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Chelsea Village, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale

Chelsea Village, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale July 24, 2024
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Chelsea Village Homes

Nestled in the serene landscape of Antioch, TN, the homes in Chelsea Village offer residents a harmonious blend of suburban tranquility and modern living. The architectural designs within this community are a testament to thoughtful urban planning, featuring spacious single-family homes with a variety of floor plans that cater to the diverse needs of its inhabitants. The exteriors often boast a mix of brick and vinyl siding, which not only contributes to the aesthetic charm of the neighborhood but also promises durability and ease of maintenance.

The interiors of Chelsea Village homes reflect a contemporary approach to comfort and style. Many homes feature open-concept living areas, where natural light spills in through generous windows, highlighting the fine craftsmanship of the floors and the intricate details of the moldings. Kitchens are often at the heart of these homes, equipped with modern appliances, ample counter space, and sometimes, central islands that become a gathering spot for family and friends.

Chelsea Village Homes

The sense of community in Chelsea Village is palpable. Green spaces are meticulously maintained, offering a lush backdrop for the children's play areas and walking trails that meander through the neighborhood. These communal areas are not just amenities but social hubs where neighbors become friends, often gathering for impromptu picnics or community-organized events.

Safety and convenience are key characteristics that Chelsea Village does not compromise on. The streets are designed to be walkable, with sidewalks and street lighting enhancing the neighborhood's accessibility and security. Moreover, the proximity of the community to local schools, shopping centers, and medical facilities means that the essentials of daily life are just a stone's throw away.

The broader Antioch area enveloping Chelsea Village is a vibrant extension of the neighborhood's charm. With a rich tapestry of cultural and recreational activities, residents can enjoy everything from local eateries offering diverse cuisines to the nearby parks and lakes that serve as a retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This blend of home comforts and community vibrancy makes Chelsea Village a coveted destination for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Chelsea Village, Antioch, TN, there exists a constellation of neighborhoods that echo its appeal in price point, construction, and lifestyle. One such area is the quaint subdivision of Autumn Glen. Here, the homes resonate with the charm of Chelsea Village, featuring a mix of traditional and craftsman-style facades. These homes also offer a variety of floor plans, accommodating everything from growing families to downsizing couples. Autumn Glen prides itself on its communal spirit, much like Chelsea Village, where neighborhood gatherings and seasonal festivals reinforce the sense of belonging.

Another comparable community is the tranquil Oak Highlands, which mirrors the peaceful ambiance and cohesive architectural design seen in Chelsea Village. The homes here boast similar features such as attached garages, landscaped yards, and contemporary interiors with an emphasis on open spaces and modern conveniences. The residents of Oak Highlands value their community playgrounds and parks, fostering a family-friendly environment that appeals to those who appreciate the combination of outdoor living within a suburban setting.

Cedarbrook Homes

Not far from the serene enclaves of Chelsea Village lies the inviting neighborhood of Hickory Woods. This area rivals the quality of construction seen in Chelsea Village, with homes that are built to stand the test of time with their brick exteriors and thoughtfully designed interiors. The similarity in lifestyle is evident as Hickory Woods also promotes a close-knit community vibe through neighborhood block parties and well-attended homeowners association meetings, ensuring that the needs and interests of the residents are met and maintained.

The neighborhood of Cedarbrook also shares the suburban allure of Chelsea Village. With its competitively priced homes that do not skimp on quality, Cedarbrook attracts residents with its cul-de-sacs that minimize traffic and maximize safety, a priority for the families that settle here. The community is well-equipped with amenities such as pools and tennis courts, which serve as social and recreational centers, just as the common areas do in Chelsea Village.

In these neighborhoods, one can find a reflection of Chelsea Village’s balance between private living spaces and public communal areas, between the tranquility of suburbia and the convenience of urban amenities. Each neighborhood, with its own character, upholds the values of a community-centric lifestyle, ensuring that residents don't just find a house, but a home within a lively and supportive community.

Food Scene

Chelsea Village in Antioch, TN, is a locale where the aroma of food being cooked can often lead you on a mini culinary adventure, with a variety of dining options that cater to a range of taste buds and preferences. For those who lean towards the spicy and flavorful, there are several Mexican restaurants where the salsa is as fresh as the morning and the tacos are packed with authentic flavors. You'll find the chefs pride themselves on their traditional methods, and it's not uncommon to become a regular at these spots, as the waitstaff greet you by name and remember your order.

If you wander a bit further, you'll stumble upon some family-owned eateries that offer Southern comfort food that sticks to your ribs and warms your soul. These places often have a homely feel, with the scent of cornbread and barbecue mingling in the air, and laughter often fills the space as families gather to enjoy a meal together. The servers might recommend the fried chicken, a staple that's always crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and seasoned just right.

For those with a taste for the exotic, there are a few Asian restaurants where the chefs skillfully wield woks, and the air is tinged with the scent of sesame oil and soy. The dishes served are vibrant with color and flavor, featuring both well-known favorites like pad Thai or sushi rolls, and more traditional dishes for the adventurous diner. These spots are great for both a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, with décor that often includes intricate carvings and soft, ambient lighting.

And of course, for the busy bees, there are fast food joints and quick-service cafes that serve up everything from burgers to salads to wraps. They're the perfect stop for a quick bite, with menus that are designed to get you in and out in a snap. These places don't skimp on flavor either, and you'll often find they have their own special twist on classic fast food offerings.

The blend of sit-down restaurants, casual diners, and quick eats around Chelsea Village ensures that whether you're looking for a place to celebrate, a cozy spot for a date night, or just a quick meal on the go, you're never far from a satisfying dining experience. From the early hours of the morning, with cafes brewing robust coffee and dishing out hearty breakfasts, to the late-night spots serving up your favorite comfort food, the community's variety of restaurants means that you can find just the right place to satisfy your current craving.


If you're a fan of lively competition and sports, you might head down to the local community center on a weekend to catch a spirited game of basketball or a youth soccer match. The stands aren't huge, but the community pride certainly fills up the space. Neighbors cheer on local teams with the kind of enthusiasm that turns a simple game into an event to remember.

For those who appreciate a night filled with music and performances, there's a local theater that puts on everything from contemporary plays to classic musicals. It's not Broadway, but the passion of the performers under those bright stage lights often leaves the audience just as spellbound. People chat excitedly during intermissions about the scenes, and there's a sense of closeness as folks from all walks of life share an appreciation for the arts.

During certain times of the year, the fairgrounds just a short drive away come alive with events. Imagine the air filled with the sounds of local music festivals or the cheers from attendees at a food truck rally, each bite a new experience. The fair might roll into town too, bringing with it a carousel of lights and the smell of cotton candy and popcorn. It's the sort of place where teenagers dare each other onto thrilling rides while families enjoy the more gentle turns of a Ferris wheel, offering views of Antioch's skyline against the setting sun.

And let's not forget the sports aficionados, who find camaraderie at the sports bars and pubs on game nights. When the local or national teams play, these establishments are abuzz with fans clad in their favorite jerseys. The air is thick with anticipation, and every score or close call is met with either a collective cheer or groan. The sense of community is palpable, with strangers high-fiving and friends debating the plays of the game over a pint and some wings.

In the greater Antioch area, there's a recognition that whether it's through art, music, sports, or community gatherings, entertainment serves as a kind of glue that brings people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared joy. And around Chelsea Village, these experiences are just part of the daily rhythm of life, as integral as the morning coffee or the evening stroll.a

Health and Wellness

Nestled within the heart of Antioch, TN, near Chelsea Village, health and wellness take on a community-centric vibe, where taking care of yourself feels as natural as the neighborhood's friendly hellos. For those who like to start their mornings with a burst of energy, there are several gyms and fitness centers that cater to every kind of workout warrior. From high-intensity interval training to serene yoga classes that greet the sunrise, these places pulse with the beats of motivational music and the calming tones of meditative silence in equal measure. Regulars at these spots often share tips and encourage each other, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the walls of the fitness centers.

If you're someone who believes in the healing power of touch, the local massage therapists offer an oasis of relaxation where the stress of the workweek can melt away under skilled hands. They often incorporate essential oils and hot stones, turning a simple massage into a therapeutic journey. Then, there's the chatter about the latest holistic health trends you might overhear at the organic juice bars, where the blenders whirl concoctions made from local produce that's as fresh as the morning dew.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the area boasts parks and trails that locals flock to for a dose of fresh air and nature's tranquility. It's common to see jogging groups, with members encouraging one another, or individuals deeply immersed in their personal headspace as they run or walk. The greenways are like the community's natural gym, free and open, with the added benefit of panoramic views that make every workout a visual treat.

Nutrition also plays a key role in the health and wellness landscape around Chelsea Village. Farmers' markets pop up, offering seasonal fruits and vegetables that are often the subjects of friendly conversation as much as they are ingredients for dinner. It's here that you might bump into nutritionists and health enthusiasts discussing the benefits of kale versus Swiss chard, or the best ways to prepare a spaghetti squash that even kids would love.

Health is woven into the fabric of life near Chelsea Village, with each option offering a way to balance the scales of wellness. Whether it's through physical activity, relaxation, connecting with nature, or nourishing the body with wholesome foods, the community provides an abundance of ways to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And as more and more residents engage in these practices, it seems that the pursuit of health and wellness isn't just a personal goal—it's a collective journey.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Just a stone's throw away from Chelsea Village in Antioch, TN, the parks and outdoor spaces beckon to those eager to trade the hum of the city for the song of the outdoors. The green spaces here are like communal backyards, vast and varied. There's a particular joy in watching families spread out their picnic blankets under the shade of old oaks, the air filled with the sound of children's laughter as they dart between playground structures that seem to have sprung up just for their delight.

For those who prefer their nature with a side of exercise, the local parks come crisscrossed with trails that welcome joggers and bikers alike. You're likely to encounter smiling faces and the occasional 'good morning' as people pass by, enjoying their daily dose of endorphins among the backdrop of rustling leaves and chirping birds. And let’s not forget the dog walkers, a community within a community, often stopping to let their four-legged companions greet each other in the joyous, unspoken language of tail wags.

Water lovers find solace by the lakeside, where fishermen and women cast their lines in hopes of catching the 'big one,' a ritual that feels as old as the waters themselves. Canoes and kayaks occasionally dot the water's surface, paddlers moving rhythmically, in harmony with the gentle ebb and flow. It's these tranquil moments by the water that can make the chaos of everyday life seem a world away.

Then there are the more hidden treasures, the walking paths that weave through the woodlands, offering a bit of adventure for the soul. Hikers here delight in the surprises of the wild - a sudden deer sighting or the discovery of a new wildflower - these are the shared secrets among nature's enthusiasts in Antioch. And as the seasons change, these paths transform, offering a new palette of colors and sensations, from the crisp fall leaves underfoot to the fragrant blooms of spring.

It's this blend of active and peaceful, of community and solitude, that makes the outdoor lifestyle near Chelsea Village something truly special. It encourages an appreciation for the slower pace, for the beauty that lies just beyond the doorstep, and for the deep breaths of fresh air that remind us of the simple joys of being outside. Whether you're seeking solitude or socialization, the great outdoors here is a canvas, and the local residents paint it with the colors of their experiences day by day.


The public schools in the area are like a patchwork quilt, each piece unique, reflecting the community's diversity and commitment to education. Parents often gather at local events, discussing the latest school play or science fair, their narratives interwoven with praise for the teachers who go the extra mile. It's in these moments that the public schools shine, not just as institutions, but as cornerstones of the community where lifelong friendships are formed and learning is celebrated.

Then, there are the private education options, which are spoken of with a tone of reverence for their tailored curriculums and individualized attention. These schools, often set against a backdrop of manicured lawns and facilities that make them look more like small college campuses, offer a different path. The conversations here tend to revolve around the specialized programs or the latest technological integration in the classroom. It's not uncommon to hear parents exchange notes on the rigorous academics or the latest cultural exchange program that has broadened their children’s horizons.

Montessori schools also add to the dialogue, bringing a philosophy of education that is child-centric, focusing on developing a sense of independence and love for learning. The community often buzzes with stories of how their children are thriving in an environment that celebrates curiosity and self-paced learning. These institutions are the subjects of many a park bench chat, where parents animatedly share their child's latest discovery or milestone.

Not to be overlooked are the charter schools, which offer a middle ground, often emphasizing a particular educational philosophy or approach, such as STEM or the arts. Here, the narratives are about innovation and choice, about finding a niche that aligns with a child’s passion or learning style. These schools often lead to discussions about the future of education and how best to prepare children for a world that is ever-changing.

Each educational option around Chelsea Village offers a slice of the larger pie that is the educational experience in Antioch, TN. The conversations are as varied as the choices available, but all share a common thread—a desire for the best education for the children of the community. Whether it's the spirited sports talk about the public high school’s latest game, the proud display of a project from a private school student, or a discussion about the Montessori method, education remains a focal point of community dialogue, growth, and connection.

Shopping and Retail

Shopping near Chelsea Village in Antioch, TN, offers its residents a colorful tapestry of retail experiences that could make any weekend errand run feel like a small adventure. You've got your staple big-box retailers, where conversations often begin with, "I only came in for one thing," and end with a cart somehow filled to the brim. These stores are the trusty go-tos, reliable for their convenience and variety, a fact often echoed in the light-hearted banter between neighbors in the aisles.

For a more personalized shopping experience, there are the local boutiques that dot the area, where the owners might greet you by name or remember that you have a fondness for a particular style. These little shops are treasure troves of unique finds, from artisan jewelry to handcrafted home decor. The chatter here is often about the origin of the goods, many shoppers delighting in the stories that come with locally sourced wares.

Then there's the Antioch mall, which, despite the rise of online shopping, still pulses with the energy of teenagers window-shopping and families on the hunt for the next birthday present. The mall is not just a place to shop; it's a hub where people meet for a coffee after a successful haul or where the latest sale is always a hot topic of discussion. It's a place that’s witnessed many fashion trends come and go, and still stands as a testament to the community's enduring love for a day out shopping.

When it comes to groceries and everyday needs, the residents of Chelsea Village are spoiled for choice. From expansive supermarkets offering a dizzying array of products to the cozy, organic food stores that pride themselves on their selection of healthy options, conversations here often revolve around recipes, the best seasonal produce, or the latest health food trend.

Not to be overlooked are the occasional pop-up markets. These events are like the community's rotating exhibitions, showcasing everything from vintage clothing to hand-poured candles. The buzz around these markets is infectious, as locals wander from stall to stall, chatting with the artisans and enjoying the communal atmosphere.

Shopping in the area is more than just a transaction; it's an exchange of stories and smiles, a way for residents to connect and support their local economy. Whether it’s the ease of finding everything in one place or the joy of discovering something new and unique, the retail landscape near Chelsea Village is an integral part of the neighborhood tapestry, woven with threads of convenience, community, and charm.

Business and Economy

If you strike up a conversation at any local coffee shop, you might hear about the healthcare industry, which stands as one of the pillars of the local economy. Hospitals and clinics are significant employers in the area, and you'll often find that many residents have some tie to the healthcare field, whether they’re clinicians, administrators, or part of the vast support networks that keep these institutions running.

Then there's the educational sector, which not only shapes the minds of tomorrow but also contributes significantly to the local job market. From public schools to private educational institutions, these places are often a topic of discussion for their role in the community and the opportunities they provide, not just for education, but for employment and development as well.

In recent conversations, you might catch wind of the buzz around technology firms setting up shop, bringing with them an air of innovation and a slew of tech-savvy job opportunities. It's an industry that's growing in reputation in the area, with locals excited about the potential for Antioch to become a mini-hub for tech outside of the traditional urban centers.

The service industry, too, is a major player in the local economy, with restaurants, retail stores, and personal services offering employment to many. These businesses add a personal touch to the economy, often remembered by residents for their friendly faces and community presence as much as for the services they provide.

Automotive businesses also have a presence near Chelsea Village, with dealerships and auto service shops providing a robustness to the local economy. Whether it’s a family-owned repair shop that's been handling the neighborhood's car troubles for years or a new dealership that’s just rolled out its latest models, the automotive industry has a lane in the local economic traffic, so to speak.

And of course, there are the manufacturing and logistics sectors, buoyed by Antioch's convenient location. Warehouses and distribution centers might not be the most glamorous part of the economy, but they're often the subject of local pride for the essential, behind-the-scenes work they do that keeps goods flowing in and out of the area.

From the hospitals to the schools, from tech startups to the service and automotive industries, each business and sector contributes a chapter to the story of Antioch’s economic growth. It's a community tapestry that's ever-evolving, with each thread supporting not just the economy, but the vibrant life of residents near Chelsea Village.

Hotels and Lodging

When friends or relatives come to visit around Chelsea Village, Antioch, TN, the local lodging options often come up in the "where should we stay" chat. The hotels in the area provide a comfortable haven for out-of-towners, ranging from no-frills spots that pride themselves on efficiency and cleanliness to more upscale accommodations where the thread count is almost as high as the level of service. You'll often hear locals swapping stories of the complimentary breakfasts or the pool facilities where the kids love to splash around, making these hotels more than just a place to rest, but a part of the visitor experience.

For a more intimate and personalized stay, the bed and breakfast establishments are often the highlight of local recommendations. There’s something about these quaint lodgings that spark stories—perhaps it's the charm of a home-cooked meal or the local innkeeper’s story about the historic house you're staying in. These places tend to hold a special spot in the hearts of those who've experienced their hospitality and warmth. It's not uncommon to overhear conversations about the delectable homemade jam or the antique bed frame that was a portal to the sweetest of dreams.

What’s interesting is that even with the rise of short-term rental platforms, there’s chatter about the local vacation rentals that offer a slice of home. From modern apartments to cozy houses, these options often come up in conversations laced with words like "staycation" or "temporary digs." They offer a different kind of experience, one that allows visitors to live like a local, if only for a while.

No matter where visitors choose to lay their heads, the consensus among locals is one of pride in the comfort and variety of their hospitality businesses. There's a shared sense of wanting guests to love Antioch as much as they do, and the lodging options are seen as extensions of their own homes and hospitality. Whether visitors are in town for a family reunion, a business trip, or just passing through, the stories they take with them are often tinged with the warmth and friendliness of their hosts, be it a hotel manager, a B&B owner, or a vacation rental host. It's this personal touch that often turns a stay into a story worth retelling.

Travel and Transportation

The closest airport, Nashville International Airport (BNA), is a convenient drive away, making it relatively easy for locals to jet off to distant locales or pick up visiting friends and family. Conversations often drift to flight deals spotted or the ease of getting to the airport for those early morning flights. There's a shared sense of appreciation for having an airport close enough to be convenient, but not so close that the overhead noise becomes a nuisance.

As for getting around on the ground, there's a general consensus that having a car is pretty handy around these parts. Yet, public transportation options do exist and they often come up in conversations, especially among those who commute or those who are conscious about reducing their carbon footprint. The local bus service is frequently mentioned, with routes connecting Antioch to the wider Nashville area. It's common to hear someone mention the number of the bus line they take or the stop they use most often, sometimes sharing tips on the best times to travel or anecdotes about their fellow commuters.

Ridesharing services have also woven themselves into the fabric of local travel chat. With just a few taps on a smartphone, residents can summon a ride to virtually anywhere they need to go, a service that's especially appreciated on nights out or when airport parking fees are best avoided. You'll often overhear people comparing notes on their rideshare experiences, discussing the convenience it brings or the latest promo codes.

Then there's the growing buzz about expanding public transportation, a topic that brings out a variety of opinions. Some are hopeful for more robust options, like a light rail or dedicated bus lanes, while others are perfectly content with the current state of affairs. The conversation about public transit is as much about the future of the community as it is about the here and now, reflecting a desire for growth and sustainability.

For residents of Chelsea Village, whether it's catching a flight or simply navigating the local area, there's a shared understanding that while having your own wheels is useful, there are a number of alternatives that can fit just about any lifestyle or preference. And in the ebb and flow of daily life, these travel conveniences and choices become yet another thread in the tapestry of community connections.