk out with bags on your arms.

If you're a bargain hunter, get ready to strike gold. There are a few discount outlets just a stone's throw away where you can snag those unbelievable deals. I'm talking high-end brands at prices that make you do a double-take. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of a map, you've got sale signs leading the way.

Then, for the weekly essentials, the grocery stores are aplenty. Whether you're all about that organic life or just after the standard fare, you'll find it all. There's even a farmer's market that pops up, where the tomatoes are so ripe they practically burst with flavor and the honey — it’s local, raw, and you'll want to put it on everything.

Shopping near Cherry Hills isn’t just about running errands — it’s an outing, an event, something you do with friends on a lazy afternoon. It's those little details, like the shop owner who remembers your name or the café tucked away in the corner of a bookstore, that make it special. It’s like no matter what you're in the mood to shop for, you’ll find a spot that feels like it was made just for that.

Business and Economy

For starters, there's this hub of healthcare facilities. With a couple of hospitals and numerous specialty clinics sprinkled around, it's not just the doctors and nurses keeping things humming. There are heaps of roles, from administration to tech support, that keep the lights on and the wheels turning. It's like a microcosm of the city itself, bustling and vibrant.

Then, you've got education as a cornerstone industry. Between the public schools, private institutions, and various learning centers, education employment is pretty robust. It's not just teaching jobs, either. Think about the support staff, the tech folks, and the administrative personnel — they're all part of the tapestry that supports the youth and the economy.

Of course, let's not forget the retail sector. With shopping centers and standalone stores galore, retail's a big player in the local job market. And it's not just sales jobs — there's a whole ecosystem, from supply chain logistics to marketing professionals, making sure those shop shelves aren't staying empty.

But what's interesting is the growth of small businesses and startups. It seems like every other week, there's a new boutique, a craft brewery, or a tech startup setting up shop. These places become more than businesses; they're part of the community's identity, and they're a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship. It's like there's this entrepreneurial spirit woven right into the fabric of the neighborhood.

You can't talk about business in Tennessee without tipping your hat to the music industry. Sure, Nashville gets the spotlight, but the ripple effect is felt strongly in the Cherry Hills area. From recording studios to music marketing firms, there's a beat of the music scene that keeps the local economy dancing along.

The economy here is kind of like a patchwork quilt. There are these larger industries that provide a backdrop, sure, but then there's this colorful array of smaller businesses and startups that add texture and depth to the local economic scene. It's this blend that keeps things interesting and the community thriving.

Hotels and Lodging

If you've got friends coming to town or you're just looking to have a little staycation near Cherry Hills, you've got options that'll make you feel right at home—or maybe even a bit pampered. There's this hotel chain that's pretty much got the comfy stay down to a science. We're talking fluffy pillows, the kind of mattresses that feel like a cloud, and a breakfast spread that could turn a morning person out of the most determined night owl.

But for those who prefer a homier touch, there are some bed and breakfast places that are just darling. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh scones baking and coffee brewing—yeah, that's the norm around here. These B&Bs are run by locals who have stories about Antioch that you won't find in any guidebook. They'll tell you about the best little fishing spot or the park that's got the perfect view for sunset gazing.

And if you're looking for something a bit more upscale, there's this boutique hotel a short drive away that’s got a vibe like no other. With decor that's a mix of modern and rustic, it's like staying in a Pinterest dream. Some of these places even offer spa services, so if you're in the mood for a massage after a day of exploring, you're all set.

For those longer stays or if you need more space, there are extended-stay hotels that give you that apartment-style living. You can cook your meals, which is always nice, especially if you're staying for a while and the novelty of dining out starts to wear thin. Plus, it's a chance to check out the local farmers' markets and whip up something fresh.

No matter where you stay, the one thing you'll notice is the Southern hospitality. It's like an unwritten rule around here that you treat visitors like family. So whether you're looking for luxury, charm, or just a cozy spot to rest your head, you'll find a place that fits just right. It’s all about feeling welcome and getting a good night's sleep so you can be ready to explore or take on the day's business with a smile.

Travel and Transportation

The closest airport is Nashville International, and it's just a straight shot away—no tricky back roads or anything. You could make it there in, say, about 20 minutes or so if the traffic gods are smiling down on you. And this isn't some tiny airstrip—we're talking a full-service airport with flights heading out to all the big cities you might want to visit.

For day-to-day travel, public transportation is pretty handy, too. The local bus service runs through the area, and while it might not be like catching the subway in New York City, it's reliable and will get you to the major spots without much fuss. It's a good option if you're not in the mood to hunt down parking downtown or if you're trying to be a bit greener in your daily routine.

If you're heading into the heart of Nashville or some of the surrounding areas, there's also a commuter train. It's a smooth ride and a favorite for those who want to skip out on traffic and chill with a podcast or catch up on emails before hitting the office. Plus, you get to avoid that rush-hour traffic, which, let's be honest, is the dream.

And let's not forget ride-sharing services, which are pretty much everywhere these days. A quick tap on your phone, and you can get a ride to wherever you need to go—airport, mall, downtown, you name it. It's perfect for those nights out or when you're running late and need someone else to take the wheel.

Whether you're a frequent flyer or just need to get around town, living in Cherry Hills means you've got options. You can zip over to the airport for a last-minute getaway or hop on the bus for a no-fuss trip to wherever you're headed. It's all about convenience and connectivity, which is exactly what you want in a neighborhood.