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Cambridge Forest, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale

Cambridge Forest, Antioch, TN Homes for Sale May 25, 2024
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Cambridge Forest Homes

Cambridge Forest in Antioch, Tennessee, presents an inviting residential experience, characterized by a seamless blend of suburban tranquility and modern convenience. The homes within this community typically exhibit traditional architectural styles with a contemporary flair, which is evident in their spacious design and aesthetic coherence. These houses often feature multi-level floor plans, incorporating three to four bedrooms that cater to both growing families and individuals in pursuit of extra space for home offices or recreational purposes. The presence of expansive master suites, walk-in closets, and ensuite bathrooms adds a touch of luxury to these practical living spaces.

The charm of Cambridge Forest is further accentuated by the meticulous landscaping that surrounds the properties. Manicured lawns, flowering shrubs, and mature trees are commonplace, offering residents a picturesque view and a sense of privacy within their own backyards. This natural beauty is complemented by the well-maintained community spaces, which encourage outdoor activities and neighborhood gatherings. The homes are designed with generous lots, providing ample room for children to play and adults to entertain, and often include features such as attached garages, private driveways, and inviting front porches that enhance the curb appeal and functionality of each residence.

Cambridge Forest Homes

Sustainability is also a valued aspect of life in Cambridge Forest. Many homes are equipped with energy-efficient appliances, high-quality insulation, and environmentally friendly building materials, reflecting a community-wide commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. This eco-conscious approach is matched by the neighborhood’s infrastructure, which includes recycling programs and the use of sustainable resources where possible.

The sense of community in Cambridge Forest is strong and is bolstered by shared amenities and local events. The neighborhood is well-served by a network of sidewalks and trails that promote an active lifestyle and provide safe routes for joggers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Furthermore, the area's parks and recreation centers are hubs of activity, offering playgrounds, sports fields, and community pools, which serve as popular gathering spots for families and friends.

Education is a cornerstone of the Cambridge Forest area, with a number of highly regarded schools in close proximity, making it a coveted location for families. The neighborhood schools are known for their dedicated teachers, comprehensive curriculums, and active parent-teacher associations, contributing to a supportive educational environment for the community's children.

The homes in Cambridge Forest, Antioch, are complemented by a community that boasts a strong neighborhood association, ensuring that residents have a voice in local matters and a hand in guiding the area's development. This active involvement helps to maintain the quality of life and the residential character of the neighborhood, making it an enviable place to live. The association organizes community-wide events such as holiday decorations, block parties, and garage sales, fostering a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Residents of Cambridge Forest enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping centers, diverse dining options, and various entertainment venues, reflecting the area's growth and appeal. These local amenities ensure that while the community feels tucked away in its own serene enclave, urban conveniences are just a stone's throw away. This balance between accessibility and privacy is a defining feature of the neighborhood, making it an ideal location for those looking to enjoy the benefits of suburban living without sacrificing the perks of city life.

Similar Communities

In the vicinity of Cambridge Forest, Antioch, TN, there are several neighborhoods that share a similar price point, construction style, and lifestyle, creating an interconnected community of suburban havens. One such area is the Oak Highlands neighborhood, which mirrors the quiet streets and family-friendly atmosphere of Cambridge Forest. The homes here also feature modern amenities and generous living spaces, often including finished basements and bonus rooms that cater to a variety of family needs. Like Cambridge Forest, Oak Highlands prides itself on its green spaces, with pockets of parks and recreational areas scattered throughout the community, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor enjoyment and neighborly interaction.

Another comparable neighborhood is Hickory Woods, which boasts properties that reflect the same commitment to quality and comfort. The architecture in Hickory Woods is a blend of contemporary design and traditional Southern charm, with brick facades and shuttered windows. The interiors of these homes frequently showcase open-concept layouts, hardwood floors, and updated kitchens with granite countertops, features that are sought after in Cambridge Forest as well. The neighborhood’s appeal is enhanced by its own set of local amenities, from well-equipped playgrounds for the younger residents to picnic areas and walking trails that promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all.

Cedarbrook Homes

Barnes Cove is yet another community that echoes the residential ethos found in Cambridge Forest. The houses in Barnes Cove are constructed with attention to detail and an eye for durability, employing similar materials and design sensibilities. Residents of Barnes Cove enjoy the benefit of community-shared spaces, such as pools and clubhouses, which are central to the neighborhood's social life. The community also places a strong emphasis on education, with accessible local schools that emphasize academic excellence and community involvement, reflecting the family-oriented nature prevalent in Cambridge Forest.

Closer to the heart of Antioch, the Autumn Glen neighborhood offers homes with a comparable level of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. The residences here often include features such as vaulted ceilings and professional landscaping, indicative of the area's upscale yet accessible vibe. Autumn Glen’s convenient location provides easy access to the broader amenities of Antioch, including shopping malls, restaurants, and cultural venues, while still maintaining a sense of secluded community charm that residents of Cambridge Forest would find familiar.

The Cedarbrook neighborhood is notable for its serene setting and well-crafted homes. Cedarbrook’s residences often feature exteriors with a mix of stone and siding, and interiors that boast modern conveniences and efficient use of space. The neighborhood is interlaced with paths and small parks, echoing the walkable, neighborly atmosphere of Cambridge Forest. Community events and holiday celebrations are a staple in Cedarbrook, reinforcing the strong sense of belonging and community spirit that is also a hallmark of life in Cambridge Forest.

Together, these neighborhoods create a network of residential areas that share a commitment to quality living, with homes that provide comfort and style, set within communities that value connection, recreation, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Food Scene

There's this family-run Italian place that feels like you've stepped straight into nonna's kitchen. The pasta is fresh, the sauces are rich and simmered to perfection, and the garlic bread is the real deal. It's the kind of spot where they treat you like family, remember your name, and are always sure to ask how your kids are doing.

And for those nights when you're craving something a bit more exotic, there's an amazing Thai restaurant that's got the perfect balance of spice and flavor. Whether you're all about the pad Thai or you like to brave the heat with some spicy green curry, they've got it all. The chefs there really know their stuff, and they aren't afraid to kick the heat up if you ask for it.

Not to mention, there's this quirky little café that's perfect for a lazy weekend brunch. Their pancakes are fluffy, the coffee's strong, and they've got this avocado toast with poached eggs that is just... chef's kiss. It's always buzzing with locals, and why wouldn't it be? The atmosphere's cozy, the service is friendly, and the food is just like you'd make at home—if you were a really good cook, that is.

Let's not forget about the sushi spot that's been drawing in crowds with their fresh rolls and sashimi. It's this sleek little place that feels a bit upscale without being stuffy. You can sit at the bar and watch the chefs work their magic, rolling, slicing, and dishing out some seriously impressive Japanese cuisine. It's a favorite for date night or just when you feel like treating yourself a bit.

Around Cambridge Forest, you're never far from a great meal. It's one of the perks of the area—you've got all these incredible flavors right at your fingertips. Whether you're in the mood for something casual or a bit more fancy, you're covered. And that's not even scratching the surface. There's a whole world of taste out there just waiting to be explored.


Just a short drive away, you've got this multipurpose complex where the local minor league teams play. Whether you're into baseball, soccer, or even hockey, there's a game going on pretty much every other weekend. It's perfect for a family outing or just to hang with friends, enjoy some nachos, and root for the home team. Plus, the energy in the stands? Absolutely electric.

Then there's the live music scene. You wouldn't believe the variety of acts that come through town. From country bands that get you stomping your boots to indie acts that the cool kids come out for, there's a venue that caters to just about every taste. And the best part? Some of these places have this intimate vibe where it almost feels like the band's playing just for you.

Now, if you're looking for something a bit different, you've got to check out the local theater productions. They put on everything from classic plays to modern musicals, and the talent? Is top-notch. It's a great excuse to dress up a bit, grab a pre-show dinner, and enjoy a night of culture.

And let's not forget about the special events that pop up throughout the year. You've got festivals celebrating everything from food to music to art, not to mention the seasonal events like the summer fair and the winter lights festival. It's like the community's got this knack for finding any old excuse to come together and have a good time.

Around Cambridge Forest, you're never at a loss for something to do. It's one of the cool things about the area—there's always a game to watch, a concert to check out, or a play that's the talk of the town. And the community really gets into it, which just adds to the fun. 

Health and Wellness

There's this gym that's practically a fitness buffet – you want it, they've got it. We're talking rows of treadmills, bikes, all that shiny equipment, and they even offer these high-energy group classes. Whether you're into lifting, cardio, or dancing like nobody's watching, they've got a class for it. 

If the gym scene isn't your jam, there are these trails perfect for biking or jogging. It's like nature's treadmill with way better views. And the fresh air? Such a vibe. Plus, on a sunny day, the trails are the community's unofficial meet-and-greet. You'll see your neighbors out walking their dogs or just enjoying a stroll, and it's all friendly head nods and 'good mornings.'

For something a little more zen, there's a yoga studio that's the real deal. It's all about that mind-body connection, and they cater to all levels, from newbie to yogi master. Imagine doing your sun salutations as the morning light streams in – it's all very 'one with the universe.' They also do meditation sessions, which are perfect if life's got you feeling like you're running on a hamster wheel.

Don't forget the farmers' market, either. It pops up every week with stalls overflowing with fresh, local produce. Talking to the farmers, you'll get the 411 on what's in season, and they might even throw a recipe your way. It's a great spot to grab your greens and feel like you're supporting the community, too.

And for those looking to wind down, there are a couple of day spas that have got relaxation down to an art. Massages, facials, the whole nine yards. It's a slice of tranquility right on your doorstep, perfect for when you need to escape the hustle and bustle and treat yourself.

Whether you're trying to get your heart rate up, find your inner peace, or just keep your fridge stocked with the good stuff, living near Cambridge Forest has got you covered. It's all about that balanced lifestyle, and around here, they really make it easy to look after yourself.

Outdoor Lifestyle

First things first, the parks in the area are like little green oases. There's one with a lake that's pretty much picture-perfect. You can rent a paddle boat on a lazy Sunday, or maybe just feed the ducks and watch the world go by. And the walking trails? They weave through the woods so you can get lost in nature without, you know, actually getting lost.

And if you're into something a little more structured, there's a park with sports fields that are always buzzing with activity. Soccer, baseball, you name it. It's a great spot to join a pickup game or cheer on one of the local teams. It's all super casual – just show up and join in. Plus, there are playgrounds that'll keep the kids busy for hours, because let's face it, sometimes you just need to tire them out.

Then, there's this community garden that's got a bit of a following. It's like this secret garden where neighbors come together to plant, prune, and chat about everything from tomatoes to life. You can get your hands dirty, grow your own veggies, and it's pretty social, too. It's all about that farm-to-table life, without needing the farm.

Now, for the adventurers, there are some local nature reserves that are a must-visit. Hiking trails range from 'I'm just here for the Instagram photo' easy to 'I packed my own granola' hard. And the wildlife is as real as it gets – you might spot deer, maybe some rabbits if you're quiet enough. It's a nice break from the buzz of screens and keyboards, you know?

But let's not overlook the simple joy of a picnic. There are plenty of spots where you can throw down a blanket and just enjoy the open air. Bring a book, some snacks, and just chill. Or catch one of the open-air concerts they have sometimes – nothing beats live music with a side of fresh air.

Around Cambridge Forest, if you're looking to spend more time in the green than in front of a screen, you've got options. It's like the neighborhood was designed with nature lovers in mind. Whether you're all about active sports, peaceful gardening, or just a leisurely stroll, you're set. It's all about that sweet Tennessee air and making the most of it.


When it comes to schooling around Cambridge Forest, folks here are sitting pretty with options. The public schools in the area have a bit of everything. You've got elementary schools where the teachers are as passionate about reading stories as the kids are about listening to them. And the middle schools? They've got programs that really start prepping the youngsters for the big leagues – high school, that is. Now, speaking of high school, the local one's got sports and arts programs that are pretty robust. They say the drama department's last musical had costumes that would make Broadway jealous, and the football team's not half bad either!

If you're leaning more toward the private side of things, you're covered too. There's this quaint little private school where the class sizes are so small, it's like the teachers have a sixth sense about when a kid's not getting algebra. And another thing, they offer languages like French and Spanish starting pretty young, so the kiddos can say 'bonjour' or 'hola' way before their first passport stamp.

For families looking for an alternative approach, there’s a Montessori school that's all about letting kids learn at their own pace. It's got this whole ‘follow the child’ philosophy that seems to be working out pretty well based on what I've heard. Kids there are doing everything from building their own little business to growing zucchinis in the school garden. It's all about hands-on experiences.

And let's not forget the charters. They're like the middle ground, a sort of educational Goldilocks zone. Not quite private, but with a twist on the traditional public school vibe. Some focus on STEM, others on the arts, and they're all about innovation in education. So, for the parent who's looking for something a bit different but still in the public sphere, charters could be just the ticket.

Whether the families of Cambridge Forest are public school cheerleaders, private education enthusiasts, or somewhere in between, they've got a lineup of places ready to make sure their kids are set up for success. And isn't that what it's all about? Giving the kids a good launch pad so they can shoot for the stars and all that jazz.

Shopping and Retail

If you're living around Cambridge Forest and get bitten by the shopping bug, you're in a good spot. You know, there's this one shopping center nearby that has become the go-to for residents. It's not one of those overwhelming mega-malls, but it's got a solid mix of stores. You can find your everyday essentials, snag a new outfit, or even pick out a sparkly gift for someone special. And the vibe? It's pretty relaxed, so you can actually enjoy your shopping spree without feeling like you're in a race.

Now, for your groceries, there are several options that make sure your pantry is never bare. There's a big supermarket with all the big brands, but what I really love is the local farmers' market that sets up shop seasonally. It's like a carnival for fresh produce – the colors, the smells, the samples! You walk around with a basket, and before you know it, it's a cornucopia of fruits and veggies, and maybe a homemade pie or two because.

And when you're looking for something a bit more unique, there's a cluster of boutique shops not too far away. These places are goldmines for finding something a bit different. You know, those one-of-a-kind pieces that make friends go, "Wait, where did you get that?" Plus, the owners are usually there, ready with a story about where they sourced their goods and they're always up for a good chat.

There are the big-box stores for when you're tackling the serious errands. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home, upgrade your tech, or just stock up on household goods, there's bound to be a store that's got your back. It's convenient, and you know you'll find what you need.

For the folks in Cambridge Forest, it's a pretty sweet deal. Whether you're filling the fridge, hunting for a wardrobe refresh, or on the lookout for something special, you don't have to venture far. It's all about having options without the need to trek across town. Plus, shopping around here is just another way to bump into your neighbors and catch up on the local scoop. It's a community thing, as much as it is about the retail therapy.

Business and Economy

It's pretty diverse, which is great for the local economy. You've got a handful of corporate offices peppered around, some belonging to big names that decided to call Antioch home. It's kind of a big deal to have these companies set up shop in the area because they bring with them a flurry of jobs, from techy types to marketing gurus.

Then there's the healthcare sector. It's robust around here, with medical centers and specialty clinics dotting the landscape. Health is a big priority, so these places are always bustling. Nurses, doctors, administrators, you name it – there's a sense that anyone with a knack for caring and a solid set of skills can find their calling in the healthcare field around here.

Manufacturing has its roots deep in the soil, too. There are a few facilities that are all about that made-in-America pride. It's not the old-school, gritty manufacturing of yesteryear, though. These places are pretty high-tech, churning out products that are shipped far and wide. They're the kind of places that love to give a tour to show off their shiny, automated processes.

And let's not forget about the education sector. With schools being a hub for the community, they're not just about teaching kids. They're also one of the larger employers in the area, from teachers to support staff. The schools are like little communities unto themselves, and they play a big part in the local economy.

Now, for a taste of entrepreneurial spirit, you've got to tip your hat to the local small businesses. From cozy coffee shops where they know your order by heart to independent bookstores that host local author nights, these places put the charm in Cambridge Forest. They might not be the biggest players in the economy, but they sure are the heartbeat.

Whether you're a professional pencil-pusher, a tech wizard, a compassionate caregiver, a making-things maestro, or a small business supporter, the area around Cambridge Forest has got a place for you. It's this cool mix that keeps the economic wheels turning and the community thriving. 

Hotels and Lodging

There's a range of hotels nearby that hit that sweet spot between comfy and convenient. Picture this: they check in, the front desk person is all smiles, and they're handed a key card to a room with a bed that's like a cloud. Plus, most places offer that all-important free Wi-Fi, so they can keep everyone updated on their adventures.

And for those mornings when they're looking for more than just a quick coffee and bagel, there's a hotel just a stone's throw away that does a pretty mean breakfast spread. We're talking waffles with all the toppings, fresh fruit, and maybe even some local specialties. It's the kind of start to the day that has you feeling like you could run a marathon. Or, you know, stroll around a shopping center.

But say they're looking for something with a bit more local flavor. There's likely a bed and breakfast around that's as charming as it gets. Imagine a historical home turned into the coziest stay. The kind of place where the owners greet you by name and serve up homemade breakfasts that make you seriously consider moving in for good. The jams are homemade, the bread's fresh out of the oven, and the coffee’s strong enough to kick start a rocket.

Well, there might be a boutique inn that prides itself on being quirky. Each room's got its own theme, and it's less like staying at a hotel and more like crashing at your coolest friend's place. You know, the one who has great taste in art and always knows the best local spots.

Whether it's the classic hotel experience with all the perks, a quaint bed and breakfast with that personal touch, or a unique inn that offers a memorable stay, visitors to Cambridge Forest have some solid choices. It's all about feeling at home, even when you're from out of town. And hey, with places like these, it might just be hard to say goodbye when it's time to check out.

Travel and Transportation

If you're in Cambridge Forest and looking to jet off somewhere, or you've got visitors flying in, you're in luck because Nashville International Airport isn't too far off. It's just a short drive away – close enough for convenience but not so close that you're listening to planes all day and night. It's perfect for catching those early morning flights without having to wake up when it's still yesterday. Plus, there's something kind of exciting about being close to an airport – it's like adventure is just around the corner, you know?

Public transportation around here? Yeah, we've got that covered too. The local bus service does the trick for getting around town. It might not be a subway or a flashy high-speed train, but it gets the job done. It's kind of nice to leave the driving to someone else sometimes, especially during rush hour. Just hop on, find a seat, and you can even catch up on your podcast or dive into a book while someone else navigates the traffic.

And for those times when the bus just doesn't cut it or you're running late, there are always ride-sharing services zipping around. With just a few taps on your phone, you can have a car outside ready to take you wherever you need to go – be it the airport, the mall, or just back home with a trunk full of groceries. It's super handy, especially on those chilly mornings when the idea of walking to the bus stop feels like a trek through the Arctic.

Sure, we're not talking big-city public transit systems with all the bells and whistles, but the options here definitely make getting around pretty straightforward. Whether you're flying high or riding local, living in Cambridge Forest means you're connected to where you need to go without too much fuss.